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  1. I will! Perhaps you should look for my motivation and I'll look for yours. They may not run as fast if they don't recognize the person spotting them
  2. Well here goes challenge 2 of 2016! First one was pretty much a giant fail but I suppose we all face plant from time to time although I seem to do it pretty often. I have pretty much been treating myself as a garbage disposal / punching bag and I feel like my garbage disposal sounds. (it sounds really really bad. I'm worried it's going to explode the every time I use it...) But just like a garbage disposal I can be fixed and made into a smooth running machine again. First off I need to and WILL stop comparing myself to myself when I was in shape 10 years ago... I have been doing that way too often and I now think it is hindering me. Someone posted that I should stop doing this because lots of things have changed and I disagreed with them. Well you were right and I was wrong. Second. Sodas are off limits along with the craft beer. (150-250 calories of nothing in a 12oz can/bottle are not acceptable at this point in my life.) Just like last time the vending machine at work is off limits. Third. Again sleep needs to take priority in my life. I don't get enough. Hell I usually eat really fast in during lunch time and take a nape to finish off the time I have left for lunch at work... Fourth. I must get in the habit of dedicating 45-60 minutes 2x a week to working out. Right now I dedicate about 0 minutes a week to working out. I don't think it is unreasonable to aim for a couple of hours a week to start off with. Fifth. I really should do some sort of work out daily but its hard with my schedule right now. I leave for work at 7am and don't get home til 8pm 4 days a week. I also have a round trip time to work of 2 hrs. Sixth. Again I will try and keep track of everything that goes in my mouth via myfitnesspal. I do think this helps although it is a pain the the ass. Seventh... I am not going to write any more goals otherwise I am going to end up at nine hundred seventy eight before this is over and try something that is completely unreasonable. Bonus / something I should do: I have pretty much failed again the last challenge about getting on here and updating my post and posting on any other forum post. This only works as well as what you put into it, just like a workout. Side note. I got a text wile writing this and somehow managed to start angry birds as I set my phone down. Perhaps its a sign I need to do the angry birds workout throughout this challenge.
  3. This sounds quite a bit like my life and what I need to do. I think we may be sailing on the same boat. (except for the dairy part) Now I'm off to find my motivation.... I know I left it somewhere...
  4. Well I am going to say I have mostly failed this challenge. I have only been to the gym one time. I have done much better about avoiding the vending machine but soda is hit and miss (mostly a baseball bat upside the head the last week or so.) I have been averaging close to 6 hrs of sleep which is better than the 5 I started with but I still need to get more. I have made some improvements but there is still much more to go. Hopefully next round will go better. Where the heck is the on off button for bad habits Thank you! The story section was pretty much a copy and paste from an old character I had in early high school. He was fun to play and I found his sheet an unmarked cd in an old box recently so I said what the heck. It's a bit of nostalgia for me I suppose. If you think about it hard enough its kind of funny because you can see it as a metaphor for going from good health to bad health due to simple choices. Any way next challenge is in 2 days... so I WILL do better than what I am doing now.
  5. And here he is. https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/63160
  6. Shame on me for not checking in. I swear I will try to do better. So far I have improved my diet and kept away from the vending machines except on a few occasions although I am still not where I need to be. I think I have been to the gym once during this challenge.......... My sleep schedule has improved and I have probably gained an extra hour of sleep at least during the work days which brings me up to about 6 hours of sleep a night. Better than it was I suppose... I do need to try and go back to my "blended vegetable/fruit shakes" I felt a whole lot better when I was doing that 2x a day. I'm still working on the time travel device but I can't seem to get it to work right... The computer in it just keeps saying drop the soda and grab some weights, go take a hike or jump up and down. It's usually pretty vulgar about how it says it too... Any ideas? Oh yes you are right there are differences from now to 10 years ago. I had way more time to do what I wanted when I wanted and needed to. Bad habits??? I don't have any of those... (looks at the 6 empty soda cans on the desk) And yes that darn metabolism has dropped.. I disagree with not comparing myself to what I was physically 10 years ago. If I could do it then, why not now? I have already done it before and I am still in my prime so there is no reason I shouldn't be there again. The only reason I'm not is pretty much because life has stunk for some time and I have become lazy. So I just have to change being lazy to active... To bad there isn't just a switch to flip. I do have my tea at work now but the machine that makes hot water has been broken now since 2 days after I got my tea. I could heat it up on a burner in out QA lab but I don't think I should place my drinks next to the sulfuric acid. (johnny was a chemists son but Johnny is no more for what Johnny thought was H2O was H2So4) The vending machine has absolutely nothing healthy in it. I actually had to explain to two coworkers why an apple is healthier than the peanut butter crackers from the vending machine... Yes it really happened. If i want to keep food at work I have to have a rodent proof box to put it in along with a lock. We have problems with mice and people that like to steal things around there. I am working on figuring out things I can keep in my car that wont freeze right now and I can use as an extra meal and snacks if I need it. I may be able to run to the gas station down the road and pick a few things up during lunch but that gets expensive. Jerky is bad for me.... I can eat 12 oz in a 1-2 our period... ______ Good news though is I am getting angry at all the bad habits. I am moving forward and things are and will get better. I have a feeling this challenge wont be a complete success but I have been gaining from it. My life needs to change so I WILL change it. If anyone has read the Stormlight Archives I think I am going to take some motivation from the "Immortal words". Even though it's fantasy the meaning is something I think we can all agree every one should live by. Now I am going to go make my nerd fitness character
  7. Teas are an option. I am looking through the catalog now and getting ready to order a bunch of it. I'm pretty sure now that if you decide to eat out you better not be trying to watch your health except with few exceptions and a small amount of restaurants. I have not tried (zombit run! ) app but I have heard about it... And zombie apocalypses are always fun! It may be something I need to try This week I have not done well. I have gotten more then average sleep but not what my goal states. The vending machine monster took a few good whacks at me and I ended up working late ( a total of a 14 hr day) so I ended up eating fast food on my hour drive back home for supper. I also ended up drinking a 12 pck of mt. dew for the caffeine this week. (may the tea get here quick so at least I have other sources of caffeine)... i got in good shape when I was in high school and it was "easy" at least compared to now. Now for some reason it's much harder about 10 years later. Any way to bring back myself when I was in shape to beat myself into submission to get things done?
  8. Dang you are doing much better better than me about keeping up on here and posting. Sounds like you are hitting it hard and heavy! Congrats on all the amazing things happening for you this year! I think I could add inn keeping to my challenge as well. The room I live in right now looks like WW2 may have been fought in it. I'm looking at something now that I have no idea what it is, where it came from or what it is for...
  9. I had the same problem when I looked for some... Why don't people make more of the good posters?!?! I think Link getting the master sword is amazing! You know when you were playing that game and you got that thing you just became bad ass! The Pokemon evolution is in some sense true to ourselves. We start out as little soft creatures and if we don't fight to better ourselves we stay as little soft and weak creatures. As for my goals, I haven't completely met them this week. I have managed to do pretty decent on sleep since I have been getting 6-7 hrs of good sleep each night... (except for last night)...... I did good keeping track of everything that went into my mouth but going out with friends to eat on Friday night should stop. I ordered something that sounded healthy but when I looked it up after I shoved it down my gullet I found out it had an entire days worth of calories in it. Add in a couple Sam Adam's Boston Lagers and I think I blew anything good I did this week. However, I am at least keeping track of it all even on the days it makes me cringe. I sadly have not made it to the gym at all this week nor have I done any extra workouts. I have stopped taking naps during lunch break which makes it easier to go to sleep at night. I did fail the vending machine challenge a bit... I ended up getting two 20oz diet mountain dews for the caffeine. ( it was a 13 hour day). My little mp3 player died in a pool of water a few weeks ago so my workout music list is lost. I am now going back to remake it and I suppose I'll have to put it on my phone now. I think I may make it a bit faster louder and more aggressive. Now to get really angry and take this soft weak creature I have devolved back into and evolve into a strong form again.
  10. So here I go again! I have been on here before for a couple challenges last year then fell off the wagon ( for the umptienth time). I manages to start getting some decent habits down last time like tossing out most of the junk, eating lots of fruits vegetables and proteins along with getting almost daily exercise. But toss in a dead end job that makes you feel like your brain is being taken over by a mind flyer and knowing that there is an invisible set of words written on the door you enter for work every day that reads " abandon all hope ye who enter here " and it made it kinda hard to stick with it. Add in some craft beer (ok maybe a bit more than some) and soft drinks and extra junk food and being lazy and... well you get the picture. It's easy to get a few extra pounds and decide you don't need to move. Good news though! I no longer work in a hybrid version of purgatory and the under dark! I actually kinda like my new job and I am at least semi active during the work day so I'm not sitting at a desk all day. So I say this year instead of my life levels going negative they are going to go up. As Yoda said " Do or do not, there is no try! ". Challenge 1 of 2016: Diet: The vending machines at work are forbidden. No no soft drinks and no fake food: Also I am going to try and track everything I eat for a while to get myself back in the habit of watching what I eat and how much of it I eat. Fitness: I am going to hit the gym for at least 45 minutes 2x a week. I am not going to give myself any target workout numbers. The point of this is just to make a habit of working out and actually GOING to the gym. I don't care if all I do is walk on a treadmill every time I go just so long as I do go and workout. Bonus: Exercise at least 20 minutes on they days I am not at the gym. Life Levels: Your mother gave you a bed time for a reason. Going to bed at 1AM and waking up at 6AM for work is a bad thing. I shall have a bed time that gives me at least 7hrs of sleep a night. P.S. I would like to leave some sort of motivational video game picture of some sort in here but I am failing to come up with anything right now. I would like to leave some sort of motivational video game picture in here but I'm not coming up with much right now.
  11. I have heard about 5x5 before and I may give it a shot. I havent heard of 5/3/1 so I will have to go check that out. As for joining the gym by Wednesday... I didn't. My bank account yelled at me when I called to find out how much they charge. The initial fee is a bit more than I have right now but the monthy price after the initial fee isnt too bad. What I did instead. I retrieved an old rather small weight bench from the recesses of a basement and now have it in an accessible ares. I can only fit a total of about 80 (that includes the ~ 20lb bar) lbs on the bench press bar (that includes the bar) so until I find some bigger weights for it I suppose I am going to be doing high reps. It also had another bar with sort of a soft v shape in it and it has a preacher curl bar on a hinge that you can use for your legs as well. So I have something to start using at least.
  12. Welcome abord! We are happy to have you here! The dr. pepper you speak of sounds quite a bit like me. With how bad my last job was I ended up drinking up to 6 mountain dews a day and the vending machine always had these yummy chips... But now I am here and on my quest to be healthy! There are lots of great people on here so don't be afraid to ask for help. (I'm not as active on here as I should be so maybe I can make that a side quest.) Good luck! Keep with it and dont give into the dark side.
  13. You are both correct. Better to be heading in the right direction slowly than standing still with my head in the ground or walking the wrong way. As you can see on my thread I'm not all that good at checking in either. Maybe if I checked in a bit more it would keep my a little more accountable for my actions... or lack there of lol. I'll call road food for a week a bit of a tumble but got up and ran back to the waggon! Anyone know of a sane full body workout program? I'm going to make myself join the gym that is right on my way back from work. No reason other than being lazy that i haven't joined it yet. I figure I'll start off with at least 2x a week and make myself try for 3x. (if I haven't joined by Wednesday evening than throw something at me.)
  14. Whew so its been a bit since I posted. I kinda fell off the bandwagon pretty good last week while I was out traveling. My internet connection when I got back friday night was spotty at best. It looks like I am down another 2lbs so this is slower than I had wished but oh well, it took a while to get on so its going to take some time to come off. But it is coming off! When I did pushups last week (Sunday or Monday) I barely managed 35 (not sure the last few were really proper) and as I recall I hit 40 situps. The weather has been better starting today (no more rain plz!) so I have been able to start going on walks at lunch and on breaks now so that should help. I tried stopping counting calories and that didn't go quite as well as I had hoped but it was better than before I started doing it. I kinda slacked on making my shakes in the morning (which by the way those shakes have helped energy levels and just plane made me feel better. ) All I'm doing is tossing green things in a blender with water or some almond milk, some fruit and some protein powder. I'm really bad about eating breakfast so I try to make them the night before so I can just grab it on my way out to work. Far better than ending up at a vending machine a couple hours after I get to work.
  15. Thanks all! I do know what went wrong the first time. I didn't realize just how many bad habits I had developed! Not enough sleep, not being active enough and the number one thing was second supper. During the challenge and the week off I did manage to start getting better sleep. I am up to getting 7hrs pretty consistently. The neighbors I was working out with have stopped working out in their garage and going to a gym which just so happens to be right on my way back home. It only takes about an extra 2 minutes to get there. I have not joined yet but I need to. Now the evil calorie monster. I started logging EVERYTING I put into my mouth and discovered that I had made a habit of lots of snacking at night when I was gaming. As in a 600 calorie snack. (Liquid calories are evil. really really evil.) I never realized just how many calories I was consuming. Logging everything has curbed much of the snacking Thank you sir. You guys are probably where I will end up. I think my mode of thought on fitness and what my genetics say make me Failing is just another way to learn. If I fail who cares so long as I get back up dust myself off and keep going? a mix of Assassin and Ranger.
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