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  1. So far... Sunday - I didn't get my 5 servings (or any actually, but beer is made with hops sooooo maybe?)but all else was good. Today - mostly a success. Crossfit this morning (90# hang clean!), and I met my "life"goals. Only 4 servings, but I'm not hungry for dinner & that was going to be my 5th.
  2. This is my first Ranger challenge and my second challenge overall (not counting the ones I didn't finish). My ultimate long term goals are to squat 200#, bench body weight, run a 5K without walking, and get my last credit card paid off. For this challenge, I'm focusing on: Fitness: - CrossFit Mon, Wed & Fri - Run/walk 3 miles Sat - Eat 5 servings of fruits/veggies a day Life: - Stick to my budget - No ordering pizza delivery - work on a project every day (edited to add this one.I have way too many unfinished pr
  3. Hi. I think I would like to join the Rangers for my next challenge. I want to lift heavy things, hike with an overly heavy backpack because I have yet to learn to pack light,and to also run 3 miles without stopping (or feeling like I'm dying).
  4. I completely missed my week 4 update: Fitness: made it to crossfit once & didn't run. Did ok on the vegetarian half the time. I am finding myself eating too much vegetarian "junk" food. I ordered pizza once. Week 5 has been a complete bust because I woke up last Sunday with the flu. I didn't realize it was the flu; I thought I had a hangover from celebrating the end of dryuary a little much. I'm still not over it. I ended up going to the doctor yesterday because my sore throat hadn't improved at all. I was worried it was strep, but after a few tests, flu was confirmed
  5. You are the absolute best! I love pho but every recipe I've seen has had soooo many ingredients. I will definitely try yours.
  6. It was 400 for 15 minutes, flip then 15 more. I did kind of small pieces so they were a bit too brown, but still really good.
  7. I drain it between cutting boards & weigh it down with a cast iron skillet. I might invest in a press if I master cooking it. My catastrophes have been a marinade that burnt while pan frying & another that was just gross. I had success tonight! I oven baked it after tossing it with corn starch. It ended up really close to the texture that I've had at Thai restaurants. I made a sauce separately. so go me!
  8. So another not great week numbers-wise. Fitness I only went to crossfit on Monday. I skipped Wednesday because it was super cold(for florida anyway)and the place only has 3 walls.I didn't go Friday because I had felt sick again (sore throat & sinus headache) on Thursday. Not really counting it as a failure though. I did run/walk 3 miles on Saturday. It felt easier so yay! I barely made the eat vegetarian half the time part. I'm working on having easy to make meals I can rely on. So far I've got black bean tacos & today I'm going to experiment by repla
  9. Week 2 summary .Not my best Fitness: -I woke up Monday feeling like I was coming down with something, so I skipped Crossfit. I went Wed & Fri, so 2 out of 3 days. - Saturday was supposed to be a 10 mile hike, but i woke up with a sore throat so missed my 3 mile walk/run. -Did fine with the eating vegetarian 1/2 the time. Same as last week, breakfast & snacks were vegetarian, lunch was not. Life: Big ol' fail. I ordered delivery twice. Middle of the week pizza & Greek (all vegetarian!) last night. I think the pizza was because I was gett
  10. I've respawned less than I did in my game this morning. Win!
  11. Week 1 is done! Fitness: -Went to CrossFit on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I'm liking working out before work. I spend most of my day after in a super good mood. -I did a run/walk for just over 3 miles today. Started back on the couch to 5k app where I left off in June (week 4 day 3). Once the program was over I walked for the remainder of the 3 miles. Possibly because of my super good mood, I also registered for two 5Ks;one in March & one in April. - Every breakfast & snack was vegetarian. My lunch was not. I'm doing intermittent fasting so I don't eat dinner.
  12. I'm working on it! I'm going with flexitarian right now.
  13. So this is actually my 3rd attempt at a restart. Fitness: - Get Fit (ultimate goal is to squat 200# & run a 5k without walking) > CrossFit 3 - 4x a week > Run(/walk at first) 3 miles 1x a week - Eat Cleaner > Eat vegetarian 1/2 the time Life: - Spend less on unnecessary things > No ordering delivery
  14. So I joined the forums to motivate myself by doing a challenge...that I never finished. I think there was maybe 2 more that went the same, but I'm starting again. I recently started backpacking & after a 3 day hike, I've been keeping my momentum going. Did a weight workout yesterday & a 3 mile walk today. I need to work on getting over my "if it's not killing me it doesn't count" mentality, and not letting my depression keep me on the couch. Goal: I'm joining (and finishing) the next challenge & staying active in the forums (& life)
  15. Only got in 2 "real" workouts this week, but spent yesterday walking around Disney, so I'm counting that. I did ok with the sugar (had ice cream yesterday; it was completely worth it). Cooking helps with that. Spring break is over tomorrow & I have 2 nights of training, so I'm going to have to really make myself not eat crap and also workout on the days I'm home on time.
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