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  1. So.. I know I haven't been around lately, I think you all understand. So here we go: I've lost my way on my challenges a bit, I am back to work (Starting today). Positives: I have made dinner twice, (Same meal both times, but progress still). I have only missed 2 TRX classes (The day after my son was born was one of them, no one blames me for that =P) Negatives: I have stopped working on the cleaning/adulting. Dishes are piling up and need done and the yard needs mowed badly. I let my 'dieting' go out the window the last two weeks, BUT it was a conscious choice. A
  2. Week 2 has been fun. My diet has derailed for now. I need to mow. Chores have been halfway done? Lol. It's been a rough week goals wise. But I knew it would be for now. He is pretty cute. Hoping I can find a good way to post a picture soon . Will look into it later today. On the good news side of things I hit my TRX class Tuesday and have been playing a good amount of water volleyball. So at least I have been somewhat active . But I also bought The Taken King for Destiny and have been remembering what it was like to be rooted to the couch.
  3. We got home yesterday afternoon. I have let my diet go for right now, on purpose. I am still aiming at cooking 1 meal a week. Baby Landon is doing well, he has been quiet mostly except for being hungry.
  4. Thank you everyone for the well wishes. He is here, has been for about 6 hours now. He weighs 7lbs (almost 8) and is 20.25 inches. My pictures are too big to post one though, so will try to get one soon.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! Tomorrow is the day.... 5:30 AM hospital visit... I'm so not ready for this. lol
  6. I love your theme.. the Night Angel books were wonderful! Good luck! We're here to support you.
  7. Since buying a water bottle to take to work I usually drink 96+ oz of water a day, which has replaced my soda habit pretty well. I struggle actually getting to my calories for the day (Which seems off to me, I might add) but I am sure that eating at a calorie deficit doesn't much matter if you're eating garbage for the calories you do eat. Sushi and Blueberries/Strawberries for lunch, a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch for breakfast, and a bag of mixed nuts for a snack, today seems pretty good for food so far. =D
  8. Akuyo

    Enter the Grymm

    Keep on rocking it out man!
  9. Definitely this. And I am going to keep tracking for sure. It seems like I am always over on sodium for the day but well under calories/fat/proteins.. I am sure that 'some' of that is just that I am not using the most accurate representation of the food I am eating. But not all of it. Tracking at all is definitely a step in the right direction, and forcing myself to be honest on it and track everything, even the terrible Taco Hell burritos and Mountain Dews. As for the rest of your food suggestions I totally see where you are coming from, I just really have no clue where to start m
  10. Lessons learned on Day 1 of the 'real' challenge: Challenge 1: Cutting the crap I've been doing poorly on my food intake as far as where I am getting my food. I am trying to order 'healthy options' wherever we end up, but I know I could do better. I think I need to refocus on my first goal a bit. I know it was only to cook 1 meal per week, but food tracking has me feeling bad about what I eat.... lol Challenge 2:Play 60 I have learned that on days that I go to TRX (Tuesdays and Thursdays) I am good at being active. BUT I am not being active on other days, fall
  11. Now I must clean off my Firefly teeshirt and hit the roads! I'm totally in.
  12. Re-watch Avatar while performing various feats of Exercise prowess during the fight scenes?! (Totally just made this up)
  13. As for the shoes, the main reason I am wondering for TRX is because I am the ONLY one who does it barefoot. As far as running/walking I know it would take a while to get used to new shoes regardless of style. Barefoot walking or running is out though because my feet are pansy feet. I have like no pain tolerance.. lol. Maybe I could ease into that also, but I don't see that being a quick transition. Forgot breakfast this morning.. may try to eat a bowl of cereal before I leave for work and then take some slow cooked brisket to work for some lunch. And I may steal the tub of mixed n
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