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  1. This happened to me when I just started to be on the pil. It was accompanied by really dry, itchy skin. It only stopped when I stopped taking the pil.
  2. I have the same beliefs with breakfast and lunch: I wasn't allowed more than 2 pieces of bread. So I usually went wild on the snacks Eating more at meal times reduce my need for snacks I discovered, who knew
  3. Are you able to eat more during meals? If so, you could just increase the volume. Another option would be to make small meals as a snack. So for example eat a sandwich or a bowl of oatmeal as a snack.
  4. Found you! You've done an awesome job implementing IE already! Keep up the vlogs
  5. Terah

    Cheetah vlogs because it's VLOGGING FRIDAY

    That took me a few weeks. Spoiler allert: it's your lizard brain that's feeling guilty, your mind knows a few cookies are not going to do any damage. It's like your lizard brain is in the back of the car shouting to you: go left! Go left! U-turn! Hit the break! Red lights mean go! Stop before you hit that old lady! Sometimes it's right, often it's wrong. But you're in the driver's seat and can decide what to do. The lizard can't drive, and will move on rather quickly to the next subject if ignored. It will always be there, you can't reason with it, but you can decide what to listen to. Really go check out www.lifeontellus.com she explains it better than this :p
  6. Terah

    Cheetah vlogs because it's VLOGGING FRIDAY

    It's the last step: gentle nutrition. And there is a reason for it being the last step. Work through the first steps first to form a foundation for this last step to work. Don't worry, you'll get there and it's okay to take your time. I just saw that Tank said exactly the same thing, but better Listen to him Also: were did you find the audio book? I couldn't find it anywhere. Now I see were this vlog talk came from! Loved it Wow, it's great that you're able to hear the difference between the lizard and yourself! You should check out www.lifeontellus.com. The free series really go into how to deal with your lizard brain
  7. Terah

    Ensi And The Dimension Of IRL

    That's a compliment. I think :p Which is old. Yeah, I get it
  8. I do have some tutorials posted on YouTube. But vlogging seems such a breach of privacy... My oldest has the word "vlogging" on his Dutch exam tomorrow. I feel so old knowing that word didn't exist yet when I was his age O_O Because that would be infuriating, right
  9. Terah

    Ensi And The Dimension Of IRL

    I get butterflies just reading this <3 That's not that old, right? I mean I'll be that age in 13 months... How old were you again?
  10. Terah

    Terah: Intuitivized

    Monday - Thursday At my husband's advice I started taking vitamin D again and it did wonders for my mood. Right now I'm covered in work, I had to take the boys to one thing or another every day, I'm coming down with a cold, my husband is sick, I'm behind on laundry, and I'm HAPPY. Not stressed at all. Tired yes, at the end of the day, but still satisfied and happy. It's weird how a bit of vitamin D an affect your mood so much...
  11. You definitely do! It's my husband's favorite treat, and I love it too I forgot. Now I feel stupid You know, this is overrated. I read that you need 300 extra kcal a day at most. That's two sandwiches. It was a real bummer when I found out :p
  12. I didn't ment going on that diet, I just ment to give an example of moderation At the moment I just have sweets whenever I feel like it, but I try to have proper meals too. I do think it's a good reminder that's okay to have a piece of cake on a birthday and a tompouce on king's day and stuff like that
  13. Terah

    Ensi And The Dimension Of IRL

    This love story is sooo cute <3
  14. I actually tried that once. I became so incredibly bloated! So yeah, moderation applies also for whole plant based foods. Yeah, it depends :p I once tried to no-s diet. It was not for me, but some of it might help you define moderation: there you were allowed Sweets (read processed foods) on "S" days: Saturdays, Sundays, Special days (holidays, birthdays etc.) and Sick days. And not all day long, just a serving to celebrate the occasion. I honestly don't know if this is helpful for you, if not, just ignore I know it feels that way in the beginning. I'm just getting out if that phase. It will get better, I promise. No matter what diet I tried, it usually came down to this. I strongly believe you should not over complicate a simple thing like eating. Like they thought us at school: just KISS (keep it simple, stupid)