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  1. I've been feeling a bit under the weather. Possibly because all this rain I keep having to bike through The price for living in the Netherlands (although I hear England is even worse ) Husband has been working from home this week, because of the second corona wave our country is experiencing. I like having him around all day The boys are loving it too: so much attention from dad
  2. I you're worried she'll get out of her room: you can turn the door handles, so the face up. It worked like a charm for my boys. The worst thing that can happen is she doesn't fall asleep in her bed. You can always carry her back in if that happens
  3. I hope you'll have a lovely relaxing time
  4. Last Saturday we had Peter's kids party. Secret agent style I had purchased a kids party schedule and just followed that with a few adjustments when necessary. The kids had a lot of fun doing all the games, and Peter had a great time with his friends I had purchased party glasses and fake mustaches. The kids looked so cute! I was exhausted afterwards, but I'm glad I could give him a good birthday party
  5. This is a relieve So REST. Don't exercise yet. Focus on nutrition to make your body heal. Exercise is only like 10% of the equation anyways. I actually just read an article in the newspaper saying that covid will make flu season less severe than other years. Possible reasons for that, they listed: due to covid people are being more hygienic, wearing masks, keeping distance and such. When there is already a virus going round people's antibody's are already on the alert, so flu doesn't have much of a chance. And people that would get severely sick from the flu are most likely already killed by covid. This last point is a sad one, but valid nonetheless. So no need to get anxious about this, just take care of yourself and your family Lots of hugs back to you
  6. This just got recommended to me on YouTube. I thought you guys might appreciate it too
  7. Try to make pancakes with it. They will be the best you'll ever have!
  8. My thoughts exactly. But husband wants him back in his life. So I suck it up and be polite when he comes over. Husband does know what I think of him though, but he is like 'yeah, he's always been a dick' and is at peace with it, because there is nothing he can do to change him.
  9. My goto is oat milk. It tastes ten times better than almond milk when combined with coffee. Also I add a drop of vanilla extract to make it taste extra fancy
  10. Well, like like Valkyrie said, it's not fine because pandemic and all. And he was a real dick when leaving my MIL for this Russian woman*. So I have a strong dislike for the man. This didn't help. *He didn't tell my MIL he found another woman until he left to pick her up from the airport. He had his suitcase packed and an apartment rented already. My MIL didn't saw it coming at all. It was a real cowardly move. He's always been a coward, but this was low, even for him. I think our prime minister was the one that introduced us to it. I don't know where it originated. But I think it's smart Thank you I think so too. He doesn't always believe me when I tell him, but he's really awesome Aw, thank you You're right. I need to remember this
  11. That sounds like the cutest thing ever My boys just get dirty whether they're going to have a bath or not
  12. The festivities around Peter's birthday continued on Sunday with first my SIL and her boyfriend. She's been struggling with clinical depression for years, but this Sunday she looked really good. She actually engaged in conversation and played a few games with us and the boys. I'm really glad she's doing so much better In the afternoon my sister and her boyfriend came by. We had a good time playing games. And in the evening my parents came to eat pizza together (Peter's request). When they first arrived Cory had a melt down. Both boys have been diagnosed with autism at the end of spring, so I knew what was going on. The boy was just overstimulated from all those visitors. I took him upstairs and after he cried a bit I managed to distract him and after that even talk about the incident. I could tell Peter was getting overwhelmed too, but he doesn't cry, he just shuts himself off from the rest of the world. He managed to do it in a way that he could still carry a bit of a conversation with my parents, and I'm really proud of him for doing so well. The boys played a game with my parents while husband and I went to get the pizza, and we had a very pleasant evening. Monday morning I somehow got lost in playing the sims. I have a rule for myself that I don't play computer games during a workday. I just really felt like I NEEDED to do so. I just started building and suddenly I was hungry. Looking at the time it was lunch time already. I had been building for 4 hours straight... I felt really guilty for not doing the stuff I should have been doing and I did everything that absolutely had to be done while eating lunch. Not the healthiest way, but I didn't really had another choice at the moment. That evening I reflected on what happened, and I realized I had been overwhelmed by all those visitors that weekend too. And after building in the sims my brain felt soooo much better. Although I still feel a little guilty, I recognize I just needed this to wind down to not have a melt down of my own. So today I'm working overtime to finish the stuff I left yesterday. I'm almost back on schedule
  13. She knows a few words Dutch, not enough to make a sentance. They communicate in broken English. But I guess they mostly communicate by her shoving food into his mouth. My FIL has gotten huge in their years together. He gets winded when he walks from his car to our front door (which is like 10 meters). I don't think they are able to communicate in the way you're implying though
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