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  1. Terah

    Snarky: Grateful, Worthy, Whole

    Following. And I already missed a sword fight?! You know how to start a challenge I hope the good feelings will keep coming your way so the depression has no choice but surrender its sorry ass
  2. Terah

    My name is Terah

    I didn't know that this could work. Thanks, I will try it Hello back
  3. Truth. Especially when they are old enough to help you make the cake. Glad you finally know what's wrong with your shoulder and that your mojo is finding its way back
  4. Wow, look at you taking charge of your life! Great job! So true. You wouldn't want people to try to control (part of) your life either
  5. Terah

    My name is Terah

    No, the teachers in elementary school here aren't payed enough. So no one wants to be an elementary school (age 4-12) teacher and there is a real shortage of teachers and substitute teachers. Children get send home when the teacher is sick, and classes are getting too big. I think it's one of the most important professions, and they should at least get payed the same as secondary school (age 12-18) teachers.
  6. Terah

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    Thanks for the explanation. I think churches here are much smaller than in the US. There were never more than 10 kids there at the same time (all below the age of 4). Older children (4-12) got to go to the kids side sevice (I hope I'm translating it right) during the sermon to listen to a story and do crafts.
  7. Terah

    My name is Terah

    Friday The teachers were on strike today, so I had a quiet day with the boys. In the evening I went to dancehall and high heels class. During the dancehall class the teacher made us perform on our own un front of the others. This pushed me way out of my comfort zone and made me forget all the steps of the routine I know so well and I had to do another one. Don't get me wrong: this is a really good practice for me and the others were so sweet and kind. But it was unsettling none the less. High heels class was fun. I still wobble a lot on the heels I'm wearing, but it was not as bad as I feared (and I wasn't the only one wobbling). I hope I get the hang of it before my parents' 40th wedding anniversary in June, so I can wear them there
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    My name is Terah

  9. Terah

    My name is Terah

    Churches here do that too, but there are usually none or few babies there (I thought a nursery was just for babies). I helped my mom out there a couple of times in my parent's church, I loved playing with the little ones Yay!!!!
  10. Terah

    My name is Terah

    Why is there a nursery in a church?
  11. Terah

    My name is Terah

    True I like sims 3 better than the first one. You should try it: the babies and toddlers are pretty similar to real life ones, should be good practice
  12. Terah

    My name is Terah

    Life is going well. I'm on top of my business, dancing is still a lot of fun, my boys are doing really well and I'm happy So, now this boring stuff is out of the way, let me tell you about the 100 baby challenge I'm doing in the sims 3 I've told you about this before in my previous challenge, but I started a new game, because it went way too slow. And because I got the supernatural extension and my sim mama could be an elf. And have baby's with witches and werewolves. I stopped killing the dads and just write down their names to keep track of who had sired a child. Now my sims aren't sad all te time. Things were going really well: my sim had 16 babies with 11 dads. And then tragedy struck: One of the sim children could be aged up (they can when they have an "A" in school according to the 100 baby challenge rules). So I put the cake on the dining table, everybody gathered around and started cheering. The sim attempted to blow out the candles and everything caught fire... My oldest sims were trying to put out te fire and I tried to get the little ones to stay in the other room. Mom was holding the baby so I told her to go somewhere else too. But as sims do they kept coming back to watch the fire and mom caught fire and burned to death. While holding the baby.... So now the youngest daughter (who is an elf too!) is about to take over for her mom and continue making babies. I put a small table outside so they can celebrate their birthday's there, and the chance of fire is a lot smaller
  13. You've been restricting for years. It's not weird that your body asks for more food. Even if it has been for the last few months. I like this analogy: if you have been holding your breath for two minutes and you finally take a breath, you'll breath a lot faster, taking in more oxygen to make up for the lack of breath in the two minutes before. It works the same with food. If you restrict, your body will ask for more food. The longer and the more intense the restriction the longer you'll be hungry for. You might gain a bit of weight first, but as long as you stick to mostly whole, unprocessed foods, AND you honor your hunger, your weight will come back down again. I like you just the way you are <4
  14. If you were starving you ate too little, not too much. Sometimes you just need more food than average. My favorite joke is a long one, and I'm too lazy to translate. So you're getting this one: two balloons are walking in the desert, says one to the other: watch out a cactusssss.