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  1. Thanks I'm hoping we don't have to use them either, but it's better to have them and not use them than to not be able to do something because you lack a face mask. And it's a fun project
  2. Lot of ((hugs)) back to you. Yeah, 2020 really sucks I've got the most trouble with the uncertainty. The government has laid out a plan on how everything will start back up again, with the caveat that the number of sick people stay don't get to high. The boys are allowed back to school (part-time), their swimming lessons are starting back up, people can get back to work and on the streets if they have no symptoms. Holiday parks (did google translated this right? I mean the places you go on vacation to to spent several nights) are opening again. I'm really scared the virus is going to flare up again...
  3. I had my paypal account linked to a food delivery service, and accidentally activated 'one touch'. Somehow they manage to break in on the food delivery service website and steal a bunch of passwords. I've changed my password on that site, disabled paypal one toch, and added verification through sms to my paypal account. I don't think they'll be able to break this. And if so, I'm leaving paypal
  4. Good news: Paypal just gave me the money back that was stolen No idea if the perps will get caught. My mom send me a news article stating that more people had been robbed like this. So I'm not the only one. Yesterday was a bit of a wash. At one point I got so anxious I started shaking and couldn't do anything except crawling into my favorite place on the couch watching dumb youtube video's until I calmed down. I ate my feelings afterwards. Not so much as I used to do (I wasn't nauseous or anything like that), but it was definitely more than I wanted to eat that day. I do feel better today. A bit run down, but I can take it easy today. The groceries were delivered, the boys are behaving perfectly and the weather is really nice. So I'm positive nothing will go wrong today Face masks are making their entrance in the Netherlands. At least in public transportation. So William asked me to make some, just in case we need them. I still have lots of fabric scraps laying around, so this will be a fun project to do today and in the weekend.
  5. This is so smart! Following
  6. Terah

    Tobbe kills zombies

    LOL, I'm glad I inspired someone Following off course!
  7. So, someone used my paypal account to order pizza's.... Luckily they added the address where the pizza's needed to be delivered, along with a phone number All that information is now with the police and I asked paypal to give me my money back, on which they'll get back to me. It wasn't a huge amount of money, but it gave me lots of stress. Also because I needed to make tons of phone calls. But it is done, it is in the hands of the police now. In other news: my SIL send us a care package from the mental institution she's still in. It was so sweet of her Me and William got Tony's Chocolony chocolate (for all those outside Europe, I'm so sorry that you can not buy this heavenly stuff) and the boys got each a book and an activity book which they loved. She really put a lot of thought in it, and the books are at the perfect level for the boys. But yeah, chocolate means no euro's. But frankly: this chocolate is worth it I took a break from exercising yesterday, as my shoulders were really sore. But got back to it today. I went back a chapter with Ringfit to do some mini challenges. It was a lot of fun It's my mom's birthday today. I had send her a package with gifts and she opened it during a skype call this morning. We sang her a birthday song, which se seemed to like. Usually we stay there a couple of days around her birthday, and this is not the same, but for now it has to do.
  8. I believe we now found out your name, because a guy with a name like "Gertrude" would be awefull
  9. Terah

    Waanie experiments

    Wow, those are a lot of goals! Following off course
  10. Tell me your most embarrassing secret in DM. Something I can hold against you so you won't tell anyone. And then, MAYBE I'll tell you...
  11. I love the color of that coat! Window shopping is really nice, isn't it
  12. NEVER! My first name is also a really old Dutch name, but it's kind of grown on me. I did not like it when I was younger though... Maybe you just need to live a little longer with this name I worry about that too. For now they seem to still like their names (I didn't like mine at Peter's age).
  13. That's my middle name Actually my middle name is a very old Dutch one, and I hate it with every fiber of my being. Of which William makes good use Yay, happy I can do something in return! Thank you, it's really hard for me to make puns, so it's nice to get it appreciated Thank you My husband does all the yard work (I sometimes mow the lawn*, but that's it) *not a euphemism
  14. The parent community here is pretty strong, so it's not that weird we're catching on quicker
  15. A shiny new challenge appears:
  16. Welcome back to my challenge! In this one I'll be making change. Change as in coins I mean I'm going to reward myself with euro's for things I did good, so I'll be able to buy new sims expansion packs that will becoming out this year. Credit must be given: I totally stole this idea from the amazingly clever @Snarkyfishguts I can earn euro's by: - Going a whole day without eating sugary stuff - Doing exercise for at least 30 minutes (ringfit, walking, yoga etc.) I can earn 50 cents by doing chores I hate doing: - changing sheets - vacuuming/dusting/mopping one floor - cleaning the bathroom and half bathroom - cleaning the kitchen I started earning coins last challenge. This is how far I've gotten: (This page is in my bullet journal. The page on the left has a recipe for chocolate chip cookies )
  17. This is so cool! I actually looks like cheese too
  18. You allready know I love this money thing (as I totally stole it ). Keep up the good work!
  19. If you're into games, I can highly recommend "Ringfit" for the nintendo switch. I have periods I love strength training, and periods I don't like it (like now), but this game keeps it really fun and it gives you a really good workout. I call this a great succes!
  20. He certainly thinks so (Yes)
  21. THE BOYS ARE ALLOWED BACK AT SCHOOL NEXT WEEK!!! Just for 2 days that week, but it's better than nothing I don't know who's more exited: me or them In other news: I've been collecting so many coins. I've already got 16 euro's. No sugar is pretty easy as long as I'm not pms'ing The next stuff pack for the sims 4 is coming soon (a knitting pack), and I've got enough coins to buy that one as my reward. I know there will be a gamepack and an expansion pack this year too, so I'm going to keep saving up The hairdressers are still closed here, so I had cut Peter's and William's hair. It really got way too long. William was pretty easy as he sat still and gave me good feedback on where to cut a little more. Peter on the other hand kept tugging his head between his shoulders and complaining that he couldn't see the television when I needed to stand in front of him. Cory still wants his hair to be as long as Rapunsel, so luckily I don't have to do his hair too
  22. LOL Yeah, it's definitely an old people thing. The question is: are you going to let that stop you?
  23. Maybe you can fit a thingy on the far end of the thing? But probably not on the steering thing. Lol, this is a sentance like I usually only say to my sister That sucks Here in the Netherlands (at least in the bike shops I know) the bike repairman looks embarised when a repair will cost you more than 20 euro's.
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