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  1. 15/6 Squat 5/4/5/3/2 Bench 5x5 Row 5/5/4/5/5 17/6 Squat 35kg 5/5/5 Deadlift 45kg 1x5 Dips 2/6/4 Legpress 50kg 20r Deadlift 45kg 3/2 Rowing 2000m 09:507/7 C25K W1D1 9/7 W1D2 15/7 W1D3 18/7 W2D1 23/7 W2D2 26/7 W2D3 29/7 W3D1 Bench 22,5kg 3/3/3/3/3 Negative chin ups 1/1/1 A2G squat 7,5kg 5x10 Deadlift 50kg 1x5 20/7 Squat 35kg 5/5/5 Goblet squat 7,5kg 7/8/6/10 Negative chinup 3r Dips 4/4/4 Lat pulldown 30kg 5r Bench 20kg 5/5/5 Deadlift 50kg 1r Clean press 20kg 2r 30/7 9km walking 7kg in backpack 31/7 Rowing 500m 2:47 30spm Bench 22,5kg 2/1/2/2/2 A2G squat 7,5kg 10/10/10/5 Clean 25kg 2/
  2. It's my holidays, I'm up early to go for my first ever morning run. I have ajnother two weeks before work and I hope to be able to get up earlier and earlier in the mornings until I can eventually run before work when I start again. Let's hope this works out well.

    1. SinnahSaint


      I'm also trying to switch to a morning workout. Working out after I'm already tired from work isn't working so well.

  3. 18/6 Walk 6 km + 10kg backpacg 19/6 Gym, I thought I was weak as fuck all of a sudden but turns out the gym (not my normal gym) had a 5 - 10 kg heavier barbell. Squat 40 (probably 45 - 50?geez) kg 3r. Squat 30 ish kg 5r. Felt like my legs was going to take a hike without me. Dips 4r (full-body ones) Rowing machine 2000m in 9:50 32 spm 22/6 6km walk 24/6 Walk about 5 -6 km w. backpack in terrain. The weather was way too hot this week so I completely decided against hiking the 25km. I would have had to carry my weight in water. 7/7 Run C25K W1D1 yep. 9/7 W1D2. With a twist
  4. Update on 12/6 My feet were really sore after the hike. And my back started hurting too. And today my legs feel strange, good but strange. Im planning on going for a short slow run tomorrow morning, maybe it will turn things back to normal for me again. Anyway, the hike yesterday was really good. It took me a total of 6 hours where 5,5 hrs were walking. The other 30 min were short breaks. The weather was PERFECT. It was aroun 53F and a slight to heavy breeze. So it was warm but not too warm. Which is excellent really. Here is a picture.
  5. Kill me please. One of my goals during these 6 weeks is to shorten the time it takes me to walk a distance of 25km. Today in a few hours I'll walk the same distance again. For me this is the best way to test my strength of will. I can very easily just call my parents and get a ride home if I would want to. At least this time around I'll bring marking tape with me so I can mark where I'm supposed to break from the trail and go though the terrain. Last time I spent 40 minutes or so walking an alternate route. Aka I was lost, but knew somewhat in what direction to go. At least today there are ve
  6. Thank you I did not have the best of days that day. Updates so far. 10/6 Walked 10km in abround 1,5 - 2 hrs. 11/6 I've just eaten one chicken breast with cottage cheese and 2 sandwiches and I think I may die of over eating. I'll rest for 30 min and will go to the gym in a bit. Which means I have time for some Elder Scrolls Online. Yay! Squat 40kg 5/5/3/4/2 Benchpress 20kg 5x5 Barbell row 22,5kg 5/4/5/5/5 Dips BW 11r
  7. I hate this damn day. At the very least I got a nice 1,5hr walk in the forest with a dog. A very cute dog. It makes it somewhat easier.

  8. Today has been a particularly shitty fucking day, I've been stressed out of my damn skull and then we couldn't complete the daily veteran pledge in ESO, I bloody well hate Darkshade Caverns. Then technology decided to abandon ship, as the app I installed to handle an important thing for tomorrow told me to fuck of. It did not help with my stress, and stress and anxiety are some of the main reasons I started working out. Because it helps me. Sometimes. So starting this new challenge may be good for me. Main Goal: Annihilate stress, anxiety and depression. I see this as a lifelong goal a
  9. 15/5 Squat 42,5kg 14sx2r OHP behind neck 10kg 6sx4r Barbell curl 10kg 6sx4r Barbell row 25kg 7sx2r 18/5 Clean and press 22,5kg 7sx2r Benchpress 25kg 4sx2r + 1sx1r Deadlift 45kg 10sx1r Dips bodyweight 20r 22/5 OHP BN 12,5kg 6sx4r Squat 42,5kg 10sx2r Dips bw 33r 29/5 Stronglifts Squat 35kg 5x5 Deadlift 40kg 1x5 Clean and press 22,5kg 10sx2r Dips BW 14r 2/6 Squat 37,5kg 5x5 OHP 15kg 4/5/3/4/5 Deadlift 40kg 1x5 6/6 25km hike with 10-13kg backpack. 6,5hrs. Rain. And annoying dog.
  10. 4/5 I got so bored of Stronglifts so I've decided to do something different for 4 weeks. Clean and press 20kg 15setx2r Negative Chin ups 5sx1r Bench 22,5kg 10sx2r Deadlifts 50kg 7sx1r 6/5 Squat 40kg 20sx2r Barbell row 25kg 12sx2r Standing barbellpress behind neck 10kg 6x4 8/5 Clean and press 22,5kg (20sx1r) lol no. 18sx1r Bench 22,5kg 8x2 Squat 42,5kg fail 4r. 12/5 Run. 13/5 Clean and press 20kg 15x2 Bench 22,5kg 10x2 also tried 25kg 1r Deadlift 40kg 20x1 + 5r 14/5 Run.
  11. There's really no reason as though why I should not run in 20 minutes.

  12. On my run yesterday I actually didn't feel as though I was going to die!

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    2. AthenaMM
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      That's the best feeling. Congratulations!

    4. Barfly


      Well, that makes one of us. Lol

  13. 16/4 Squat 5x5 37,5kg Bench 5/4/3/4/2 22,5kg Row 5/5/5/5/3 22.5kg 2 2,5 km runs in between here somewhere which i forgot ofcourse. I do have Runkeeper downloaded but I have yet to use it because I forget I have it. *facepalm* 27/4 Run 2,5 km I almost died twice. 28/4 Squat 35kg 5/5/5/5/3 OHP 13,5KG 5/5/5/5/4 Deadlift 55kg 1x4 2/5 Run 3,7 km of which the last km was good.
  14. 13/4 Stronglifts Squat 37,5kg 5/5/5/5/4 OHP 12,5kg 5x5 Deadlift 50kg 1x5 ! 14/4 Run 4km i love running in the rain.
  15. 9/4 Walk 7 km. 10/4 Stronglifts Squat 35kg 5x5 Bench 20kg 5x5 !!!!! Row 20kg 5x5
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