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  1. It's my holidays, I'm up early to go for my first ever morning run. I have ajnother two weeks before work and I hope to be able to get up earlier and earlier in the mornings until I can eventually run before work when I start again. Let's hope this works out well.

    1. SinnahSaint


      I'm also trying to switch to a morning workout. Working out after I'm already tired from work isn't working so well.

  2. I hate this damn day. At the very least I got a nice 1,5hr walk in the forest with a dog. A very cute dog. It makes it somewhat easier.

  3. There's really no reason as though why I should not run in 20 minutes.

  4. On my run yesterday I actually didn't feel as though I was going to die!

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    2. AthenaMM
    3. NeverThatBored


      That's the best feeling. Congratulations!

    4. Barfly


      Well, that makes one of us. Lol

  5. I went running yesterday! First time in almost one year now.

    1. Tixnleeches
    2. thekatisalie


      Hope it was awesome!

    3. Apocrita


      I thought I would die during the run. But it felt awesome after I did it :)

  6. PB on Deadlifts at 50kg!

    1. Buff Brogan

      Buff Brogan

      hell yeah! congrats

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