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  1. Hey everyone! I'm an old-school NFer--been around about 7 years at this point!--but it's been a long time since I've been active on the forum. I'm ready to jump back in, and thought the 4-week challenge would be the best way to throw myself back into the community and get to know all (okay, probably only some) of the new faces. My theme for this challenge is crossroads. In terms of both fitness and diet, I've been stuck at a decision point the last month or two, and haven't made any definitive choices as to where to go from here. My challenge goals are a bit boring because of that, but my plan is that the extra visibility and accountability on the forum will finally push me to take some action and continue on my fitness journey. Here goes. Goal #1: Figure out exactly what I like about strength training, and focus on finding a program that will keep me motivated to lift consistently. At this point, I feel like I've done a bit of all the major programs, Stronglifts, Starting Strength, etc. For the last year or so, I've been meeting with a trainer who has helped me to correct form and generally improve my mobility, but I find myself getting a bit bored with the programs he's put together. I'll stick with it for 3-4 months, and then I'll crave something else. Because of the holidays and lots of work travel, I've just hit pause on that program while I figure out where to go from here. My goal for this challenge is to do some research and deep thinking, ultimately setting off on a new path for strength training that will stick. Goal #2: Figure out whether or not I'm going to join my husband in a ketogenic diet. For the last 4-5 months, my husband has been on a ketogenic diet (under direction from his doctor) for him to drop some weight. He has been phenomenally disciplined and done really well, dropping 30+ lbs at this point. He's been cooking a lot more, which is great, and I've been enjoying a lot of the things that he's made. I don't have a ton of weight to lose, per se, but I've been considering making the leap as a sign of solidarity. My goal for this challenge is, again, to do some research, talk to my doctor, and finally make a decision one way or the other. Goal #3: Complete 31 day yoga challenge that began on January 1. After a friend posted something about trying this 31 day yoga challenge, I decided to go for it. I've done some yoga on and off the last few years, and have been looking to make it more of a regular thing in my life. I've been really enjoying it so far, and want to solidify this goal. It's only going to be more challenging as I leave for a week long work trip tomorrow and then have a weekend away with friends, but I will stay on top of it! Goal #4: Reorganize finances to boost retirement contributions. Again, another goal that I've been thinking about for the last few months, but one for which I've still not taken any action. January feels like a good time to closely examine my finances and see what more I can do for retirement savings. Like I said up top, not necessarily the most action packed goals, but they will all lay the groundwork for more meaningful challenges to come. Looking forward to sifting through some of everyone else's challenges and getting to know you beautiful people.
  2. Hey gang, sorry I've been quiet this last week! My numbers are (sadly) all in, as well. Another SvS challenge would be great, although I'll second the others on further refining the calculations and taking out the shirt bet.
  3. Only THREE days left! Hope everyone has a great weekend and end to the challenge. It's been so much fun following everyone's progress, and the inspiration hasn't hurt, either.
  4. The weather has been so great this week that I wanted to get outside this morning, so I went for a run. Distance: 5k Time: 28:41 Pace: 9:09/mi. Overall, this felt pretty great. My stomach was very crampy for the second half, but I managed to push through--and without puking! Small victories.
  5. Thanks for sharing! Interesting read. I'm not feeling burned out on Stronglifts per se, but on the other hand, this is my 3rd or 4th reboot of doing the program, so clearly something about it isn't working for me. I may have to join you in trying this one out for next challenge!
  6. Quick updates from yesterday and today. Yesterday was pretty relaxed, not much in the way of exercise. With the exception of walking about an hour (combining there and back) to have drinks with a fellow NFer! The two beers I had more than cancelled out the walk, but still, it was fun. Today, I did a little plank session after work: 1 x 90 sec. 4 x 60 sec. And then a nice walk back and forth from dinner (around 45 min. total). Going to get some more grip strength training in before bed, too. My back has been feeling pretty good this week, so I am seriously thinking about lifting tomorrow. Alternatively, the weather has been so perfect that I may go for a little run in the morning. May just get up and see how I feel. In general, I felt SO GOOD today. Rested, full of energy, not achy/sore, etc. I've been doing some fasting on and off now for most of this week, and I think it's been helping. Weighed in this afternoon about a pound under where I started the challenge, but BF % was also down by about 1-1.5%. We'll see what the final weigh-in shows, but at the very least, I feel a bit better about things today. Only FOUR days left in the challenge!
  7. Figured they'd be useful for when I get back to the bar and do proper BB rows. My kitchen counter isn't the best height, but it works well enough. Improvising! And ha! Well, only 5 more hours or so to go!
  8. Nicely done! The challenge has flown by, but time to keep it up!
  9. Thanks MLP! I managed to survive but it was looking dicey for awhile. Wovercast, I do have the capt. of crush one. I'm using the trainer, as you guessed, but I apparently have no grip strength so that's the only one I'm using right now. It'd be nice to graduate eventually! Finished up the night with 5x10 pushups and 5x5 inverted rows. Back has been relatively quiet for the last couple of days so here's hoping I'm on the mend there.
  10. Same thing with my guy. I know he does some CF, although hopefully not the same one as your spousal unit. Yikes. I work today, so took yesterday as a lazy day off. Mimosas and lots of movies on Netflix were had. Also, I slow cooked a pork shoulder for dinner, but it took FOREVER so we will be having pulled pork for dinner tonight instead. Yum. One bit of goal progress yesterday: ordered a couple of pairs of new jeans that should arrive later this week. I'm pretty much down to a single pair that I wear all the time now, so it needs reinforcements. Oh, and I finally got back to using my grip strength trainer, 8 x 5 @ 100lbs for each hand. I'll count that as an assistance exercise to help with my lifts (whenever I can get back to them), so I did okay with that goal this week. Today, I got in some pilates before heading to work. Will get in some BW stuff (pushups, rows, etc.) tonight before pork. Really happy that dinner is pretty much ready to eat with the exception of quickly cooking up some veggies to have with the pork. Now I just have to hope that the roof of our office doesn't collapse with all of the rain. We've already sprung a bunch of leaks. Fantastic.
  11. Ooooh excellent! Straight As...goody two shoes! (Okay, I'm just bitter because I'm blatantly failing this challenge. )
  12. Not a bad idea. I went to a guy for acupuncture for a bit and he also does massage therapy, so that may be my next step if this doesn't clear up in a little bit. I've been doing some yoga and it feels good, but maybe the back bends, etc. are just exacerbating things.
  13. Bleh, I don't know. It feels pretty much fine once I get up and have been moving around for 10-15 minutes, but it was stiff and painful again when I woke up this morning. *shrug* Guess I will continue mostly resting things for the next few days and see what happens. Don't really know what else to do at this point, and I'd rather not see my doctor if I can avoid it.
  14. I may give this a shot for one of my morning workouts during the work week, so thanks! Sorry to be a bit MIA this week. I probably gave myself more slack than I should have, but my body felt so worn out on Wednesday that I just took a little break. No workouts on Wednesday, walked for about an hour on Thursday, and no workouts yesterday. Although, fiancé and I did go see a financial planner yesterday to try to figure out things we need to think about/do before we get married next year. The IRS announcement recognizing same-sex marriages for federal tax purposes has given us a lot to plan for. This morning, I took cline's advice and got out for a nice long walk. 1:45 minutes, just around 6.25 miles. It was a nice way to spend the morning. Although people were definitely staring at me--that's the danger of laughing at a podcast in public. I plan to get in a bit of yoga later this afternoon, along with some quality video game time (Fez!). For now, there is a kitten writhing in my lap demanding attention, so I need to wrap this up.
  15. Just wanted to pop in and say safe travels, and have an amazing trip to Japan! Can't wait to hear all about it.
  16. Hell to the yes. It's an awesome feeling. Glad to see you turned things around!
  17. Exactly! I was just in Chicago, where that phrase is uttered frequently. Sounds nice. I walk to/from home--train station--office, but it's only like 10 minutes on either side. If it's nice on Saturday, I'll take a looooong walk along the river.
  18. I've gotten into such a habit of using it almost every day that my body gets cranky when I don't do it. One of the first things I do after I get back from traveling is get a little rolling in. That's my plan, I think. It's slightly harder to do in the apartment in the morning since the kittens will attack me, but I've managed to lock myself in the bathroom and make it work. Yoga in the bathroom: totally relaxing. We'll see if I pursue the pilates thing much further, in which case I'll definitely ask for the rec. I feel like you know someone for everything! I like the slow steady state cardio idea, too. I could do it on the treadmill/elliptical in my gym, but it would be 1,000 times more pleasant outside once the air is no longer drinkable.
  19. So, I think my body is officially in wholesale revolt against me. My back felt awful this morning so I bailed on lifting entirely. The entire lower half of my body is not happy right now, either. It's apparently decided that I've pushed it as far as it will let me. Going to come up with something to salvage the remainder of the challenge, but safe to assume there will be no more lifting. I may need to go steal from the BW stuff others on the squad have been doing...
  20. Quick update for the day, since I need to get to bed soon to wake up for lifting! Slept in this morning, so no AM run. I decided I would punish myself with intervals in the heat and humidity after work, instead. Hooray! Time: 30:49 Distance: 2.85 mi Here's the rundown: 5 min warmup 30 sec. sprint / 1:30 jog or walk x 10 5 min cooldown These were brutal, to be honest, but I'm glad I went. And now for some quick foam rolling and sleep!
  21. I can confirm that it definitely lives up to the hype. Everything we had was delicious. Ooh, Frontera Grill is great, too! I love Rick Bayless, probably because he's such a soft-spoken nerd. Also, Ned Flanders. I'm doing okay, overall. I really need some time to think through and research exactly what I want for my program, and there just aren't enough hours in the day right now. Should have some more time later this week/weekend, but for now, I am just going to keep on keepin' on. I think that may be what triggered the back stuff the first time--not setting up right for even just one rep could've screwed it up. I read the tip about taking the slack out and tightening up, which I think is starting to click. My body was just wiped by the time I got to the DLs yesterday or I would've spent more time on it. Thanks for the kind words! I'm just doing a standard deadlift, so maybe it's worth experimenting with the sumo at some point over the next couple of weeks too...I'll put it on my list of ideas.
  22. Funny. I went through the same exact thing last week. Putting on too much fat, not enough muscle, and being VERY AWARE of that fact. I am in the process of figuring out next steps, but will be curious to see how your last two weeks go. Good luck!
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