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  1. Week 2 was busy busy!. My sons birthday was thursday. All week goal one and two was great!. Goal 3 im coming in at 55. Plan on accomplishing it today and tomm!
  2. Goal 1-100% week 1 Goal 2-100% week 1 Goal 3- 100% week 1 Weight- 280.4
  3. Had a productive day. My bedroom and bathroom are spic and span and i rearranged the pantry. Rest od the house tommorrow. My son has an appointment at our house with our early on coordinator and speech therapist. Hes finally starting to talk but hes not moving his tongue. At two hes supposed to have more words anyway. So we shall see how far he is behind. Right now he says Animal noises-donkey cow and pig Ball Blue Kitty Done Peewee Momma We think hes also atempts to say Ricky Ryan Steffy Grandma Grandpa But they are not even close to being abpe to be deciphered but he makes similar sounds
  4. So its Saturday and my weekly squat count is only 55 oops. Lots of catching up to do today and tomm. Mon-Fri I did okay, but i need to pack a snack for after work.. ive been stopping and getting something because at 2 when i get out im starving. Other than that i was moved to a new position on the line i get to do my job AND run a switch lol
  5. Chicken and veggies. Venision tenderloins, or salad for main lunch snacks. I do yogurt and organic granola and cheesesticks
  6. Water Goal- Check Check Check Lunch Goal- Check Check Weekly Squat Count-45
  7. Water Goal- Check Lunch Goal- Check Weekly Squat Count- 15
  8. Somehow I started two challenge threads. awesome double post. but this will be the one I will be using!
  9. Main Quest- Reach Onederland! Current Stats Weight- 285 Neck- 16in Waist-41in Hips 47-in Bust- 50in Quest One- Bring a water bottle or buy one at work every single day and finish it before I am done for the day. Quest Two- Pack and Eat a healthy lunch at work (no vending machines!!!) Quest Three- Do at least 100 body weight squats a week.
  10. Hahaha! I am totally a Druid/Assassin Hybrid as well!
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