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  1. Ok, so on the fitness side I am 100% totally lazy. Well, I sorta take that back, I am getting inclined pushups in just about every day now so is one positive habit that has been established. I did a set of 40 this morning before my shower and I will often do a lower incline (closer to ground) set or two in the evenings when I walk the dogs. I just have not run in forever, though I do walk more often at lunch when I am out and about and still plan on making this a year of backpacking! I was thinking this morning that I am looking forward to my next run to see if I can "feel" the
  2. Ok, "strength" training so far has been daily incline pushups which is better than nothing, but not as much as I want to accomplish! Diet is rocking, got to a new low over the weekend, managed to resist eating at the co-workers birthday party / sweet treat this morning at the office! Had a P3 protein pack instead and still celebrated with everyone. Had a co-worker mention she could really tell I was losing, down now 25 pounds since week of Thanksgiving! (215 to 190) On the hiking side, got some gift cards and bought another hiking guide for NC, lining up my backpacki
  3. Ok, so we officially started yesterday I believe! I got my challenge off and "running" (heh) by playing Elder Scrolls Online, all freakn day long. In my defense had 7+ inches of snow on Saturday whichthen froze over Sunday morning to ice where anything had melted, but mostly I was just lazy and have to work on Saturdays so I binged! This morning, brought the dog to work with me, already got in a quick walk around the office complex with her, I always seem to get in 10,000 steps or more on the days she comes to work with me between the various walks! Diet is still ro
  4. Mostly just planning on long weekends hiking after 4/15. Between now and then I have to work every Saturday and sunset is pretty early too so no real opportunity to hike except on Sundays. In the spring / summer / fall, I am hoping to sneak out of here early, get to the trailhead mid afternoon on Fridays and backpack through Sunday morning, home at lunch time. I bought a Hennessy Hammock for my 'tent' and loving it so far, will see if I have to upgrade my backpack for 2 night trips but I should be in decent shape with what I have. Collecting more camping gear / cooking stuff n
  5. Thanks for the post and word of caution! I will not be getting in any "serious" miles until after April 15th (tax season, accountant here) and hope to be at my "new low" by then and working into maintenance calories. My understanding is the thru hikers burn about 6000 calories a day, but I am a long way from there! For those interested, I am looking at essentially doing the NC Mountain to Sea trail system in section hikes, may take me several years, but close by and something I can knock out on weekends. Lifetime bucket list would be App Trail but that would be years from now af
  6. Ok, so in my "old life" I used to buy big Jeeps, put BIGGER tires on them, which looked awesome, and then would go out with a bunch of other off-roaders and go wheeling and camping for the weekend. I loved this because I got outdoors, in the woods, good companionship and camping! One of the reasons I like this was the fact I was deep in the woods and drove there and when you weigh 355 pounds that is not easy to accomplish by walking in! For those just getting to know me, I had gastric bypass surgery in 2011, lost weight down to 195 when I was training for a full marathon. I was
  7. Ok, final thoughts, continued to stick to the plan even over the Holidays!! One of the toughest periods but I made it without even eating my FAVORITE snacks of all time. Managed to lose another pound while on vacation this weekend, back at the office now and on to the next challenge! Sam
  8. In our WLS support group (run by our local hospital, fantastic resource) they talk about doing a "reset" with the shakes, essentially the pre-surgery liver shrinking diet. That we have adjusted to our new normal, which is grazing all day long is "easy" since we have tiny tummy. So I encourage you to find your own "reset" whether that is shakes or what works for you! For me, I am going full keto / low carb AND intermittent fasting combo. So basically I have my coffee at breakfast time (milk and splenda) and then I only eat from Noon until say 8ish at night. So I am "fasting" 16
  9. Just a quick update, hitting my calories goals, but not the running goals! Walking more which is good but was TOTALLY lazy over the long weekend and chillaxed! Of course the good part about having my diet right is the weight is still coming off, would just be "faster" if I add more exercise. A WIN for me is finally ordering a set of gymnastic rings for doing incline pull ups and such at the house! I have had them on my "wish list" forever and finally made the plunge and they came in on Friday. So moving towards a couple days of "Lift Heavy Things: (ie my body!) to go along with
  10. They told us early on we would lose about 70-80% of our "excess" weight, but that still leaves most of us Obese, but still in MUCH MUCH MUCH better shape! I have been 30-33% body fat since the surgery but started at over 50% and I went from size 50-52 pants to 36-38. Sweets, especially COOKIES are still my trigger, I cannot have "just one", so either I am in maint mode, which is usually a much smaller "yo-yo" (210-220 pounds) and have good days and bad days. Somehow it clicked this fall that it was time to see if I could lose more fat and get down to "normal" body fat!
  11. Ok, just a quick update, still not running much, did one night that was bitter cold on the elliptical (hated it) and a couple nights actually out on the road (LOVING IT!) Moved over to full KETO, planning on staying VERY strict until I see a major body fat percentage loss. I have dropped about 15-18ish pounds since mid November, the first 10 was water and the rest has been a slow and steady 2 pounds per week on average. That makes a lot of sense based on what I am eating in calories versus my TDEE! In theory if I ran 7 days a week I would get another 1 pound or so of fat loss bu
  12. Was a bit surprised at the lack of other postings but figured I would put down my name on the list! I have started / stopped more challenges over the last few years than I care to admit, and my weight has stayed in the 215 pound range on average for most of that time. I actually hit a high of 224.x early in 2016 and have been working my way back down. I hit the magical 215ish and stayed there most of this year. For some reason I got it in my head that I can do ANYTHING for 100 days and super low carbs (20ish) would allow me to reset my diet / maint and hit a new weight loss goal
  13. Tell us about your last marathon and "how you ruined your body" by training and running it? I agree 100% in cross training, but would be good to know the context here and welcome!!
  14. Nice workout! Just got two in so far myself, was a bit worried it was not a "whole body" workout but I can feel it! Your warm up numbers are my actual sets!! But with progression we will all get stronger.
  15. Day 1 of GreySkull completed, kept the weight low and finished with 15 reps in each lift (Press, Lat pulldown and Squat)  

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