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  1. Things are finally starting to roll again. It will probably take another couple weeks to get my fitness back up to where I was, but it is looking good. The combination of working out with a friend on a couple days and the change to morning workouts has been a huge boost. The morning workouts feels like I have had a shot of crack for the rest of the day. At least what I would imagine being on crack would feel like for the day. Also, I am still doing really good at doing something everyday. Today, along with my warm-up and stretch, I got in more handstand and third world squat practice. Forgot to mention in my last post, but I hiked a little over 30 miles in the Grand Canyon last Saturday. A buddy of mine wanted to attempt another R2R2R and had no one to go with. I told him I would go with, but would not be doing the whole thing with him again. I have already done it twice and have no desire what-so-ever to do it again. So I went half way down with him, crossed over on a section of Tonto Trail that I hadn't done before, went to the bottom, and found an overhand outside of Phantom Ranch to wait. I ended up spending the next 8 hours napping on and off, and it was AMAZING! As the time drew near that he should have been returning, I decided to meander my way up the trail further to hopefully meet him. I ended up going like 4 miles up and waited as long as I could before turning around and heading back up. Turns out he had turned back that morning due to a possible knee injury and we had missed each other. So I found him sleeping in the car and all was great. 5/11/15 Workout: Superset 1: incline one-arm push-up (19") 3x8 (each side) tuck knees front lever row 3x8 Superset 2: straight bar dips 1x8, 2x5 archer pull-ups 3x8 (each side) Conditioning: 50 seconds work/10 seconds rest, each exercise, 2 rounds push-ups rows, inverted mountain climbers box jumps 5/12/15 Workout: Superset 1: goblet lunge (60#) 3x8 (each side) front levers, advanced tuck knees 3x15s Superset 2: single leg deadlift, two arm (40#) 3x8 (each side) arm and leg lift side plank 3x45s (each side)
  2. The past week has been on and off. For the most part I have been at least doing something, even if it is only doing my warm-up and then stretching. A buddy, Dylan, and I finally started working out together again. This will be a huge boost in getting me to get my workouts done We will be doing Mondays and Fridays together, so the rest I will have to figure out on my own. This first one went great, tho I felt surprisingly weaker than usual. Both of us left dead and feeling great. I also went swimming with another buddy, Michael. I am going to be swimming at least once a week. Last night I learned some more techniques on swimming form that should help a lot. I have started scheduling things out for my training program for my full triathlon on December 5. I will start training on July 20, one week after I get back from a two week backpacking trip in Colorado, and 20 weeks before the race. Milestone: One note of success, I held/walked in a handstand for over 30 seconds several times this past week. I believe my success comes after holding wall handstands and building that holding strength. I will continue to work on these until I can walk on my hands nearly as well as I can walk on my feet. Workout: Warm-up Superset 1: push-ups, one-arm, assisted 3x8 rows, one-arm, inverted (bar 30" off ground, feet on ground) 3x6 Superset 2: pike push-ups chin-ups Conditioning: 50 seconds work/10 seconds rest, each exercise, 2 rounds dips pull-ups push-ups mountain climbers Stretching Swim: 1600 meters (free swim)
  3. Day 2 was good! This was the first test to see how my routine would handle on work days. As soon as I got home, I turned off my wifi and was able to get to work on what needed to get done pretty quick. Without the distraction, excuse, and just general drain that the internet has on me, it is so much easier and enjoyable to do the things I want to put my mind to. As long as I stay resolute in my decision to cut myself off from the internet before it sucks away my life force, I feel that I will be achieving my goals for a long time to come. My workout was pretty decent, though warm. I am curious as to what I will be able to push myself to do over the summer. Working out in 110 degree weather after work does not sound at all enjoyable, or healthy for that matter. I will likely have to make some adjustments. Workout: My one-legged squat is rough to get started, but after the first set, begins to feel pretty good. My flexibility is going to have to improve greatly before I will be able to get one of these unsupported. L-sit felt stronger than the previous. I may up the time to 20s for at least one set next time, just to see. Hanging v-raise windshield wipers are feeling stronger and may be able to progress after another session or two. The next and final step, one-arm hanging leg raises, sound pretty daunting however. My bridge progression, which I started from the beginning last session, has hit its first hurdle. The short bridges from last session just seemed like busy work. The straight bridges, however, are pointing out some weaknesses. I will likely switch the order of the superset next week, as my arms did not want to hold my weight after hanging for so long. Worse, my shoulders apparently have a horrible range of motion. The progression calls for 3 sets of 40 on this step, and I only got 3 sets of 15. Hopefully this was a bad week for these, otherwise I have a long way to go. Superset 1: assisted one-legged squat 3x8 (each side) L-sit 3x15s Superset 2: hanging v-raise windshield wipers 3x8 straight bridges 3x15
  4. Keep up the good work man! That's awesome what you did for your brother. And really respect what your doing with the ex letters. Emotional turmoil is the toughest to get over. Seems you are well on your way.
  5. Awesome challenge and great goals! Keeping that pantry free of junk is definitely key. Makes life so much easier and makes it that much harder to mindlessly carb out. I have also taken to scheduling my workouts. First thing in the mornings for me. I was way too easy to keep pushing it to later, and I would just end up not doing anything at all. Glad to see things are going good for you so far and I am stoked to see the final result of your sewing project. Keep up the good work!!
  6. Looks like you are keeping busy! Good job keeping up on your challenges! Hopefully the weather starts to clear up a bit for you so you can get out and do some more hiking. I have been itching to get some hiking in, and I am finally getting out this weekend, Woo Hoo!! Will be headed up to the Grand Canyon for a stroll to the bottom.
  7. WOO HOO!! cmwanderin reporting for duty! Actually it is a good thing we are on a bit of a break here. I had to give everything up in order to focus on my challenge and getting my goals in order. I did a soft reset over the weekend. Goals have been modified and updated, and I feel like a have a routine that is going to lead to success! Here is a link to my reset: Challenge Hope everyone is doing good. I am going to try to get to everyone's thread to root you on!! erosan, your restaurant looks beautiful! Good luck on your new opening!
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    I have always had a hard time getting myself to stretch regularly too. I agree with the others in that making it a necessary part of the routine makes it much easier to keep at it. I have a specific set of stretches that I do after every workout now, no excuses. It has been working great so far (when I am regularly exercising) and it gives an awesome feeling of energy afterwards too. By doing the same thing over and over and in the same sequence, I hope to make it a habit and not even have to think about it anymore. Once that is done, I can start switching stretches up to keep my muscles thinking. And what motivates me to stretching regularly is that I am desperate to avoid injuries. Better flexibility seems like the logical solution. Here is my list of stretches I do after every workout everyday: wrist stretches shoulder stretches triceps stretch chest stretch side stretch quadriceps stretch forward bends (feet together, feet spread, one bent leg, feet spread w/ squat) runners lunge butterflies seated back twist reclining pigeon reclining twist knee hugs upward dog downward dog cat movement child’s pose I just do each stretch until I feel good about it. Haven't timed it yet, but it really doesn't seem to take much time at all. Something is better than nothing. If you are interested, I propose a Daily Stretch Challenge for the month of May! We can just keep track from each others logs. Loser has to post a goofy picture and tell how much more a manly man the other is, or something to that nature. How about it?
  9. Thanks man! Yeah, I will be printing out my motivations and really be taking it to heart. It has been such a long time since I have been seriously motivated that it is hard to keep it up for any length of time. Day 1 of my reset went very well. I think this new routine is going to make a difference in keeping me on track. Typically, I would just tell myself I can workout, or whatever, later on in the day. I would keep pushing it until I would have no time and just feel like a numskull for wasting my day. Now I can finish everything I need to finish... and then waste the rest of my day without quite as much guilt. Workout: I lowered the incline for my one-arm push-up, so getting closer to getting that. Straight bar dips are feeling very good and may have to go weighted eventually as I am not aware of any progression beyond. The other two exercises do not feel like I have progressed much and may need extra work. Increase sets from 3 to 5? Superset 1: incline one-arm push-up (22") 1x8, 2x6 (each side) tuck knees front lever row 3x8 Superset 2: straight bar dips 3x8 archer pull-ups 3x4 (each side)
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    Lol, I actually don't even like running (tho I am good at it). Running 100 miles is not likely in my future. I do like to push my body to the limits though. I will be competing in a full Triathlon in December, but my goal now is just to complete it, as my swim times are miserable. And really the only reason I am doing it is to knock out a marathon in the same race, so I can say I did them both and never have to do either one of them ever again. How about yourself? I actually couldn't even remember the last time I tried. I went for it real quick and am no where near getting it. I have been doing archer pull-ups once a week, but have been having a hard time with them. I am going to have to decide on only a couple of skills I want to conquer first and increase my effort toward those before trying any others. I am going for too much at once and am finding it is counter productive. How have things been going? You get your perfect OAC since last time?
  11. Things going better since Thursday? Gotta hate those crappy days. Keep up the good work!
  12. Awesome job! Keep up the good work!! Is it episode 3 tonight? I watched the 4 leaked episodes... and I regretted it. It is torture waiting an entire month until the next episode and find out what happens next.
  13. The reset commences tomorrow! My main focus is to establish morning and evening routines as habit. I have identified two issues as likely reasons behind recent failures to achieve my goals. First is my weakness and general undoing, the internet. Limiting my internet use will be the primary factor to ensuring success. Second is a lack of motivation. I need to really grasp the intrinsic motivational factors to accomplishing my goals. My goals and motivation is listed below: Goal #1: Build Habits 7 days per week Daily routine is as follows: wifi and computer will remain off until daily routine is complete drink 48 oz. of water workout stretch meditate dailiesEvening routine is as follows: turn off wifi and computer by 1930 get ready for bed and prep for next day brush teeth in bed by 2015 Goal #2: Workout 7 days per week MOVE EVERYDAY! Simple. Everyday I will either strength train or do some conditioning. Whatever my body feels like doing, that is what I will be doing. I will do this first thing when I wake up or as soon as I get off work. Goal #3: Stretch 7 days per week Become more flexible. I will stretch after EVERY workout and some. Goal #4: Meditate 7 days per week Stop and just be. At least 5 minutes each morning, I will ready my mind and soul for the day. Motivation I want to build these habits now in order to make life easier when I have my hands full with a kid. If I am going to want to continue to accomplish my goals, I am going to have to be able to balance life efficiently.I want these habits to rub off on my child.I want to improve the quality of my life and maintain my health and fitness in order to actively participate in my child's life long into the future. When looking up ways to be better motivated, I found two questions that I felt like I needed to answer. What is my life purpose, what drives me? Before I found out that I was going to be a father, I don't think I had a personally acceptable answer to this. Now it is easy. I want to be the best possible person and role model for my child. I want to be able, to the best of my abilities, to raise my child to becoming the best person possible. Most importantly, I want to show my child my unconditional love and to love unconditionally.What are my top 10 values and is my life aligned with these values? Integrity Wisdom Simplicity Caring Bravery Self-sufficient Playful Kindness Love BalanceI believe I am pretty on point with these values and hope to instill them in my child. I expect to further develop these values along with my child.
  14. Batwoman, could you kindly remove me from this Mini please? I will not be participating for the remainder of the challenge in order to concentrate on my own quest, and my hope is that House Baratheon can get some new blood quick to take my place.
  15. I am deeply sorry my fellow Baratheon's, but I am going to have to leave the hunt, and the mini's all together, in order to pursue my own quest. I wish you the best of luck and happy hunting. Ours is the Fury!
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