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  1. Last week was fine. This week I would say is not going amazing. I have been eating out a lot and they're all pretty much B and C grade meals as far as healthy goes. I'm too stressed and pumped to get on a plane Saturday. I'm also so busy I don't have time for the gym. That doesn't really give me a good excuse to not be working on my pushups. I just haven't been. I don't know why I can't get into a routine of exercising just in my house. It stinks. Meanwhile, the Korean studying is going well. I'm on Quizlet pretty regularly trying to memorize vocab. So, at least I'm motivated for that.
  2. When I get sick I want to eat all the things and sick, because my body is probably begging for it. Better to do that and get better than to tough it out and be sick for a while.
  3. My going into Seoul to run and hang out turned into sleeping overnight in Seoul and having a hangover this morning. Totally worth it. Yesterday I did a weigh-in at the gym and discovered I am down about 3 pounds. My measurements are mostly down from last month, too. So, hurray for progress. I ate my second "unhealthy" meal today: curry udon. I also had affogato while I studied. BUT DINNER WAS AMAZING salmon on a salad. Very good for me. Also I hit my 10k steps today regardless of how long I was in bed this morning. So...yay! Tomorrow I will do better. I plan on getting up at a reaso
  4. THE MERS HIT MY TOWN. Which means a couple of doctors have it, but they shut down my school for the week. So I'm not really working (going in for a bit tomorrow to help make homework packets but that's it.) Why do you care? I went on a two hour hike today on a nearby mountain I always meant to check out. So, day 1 I decided to have myself an "unhealthy" meal: 1 of 4 this week. I'm okay with that. I didn't have much of a lunch. In addition because of days not going to work I will do my weights early then go into Seoul tomorrow for a run and hanging out with new friends. Who am I? T
  5. I have the same Korean Grammar in Use book, but it's finished. Good on you for making your place clean. I don't know how you sleep on the futon thingy. I require cloud sleep.
  6. I looked up what it means to be Paleo beyond like...not eating grains or rice and I'm not sure about this after all. No legumes? WTF. Me and my lentils and chick peas would like to talk about this. No peanut butter? Get out of town. No oatmeal? I knew this already but ... but... yeah I think "Go 80/20 Paleo" is actually going to be "go 80/20 healthy and hit my macros."
  7. I'll look that one up. I've been printing the tests from the website then taking them. I need to level up my vocabulary to pass, basically...but decent vocab books are few and far between.
  8. Ok. I've been doing power lifting routines in my gym for like...2 months now. I'm trying to level up my lifts and make my muscles bigger. It's a slow process, but I love it. I also love how many people don't realize how strong I am. I prove them wrong. Main Quest: Get Stronger I will continue to lift. Deadlift. Bench. Squat. I don't have specific lifting goals at this moment. Since I'm going on a trip to the USA it will interrupt my lifting abilities, but I will work on bodyweight during that time instead. I'm really hoping it won't hurt my working weight once I get back. The
  9. Don't beat yourself up if you can't workout on your period. It's stressful for some ladies. However if you're feeling bloated or crappy you probably should at least go for a walk. Coddling yourself won't help and I always feel better if I have cramps or feel bloated and then I go to the gym or go on a brisk walk.
  10. Herro, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I joined a while back but I wasn't very good at keeping up on the forums. I had someone teach me some basic training for strength, but since they won't be going to the gym with me anymore I'm on my own for keeping it up. I've been doing a 3-day split for about a month. Sometimes I do cardio on off days especially if I'm too tired (or hungry) after lifting to stay on a treadmill/elliptical for longer than 20 minutes. This is what my former mentor had me set up for: Day 1: Chest Press - 30kg 12x3 Incline Press - 10kg 12x3 Seated Flye
  11. Late late late! I've been away. I'd like to join to set a goal to be able to do a push-up from the floor. Just one! I've never done one! I almost got there last year but I usually can't get back up once I go down. I think this will work into my quest for my challenge to do more strength training. Ideas?
  12. How's the sleep thing going? I always think about making my nighttime routine a little more regular but it's always sporadic.
  13. Hello! Let's look t how I did last week...I just got back from vacation abroad. Quest 1: Cardio 3x/week 100% I walked in the airports with my backpack strapped on until my Fitbit buzzed and told me it was okay to sit down. I also walked at night around the island before going to bed and went snorkeling or scuba diving nearly every day...so I don't have exact times for all that but I certainly got a lot of cardio exercise going. Quest 2: 100% You can't imagine the confusion on a person's face when you ask for a sandwich in the airport without cheese. Or ask for coffee with soy milk. Resisti
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