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  1. I've been absent again all week. I haven't felt well all week, and my 13 yr old daughter has been severely ill so I've been up all night several nights even being sick myself. Daughter had 104 fever Tuesday night, doctor found nothing on Wednesday, then Thursday went to ER where they found she had severe pneumonia in her left lung. Got her on antibiotics and she's finally beginning to improve, plus I got a little more sleep last night - only up twice to administer meds, so I'm beginning to feel human again. Not sure I'm quite at quiddittch yet but I did manage to make some progress on my AMRA
  2. Happy Birthday to the birthday people! and welcome Tombo. I agree on the "too many threads" thing. I love, Love, LOVE the new challenges the Assassins are doing, but am having trouble keeping up with it all. I try so hard not to spend too much time on the computer, and of the time I did spend I like at least half of it to be spiritually or intellectually growth oriented. I've spent more than 2 hours on here this morning, haven't even done my cardio yet, am late for getting outside to work on the yard, and have only been able to catch up / respond to a few threads after getting my own tracking
  3. Hi Lucky Fire Dragon, finally got a chance to drop by and get caught up on your progress. So VERY impressive - as always. You always do such an amazing job.
  4. Sorry my Hufflepuff team, I've been completely absent all week in terms of posting. Just really busy - but I did make some good improvement on my AMRAPs. We are totally swamped with family events this weekend. Our weekends are pretty busy but hopefully I'll be able to contribute to Quidditch next weekend. Again, sorry for not pulling my weight for the team. I'll do better next week.
  5. Hey Lucky Fire - I've been slacking on posting all week - the party was great and bowling is going well. I bowled a 148 on Sunday and a 135 on Tuesday and beat my husband both times! - his average is 150ish, but he bowled especially poorly those games. It was fun. So, I started the week working hard, but slacked off the last couple of days. Still overall I didn't completely fail. My workouts have been good overall and still seeing progress in Nerdwarts School. Between several graduation parties and other such activities, sugar has been WAAAY too high. Need to get that back on track. I made s
  6. Updating my workout log (I delete it above after I do the weekly summary): W: - Transfiguration.......(floor Push-up) - 18 - Flying...(straight leg inverted rows) - 18 - The Dark Arts.....(reverse lunges) - 60 - Charms..(lying straight leg raises) - 28 - Quidditch practice.......... (Cardio) - ~25 min/275 cals - Herbology........................(Sugar) - 1 serving - Herbology...................... (vegies) - Yes - 1 serving veggies w/dinner - Muggle Arts................................ - not today Th: Rest day for exercise - Herbology........................(Sugar) - 1 serving - H
  7. Trewest, you rock. After several attempts I'm embarrassed and sad to admit that I couldn't get one roll that resembled a roll enough to count. Its more like falling over sideways at best. Sorry Hufflepuff, but I did try at least. (I've never been able to do anything that remotely resembles a cartwheel and could barely do any kind of somersault even as a kid. I do have other assassin-y skills tho, really.... )
  8. Okay... so I just did a quick perusal of the other house threads and, even though we are in the lead, we are the only house debating about initial AMRAPs. So perhaps it's really a non-issue. Me thinks talking strategy for increases (see Gryffindor thread page 3) and mini-challenge debauchery sounds more fun! I haven't tried any rolls yet (ever) but will give it a try in a bit here. How about you? As far as "study techniques", what are your thoughts/experiences on GtG vs. a more "standard" work to failure followed by rest day technique? I'm pretty new to strength training and have no idea wh
  9. It seems to me that as long as you followed the instructions and weren't intentionally holding back when doing your initial AMRAP in order to get a better score, then you did the best you could at the time and should leave it as is. I changed my initial reverse lunge AMRAP because I didn't follow the instructions correctly (I counted one rep for both legs alternating rather than just one leg). But if I'd done it correctly the first time I'm sure it would have been lower because it wasn't something I normally did. Lack of experience with a given move makes for lower reps. Also I did a lot of r
  10. Me too - did some of each despite the number being reached already. It still appears to impact my teams score / % as far as I can tell, so my take is that the number listed is the minimum not the maximum. I mean, the form appears to be configured so that reps in excess of the minimum number listed have the same impact on team %, if that makes sense. Perhaps that can be confirmed by someone in the know?
  11. PS: Here's a good article on GtG. The idea is train 4-6 times per day at 50%-80% of max (AMRAP). This is generally recommended for just one exercise at a time, but I'm doing it with all 4 of the challenge exercises with a rest day the day before I re-test my AMRAP. http://www.leanandmuscular.org/greasing-the-groove.php
  12. I'm already doing a GtG type training. My reps per day aren't insane, but I've seen a little improvement. I'm in as long as @Hazard doesn't object to a mini-challenge within the mini-challenge. Oh, and I think your English is excellent! I'm always so impressed with multilingual skills!! Edited to say that, while I'm all for a mini-competition involving number of reps, after looking at the spreadsheet I'm not sure how well that will work in an individual level. For some of the exercises we only have a couple of people doing the same move, and even for the ones where multiple people are doing
  13. Yes, 2000 was the minimum - no one said we have to stop there. I'm doing some box jumps in the morning (if my knees can handle it - if not then steps).
  14. Removing the t-posts was a major workout, but I feel great and it's good to finally have it done. On the sugar thing - you are right about being more selective. I'm thinking a lot more about how I want to "spend" my calories - both in terms of being very picky about my one serving of sugar-based food per day, and in relation to "getting the most healthful BANG from the calories I'm eating all through the day. Focusing more on using food as a tool rather than just filling my body with "junk" that tantalizes my tastebuds but plays havoc on my fitness goals.
  15. Hey Lucky Fire Dragon!! Seems like it takes forever for me to find threads of the people I like to follow. Love the garden theme!! It's not part of my challenge, but I'm spending a LOT of hours this summer trying to transform my yard from a weed infested wasteland to a lovely place of peace and relaxation. Problem is I'm much better at working out there than I am at relaxing (haha). And your rewards are great! I tend to shop when the mood strikes, but I think having specific rewards directly tied to accomplishments is a great idea!
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