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  1. Today is Thursday. We're almost to the weekend, and I can't wait. I've been doing some freelance work, which has been keeping me up into the middle of the night. Yesterday I was running on about 4 hours of sleep and decided to use my time before work trying to get more freelance stuff done since there's deadlines that are rapidly approaching. As a result, I just grabbed a bag of gardettos and m&ms for breakfast (an old go-to) and ate those at work. Although my eating for the rest of the day was pretty on point, I felt like garbage for the rest of the day. I did manage to get to
  2. That's fair. I just didn't know if there was like a "form check" area or something. May not even hurt to post it in both, just so it's easy to find again if I need to.
  3. I think it was actually this forum that told me my depth sucked. I'm pretty sure the form videos I posted here are still the only videos on my youtube channel. I may post more as I progress. Should I just post those here or is there a designated spot for those?
  4. Yep, I'm relying a lot on getting older (being 32 vs 25) and more mature/patient to help with that. I've definitely learned that it's usually the boring stuff that no one sees that make you the best version of yourself. It's the chicken and broccoli, the heavy lifting by myself at the gym, and the other stuff that isn't flashy but it's effective. I'm a classic overthinker who (like most people, I think) are always looking for the optimal solution, hence the program hopping years ago instead of just picking one and sticking with it until it didn't work. Dwayne Johnson said "Success isn’t always
  5. Squats have definitely been the biggest challenge in terms of form over my lifting career. I don't have any friends who lift (believe me, I've invited them) or people to teach me, so my information primarily comes from books and the internet. When I first started in 2014, I started with SL5x5 and guessed on form, so I started feeling pretty good about my 265lb squat after a few months. Then someone pointed out that I was doing half-squats, so they didn't really count. To this day, I'm still working on the "do it properly" part.
  6. Unfortunately this is the part I forgot about. I also mentioned previously that I think being sedentary for the better part of 5 years before jumping back in didn't help. I've been doing the hip abductor machine which really engages the glutes for the last 5 or so reps of each set and (I think) helps to get my legs more used to opening up how they should during a squat. Being a programmer, I spend most of my life sitting down, so I don't have much use for hip mobility to accomplish my daily tasks. I'm having to retrain my body on both mobility and engaging the associated muscles.
  7. I guess I should clarify... I don't necessarily think that knees past toes is the problem. I think a large part of the problem (which relates to that) was that I was really focused on keeping the path of the bar straight up and down. Because I was so focused on that, I was dropping down relatively quickly, taking advantage of the "bounce" at the bottom, then coming back up. In my haste, I don't think I was properly engaging my hips, nor was I pushing my knees out toward my toes far enough. Remembering the "knees past toes" cue, it reminds me that I need to engage my hips when going down, make
  8. A lot of times this is much easier said than done. I'm working on it though. I just have to keep telling myself that slowing down now to focus on form and small progress will pay dividends later and get my past where I used to be. I've noticed that if I put my feet too far apart (like a cliche powerlifter), I feel less stable and have a hard time balancing. When I go shoulder width, I can do almost parallel but my knees pass my toes. I think I've got my feet an inch or two outside of shoulder width with my toes pointed to 11 and 1 o'clock. Then I brace my stomach and focus on st
  9. Yesterday was a rough day. More and more, I have been feeling like a failure in 2021. I feel like I'm a bad husband, my 7 year daughter mouths off to everyone and seems to lack remorse, I have been turned down for several possible positions, and since starting back on a fitness journey a month ago, I've had one issue after another. First, a gout flareup because of keto. Then a knee injury because of lifting (either with bad form, lack of mobility, weakness in other muscles that help the knee, or some combination of these). Now I'm having to seriously check my ego at the door because I've gone
  10. Nice! I'm a web developer who's currently trying to get into software engineering. There are days when I wish I did something else, but this allows me to live comfortably and pay for my family to do the things they want to do (my wife is currently a full-time student and I have two kids), so I'm working on finding a software engineering job that directly relates to my interests instead of just applying for whatever pops up. The 40 hours a week thing isn't really for me either, but I don't honestly know what other marketable skills I have that would allow us to live the way we do. W
  11. This caught my eye. Do you follow the Dave Ramsey stuff? Also saw this. What do you want to do as someone who is self-employed?
  12. Background My name is aquadwayne (formerly tgsmith489, but I figured it was time for a change) and I have been active on the nerdfitness forums off and on for 6 years or so. I have done several challenges in that time and lost a lot of weight. I started in 2014 at ~350lbs then over the course of a year, got down to ~230lbs through IIFYM and lifting. During my lifting, I got a bad case of fuckarounditis and changed programs constantly and as a result didn't make much progress in terms of strength. My diet was solid during the week, but weekly cheat meals turned into weekly cheat weekends a
  13. Thanks! It feels good to be back. NerdFitness has been the only community I've ever really felt a part of in the fitness world (or the internet for that matter), at least enough to actively engage. It's sort of like coming home. When I was doing this before, I had a really bad case of fuckarounditis and switched programs constantly, had cheat weekends every week, and slipped between happy with my progress and telling myself I still looked fat (even though I really wasn't at that point). This time, I'm older (and hopefully wiser) which I think will make it easier to stick with a
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