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  1. Thanks, Catspaw! The cookies and brownies were indeed rediculously delicious. The Master Chef is also a very talented baker. I am terribly spoiled. Awww, hugs for the love you guys. I know you're there for me, and I take much comfort in your support, believe me. I have just found that when I say I suck and other people say I dont, I tend to try to prove that I'm right instead of being comforted. Combination of being both incredibly stubborn and clinically depressive. S'all good, storm is weathered! Caco, I am a total yogaslut. My favoritest studio in the world is http://www.sanguineyoga.com/
  2. I'm still here, I'm still here!! Sorry for the long silence. Last week I self-diagnosed my worsening knee issues as Running Knee. It got to the point where even walking and lunges caused clicking and pain, so stopped, did nothing for a few days and sulked. I suck and I can't do anything without hurting myself and everything is horrible forever, blah blah blah. I figured no one wanted to listen to that, so I took some time to myself. Once knees started feeling better this last weekend I started walking 5k instead of running it (grumbling all the way, you can be sure), did some research on the
  3. MONDAY: Got up on time, bed on time Paleo homemade breakfast lunch and dinner. 14 Day 100% Paleo Mini-Challenge: 13 Days. Exercise: Wasn't sore, but was very tired. Tai chi and stretching, 30 minutes. Uh.. guess I should mention, every weekday I walk on my breaks and lunchhour, so every day theres about an hour and a half of walking to add to my actual listed totals. Quick Food Recipe of the Day: Can of salmon, 1/2 avocado, cucumber bits. Mix together with salt, pepper, and spice of your choice, have on salad. DELICIOUS.
  4. Rob, the hotdog weekend makes me shudder. Hotdog COOKIES?! Tell him to switch to bacon!! The baconfest was a fundraiser for some Jazz and Fine Foods Organization and I think it was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, but they underestimated the amount of bacon-lovers in this city. Lineups were INSANE. Pinup, it WAS awesome. I'd do that every weekend without regrets! Caco: Thank you, thank you. Whole costume ended up costing about $15. I almost bought bright yellow tights to go with the ensemble, but I couldn't quite bring myself to. I have my pride! Not much, but enough! Week 3 Summary: Homemade
  5. Supermoderator is a formality - got privilages to help format the forums a while back and so far no one has taken it away yet. But I keep trooping on! Maybe your security guys joined the Rebellion too? o_O Regardless, take it as a sign!
  6. Dave! Welcome back!! I've wondered what you've been up to since you left. Congrats on the upcoming nuptuals! So exciting!!
  7. I was more of a dinosaurs kid, but I can certainly appreciate the wonder of the rainbow! not a competition so much as a "raise money then go hang out for a while" sort of event. Though they did pit companies against eachother in various fitness challenges for the amusement of all. SATURDAY: Got up on time, bed on time. Paleo brunch and dinner, but more importantly, BACONFEST!!! It's the most wonderful time of the year..... Bacon EVERYTHING, down to bacon pancakes, cupcakes and chocolates. I somehow managed to stay paleo and focused on the Bacon Games instead. Pictures shall be forthcoming. E
  8. Colin: It was funny! I would also be a big fan of the Triprocrastathon!
  9. Sorry! Emptied, and ready for all the love you choose to send.
  10. FRIDAY: Got up early (yay!!!), bed on time. Paleo breakfast lunch and dinner. Paleo 14 Day Mini Challenge: 10 days. 15 min of yoga Strength in 40 min. Ran sprints in 45 min (incl walking and stretches, etc). I read somewhere that if you just do slow runs, it'll decrease the fast-twitch muscles, so a mix is good. Also, I REALLY don't see myself accomplishing 2 strength, 2 runs, pilates AND plyo this weekend, as I'm doing a charity Tri-Wellathon of tai chi, yoga and meditation (it's like they invented it for me!!) on Sunday, so sprinting is a bit of a combo of plyo and running. I absolutely suck
  11. JBarduhn, Your swinging your legs up like a lever. Makes it way more difficult, as that's a lot of force changes your balance has to adjust for. Bend your knees like in monkey stance and push your feet straight up (one at a time, even, till you get the hang of things).
  12. For hunger: Eat more good things. It's very hard to overeat on paleo, so long as you don't deviate from the diet (and don't overdose on any one thing, like eating a ton of nuts all the time). Your calories will come from protein and fats, obviously, but I've noticed people tend to have the hardest time getting enough protein, so I'd suggest going for that first. Carry arround a few hardboiled eggs (awesome with salt and pepper), cooked chicken breast, rolls of ham with a dribble of mustard in them... whatever tickles your fancy. Learn to recognize carb cravings, which the unititiated can m
  13. Nerd Fitness Rule #8: We Never Leave Our Wingmen. And it's a pleasure to have you.
  14. Bahahahaha! Touche! Sadly, Sandman just caught the very edge of the wipeout. He was wisely staying well back of the completely-unpredictable-with-a-tendancy-to-fall-over-for-no-good-reason Alethea.
  15. Hey man, just wanted to pop in to give you a thumbs up. You're doing awesome, and it's great to see you sticking with things despite your challenges. Keep on building that momentum!
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