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  1. Oh, I like stompingground! Everyone there is super nice and it’s pretty laid back. I pop in there during the barbell class on Tuesdays every now and then, mostly to harass Charles, but also to lift.
  3. Hey, I was also a teenager in the 90's and have a Toy Story lunchbox from that time period that looks strikingly similar to this! The really weird thing? Mine is currently holding MARKERS!
  4. I just read A Wrinkle In Time. It was actually my second go at it, because I lost interest the first time. I powered through it and was not really impressed. I'm going to read the second book because I have it, but won't force myself to finish it if I lose interest again. I know I'm gonna get crap for this... But, I still
  5. I love this. Please always listen to your heart and your body. You'll excel at whatever you choose to do. 1982 checking in! I have been feeling really nostalgic lately. I've been binging on 90s music videos, cartoons, TV shows, and books I read (or should have read) as a young adult, while I'm recovering from my back surgery. It warms my heart to see so many of my peers here!
  6. Oh, I completely forgot about pb2! I think I even have some in the pantry. I'll have to check to see how old it is. I'm going to do these modifications for tomorrow's oats. THANKS!!
  7. My overnight oats and coffee are too many calories for the morning, but I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove them. I think I'll have to cut down on the amount of stuff I put in the oats. Boooooooo! I suppose I could drop ~100 cal by not using maple syrup... IDK. I'll get it figured out.
  8. Whoa! Pretty charts... My nerdy heart is exploding.
  9. Morning Nerds! I haven't been studying. I'm running out of time before my surgery, so it's time to panic and cram. Well, not really panic... But I am going to try to fast track the studying to get it done. I want to update a little more, but I'll have to do it later. Things at work are still a bit crazy, so I gotta focus on that for a bit. I'll check in again soon!
  10. This is one of a few different reasons I got an IUD. I haven't had cramps or a period since February (about 6 months after it was put in), and I won't have them for FIVE YEARS! Seriously so in love with my IUD.
  11. Here's a website that matches athletes with physical therapists: http://www.clinicalathlete.com/ I remembered reading about it a while back on reddit, but it took me forever to find the site. And as it turns out, there's only one PT listed in Austin... But, she sounds like a badass, so she may be worth checking out: http://www.clinicalathlete.com/whitneywelsch/ Here's a bonus pic of my pup too!
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