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  1. Allergies are still pretty terrible, I finally made an appointment with the allergist though! They can't see me until July 3rd but that's ok. I have been cross stitching and dancing lots, less lifting though. Refocusing a bit on my big why, that'll probably show up in my next challenge. Went backpacking last weekend in Kentucky! There are pics on FB if we are friends there, if not I'm going to do an insta post soon (elven.engineer). That's another state off the list and a new, mildly expensive hobby!
  2. Hey guys! Everything is still awesome Other than some allergy things which have limited my gym time, but I've been going for walks and such instead which has been lovely! Dancing tonight!
  3. Still here! Still challenging! My Fitness Pal wasn't adding a lot of value to my life so I have decided to de-prioritize that goal. I have been eating breakfast, I'll update my pic of the journal when I get home and I've been so creative! There was dancing and cross stitch and hanging out with friends/family on my trip back to Louisiana! Everything is awesome and I am SO busy
  4. Lightbulb moments are the best, I'm so glad you found a good doc who listened to you *hugs!*
  5. Yay! So many good things being done Sounds like things in general are going excellently, you go lady! Also I will join the selfie challenge, but it'll be on the instagram most likely.
  6. If you're ever in Detroit, MI you know to hit me up right? I know lots of good dancing places!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are also competitions and things. And I'm a fun nerd to hang out with sometimes. @RedStone can vouch for me Ohhh Notre Dame, so pretty. I'm headed over there in July, my dad went there
  7. Now that I have been on the allergy meds for over a week I feel so much more normal. YAYAYAYAY! Trip to West Virginia for Memorial Day, had SO MUCH FUN. Check my Insta for pics (elven.engineer), much hiking, very tiring but amazing. Makes me want to hike more, so this is going to be a thing. My airbnb host made us breakfast each morning, so that goal has been ACED the last few days and I had breakfast today. Week Zero: Breakfast: 6/7 (this is AMAZING) My Fitness Pal: 5/7 Creativeness: 4/7 Tonight I have the happy choice between: gym, dancing, or cross stitching I probably can't do them all but I can do two. I'm so happy right now!
  8. So dancing counts as creativity, I am making this a thing because, well, it is also everything I do is improvised, I don't compete so I don't have routines. Just like to dance Wednesday and Thursday I did swing dancing (Wednesday is east coast, Thursday is modern swing - it's weird to only be able to follow so I'm gonna have to learn that one). Both days I had breakfast! But Thursday I didn't track in MFP. Current standings: Breakfast: 3/4 MFP: 3/4 Creativity: 2/4 And I had breakfast today! Haven't been lifting, been crazy exhausted all week. On some new allergy meds, hopefully they help.
  9. I'm just ordered these the other day primarily for my Toms because I have the same problem, I'll have to keep you guys posted! https://www.mygekks.com/
  10. I'm not really self conscious about it, even though I think I wouldn't do as well as I'd like. It's more of - I'm not excited about it? It doesn't sound fun? And why am I doing something if it doesn't sound fun? Lifting always sounds fun! I get myself to the gym with - I get to squat/bench/deadlift today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all the happiness. But the thought of a meet just makes me feel like I HAVE to go rather than being excited about it like I was the first time. I don't think I'm in a great headspace to compete right now. I'm way more excited about my hike this weekend then about the meet Eh with East Coast it's about 50/50, I like dancing and I don't really care which role I have. So if it's lead heavy, I tend to follow a lot, if it's follow heavy I lead a lot. It balances pretty well I just hate sitting. And East Coast is the only thing I can teach so I had to learn both for that. Every other dance (including other styles of swing) I always follow. If I was sitting a lot in a ballroom or lindy environment I'd probably learn to lead that too (well I can lead a basic lindy swingout which is like half of it so IDK maybe I can lead lindy) Ah see, I'm always teaching a group of strangers and I'm a hardcore introvert sooo..... that's why I was tired.
  11. Monday -ate breakfast -logged in MFP -..... no creativity And to reiterate how important the creative thing seems to be for my brain, I slept terribly last night. Today - we will do the creative thing! (I already ate breakfast and logged soo winning!) Pretty much all the ones I know how to do - waltz, foxtrot, salsa (and there was some east coast swing thrown in there that made me go yes! I can do this!!! I led my friend T for all the swing songs and tried some new moves, it was great) Hilariously, it was supposed to be swing dancing four days in a row but I needed a nap after my robotics team competed more than I needed more swing dancing haha. Rest is important. Especially because I was teaching the swing dancing at the one on Friday... teaching drains me (unlike @MikeW)
  12. Oh man do I have Elvie Time when I'm driving. I get very stubborn that driving to X place SHOULD take 20 minutes, so as long as I leave my apartment 22 minutes or more before the thing, I should be there on time. And, um, yeah that doesn't work out much. Because traffic, parking, getting lost, etc. I've been making a conscious effort to like, text people the ETA google maps says I will have rather than my ideal world ETA (when I get in the car but before I leave) so at least if I'm late people will know when to expect me. My friends really like this?
  13. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay dancing and mobility and lifting Kate seems pretty awesome, I hope you get lots of good things out of her program!
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