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  1. So, following the suggestions here, I went out and bought myself a big pot of yoghurt and had yoghurt and peanut butter for breakfast. It was delicious, but only time will tell how full it will keep me! I love hummus so thanks for the reminder, and I would LOVE your quinoa salad recipe if you come across it please! If it's not too nosy, can I ask how tall you are? I'm 5"6! To my credit, I didn't snack this much until I started having much smaller meals! I didn't used to snack at all during the day time! I'm glad to hear that there's such a thing as an 'initial adjustment period', 'coz
  2. Errrm somewhere between the two. I have 1900 for a day, so I do approximately 500 breakfast, 500 lunch, 500 dinner, with the extra 400 as leeway/snacks. I know that I have to stay roughly within those limits so it gives me some structure. For example, yesterday: Breakfast: grape juice, black coffee, porridge with a teaspoon of peanut butter and made up with whole milk (406 cals) Lunch: Muesli with cashew nuts, apple and fig, again made with full fat milk (452 cals) Dinner: Large sweet potato topped with veggies (onion, garlic, broccoli, mushroom) and with a side of green cabbage.(550 cals
  3. I love love LOVE the graph - what better way to give yourself a clear representation of how incredibly you're doing! Must steal graph idea...
  4. Finding the calorie control thing SO much harder than I expected! Never done it (or not seriously, at least) before, and I didn't realise that I'd be hungry all the time, and think about almost nothing but food. Also feel sore, tired, weak, generally low... On the plus side, I've done quite a lot of my exercise for the week so far already. And I'm already noticing an improvement in my ability to stand on one leg... Whether that proves to be a transferable skill, only time will tell, but I'm crossing my fingers!
  5. Hahah you're right; I certainly did enjoy the cake, so it's not all bad! And male vision sounds great fun! I struggle with the version of me in my head not matching up to the one in the mirror. I actually look like Wonder Woman, but for some reason this pale wobbly person keeps peering at my from my mirror....
  6. I always try to make sure that any running I do is early on, so my legs get used walking/generally moving around for the rest of the day, and that helps them stretch out very very slowly. The bigger the run, the more walking I make sure I do later that day. I also do calf stretches (hold for 30 seconds, repeat twice for each leg) before and after a run, plus randomly throughout the day if I'm sore. Keep 'em gentle though, they're supposed to help, not make you ache! Sounds like you're doing great so far so keep up the good work
  7. So, discovered that I now weigh 175lb. Very sad! Think it might have something to do with the fact that it was my partner's birthday at the weekend so I pretty much spent two days solid drinking beer and eating (the most amazing even if I do say so myself) peanut butter and chocolate cake. Annoyed to have put on a bit of weight but it seemed a bit inevitable during the break week. Ah well! At least it's a nice round number for the start of the challenge! Took 'before' photos but am not brave enough to put them on the internet
  8. I like running! It's pretty much the only form of exercise that requires you to have zero strength, flexibility or coordination so good for a total beginner like me!
  9. It is indeed me on in my avatar, so thank you! My 'styling' is literally just wash and brush through, however! Have to wear it back for any exercise or it drives me nuts. Hope you're feeling excited for the start of the challenge! I still feel kind of amazed at being able to run 5.6 miles but all I can say is that one year ago almost exactly, I couldn't run at all - consistent effort pays off
  10. Thank you! I'm feeling completely motivated at the moment! I know already when the two hard points in this challenge will be: 1) next weekend, when I visit my sister who's living away from home for the first time 2) In a few weeks, when my friend comes to stay - we have a long history of staying up drinking/eating a lot of cake. Those will be the hard times! Everything else is just a case of being strict with myself, which I'm getting increasingly good at
  11. That is one GORGEOUS work out buddy you've got there! Good luck this challenge! I'm also a Level 2 adventurer so nice to know I'm not alone! Huge congrats at moving from knee pushups to actual pushups; I would LOVE to do that so you're giving me hope that I'll get there too using the bodyweight work out. Looking forward to seeing how you get on!
  12. Oh that's a great idea; will think about modifying it after seeing how it goes in the first week! Thanks for the advice and support!
  13. Hi guys This challenge for me (my second, just moved up from recruit!) is about losing as much fat as it is possible to lose in a sustainable manner. I weigh 172lb, and according to my estimations, I should weigh no more than 156. I have made a huge impact in my fitness level by taking up jogging, but I'd like to start branching out, as well as generally doing more. I also have huge issues with coordination, posture, flexibility etc, and if these got improved along the way, it would be a great thing. Last challenge I aimed fairly low, as I wanted to really make sure I would stick with it.
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