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  1. Ow, ow, ow! Definitely feeling my abs now!
  2. The Assassins' Den

    Oh yes, Melon flavoured I believe! Or so I remember from my misspent youth. I believe it was my best friend's favourite tipple
  3. Starfleet Gonna Ranger: The Star Trek Themed Ranger Mini Challenge

    Charlie squadron, as day 1 ends here in Mumbai I've racked up a nice 6.51 miles to get us started...
  4. The Scarlet Pimpernel Becomes Teancum

    Good discipline passing up the trifle!
  5. Starfleet Gonna Ranger: The Star Trek Themed Ranger Mini Challenge

    @Rinna, you're with me in Charlie Squadron. Pleased to meet you! We're assigned to Navigation training, with Lt. Xena. This week we need to rack up our miles
  6. Any Indians here?

    I came here for work and ended up getting married and sticking around... I'm not so good with the really spicy foods, and whilst I eat a bit of chicken every now and then (I love tandoori chicken and a really good chicken biryani), I'm mainly vegetarian!
  7. Coco P Loco takes cover from the Monsoon

    So I signed up for the Abs challenge too! The good thing about all these minis is that they're all in line with my existing goals - with the exception of the 'security' bit of the Star Trek one - as I'm trying to build my core strength, work on bodyweight exercises, and get my running game going. And I've realised that I do best with team challenges, coz who wants to be the one that let their team down?!? Certainly not me... and that's the motivation I really need. Otherwise, by myself, I'm not that competitive.
  8. As the third mini I've signed up for, I'll be aiming for the participation award
  9. Coco P Loco takes cover from the Monsoon

    Lol By the time I'd seen you were doing an abs challenge, I'd already signed up for Rebels (Batman vs Superman planks) and Rangers (Star Trek) challenges! I'm also intrigued by the Assassins mini and waiting to see what it's all about. Oh, and I also signed up for a Running challenge, IRL, with a women's only running group that's big here (Pinkathon) I'm wondering how many minis might be too many... Off to check out the Abs challenge now
  10. Any Indians here?

    I love Indian food and it's so varied compared to what you get in the average Indian restaurant in the UK, which typically serve Punjabi dishes. I had idli, sambar and coconut chutney today
  11. Batman vs Superman for Champion Cocktail (Rebel Mini Challenge)

    Woo hoo, I magically transformed into a bat! I'm on it, Bat-buddies... First 3 posted!
  12. I fell clear off the planet during the last challenge, but it looks like I made it back just in time! Key learning points from the last challenge: Sign up for a Mini or PVP to stay motivated (otherwise too easy to quit) Don't try to increase running miles or intensity too quickly (it hurts) Avoid 'outside' food that can give you nasty stomach infections (I don't think any clarification is required here!) So for this challenge, I'm going to keep it simple and do the following: Complete 'Zombies, Run!' 5K workouts 3 times a week Complete rings/bodyweight workouts 2 times a week Daily self-care (any one of yoga, stretching, reading, meditation, sketching etc…) Practice Hindi on weekdays Now I'm off to hunt down a suitable Mini (or three) to keep me motivated!