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  1. Thanks very much! Appreciate the support. I know right? At most sometimes there's a token veggie platter, but this was a tech meetup, sooo... *shrug*.
  2. Successfully avoided free pizza at an event today! Going strong. Bruises on my knees from crossfit, enjoying the rest. I like to think about it like an X (success) on food intake is good for four workouts done today (if you think about the "80% nutrition" mantra.) Nice restorative yoga for tomorrow.
  3. Why thanks! It was good! Kicked my ass of course, but feels so good afterward. I actually did a class last week to try it, and then the starter session on Saturday (they make you do a beginner's session to work on form for the different lifts, etc, which I really liked). It's really cool to walk away and know you did it. I'm motivated to go again this week, but I'm really going to keep it down and save the energy for next week Stairstepping works and I know it, just have to do it!
  4. Crossfit this morning! I need to make myself stick to only one this week. C25k style, don't overdo it with too much too fast. Learned: I've now been introduced to the power clean + push press. Edit: Avoided goldfish, a notorious preceder of binges. My work keeps a steady supply of snacks stocked.
  5. These are great, realistic goals! When you get a craving for something with aspartame in it, how are you going to tackle it?
  6. Difficulty today, but success! Mix of a change in schedule and boredom.
  7. 2/2 with improved time! Excellent start.
  8. For getting more veggies THIS is the way to go -> http://www.thekitchn.com/for-healthier-snacking-keep-a-crudit-platter-in-the-fridge-snacking-tips-from-the-kitchn-205728 (Also I love this blog in general). You MAKE them convenience foods! Now I try to prep a plate like this on the weekends when I do my other weekly meal prep. Sorry you couldn't get to sleep! Terrible the time and motivation to go to sleep and not being able to
  9. Day 1: (This is how I'm keeping track of Goal #1).
  10. Right?? I never had a problem sticking with a bad habit. Funny how that works. Yes, the main thread of my goals is consistency consistency consistency. Not perfection. Just stick with a structure and see what happens! I'm really looking forward to the crossfit. I've designed it to ease my body into it a little bit, instead of just diving in the deep end. Mostly I'm looking forward to the community. It's nice to show up to familiar friendly faces, and that's not something I was ever able to really develop at my regular gym.
  11. The happy hours will kill you, I understand! I tried to avoid them at one point, but I just ended up being so antisocial, which I also hate. Now I limit myself to one drink per happy hour, max two happy hours a week. For the meditation, have you ever heard of calm.com?
  12. Sorry to hear about your knee injury! I never had a knee injury, it's just generally troublesome-- be really careful with the yoga. I pad it a lot more for my right knee. It can get really upset haha. I love your motivation
  13. Thanks! That's exactly it. So many people tell me I'm the healthiest person they know. It's not always, but sometimes more often than others. People definitely don't believe me either. I was worried about Crossfit because of the reputation for intensity over everything, but everyone I met in person, and the trial class I went to, they seemed very focused on form and safety. I'm sure it varies from affiliate to affiliate. I love the structure and the community of it. We'll see how I feel in six weeks! Nice to meet you!
  14. I loved the C25k program. I had never been a runner before, and I did it in summer of 2012. It taught me something I've tried to carry with me-- no matter how motivated you are, you can't force your body to accommodate to something faster than it's going to, you have to exercise some self-love and self-awareness, giving it time. The first couple weeks are crucial (and repeating those weeks, if you need to, as many times as you need to). The way I think about it now, you have to actually get your body gradually accustomed to the new stress. Anyway, I loved it, great plan Good luck!
  15. I'll be pulling for you! I hope by the end of the challenge you'll be able to feel the benefits of not smoking. I'm not a smoker, but I know how difficult it is to quit-- all the kudos to you!
  16. ^What is this magical app? And how do you account for needing to be on a computer for work? (Unless you don't need to do it for work). My laptop/email IS my work. Computer time is unavoidable for me haha. Are you just tracking non-work hours?
  17. Hi y'all! I've come across nerdfitness posts before, but this is my first time creating an account/actively engaging in the community. Female, 5'4", around 150 lbs. I've always been athletic, but carried a little extra weight. I'm a healthy eater but with a huge tendency to stress-binge/ emotional eat. I consistently do yoga and am very comfortable in that environment, but I've always been interested in and intimidated by lifting. I'm trying not to overplay the "new years resolution" part of starting this right now, because I feel like it puts too much pressure. Trying to focus more on the short-term (a 6-week challenge sounds like a great idea). Goals. Main Quest. Develop consistency in diet and training. #1: Curb emotional eating/binging. As I said, I've always been eaten healthfully, and I know what to eat, but I'm hugely influenced by stress and emotion when it comes to binging / eating in a way I know I shouldn't. I know exactly what it feels like when its happening. So with this goal, my plan is to use the Hard Hat Challenge approach. Days when I've avoided a binge and eaten healthfully get an X. Days when I've succumbed get no X. A little vague, but only for this challenge. My hope is that I'll figure some things out, and then make more concrete goals next time #2: Crossfit. I've always been hugely interested in heavy lifting, but seriously intimidated by the gym. Also scared of hurting myself training without correct form. To counter this, I've joined CrossFit. I went to a trial class last week, and the beginner foundations class today. I don't want to have performance goals right now, just consistency. [Week 1] - Go to 1 class.[Week 2] - Go to 2 classes.[Week 3] - Go to 3 classes.[Week 4] - Go to 3-4 classes.[Week 5] - Go to 3-4 classes.[Week 6] - Go to 3-4 classes.#3: Weekly photo (on weekends) I've consistently read that this is helpful. I won't necessarily post the photos here, but I'll commit to taking them for myself. Perhaps I'll post a Week 1/ Week 6 at the end Life Side Quest Continue to learn Rails by recommitting to and following the structure I've laid out for myself previously. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Daily Record (X = diet success, O = slip-up) Week 1 (Jan 5 - Jan 11) Jan 5: X // yoga Jan 6: X Jan 7: X // crossfit Jan 8: X Jan 9: X // yoga Jan 10: O Jan 11: X Review: 6/7 diet success, 1/1 on Crossfit. -2 lb (weight not tied to goal, just keeping track). Week 2 Jan 12: Jan 13: Jan 14: Jan 15: Jan 16: Jan 17: Jan 18: Week 3 Jan 19: Jan 20: Jan 21: Jan 22: Jan 23: Jan 24: Jan 25: Week 4Jan 26: Jan 27: Jan 28: Jan 29: Jan 30: Jan 31: Feb 1: Week 5Feb 2: Feb 3: Feb 4: Feb 5: Feb 6: Feb 7: Feb 8: Week 6Feb 9: Feb 10: Feb 11: Feb 12: Feb 13: Feb 14: Feb 15:
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