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  1. So, I got into a little bit of a psychological tailspin there at the conflux of childcare issues, money, relationship and work stress. And dealing with it poorly. You know small stuff. lol. But as of Sunday I am just restarting the 5/3/1 cycle and trting not to worry about it the past few. So as of Sunday I have had 3 days ina row of working out, logging and weighing. Starting to plan a 3 day river trip for April with some old buddies so thats giving me something to work on.
  2. catch up press 5*45 5*45 3*55 5*60 5*70 7*80 BP 10*75*5 80 pulldowns DL 5*85 5*105 3*125 5*135 7*180 squat 10*105*5 Bench 5*55 5*70 5*80 5*85 5*100 13*115 5*100 18*85 10*75*5 barbell row 50#
  3. The Long and short of it is once I was having trouble with lifts I lost momentum. I still got in 2 lifts and a long walk plus some stretching. I didn't eat poorly per se but hadn't logged for almost a week until today. I did get on the scale a couple times but didnt log it. I have been staying up late (well for me) and eating when not hungry and drinking. So anyway I have to get back in the saddle I suppose. At this point I am probably going to have to redo these weights on 5/3/1 because not doing BBB for a week or 2 makes a difference. And probably have to watch
  4. OK, not doing well. mix of injuries and some psych issues. post more later but need to at least get work outs down. Only core lift this week. Pain better but still stiff DL 5*85 5*105 3*125 3*145 3*170 6*190 Bench 5*55 5*70 3*80 3*95 3*105 6*120 squat 5*95 5*95 3*115 3*130 3*150 9*170
  5. Does rub some dirt in it count?🤣 I don’t usually use lineament or lotions of any kind. I wear long sleeves and a hat to avoid sunscreen even. Just can’t tolerate greasy feeling stuff
  6. Muscle is still sore and stiff but improved. Lots of leaning on a tennis ball and applying a hot bag of rice. A little high strung last night and my tongue was badly scalloped. So I took Tylenol a muscle relaxer and an Ativan before bed. Didn’t seem to help the muscle though
  7. Some combination of working on my truck in the cold, moving a terrarium, lifting, and/or driving without power steering has put a serious knot in my neck. I’ve screwed it up worse but I can’t recall when. I laid on my office floor for a half hour and it is not clean. So may have to take a day or two off. At least until I can look to the side and breathe deeply without pain
  8. We have lots of them in the front yard but the back yard is well protected by dogs and cats. Granted they created their own problems lol
  9. 1 mile walk in the chill OHP 5*45 5*45 5*55 3*65 3*75 7*85 3*75 10*65 bench 10*5 @ 75 Cable pulls downs 10*5 @ 80
  10. Awww, what a sweetheart. Is she getting a gray muzzle with age or always had that coloration?
  11. Mrs. Took occasionally thinks otherwise. Lol. She’s fairly tolerant on my shenanigans. I tell her she likes the outcomes nearly half the time! I enjoy winter to but sometimes miss the greeeeeennn!
  12. So, essentially a week in and I hit my 4/4 on lifting as well as weighing. I have been logging fairly well. Feeling like I am getting into a groove. I remember when all of the stuff was second nature and didnt feel like it required all that much oomph. I want to get back to that. This was a big jump on weights and I am feeling it with DOMS. But not so bad it is discouraging movement or breaking the groove. I may need to add a budgeting goal. Not budgeting per se but impulse buying of needless things as a coping skill Started to change a power st
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