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  1. Well,, after 3 rounds of steroids and antibiotics im on the mend and ready t get back in the saddle. So I had a really nasty bout of infectious bursitis that torpedoed my ability to lift or run and had me walking like Bob Dole. Now after enough Prednisone to lose a Kentucky Derby I am back. Struggling with some psychological issues as well. I don't like to make too many details public but the images I have been using in writing and art have been a dog running to the end of its chain and a emptied tube of toothpaste. Enough waxing philosophic its time to post some goals. Run 1x per week lift 2x/week track calories take meds Finish the Chicken run/coop
  2. 44 miles of paddling. Lost some cookware and a canoe... found the canoe at least. ran a slow 4 miles this morning
  3. Bench 5*60 5*70 3*85 5*105 3*120 5*135 3*120 10*105 Man I had to let out my life jacket when I tried it on. I have got to start my cut lol
  4. dl 5*115 5*145 3*175 5*215 3*245 3*270 hard to plan for a spring paddle while it snows lol
  5. oof, I posted those pics from my phone and I get poor signal at my mothers. I had no idea how they looked on a laptop til just now. So, last Friday I didnt lift but spent some time doing yoga and light mace bell work I needed to run this morning but chose to sleep in. My counters are allegedly going in my kitchen Friday and my eating habits can come into focus. My paddle trip is this weekend. The river is high and fast and it looks like 40s to 60s and rain in the forecast. may have to change my packlist a bit
  6. That’s my oldest boy. Lol. Up at my mothers for the night and I couldn’t resist posting baby goats
  7. There is some disagreement still on rest, memory consolidation, predation, or probably some other theories. I generally think of predation or temp determining more when a species sleeps. It that’s just my 2 cents
  8. Don't kink-shame me. What a 40 year old man and a 50 year old canoe do is their own business. 🤣
  9. SO last night I started packing. So I was packing my dry bags. I packed my sleep bag. I think Im gonna hang on this trip but may take a tent as back up. So hammock, straps, hammock, pillow, underquilt and blanket. Really the most important bag to stay dry. TBH, most 3 day trips I end up not changing clothes anyway lol. I need to start planning my shared meal with the other 2 Blokes.
  10. Finally after a week of false starts I got up for a brief run before work. Slow and tedious but not full on im gonna die. So despite being up weight and down on cardio it wasnt terrible 2 miles 20:57 268 calories 144 ft gain 10:25 pace It also occurs to me I have 2 weeks til a paddle trip and need to get some details nailed down its a 45 mile paddle down the White river with 2 old buddies. I could solo my kayak and camp like I am backpacking but 3 days in a kayak kills my knees so I am taking my aluminum canoe
  11. I would love to put that many crocus in my yard but it would be an expensive way to feed the squirrels!
  12. Press 5*45 5*50 3*60 3*70 3*80 5*90 DL today 5*120 5*150 5*180 3*205 3*235 6*265
  13. Apparently I put that pic as a status. I have been adding organizational stuff to my gym. Getting too chaotic
  14. Don't have my numbers in front of me but I did do OHP yesterday. I have read complaints before about CAP barbells not weighing true. I think perhaps the Rogue bar is slightly heavier and a true 45#. While a few pounds may not be that noticeable on a dead lift it sure is on OHP
  15. The Ents have been active lately, I am glad you found a reasonable source for lumber! I bought enough to build a small chick pen and could not believe the price hike
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