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  1. jmk

    JMK Spring 2019

    I did very well the first week. 2nd week was spring break and I came home having made good choices and not gaining any weight. Week 3 was a bust and now I'm back at it with week 4. I'm trying to eat vegan but when I eat I get full quickly to only and hour or so later being starving. I can't tell if I need more protein or a few more carbs.
  2. I didn't do this one but I wanted to share that on a recent college visit my son was sitting two rows behind me on the shuttle bus because it was so full and another mom & daughter got on with no seats left. I heard my son offer his seat and he stood on the back. I was so proud of him as a 16 yr old but the poor guy is 6ft and had to hunch over the whole ride because the roof wasn't that high. I brag about this kid but on the same hand he's currently grounded for 2 weeks for being a stupid teenager! I work at a local university so I am always picking up trash around campus but today I was very intentional about it thinking about the challenge from awhile ago. I would like to use this as my personal challenge for the week. We are also coming to the end of the semester so I'm very busy and been mia. Is there a challenge for this week?
  3. jmk

    JMK Spring 2019

    I didn't read very much this week. But I joined a couple meetups and met a lot of new people. Here's my eternal struggle... I'm am event planner for my career. Why can't I plan healthy meals and a fitness plan? I've been looking for at least 15 years for an easy food plan. I am surrounded by food for work so coming home and prepping doesn't happen. I do well on week 1, struggle through week 2 and am done by week 3. Do I eat paleo? I don't want to eat that much meat. Do I go vegan? It's a lot of work and planning when in social situations and I won't get enough protein because of being picky. Whole 30? I've done it before but it's a lot of work. Why do I make things so complicated? Well, l just found fitgirls guide and am going to do the 28 day challenging with my daughter starting today. Not totally ideal since I'm leaving for spring break Friday but it will help me stay on track better than having no accountability there. It's the same breakfast & lunch for a week and alternating dinners every other day. Very easy meal prep. I've thought about doing something like that before but again it takes effort to plan. I feel ready for this and with the accountability to my daughter am 100% in plus she's going to help with meal prep too.
  4. Hello friend! I love your honesty and updates!
  5. I sat in a bar Saturday night and watched people. Does that count? [emoji1787]
  6. jmk

    JMK Spring 2019

    You are the best!
  7. The meal I remember from my childhood the most is macaroni & cheese with hot dogs which I didn't want to eat. I made pizza burgers my mom used to make. It didn't taste the same though. Daughter liked but son didn't even though he ate two. He'll eat anything after lacrosse practice!
  8. jmk

    JMK Spring 2019

    Here's my challenge... 1. Going to bed before 11pm 2. Getting up at 6am 3. Reading Forever Chic and working on my reactions in all situations 4. Drinking more water 5. Eating healthy on spring break I probably won't update very often but thanks to those that follow and encourage me!
  9. jmk

    JMK - #2-2019

    Im not a good updater but I'm ending this challenge with the following... I've been working out again consistently. Water has increased by 300% I have a basic food plan I need to tweak and I'm using mfp to plan. I've read a couple books. Started a facebook group with my friends to plan adventures together. Had our monthly girls night out and a couple other fun things. I have had more nights of 7+ hours of sleep than previously. I'm eating more fruits and vegetables. I've lost 2 lbs
  10. I've been doing well on my goals, just not updating. What page do I put the ones for this coming week?
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