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  1. I thought it might be stroke! @terah guessing "d"
  2. @terah Sorry I missed that. I have connection issues at work
  3. Edit again to tell you we're awesome!
  4. jmk

    JMK - #2-2019

    My challenge here is a little different than the magical beasts but here's my update... Live- Sleep 7.5 hours per night / Food Plan for week 1 - didn't do well on either Love - give husband massage - I did this and had a great Valentine's. We went and watched curling plus dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Learn - Watch "Inventions that Shook the World" documentary Episode 2 / Take son to see "They Shall Not Grow Old" I did watch the documentary but didn't see the movie. Instead my 16 year old & I did pottery painting! See below... Legacy - Write 2 letters to friends / Get tickets to Disney on Ice for Family Event / Pick location for Girls Night Out I didn't get my letters done but got the tickets and went out with friends tonight. I'm getting stuff done but not losing any weight. I'm so tired of losing and having the same weight back. I did make two new recipes this week. Hawaiian chicken & rice and roasted red pepper soup.
  5. jmk

    JMK - #2-2019