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  1. Star Wars Celebration was probably my favorite con I've been to. It's neck and neck with Gallifrey One. I had so much fun!! I really want to go to the one in London next year, but money is a thing. I could use fluorescent piping, but I wanna go full throttle with it. And when I have an awesome resource like my roommate who can get wholesale discounts etc from her work, then why not? The hardest part of that costume will be the pattern and using the right fabrics anyway, so having the EL wire detail won't be that much more work.
  2. Did a new cosplay last month as Princess Leia (Bespin/Cloud City) for Star Wars Celebration. Here's a little photo. Next project: Age of Ultron Black Widow in time for SDCC. My roommate is a lighting designer and it going to help me figure out the EL wire stuff, but it should be fun
  3. feeling so behind on the times. I thought the next challenge started on the 20th. My schedule is not boding well for this...

  4. It was actually really easy, as long as you are precise with your measurements! I followed this tutorial on TheRPF: http://www.therpf.com/f78/captain-america-shield-steel-saucer-sled-189420/ The guy in the tutorial used a steel saucer sled, but since I was shopping in May/June, I could only find plastic saucer sleds. I got this one in black: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00637PUOU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And when they say heavy duty, it's heavy duty. It's about 1/3" thick, the plastic doesn't bend at all. Weighs about 5lbs, but it feels like 20 by the end of a c
  5. Got it at a thrift store like six years ago for $8. I wear it all the time. Just added the corset and done! Captain America.
  6. Here's a highlight from Wondercon this weekend.
  7. FINAL STATS Goals: Stronglifts: complete 18/18 weight lifting days +4 STR +1 STA Yoga/dancing: complete 20/24 days +3 DEX +2 CHA Food: eat Paleo/within calorie count 35/42 days +3 CON Life quest: add money to the treasury +2 WIS Stronglifts: finished with 16/18 +3.5 STR, +1 STA The skipped days were from skipping one day in Week 1, which I intended to make up later on with 4 days a week (still maintaining every other day workouts) and skipping another day in Week 6. I was having problems with my left knee in the last couple weeks and I didn't want to really injure myself. This ended u
  8. People often tell me I look like ScarJo. In fact, the bottom right photo is my Black Widow cosplay from Winter Soldier:
  9. Oh hai guys. Just perusing the forums and found a cosplay thread! I have found my people!! I am a costume designer and a cosplayer. I mainly do Doctor Who and Marvel cosplays, but I am in the midst building Princess Leia's Bespin costume to be ready for Star Wars Celebration in a couple weeks. I'm excited!! I did a photoshoot just last week so I can put up a website with all my info. My life quest for the next challenge is going to be to start my own business and put up an Etsy store like I've been meaning to do for ages. Been thinking over a cosplay name too. I'm always happy to talk shop
  10. Just got back from today's workout and I think I figured it out. 1) My left knee is the one that hurts, but it's not visibly swollen. This morning I measured both knees to compare and my left knee is actually 1/2" smaller just below and above my knee cap. Same size around the center of my knee cap. Pinching in various areas I actually have less fat on my left knee than on my right. 2) My current squat form is fine, had one of the gym's PT spot me. It's likely my old form contributed, but is not the main culprit. I went down to 60lbs today, but doubled the reps just to rest a little but still
  11. Mostly dull pain, especially if I haven't been stretching as much. The only sharp pain I've felt was when I was sitting on the floor yesterday and had my leg straight out, locked my knee/overextended it. Stairs haven't been an issue at all. I noticed my form was a bit off when I reached 90lbs on squats because the squats didn't work so well at that weight. It wasn't knees going over toes, I've been good about the sticking the butt out part. My feet were pointed too straight ahead instead of turned out slightly. This meant that my knees were trying to go out to the sides when I bent, but the
  12. I think I've hurt my knee from squats. Any suggestions? I feel like rest is a good idea, but I really want to finish out this challenge.
  13. Battle log stats (in lbs) Squats 115 Bench press 75 Overhead press 60 Barbell row 85 Deadlifts 115 At the party I went to Saturday night, I did squats while holding a friend piggy back. She's super skinny, 5'1" so she's definitely under 115lbs. It was really entertaining. I think I found my new party trick.
  14. The ode to drunk eating deserves a little of this But food success for me this week!! I made it to Saturday and was within 100 calories of my 1550 goal every day!! WAAAAHH WHHHOOOOOOOOOO!! Course it's gonna go downhill when I go out dancing tonight with some friends, but at least I'll be dancing it off, right?
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