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  1. Well I didn't really keep up with documenting this properly, however I'm now down 170lbs and I'm now living a much healthier lifestyle. I cut out all fast sodas and most fast food. ( sorry, but I'd rather not give up Taco Bell ) I'm now watching what I put into my body a lot closer. I no longer play World of Warcraft, but instead have picked up CS:GO. (Add my steam if you want to play comp or casual : https://steamcommunity.com/id/prinez/) In reality I didn't stick to this plan at all, but I still got the results I wanted! I picked up a lot from lurking the website/forums.
  2. Week 1 has come to an end I did all of my pushups ( and a few nights I pushed out 200 because I was feeling extra motivated) Also accompanied these push ups with dumbbell squats, rows, flys, etc. Haven't found a pull up bar to use Was outside 3/5 days (mainly because of the -9 degree weather I've been having) I can now hold a handstand for 7 seconds I've only played WoW for about 2 hours this whole week and that has been really nice. I'm now at 199lbs, so down 6lbs which I don't really know how because I've kept my same eating habits! (WOOPS)
  3. I just found out about a parkour/gymnastics class twice a week for 5$ a class in my local area. It almost sounds too good to be true.
  4. Thank you all, just knocked out my first 100 4x25 pushups. Have not found anything to do pullups on yet and I have not been on WoW today yet. Feeling good. Another side quest I'm adding is to work on my handstands. Would like to hold them for 10 seconds.
  5. Hello Assassins! I'm Matthew, this will be my first challenge. I'm excited to join up with the Assassins guild for the first one. I want to feel stronger, look better, become more flexible, lose 25-30lbs, and I've chosen goals that I hope will help me get there. Main Quest I want to lose 30lbs(25 at a minimum) Back in high school(21 now) I was in peak physical shape. I had very low body fat percentage and was very athletic. The last two years or so I've really let myself go and became a hermit. I am at 205 with a 25-28% body fat now and I would like to be back down to 175-180 with a 12-15% body fat by the end of this challenge. Quest 1: GET OUTSIDE! All of my life I spent almost every minute outside adventuring/climbing/jumping through every obstacle I could find. I now live a completely sedentary lifestyle and think it would help to get outside again. Part A: Get outside at least once a day Part B: Climb a tree or explore through the wooded area on my property at least once a week Quest 2: Utilize my body weight! I want to develop my chest and triceps as best as I can from body weight. One thing I've never had (even when I was in good shape) was a well shaped chest. I would love to build it as much as I can over the next 6 weeks. Part A: 100 push-ups a night (varying types every night) Part B: Get to 20 pull-ups from the current 5 ( as soon as I can make/get my hands on a pull up bar!) Quest 3: Watch my Caloric Intake My current diet consists of non existence. I do not plan on changing the items I eat, just the amount I consume. (long term goal is to slowly change my diet, but for my first challenge I will just watch caloric intake.) I usually wake up and eat a very large breakfast, snack all day, then eat a very large dinner with little to no exercise between. Part A: Use Myfitnesspal to set a calorie intake goal to aid in my weight loss and follow it everyday except Sundays ( keeping one cheat day to not discourage me from the plan completely) Part B: Eat 3-5 solid meals a day instead of snacking from breakfast to dinner. Life Quest: Limit my time on World of Warcraft I've been playing WoW since 2004 and I am an addict. I spend every second of my free time playing now a days. I HAVE to cut back on the amount I play as it has crippled my social life and my physical appearance. Long term goal is to be able to play without neglecting everything else in my life. Part A: Only play after I've gotten at least one 30 minute workout done in the morning and one in the evening. Part B: Do not neglect my goals and personal progress for a game Grading: Lose 30lbs A - 30 lbsB - 25 lbsF < 25 lbs 100 push-ups a night M-F A - 5/5B - 4/5C - 3/5D - 2/5F- < 2/520 pull-ups A - 20/20B -17/20C - 13/20D - 10/20F - < 10/20World of Warcraft All or nothing Height & Weight(accompanied by unnecessarily big title) Starting Height: 6'1" Weight: 205lbs Thank you all and good luck on your endeavors as well!
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