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  1. Well, you win some, you lose some. Migraine lifted for most of the day, but returned in the late afternoon/early evening. Went to the gym anyway and then off to teach karate. Tried a new script last night for the migraine and woke up at 4:30 with my head hurting anyway. Sigh - will try again today and hope for the best? Nutrition 1) Log what I eat - done! 2) Hit my protein goal 80% of the time - got within 10% yesterday, so I'm counting it Fitness 1) Some sort of exercise 4 times/week. 1/4 for the week 2) Foam rolling (back, neck, chest)
  2. First, I know that you don't really know me (I'm more of a lurker) - I hit a few challenges some years ago but was never all that active. Second, FWIW, I do this, too. And I don't have a history of abuse, quite the opposite. But perhaps it's not all that uncommon? Actually, well into my 40's I'm still quite fluent in sarcasm and self-depreciation. It's part of my charm? At any rate, what I mean to say is that you're not alone and may be more well adjusted than you give yourself credit for. Re: Magnesium supplements. I use them, too for the same reason. I definitely no
  3. I feel this in my soul! I've spent so much time being injured that I feel like I'm starting back at square one! (First the hip, now the shoulders.) Pretty sure that everyone in the gym is judging me. (They're not.) On the bright side, I've discovered some new (to me) things - Zercher Squats don't piss off any major joints and I've added in Bench Presses. But it's a slow process of building back up and, well, pride.
  4. Well shit. Migraine apparently powered up overnight and returned. Day 7 of this shit and I've had enough! Hoping to medicate it enough that I can still get to the gym this evening. Especially since I missed going yesterday for the same reason.
  5. For my husband it didn't show up until his 40's. Cruel, I know. On the sleep issue, I've found that reading for 15+ minutes before bed helps a lot. Cleanses my mental palate, so to speak, and helps to turn my brain off. I'll take a low does of melatonin (3 mg) if I'm desperate.
  6. OK. Deep breaths and do the thing! I haven't done a challenge in years but figured with the 10th anniversary challenge - why the hell not?!?! So taking a shot at this while trying to not bite off more that I can chew. Any of my old challenges were all in the Monks forum. But since then I've added in lifting and I love it. So I guess you could say that I'm more of a Warrior Monk these days? Unfortunately, a mysterious shoulder injury has befallen our hero, making martial arts training nigh impossible. In fact, it's become difficult to
  7. Short update. Doing better with veggies. Still need to make food prep a habit. (I see a goal for my next quest!) Still staying off the scale. Sadly, I think I figured out why my measurements dropped so much over the last month. I measured at night at the beginning of the quest and in the morning at the end. Oops. II did a little trial last night and this morning and the difference overnight was significant. Only morning measuring from here on out! Stupid knee is still giving me issues, so I'm in PT for a bit. When she tested hip strength the difference between my left leg (my kick
  8. It's Thursday and I STILL hurt from Tuesdays workout/shenanigans. Oy Vey! Karate last night was tough, considering how sore my quads and adductors are. Ah well, such is life. Veggie quest this week: Lunch: 3/7 meals included veggies Dinner: 1/7 meals included veggies So I only missed Tuesday for lunch. Dinner is a little rough since I eat at karate on breaks on Wednesdays and Thursday. I bring what I consider a healthy-ish dinner (grilled chicken, a couple of Baby Bel cheeses, and a protein bar (though tonight it's chia pudding)). But there are no veggies in there. So I'm realizin
  9. Nothing throws me for a loop quite so badly as this. Makes me want to throw a toddler-esque temper tantrum, take my ball, and go home. Woe be unto my DH if he does something outside the plan in my head. You know, the one I haven't told him and he doesn't know about? Yeah, that one. I have to remind myself to take deep breaths and, in my case, grow up and suck it up, buttercup. So good for you for carrying on. That is its own accomplishment. In all fairness, these are things out of your control and hitting the pause button for a few days is reasonable.
  10. Today has been an interesting mix of serendipitous wins, major frustration, and some pretty damned good choices. Last night I packed my bag for cross fit. If I'm going to go on Tuesdays I have to go straight from work and Tuesday's is on of the few days I can go. So bag was packed and by the back door. It's been too long since I went. I even packed a change of clothes to go by the grocery store on the way home to get my missing ingredient from last night. Left work with just enough time to get there, change, and make the 4:00 class. On my way there, I realized that I had not packed ponytail
  11. Sounds like a great Day 1! I miss walking. I switched jobs in December and lost my walking track at the office and the options at the new office require walking on the road and people drive stupid. I approve of the bare-footedness. I would never wear shoes again if I thought that I could get away with it. Especially grown up shoes. Grown up shoes suck.
  12. Doh! Crockpot! I use mine for general family meals, but for some reason never really thought about it for meal prepping for the week. I have a 3 day weekend coming up, so my excuses are thin. I will likely have enough downtime at work this week to look up some decent recipes, even. Yesterday evening was a portrait of best laid plans gone awry. I had PT for my knee at 4:15. Figured that I could get done with that (5:15 ish), run through the grocery store on the way home to get supplied to make lunches for the week, head home and get back out the door by 6:00 for the 6:15 crossfit class.
  13. The official results are IN!!! Over the last 4 week challenge I lost . . . . 3 whole pounds. Whomp, whomp, whomp! I was hoping for better. Not that I had any real reason to, since all I was really doing was tracking my food intake, but still. I had it my head that my recent weight gain was temporary and not a real thing. As a result, I would drop back down to about 175 pretty quickly and then start losing from there. I had REALLY hoped to be below 175. Alas, it appears that I'm going to have to do some real work in order to lose weight. Who made up THAT stupid rule! Hmph! I does
  14. It seems that I really suck at posting regularly. However, I've kept up with my food log really well. [emoji4] I got buried in a house project this weekend, and fell apart on that a bit, but as of yesterday I'm back at it. The hardest thing has been staying off the scale. I didn't realize what a habit it had become. It's also been great not getting on the scale and evaluating everything I eat by how it may or may not reflect on the scale in the morning. Twisted my knee in karate last week and have been staying off it as much as possible. I took an awkward fall when practicing self defense se
  15. I agree. Luckily this box is not terribly competitive. I mean, there always a few, but no one, except me, makes me feel bad for coming in last. I was hoping that the WOD approach would help me build endurance (black belt test will last 4 - 6 hours most likely) as it's a little bit like interval training. But I'm too cautious to rush it, so I'm not getting that effect. At least not now. I'm so OCD about form that it's not uncommon for me to be on the verge of tears when I can't seem to get it right. It happened tonight with Cleans. The coach for the class probably thought I was mental. But I
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