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  1. That was so awesome! I now have a new person to add to my awesome people list. I've never seen the series but I might have to go and check it out now!! Well, maybe when I actually have some freetime... haha.
  2. Whoa, it has been a bit. We're down to a team member at work so there's just two of us supporting 70 docs. Whew. I'm still doing pretty well on my nutrition goals with a few slips here and there. But even though they're vegan slip-ups they aren't super unhealthy ones. Like a had some steak but still had steamed broccoli instead of mashed potatos . And now randomly I like cole-slaw but I'm still not a tofu fan. Not to say there was a lack of effort haha. I've been taking my puppy on walks, but I'm not actually running yet. I signed up for a local warrior dash race in July so I'm excited to do
  3. Update! I was perfectly vegan all week (with the exception of Ranch dressing of course) I only logged two work-outs though, so I've been thinking of ways to fit more exercise into my day overall. I've been taking the stairs up to the second floor everyday at work, and avoiding the elevator. Although I did have to take it up to the eight floor because I didn't know where the other stairway access was in this building. I also took the stairs when I went in for my TMD appt. The doctor thought that my tiredness had to do with sleep apnea, but he also was really great about encouraging my new diet
  4. I feel like I've been doing very well on my new nutrition goals. Not so much on the activity portion. It's starting to warm up though!! I think once it's warmed up I will be more motivated to get out there and do my Zombies! Run
  5. Took a break yesterday for my fiancees birthday which isn't so good because I had pizza on thursday. I can honestly say I definitely feel a difference in my system when I start trying to tackle meat and dairy, especially all at once. It's nice to reaffirm why you're doing something though I suppose. I have some tabata's picked out for my week this week. I figure I will switch it up and do M/W/F tabata and T/Th yoga since I'm restricted to the indoors until mother nature stops throwing her temper tantrum all over MN. I spent a lot of time stretching and cuddling with my foam roller this weekend
  6. I hadn't found the Mpls/St Paul group yet, so that's really cool. I did post to it. I have been tackling quite a bit of Tabata and yoga/flexibility stuff since I'm pretty much stuck indoors, I think the biggest thing I need to do at the moment is focus on diet and core strength building, so I foresee a lot of burpees in my future. XD
  7. Hello everyone!! New to the NF forums, I'm up in Anoka so it's really cool to see how many people are in the region!
  8. My legs are killing me in the best way today. I think I'm going to focus on some balance and upper body tabata today and give my legs and core a break. Tried some pilates/tabata mix up yesterday and it was pretty fun. Wasn't a very long session only 17 minutes. But I spent a lot of extra time stretching and doing some foam roller exercise so it equaled out to about 30-35 minutes. Had more chili last night and it's still super delicious. One of these days I'll have to sit down and go through the recipes forum and maybe post the recipe there. We are going out to eat tonight for my fiancees birth
  9. Thanks for the welcome. Sorry to hear that you hate it, haha.
  10. Thanks Ocelot! I did check out the new recruits page. I want to wait to join the assassins until I can officially say I'm working on parkour. Which, since I live in MN, will have to wait a few months. But, my plan is for the long term so no probs, right? Haha. My plan is Zombies!Run training on MWF and Tabata/HIIT on TTh, for now since MN has been declared as part of the artic (it feels like -29 today!!) I'm replace the running with yoga. Which is nice since not only do I really enjoy it, but it helps stretch the sore from Tabata/HIIT. I'm hoping that once it warms up enough to run (30's/40's)
  11. Woot, today I can officially say I've been doing well so far. I've stuck to my vegan goal and although I didn't start Zombies!Run when I had wanted I've been replacing it with Yoga so that I don't have to go outside (it feels like -29F right now!!!!) so I have been moving everyday and that meets with my goals. I've been eating my homemade granola bars for breakfast, potato toast and natural pb for lunch. I made some vegan chili on Sunday (meal prep day) and I've been eating that with no added salt saltine crackers with an apple for dinner. Yesterday was my first 30 minute Tabata session. I c
  12. Hi everyone , I want to join the assassins but I need some fundementals first. My favorite assassins are the Tapp brothers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jV85CYafnRo&list=PL3ziR3iWYwBiMN5HnMpl7u0kcJMij043t&index=1 I took their 30 day crash course to Parkour but I don't have the stamina to actually complete the program. That's why I'm here, mainly accountability but one can never have too many friends either. \(^.^)\
  13. That's awesome Tess. I totally understand the feeling about the animals. Everytime I'm in Petco buying dog/cat food or toys or something I want to adopt all the homeless animals. I told my fiancee that if we win the lottery we are going to start a shelter home !. Haha, when I was in the assassin thread there were a few mentions of black clothes and how assassins love black which I thought was amusing. I want to be an assassin but I need to get some fundamentals down first.
  14. I'm so pumped right now! Yeah! I found the NF website through the Geek Fitness panel at a local Sci-Fi Convention here in Minnesota. I didn't realize until recently you can still participate even if you can't afford the academy! Count me in! My Main Quest: Obtain a BMI of 21 Goal 1: Go 86% Vegan I plan to eat completely vegan with one exception (ranch dressing) 6 of 7 days a week. The Day 7 (either saturday or sunday) I still plan to eat mostly healthy but I will allow myself to have some animal products. Goal 2: Exercise! I built a plan 5/7 days per week. 20-30 minutes per day. I want
  15. Today, I had Kashi cereal and almond milk for breakfast, a granola bar for lunch and chili with a handful of non-salted saltines. I was going to start Zombies!Run today but! it's a few degrees under zero here in the good ol' midwest and I'm sick (The plague finally got me)! So I'm going to replace this week's ZR training days (MWF) with a half-hour yoga session to stick to the 5/7 workout schedule. Something is better than nothing Vegan and exercise goals met!
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