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  1. So I haven't updated in a hot minute. I've been on here (obviously) liking and commenting on other people's posts, I just had a case of the don't wannas in my own thread. If we are FB friends, you may have seen that we made it to settlement (yesterday). It was a long, hard road as our appraisal efforts were fairly in vain - gaining only an additional $10K in value, which required us to scramble to find the additional money to actually get to settle. We drove out to the lot after settlement and as we were leaving, drove past the excavator, so progress already started! Hopefully the
  2. This is the most inspiring thing I've heard this week. Off to find my nemesis! (j/k - it's probably laundry).
  3. IT IS SNOWING HERE. SNOWING! What the crap?! So yes, don't leave your house if you don't have to. I'm definitely echoing Tank here, even if she's seen your not so nice survey response, it'll be blinded so the doctor won't know it was you who responded. And based on previous experiences, I don't think anyone will remember you enough to know it was you.
  4. It depended - I was, but I also occasionally joined Waffles when there weren't as many people competing (but never Pancakes. You never go full Pancake). So cute about the additional words. The baby runs around the house now looking for (fill in the blank here - either a toy or a person) saying, "where are you?" and it is the cutest thing ever. Yay for Little Bit getting to communicate more!
  5. I've been super quiet, but everything is pretty much status quo. We got our appraisal back and it was really low. Apparently, this has happened before with another one of the houses being built in our neighborhood. So we did some work to look at potential comps and finding information around the other lots that were sold to send over to the appraisal to basically ask for some additional $$ value. It's a little more complicated than that, since there are regulations in place to keep the appraisals separate from the bank. Our settlement was also pushed back until next week due to sch
  6. It seems very unfair that homemade carrot cake isn't at least yellow. I mean, legitimate vegetables!
  7. In my neck of the woods, strawberries are the STD of the plant world. At our old house, when we moved in there were three raised planters; one of which had been overtaken by strawberries. Another year in and I was struggling to keep anything other than strawberries alive. We ended up trashing the planters and doing a full bed and STILL (without planting any) were fighting strawberries. New goal: we should all try to be as resilient as strawberries.
  8. I also use putter, but I'm probably close enough to your region to not help with figuring out whether or not it is a general term. I recently found out that apparently "wonky" isn't used throughout the USA? I use it regularly and part of my team was like, wait - what?
  9. I'm ditto'ing this. It's not super helpful because it'll be years before we'll have kids move out, but one day, we'll have room for you to come and live with us. ❤️ And you know that I am only a text away! I'm also super interested in food as medicine (not that I've got issues with people using medication when needed, but because I think that if you can make changes to make your life better, it can't hurt - provided you check with pharmacists for medication interactions). So we can totally learn things together!
  10. The usual; Rack with pull-up bar, bench, weights, and a bar. I found a few packages that include kettlebells, box, and medicine balls, so I'll get some additional fun things included. I'm pretty blah about posting recently. I don't really have anything to add. I'm eating well and working out, plus working through all the burpees. But it's really just status quo. Supposed to close next Friday, but still waiting on our appraisal, which is super frustrating.
  11. IS NO ONE GOING TO QUESTION THIS?: Also, plus two for the accountability thing (if it works for you). I don't have a bike, but I have a rower and I would be happy to jump on that and row away.
  12. I'd started an update a few days ago, but then got distracted and didn't finish it. Parent's house sold (in like 2 days). The people who bought it did so purely based on the video walkthrough as they aren't local. Closing date is end of May. No final word yet on whether or not I'm going to be going down to help. We got our conditional loan approval in writing (we'd had it verbally, but the bank is using new software and there were some glitches they were working through). Still waiting on the appraisal (which was supposed to be submitted by Friday). There are a few thi
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