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  1. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] I'm Bringing Spreadsheets Back

    Yeah, it was kind of weird. Like, I guess whatever works, but I wasn't expecting it. The run felt really good. I honestly think swimming more is helping with my breathing. This is also like 100% better than I usually do at home over the weekend. So as long as I get a bike ride in this week, I've had my first really successful weekend for a long time! Now to get my eating back together again.
  2. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] I'm Bringing Spreadsheets Back

    So I made up a 2.5 mile run from my training plan because I ran out of time for it earlier in the week. It was 39 degrees (Freedom units) and just about dusk when I got out to run. Ended up with my best run in a long time. I'm not sure if it's being more active, training regularly, swimming more, or gotten used to running a more hilly route. But it was like 2 minutes faster per mile than usual and it wasn't a GPS error. . .