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  1. [Sylvaa] Judgement

    Spoiler Alert: Sylvaa really likes food. So it is always worth it. But not really. Those sausages were just really good.
  2. therealkat :: C'Mon Grab Your Friends

    Just being nosy! I'm doing the 5K plan. I'm on Week 5 and it's not too bad. But I'm also slow.
  3. [DarK_RaideR] becomes a Young Lion once again

    I don't believe he follows this thread, but @Wolfen might be?
  4. therealkat :: C'Mon Grab Your Friends

    Other than the potential heat and / or humidity, you'll have an awesome time! Are you doing the traditional running for weight loss or are you doing one of the distance plans?
  5. [Sloth] Total Control Racing!

    After reading your FB post, this does not give the experience enough credit. . .
  6. TY for all of your help!!! 

  7. Next Step in Goal Setting

    Bar Hangs. Farmer's Carries. Hang a towel off a bar and do bar hangs from the towel. Monkey Bars!
  8. [The Most Loathed] learns....slowly

    YMMV, but we ended up going the old school route and finding a quasi-breeder through the local paper. The guy had a male and female German Shepherd and didn't specifically breed them, but if an accident happened, he'd sell them locally. It was a pleasant, fairly hassle-free experience and we knew all about where our puppy came from.
  9. [Sylvaa] Judgement

    Holy moly! I mean, I see this potentially being an issue for her in the future. This is crazy! I laughed at this. But I feel like it's too mean for him. Yesterday, he did not come with us to Hersheypark (his choice, we invited him) - but he did do the dishes while we were gone! He's also offered to dog sit when we go away. So at this point, he is definitely making strides to carry his weight. I don't get the hipster thing. I mean, I guess I've got friends who (based on my scanning of Wikipedia) would fall into that category, but they are truly not even close to being as snobby as people make it sound. Although I would be annoyed if they overtook the veggies available via my farmer's market. Yesterday wasn't as much fun as I would have hoped. The kids couldn't hang through the day (3 / 4 were cranky after about 6 hours) so we left earlier than anticipated and only made it through a few rides. It was super crowded, which probably didn't help, but we made sure kids were fed and hydrated - they just aren't used to being on their feet like that. After we got home, we ran out and got me some food at amusement park fare is not on the list of "Foods able to be eaten by Sylvaa". It was a good thing too, as I was getting to a point of no return with too low of calories. This is definitely an ongoing struggle for me. Since I'm not home through the week, we don't do a good job of keeping things on hand for me to have while I'm at home. So I end up having to scrounge and make do. I ended up getting some Buffalo Chicken sausage which was amazing.
  10. DrFeelgood - Starting Over

    Did anyone else read this like:
  11. Next Step in Goal Setting

    ^^ He always beats me to posting. A few things factor into the whole anecdotal evidence and your miles will definitely vary. I'm not a huge proponent of EATING ALL THE PROTEIN, but in your case, I would err on the side of too much versus too little. Here's why: Protein is essential for muscle repair. Since you are strength training, you need muscle repair Running should factor into your OCR training and you'll want to offset the potential for muscle loss Unless you factor into a very specific set of people, extra protein isn't going to hurt anything There is no reason why you can't continue a strength training program while training for an OCR. Since you've finished your cut, once you start eating at maintenance, you should see your endurance go back to normal and this will also help a lot with recovery. My advice would be to just sign up for one and evaluate your weaknesses based on performance. Even if you can't do everything alone, you'll still get through the course and have a great time. In general, OCR's focus on: Running - distance and elevation will depend on the type of race. Even if you don't RUN the whole thing, being able to do the distance quickly is key. Grip Strength - even more than upper body strength, grip strength is really important. You can also offset a lot of upper body weakness through grip strength and efficiency. Overall strength - You'll be carrying heavy things for a distance (like a quarter of a mile or longer). Buy a bucket of cat litter and walk up hills (seriously). Obstacle specific skills - learning how to climb over a wall and up a rope efficiently will help preserve energy over the length of the course. Having fun and becoming a part of the community! Hope this helps and enjoy it!
  12. [Sylvaa] Judgement

    Also, @Shello, this made me chuckle and think of you a little bit:
  13. Annyshay Plays

    This is an awesome idea. I love it (and may steal it!).
  14. [Sylvaa] Judgement

    Yesterday I said forget you to a work day on site and left around 9 to drive home. Even with traffic, I was home around 3, which was nice because I had a call then. We have a super busy weekend planned and getting home early allowed me to get a run in (now I'm set until Sunday), take my daughter bathing suit shopping, and have some time to relax. Please note: I drove to NC on Sunday, so it's not like the client I'm working with had a lack of my presence. Bathing suit shopping was ridiculous. My daughter had wanted a one piece, but soon found that there were no bathing suits that could accommodate her boobs. This is a new experience for me as I am not even close to being well-endowed enough to have this be an issue. Luckily, we were able to find a two piece with a sized top that she likes. But the top alone was $33! Holy crap, how do you women deal with the price gauging! Also, at this point, I only weight about 10 pounds less than my daughter, which is really strange to me. The bottoms she bought are in my size and I'm definitely having body dysmorphia about how this is all going down. Tonight, I've got a few more errands to run with my son and the bf (I'm going to have to figure out a better way to refer to him). Then tomorrow, we are going to Hersheypark! Looks like it's just the original six of us going, but the kids are really excited and I am ready for a day of no responsibilities. Also, roller coasters. This will be the last weekend with all of the kids until August, so we wanted to do something fun and we had tickets from the hockey game. I also ended up pretty much fasting all day yesterday. Wednesday night, we had a fun group dinner, but I had a few more liquid calories than I normally intake and I ended up not being very hungry the next day.
  15. Sam Ashen Winter Weight Program

    In before Tank: Are you feeling okay?