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  1. LadyShello Becomes a Beautiful Butterfly

    I'm not an expert in any of this, so I had no reason to comment, but I did wonder if your kids recognized that things weren't going well and maybe weren't very surprised by the news. My daughter's best friend's father just split up with his girlfriend and it was one of those cases. Kids are so sneaky these days. I hope you remember this strategy for when you question if they are where they say they are. Isn't it nice to see them getting along though?
  2. The Trading Post [General Chat]

    Yeah, Smith machine's aren't great. There are a few specific exercises that are really cool / fun to do with a Smith machine, but squats are not one of them.
  3. The Trading Post [General Chat]

    What is your squat currently at? You can squat with dumbbells at most facilities until at least 100 lbs.
  4. My workout was tough tonight too! Solidarity! You get the whole thing done?
  5. All of the warm thoughts and wishes and good vibes your way! It is great that they have been able to get you in quickly and have been proactive in making sure you are taken care of. If there is anything you need!
  6. [Sylvaa]

    I love trail runs, so I am definitely looking forward to it! My husband, not so much. But yes, beer and wine make for great reasons to run!
  7. [Sylvaa]

    I'm always a Hufflepuff.... This makes me laugh all the time, because I'm so not this kind of Hufflepuff.
  8. Help with meal plans

    It would really depend on you specific caloric needs. Those would give you meals and you could add in additional snacks or sides if you needed more calories pretty easily.
  9. Tight Budget Meal Plan Help

    We buy the majority of our meat from Aldi's without issues.
  10. Help with meal plans

    NF has a few blog posts on meal prep which are a very good place to start: However YMMV based on how picky you are. Protein.
  11. I like your set up! It does sound like you had a ton, even without the kitty issues . How is it going with getting the new ones? If I remember correctly, you were on the fence about doing so.
  12. [Sylvaa]

    Sometimes, the internet just speaks to me. Let's see, what's new in the ramblings of Sylvaa. First of all, my final assignment includes a group project. This has been a horrible sticking point for me as I don't like people. Luckily, I only have three (versus four) people in my group, so I only have to interact with two other people. We are working through all of our things and can still try to finish by the end of the month. Work has been a sticking point with me recently. I'm looking to find something closer to home to stop traveling, however it's not gone very well so far. We tried to finalize our vacation plans for the summer, but got blocked by my step-kids mother, who was a little upset that we had planned on flying down on her birthday. As I do not like her, I've got nothing but nasty things to say about this. The girls are going down earlier anyway to spend some extra weeks down in Florida with my parents, but we haven't told her yet. Other than some pizza for Pi day, nutrition has been going fairly well, even at home (which is usually the hard part for me). Our buying habits have been really different recently, which has helped our health and our budget. Workouts are still on hold, but should start up next week. The crud is still lingering and I'm not pushing it.
  13. [Sloth] The Time of the Hammer is Upon Us.

    Adding in good vibes! I hope it was (just? - that sounds so wrong) anxiety and that getting in to speak to your doc gets you on the right track!
  14. So I watched both videos. The first is not even relevant to the question asked by the OP. Side note: I've got no problem with IF and know a lot of people who have success with it. But I do have a fundamental issue with someone citing 10 year studies to show why traditional dieting doesn't work and comparing it to a 32 week study with IF. It's an older article, but I found the following: . Granted, this is also in a laboratory setting, so take from it what you will.