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  1. Sylvaa

    Battle Kitten: Ascension

    *Puts on technical hat for a moment* To be fair, even if your brother was at a point of being considered incapacitated (where he couldn't make his own care decisions), in a lot of places, he could still have some authority over his own health. So for example, even if a physician prescribed a course of action, as long as he was able to understand the options and risks, you can't make him follow it. If you are truly anxious about being held accountable for your brother should anything happen to him, you can call the office and speak to his doctor or nurse. They won't be able to comment on your brother's care, but you can totally say, "hey my brother needs to be seen for an appointment because he is throwing up regularly." You could specifically ask if they will document in his chart that this is a concern, however I don't believe they HAVE to do so. But as a SIBLING, you don't have a legal obligation to your brother (note: you can check with your specific state to confirm). Do you have time to get more coffee while the therapist is in with the current patient? Also, we like when you wear bras
  2. Sylvaa

    therealkat :: Runner 5, Report!

    So a thought - I remember someone on the forums recently discussing about how when their relationship was falling apart, they were using the gym as a rationale to not be at home and dealing with that breakdown. So once that relationship ended, the reason for them not wanting to be at home was gone and it was harder to get back to the gym. Not because they didn't want to, but because that reason for going was gone (I'm explaining the situation badly). I'm not saying this is a similar situation for you. I'm just asking if it's possible that this is a component?
  3. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] Double Dips

    What Day Is It? So I ended up in a ton more meetings than anticipated over the course of the last two days, making getting time for updates hard. But I have a few minutes before I get back to de-identifying RFP's (who said consulting wasn't glamorous?) to give an update. Monday was a super long day. Got all my tomatoes in though (adding in meetings) and went to the gym for a night of lifting / swimming ( @Wolfpool). Then went out for dinner with a co-worker. We split garlic asiago fries, calamari (it sucked), and a pretzel / sausage combo. Lunch was a sushi roll and won ton soup. Tuesday I hit my tomato goal. It was a running day, so I got on the trail for a 2.5km recovery run before also going out to dinner with coworkers. We shared pork rinds, pulled pork "nachos" (they were over homemade chips) for appetizers and I had a slab of baby back ribs for dinner. Lunch was a salad. Wednesday, I also hit my tomato goal (adding in meetings). I went to the gym and lifted, but I looked at the swimming schedule incorrectly and was not there at the right time to partake. So I did a Dance Fitness class which was really fun. Food was a Panera salad for lunch and meat and cheese for dinner. I needed more calories, so I finished the day off with a snack of dark chocolate covered cashews. Today is go home day, so it's most likely going to be a rest day. The most I'll get in would be a yoga video. I've also totally messed up my step goal. I walk too much on the road, so it gets really high, then if I even come close to hitting it at home, it doesn't go down to a normal amount. So I end up with this ridiculously high goal and ugh. It just snowballs into me having to walk a lot. #whining. I've also kept up with my kids' school stuff, which came in handy because my daughter got marked absent yesterday, even though she turned in work.
  4. Sylvaa

    Redgrill18 [Press Start]

    I am also commiserating on the whole unhealthy family dynamics. I am actually lucky because I have a medical reason to say no to certain foods. My MIL doesn't cook, but she also doesn't understand portion control or realistic quantities of food. For example, over the summer, the kids went to the lake with my in-laws for a weekend. They came back with economy sizes of cookies, brownie bites, rice krispie treats, and chips that did not get eaten because of the sheer amount of food available! So of course she wanted us to keep it at our house, "because there are more of us"..... I've gotten to the point of being mean about it at times, but I don't recommend that. I do love my MIL to death, but I've literally looked her in the eye and thrown things in the trash in front of her because it had gotten so bad. It's improved, but our relationship had to suffer a bit to do so.
  5. Sylvaa

    Wolfen Hits the Trails

    There is a really funny video of how to use a smith machine that I will post tomorrow. I don't have headphones with me to find it today. Also #Starbucksforlife! Don't you judge me! I love shopping local whenever possible, but it's definitely dependent on the store. They aren't entitled to my business just because they are local. I have a local coffee shop we occasionally go to, but it's way more expensive, they don't have the options, and the staff isn't consistent with their output (also, they literally only have 12 oz cups). To be fair, there is also a local Starbucks I don't go to for many of the same reasons. It sounds like you have AMAZING local coffee shops near you and I would totally support ones like that if there were any like that near me. (As you can tell, I have many feelings on local versus corporate. Like, I'm all for supporting local when it makes sense, but I get so mad over the idea that local places are inherently better just because they are local.)
  6. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] Double Dips

    100% amazing in this thread. You all do not disappoint. Larger update coming soon, but on track with goals and did a Dance Fit class tonight which was awesome.
  7. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] Double Dips

    Week 0 Recap I got everything done that I wanted to do and kept to my goals overall. Woot woot. I did not get full points for yoga or multiple workouts due to not getting them in, but I didn't prioritize them. I could have fit in at least one more workout towards the end of the week, but I did a lot of vegging. I'm not really a fan, because it makes me feel more guilty than relaxed, so it's not even a bonus for my mental health. Today is a travel day, which makes for a really long day. I'm hitting the YMCA after work for a weight based workout. I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to try to fit in some swimming. It'd be tight to try to fit it in before a class starts at 7:35. I could take the class, but it's not over until 8:30. AND the hotel pool is closed for maintenance for a month, of course now that I've decided and avowed to swim! Actually though, I just talked to my coworker, we are going to leave the site around 5:30, so I should have plenty of time for both. Week 1 List of Personal Things to Do: Check kids school progress - cyber: M / Tu / W / Th / F; traditional: Tu / Th Instacart Food Safety Orientation (I'm trialing delivering for them one evening a weekend) Pay medical bills (it's so much fun what my bonus money goes to) Buy one new Ann Taylor piece (Black pencil skirt) Join AHRMM
  8. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] Double Dips

    Update on my zero week goals: I went to the outlets today with my husband in an effort to find new things to wear for work. I was not successful. Unfortunately, they just didn't have anything that jumped out at me. BUT I made progress on what I'd like my "ideal work wardrobe" should look like. So what I'm going to do is compare what I currently have against what I'd like it to look like, then probably do some internet shopping (Prime Wardrobe) to try on things and see if they will work for me. So while I'm not going to "complete" that part of my goal, as long as I look at what I have and then make a list of what I'd like to have, I'll count this as a success. Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day. It was great. I got my work stuff done and then I sat around with the husband and vegged. Today we went shopping and I'm getting in a workout after dinner. I've already figured out my grocery list, so I'm good to go tomorrow. I also have a box in the car already to take to Goodwill. *dances* Food yesterday: uhhh.... wings and hot dogs.
  9. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] Double Dips

    You know, I was looking for something a little more double entendre. That's better If anyone is watching this thread as I try to update my initial post, I hope you like the way it is going. I'm currently typing this up during tomato timer breaks! So you get a few minutes of an update, then 25 minutes of nothing. Mwahahaha! So obviously if you aren't new here, challenges haven't been as hyped as I would prefer recently. I'm pretty sure it is because I'M not as hyped as I would prefer and now that school has started and fall is coming, why not start now?! Note: this doesn't mean I'm over my ....whatever you call it. It means that I am choosing to ignore it because I'd rather be happy. It's my most comfortable state. So what am I Double Dipping this challenge? EVERYTHING! Goal 1: Exercise - For this challenge, my goal is to get in at least two workouts a week. Of any kind. The only clarification is that they must be true workouts. Mowing the grass, hauling furniture, etc... is great, but doesn't count in the grand scheme of working out. This shouldn't be too hard, the goal is more about consistency and continuity. Super Secret Double Dip Goal: Taking it up a notch, extra bonus points will be calculated for any weeks that I get two lifting, two running, and / or two swimming workouts in. And for a stretch, any week where I get yoga in will give me additional points (up to two times per week). Goal 2: Work - So I'm ready to dive in and get things accomplished on the work front. We've got a super calm, quiet week without the Project Manager on site, so I should be able to take this time and get things better set up for success (it's been a slow start). I've got my trusty tomato timer set up on my computer now, so I can finally get back into the swing of things. It really does do wonders for my ability to stay on task! Each workday, the goal will be to do enough tomato timers to hit 2 long breaks. That would be 8 total timers, or 4 hours of work. Super Secret Double Dip Goal: I am joining an organization! My bonus should be deposited into my account the end of the week. Points will be awarded for following through and actually joining. Extra points will be awarded for any savings initiatives I can get completed by the end of the challenge. Goal 3: Everything Else - this is for you Tank Throughout the course of the challenge I will have a weekly list of personal things to do. Points will be awarded for completing the full list. Super Secret Double Dip Goal: Complete every chore on my chore list at least twice over the course of the challenge!