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  1. So once a week updates? Sounds about right. We got the crud. The boys are sick. It's super fun, because my past 48 hours have been entertaining a 3 year old to hopefully keep him from passing along his sickness to the 3 week old. I was pretty unsuccessful, but the good news is that it isn't RSV. So nothing else really matters. Giant set / complex style. I kept it light because this is new (65 lbs), but it felt good. Later on in the week, I did a clean and jerk descending ladder and then some BB reverse lunges. So time under the barbell has been there. I want to get some snatching in, but I'm not sure of the timing yet. This week has been off to a slow start, but I'm planning on working out tonight. I just don't remember what I'm doing yet. I've missed you sir. Good to see you around these parts. Fun fact: my daughter was complaining about not having help from her SO because she didn't feel like she should have to tell him how to help and I'm literally like you will fight this battle for the rest of your life. What goes around, comes around at it's finest. To be honest, I'm very burnt out, but it's so deep that I don't know what it'll take to fix it. Truthfully, last week was all about timing. I had multiple priorities that needed to be done by the end of the week, but my schedule was arranged so that I had a full day to do each one. Except, two got delayed which made the completion part significantly harder. One of the priorities was a monthly task, one is quarterly, and one was intermittent. So really they weren't unreasonable, I just ended up with this perfect storm. This week has been a ridiculous amount of meetings. I'm ready for the holidays because everything seems to slow down around then. It's not happened yet, but one can hope.
  2. Nothing like work going, "oh, you've decided to make a challenge and focus on time management? Let me throw three priorities at you that all need done within the next day." Well, here's to not slacking... Monday's workout included some barbell cycling; deadlifts, power cleans, front squats, push press, back squat. It was pretty fun and I'm getting used to the idea that I can move weight (novel, I know). Also, I'm working on squat depth and that's fun. Today's workout includes some running, so I'll need to make sure to get it in before the sun goes down. Eating has been okay. We had a ton of leftover sweets from our Hocus Pocus meal on Friday, but those are almost all cleaned out now. My favorite thing about meal prep is the lack of dishes on a daily basis from cooking. My husband has a work event today though, so part of today is going to be "cleaning out the fridge". I've got my work priorities organized for today and am trying to burn through the quick (but boring) things as quickly as possible. Luckily, I don't have a ton of meetings today. But I also learned that my current project wants to add 5 hours per week to my time. I'm not sure what they want to do with that time yet (I haven't had the official meeting, I just got an e-mail about it). So we'll see about that. Sometimes, being salaried sucks.
  3. It has been months since I've done a challenge, so I figured it was about time to come back. And even though this challenge is more November than Halloween, I am 100% taking advantage of the fact that I can still include a Halloween-esque challenge this time around. Life has been crazy recently and I'm coming down from a super strict schedule (which always throws me for a loop). My daughter had her second child 9/30 and we are adjusting to a new baby (boy) in the house. Don't be the (lifting) virgin who lights the black flame candle I've been starting to focus on more consistent lifting. Not necessarily hitting PR's, but consistently adding lifts into my programming. I need to work on form and getting more confident with my movements; specifically with cleans, snatches, and jerks. One of the other trainers at the gym is always willing to help me with form and correcting bad habits, I just need to use the help I can get. Use the spell book Food in general has been a pain at the house. I get tired of cooking for people who don't appreciate not having to cook. Meal prepping for my husband and I has been going .... okay, but we are pretty bored with food choices. Also, I'm trying to eat foods with a lower environmental impact. Pay attention to the dawn Time Management! I've been really slacking at work and have some deadlines I haven't missed. But have also really stressed me out. I'm also trying to balance getting things done at home and getting to relax and have my own time.
  4. I know I'm super late to this thread, but as an FYI - there is a nationwide Adderall shortage (this is per my daughter who is working as a pharmacy tech. she's dealing with a lot of people who are frustrated). Apparently it's not every dosage, so if your dad is having issues, he can talk to his doctor about a different dosing schedule. Also, genetics say that I'm not going to go gray until I'm like 70 and I am fairly jealous of people with pretty gray / silver hair.
  5. Not that I am aware of. The Swiffer top doesn't easily come off and when I Googled, I didn't find any readily available instructions. Realistically, we had that Swiffer for a good number of years, so it's not like it was wasteful to buy a new product. Also, I think we are giving it to my MIL, so it's not going to a landfill. I suppose I should give an update: Everything is just ...busy. I'm not really good without a schedule, but then I also don't stick to a schedule, so a lot of time I'm kind of treading water. I haven't updated my calendar since May and it's mocking me a bit at the moment. I did make focaccia yesterday and it was amazing. So there is that.
  6. Can you share this recipe? Also, things I could talk about for 15 minutes: Lab Distribution and / or contracting Value Analysis Setting up a themed dinner Pros and cons of macaroni and cheese techniques How seals are consistently mistreated by other animals
  7. So me working at the gym went FB official this week (yesterday). It's super exciting and I'm definitely pumped. So far this week, I've hit all the classes I've intended (yoga tomorrow morning, so I actually have to go to complete this). I am behind on tomatoes, but it's because I didn't appropriately quantify some work. I should actually be able to make up a bit of it today provided I actually work. Oh! I also found a solution to my mopping headache! I bought a mop similar to a swiffer, but lets me create my own cleaning solution. This way, I can use a neutral cleaner but still have the convenience of on demand mopping. I've actually gotten mopping done, so it's already a success. Eating has been going well, but not great. I could do better, but it's also hard without additional support. My husband is hanging in there, but is struggling to continue to be motivated.
  8. Wait, your 'Gram isn't just funny memes and you eating? I've missed something (not really, I noticed the move).
  9. Guess it's time for a catch up. Work conference took up a lot of time and people energy. Then we went back to the 1950's and I chose to distance myself from the internet for my own good for a few days. Yoga this weekend went well; here is the story behind it. . . I got to meet one of my brother's gf's. He's in a non-traditional poly relationship, which includes two trans women, one of whom drove down to come to yoga with us. My brother has been super quiet about this aspect of his relationship, because he's concerned about how my parents will react. So it was really awesome that he was comfortable enough to let me meet her. She is super nice and I like her a lot better than his last gf. It was also a little stressful though, as I needed to keep my mother from coming to yoga without telling her why I didn't want her to come to yoga. We ended up missing the cookout, because I'd had enough of people.
  10. Sylvaa did the thing. I'm putting it in spoilers for no reason than I don't want it to seem like advertising.
  11. Ironically, my tomato plant is looking pretty sad at the moment. We moved it to see if it needed more sunlight, but uncertain. But there are always tomatoes. Hmmm... Sylvaa makes a thread then doesn't post.... totally on brand. It's been a normal week. I got back into the (almost) every morning gym routine and have my runs planned. It's also the start of summer vacations at work, which means lots of vacations, so a little more relaxed. I also solved my mopping problem - I bought a Swiffer alternative that lets me use my own products, so I don't have to drag out a mop and bucket every time I need to clean the floor. I am way too excited about this.
  12. I mean, I'm not new. But this is 100% me. You know I'll be following you,!
  13. I keep starting challenges, but not finishing them. It's not that I'm not doing things, it's just that interacting and posting has become difficult. So in honor of my fellow Don't Wannas, I'm going to do my best to at least post occasionally. Or something. This is coming up on some really busy weeks for me. W0: Saturday volunteering Saturday test W1: Travel to DC area for a work conference Tu - Th Yoga Saturday (there is a story with this that makes it remarkable, but I'm keeping mum) Saturday cookout with people W2: Taking the GB to the Dr W3: My birthday D&D W4: Also nothing W5: Work travel to NC Also, I signed up for a Rugged Maniac in July that I need to train for and I've found Deka Strong, which I absolutely love, so now I'm training for better times for the next one in September. This challenge will look pretty similar to all others I do. But maybe I'll continue to post or something.
  14. So I don't necessarily like running. It'll never by my favorite thing, but I've realized that running makes things I like to do easier. So getting better at running leads me to have more enjoyment at things I like to do. It's not the best motivation, depending on how well it factors into what you like to do. Also, do you hate it because you aren't good at it? Or for other reasons? If it's for the second, I 100% support the people above to who say alternative cardio (you my friend, look like a EMOM Kettlebell swing type of guy to me).
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