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    The Doodlies are hanging in there

    I'm going to be out of pocket for the rest of the day, but hit. R __ Y __ __ M
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    The Doodlies are hanging in there

    Apologies - Monday morning my time is travel time for me. So I have a delay responding. That's a miss.
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    Level 1, Eira

    Sounds great! I also love that you clarified about cough syrup - that shows you are thinking about what you consume not just what you eat!
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    [Sylvaa] - EXTREME!!!!

    Incoming! (It'll be huge, but I'll fix it) Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    [Sylvaa] - EXTREME!!!!

    The thing that really got me was now much my Grandpa meant to other people. My Grandpa and I were always super close, so I knew how much he meant to me. But he was a force in his community more than I had ever known. He was a Deacon in his church and basically baptized an entire generation of children (okay, I am exaggerating a little, but seriously, it was a large number). The number of children that came was crazy! But it would have been exactly what my Grandparents would have loved. My Grandmother, on the other hand, told my daughter I was a little shit when I was younger Working from home is sometimes more difficult than one would think. But I've had some extra baby time, which is nice. He's getting so big already!
  6. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] - EXTREME!!!!

    You know, I thought I already did an extreme challenge. Maybe I'm just losing it. Oh well! Fun fact: back in the early 2000's, in my avid WoW playing days, I was a guild member of <Extreme>. This experience completely ruined my ability to ever play another MMO (or any guild based game really) forever. If we are being honest, it wasn't really a great time for me personally, but the added support of my guildies helped me mentally. I'm still friends with a number of them, which is cool considering it's been over 10 years now since I've played. This challenge, I'm going back to the days of Vanilla WoW, babies, and the first step in losing weight for me. There will be old school stories, maybe some videos. But most of all, Sylvaa finding some fire. Warrior: Our main tank was an undead warrior named Lavrute. Lavrute was probably 10 - 15 years older than the majority of us, and he was literally the best. He is why I have a soft spot for older guys (how you doing Sloth?). Lav had more responsibilities than the rest of us, but he was always on and prepared for raids (more than anyone else). He also had this obsession with obtaining the Hand of Justice. Much like a solid tank is the backbone of a good raiding guild, using my journal is the background of a good system. Sylvaa will update her journal daily. Priest: One of our main healers was Tazren. Tazren was solid and dependable. A large number of us would goof off (probably too much), but he was always there to get everyone back on track. He actually became a good IRL friend for a few years, but we lost track of each other. Priests are essential to keeping everyone alive. So is water. Sylvaa will drink at least 64 oz of water daily. Druid: Back in Vanilla, druids were a broken class. They were jacks of all trades, masters of none; as long as all trades only included healing in raids. I was debating as to whether or not I should use myself here, but decided not to. Instead, I'll talk about a super important druid; Varsh. I loved this guy. We shared a character for about a year while he was deployed and got to be super close. I tried to find him a few years ago, but I have no idea what happened to him. Druids needed to be prepared for any number of scenarios and had the ability to battle res (which really could come in handy). I need to make sure my body is ready for whatever comes its way. Sylvaa will work out at least 3 x / week. Mage: If you played Vanilla Wow, you may have noticed an abundance of cocky mages. My guild obviously had their share, including Vixdean. For some reason, my main job as a druid was healing the mages, which turned out to be hilarious and frustrating all at once. Mages knew their worth as damage dealers and expected the respect due. While I know my worth, I need to work on staying focused and completing tasks associated with that worth. Sylvaa will complete at least 5 tomatoes of work daily. Warlock: Warlocks were the kings (and queens!) of DoTs. They weren't huge damage dealers, but could make or break fights when they got tough and people started dying. We had two main warlocks, Jordaina and Lylith. I mention both because Lylith is a good friend and I have a fun story to tell later about Jordaina. Like DoTs, sometimes it's takes a little bit to hit goals. Sylvaa will daily by making reading part of her nightly ritual.