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  1. So I've been struggling. It's weird because I've been more consistent with my diet, seeing weight trend down, but I'm less satisfied with everything than I have been previously. There are a number of things that are contributing to this that are being addressed. That being said, there are things I can bring back into my routine that should help me. Use my planner daily - at least M - F. Start and end the day by reviewing my planner and stick to it. Include at least 5 tasks to complete through the day (M - F make these work related; weekends will most likely be housework related). Do something active every day - there is no component of what this is at this point, just at least 30 minutes of some kind of movement. I have so many resources available, there really aren't a lot of reasons not to do this. Alternatively, I can substitute hitting 2x my daily step goal for the movement goal. Complete a weekly to do list - this will be outside of the daily planner. Most of this is getting ready for the upcoming holidays (i.e. deep cleaning of house areas and ordering Christmas presents).
  2. Sylvaa

    Flea has no idea what's going on

    Yay! A Flea thread again! I too went unaccountably MIA last challenge, unfortunately it was not due to a blanket fort, which actually sounds amazing. I'm following and you know where to find me if you need anything!
  3. Sylvaa

    Vegetarian allergy advice

    Chickpeas? They are a legume, so I'm uncertain of whether or not this would be under the same food allergy as peanuts. is a list of recipes that sound pretty good. A few of them do contain ingredients on your not eat list, but - at least with the tomatoes - I could see you just eliminating that ingredient without a huge impact on the flavor. Also, what about a white chili? I know they have white chicken chili recipes, but can you omit or replace the meat? Finally, not with a huge protein boost, but what about utilizing jackfruit for a meat substitute, allowing you to have more variety?
  4. Sylvaa

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    There is no way your quads are that small. Did you two just make TML the Chuck Norris of NF?
  5. Sylvaa

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    That walk will now always play a part in my mental picture of you. Unrelated: super excited about my veggie box this weekend. Hoping it contains an eggplant as, if it does, I will be making Baba ganoush.
  6. Sylvaa

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    Oh, totally same! Dark gray, super comfy too!
  7. Sylvaa

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    me? Is it wrong to say that I have one you would look super cute it!
  8. Sylvaa

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    So guess who was super excited to jump into working out, then forgot a sports bra for the week? I could have probably run out and purchased one, other than the fact that I've already had to purchase an extra recently (like in September) for the same reason. While I have no issue spending money on things like that, I am only fine with it when I need it, and this is not an emergency. In fact, I have enough that I shouldn't buy one. Monday, I did a hotel room workout and yesterday I did yoga. So I'm surviving. Next week, I get to work from home, which is super exciting. I'm ready for a break from all of the on site time. This project is only slated to be staffed through November at the latest and I am so ready for some solid at home time. My manager is all about giving people slight rests and I am very excited about that.
  9. Sylvaa


    10 days and a whole weekend went by without a Brogo update. Did you get a chance to go camping last weekend?
  10. Sylvaa

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    Maybe. We know it's not my strong suit. Go to the Gym Run Trails Eat Smart Do work Learn Something Be Happy More info in spoiler: I've been a bit checked out here recently. WoW Classic has pulled me in, which I knew it would (I'm playing with my old guildies from 15 years ago). Getting sick has made this work as I haven't even been able to workout well for the past two weeks.