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    Wolfen Begins The Hero's Journey

    Sorry to hear that your wife was having some problems adjusting. The first few times I tried to go low carb, I was having similar issues and it can be rough! Might I recommend a compromise? Continue to make a keto-friendly main dish and then have her make a small side of something more carby to go with it (like some rice with your delicious looking dinner from the other day). That way, you still get support while she gets carbs. We do this regularly as a family and it's really helpful. Also, I personally have better luck easing into keto versus going all or nothing. Something for her to consider for next time you try this experiment.
  2. Sylvaa

    The Doodlies Are At It Again

    I'm taking my O. for this challenge. Not happening on the road.
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    [Sylvaa] In My Head

    Welcome my pretties, for a new year of challenges! You know, I thought about doing some kind of introductory paragraph, but meh. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please just send me a message or post here. I try to be an open book about things, but am looking to be more interactive, either here or via PMs. I want to explain my thread title this time around. I spend a lot of time in my head, making up stories. Not like anxiety related worst case scenarios - like novels and fiction. Currently, I'm working on a historical romance featuring a heroine named Caroline and my first homebrew D&D DM campaign (get you a girl who can do both). I've tried writing stories within the context of challenges, but I've stopped. I don't know that my stories are for anyone besides me. But this doesn't mean I can't be the hero of my own story. I got a new journal for Christmas (this one if anyone is curious). I'm a little disappointed as it covers 6-months worth of habit tracking and monthly layouts, but then only 3-months worth of daily pages, but if it works, I'll deal. My first challenge is going to be pretty simplistic as I continue to build momentum. It'll also be when I complete my 2019 race planning. January Habit tracking: Update Journal Daily (even on the weekends!). I do great through the week, but I need to focus more on staying on task on the weekends. 64 oz tracked water daily. I've gotten out of this habit and I am thirsty enough to tell. At least 5K steps daily. Same thing, the weekends are the time when I slack. January Fitness Goals: Work out at least 3 x/ week. My husband and I are re-signing up for Yancy Camp, so those workouts will be the goal. I'll also incorporate a Saturday long run (for half training) I'm also planning a few trips to an OCR facility in Maryland, probably with my brother, maybe with my husband. Bonus points for incorporating yoga January Personal Goals: We are working on flexing our Home Maintenance muscles going forward. As such, our monthly goals will always be the same. Note: per the worksheet we are using, this quarter is Dec - Feb, so we are playing catch up a bit: Inspect / Change HVAC filters (note, our system tells us when we need to change these) Clean kitchen sink disposal Clean range hood filters Inspect fire extinguisher Biannual (Jan / Feb goals) Give your house a deep clean Vacuum refrigerator coils Annually (Jan / Feb goals) Regularly check for ice dams and icicles Test your electricity to the extent that you can Tighten any handles, knobs, racks, etc. Check all locks and deadbolts on your doors and windows Check caulking around showers and bathtubs; repair as needed Remove showerheads and clean sediment Deep clean and inspect the basement
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    [Sylvaa] In My Head

    They did not. It hasn't been super high, just high enough to be noticeable. We did almost have to get a bili-blanket for at home treatment (which I thought was a super cool thing - I'm all about cost savings with hospitals), but the doctor feels he's on the upswing. No, I totally get this. I feel like anxiety has become the new "fad diagnosis" these days. We saw it when we were younger with ADHD and then when my children were younger with autism and Asperger's. And it potentially takes resources away from people who truly need them when we are treating everyone. So frustrating.
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    Deffy Gets Hairy (Deffy # 47)

    Same. BTW, I can totally do the arms behind the back thing.
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    Cry Havoc '19: The Scoundrel Who Spat In Fate's Good Eye

    It is very fun to live vicariously through you, so I hope everything continues to go well. NF peeps keep popping up in my Facebook People You May Know. I'm going to start adding people and creeping into DM's now just because it sounds fun.
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    [Sylvaa] In My Head

    Yeah, I've read some articles about this too. How, particularly for girls, their self-worth gets linked to the quickness of responses / likes / etc... It's so scary, because it is hard enough being a teenage girl (note: I'm sure it's not that easy to be a teenage boy, but my experience isn't in that area)! To be fair, she doesn't always. But we've been working really hard on explaining why we say what we do and how it might impact how she feels. We've had some success recently, so I think it was easier to convince her.
  8. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] In My Head

    Updating is HARD right now. I'm alive, and actually very well. Just - shark week and adjusting to a new normal made me dig my head in the sand and not be online at all. Which is fine. I have not gotten to the gym like at all this week (since last Wednesday!). Which tanks my mood (and not in the good Tank way). Luckily, I am back on the road (which means a more normal schedule) and ready to hit the gym tonight. I am also retaining water like a crazy woman (seriously, 3 lbs does not show up in 36 hours, nor do clothes not fit correctly that quickly). So I am currently drinking ALL THE WATER! Everyone is home from the hospital. They got discharged Thursday night with the promise of keeping a doctor's appointment Saturday. While I am very thankful that the hospital is concerned for a teenage mother, it has also been kind of annoying. I keep reminding myself that not everyone has a support system like my daughter does. Baby P had a high bilirubin reading on Saturday, so we had to go for some more blood work to see how he was looking, but even that came back more normal than anticipated. He's still looking a bit jaundiced as of last night, but it's slowly fading. He's got another follow-up today, so hopefully all will be well. My step-daughter has decided she also wants to do cyber school, so we are starting the paperwork for her. She's going to trial for the rest of this year and then reevaluate for the fall. I am definitely okay with this as I feel that her friends have a huge impact on this whole anxiety thing. Like, of course, all of them have been diagnosed with anxiety, so of course everything she does is a sign of anxiety. And then they get worked up and get her all worked up and then it's so much worse. For example, this weekend, she broke up with her boyfriend. It was a good decision to make. She had already decided that it would happen by the end of the year (he's a senior and she is a sophomore, so this is the last year they would be in school together anyway), but he is more into her than she was into him, so she decided to break it off earlier. Her friends started making her all upset over it. Finally, we just told her to ignore their calls / messages until she got more calm.
  9. Sylvaa

    The Doodlies Are At It Again

    Checking in! Definitely taking my H. on the recipes over the weekend. I didn't want to bother with anything as difficult as trying something new this weekend. I'll check in later on the home cooking for this challenge.
  10. You can post them here or in the Programming section of the weightlifting sub-forum. But this is definitely fine! I think this depends. What is your goal? If it's to get into the habit of lifting, then I think this is fine. But from the perspective of working all muscle groups, probably not. Going to tag @RedStone as a more experienced warrior!
  11. Sylvaa

    [Sylvaa] In My Head

    Update: We have a baby! I've missed one workout this week already (which won't be made up probably), but I don't care as I was busy. We went in at 7 pm on Monday to start the process. Except, L&D was actually busy, so the process didn't start until about 10 pm. My daughter was a trooper. She was able to deal with pain until about 6 am, when they gave her some meds. At 7:30 am, I went home for a few hours because I needed to work (ugh!). I was back at the hospital by 10:30 am ish. Baby was born at 2:47 pm. 6 lbs 5 oz, so a nice size for being born at 37 weeks. Mom and baby are both doing well. He's having a bit of trouble feeding (because apparently 37 weeks is when babies learn to suck), but the nurses are helping to get through that. His sugar was a bit low this morning, but after eating, it was where it was supposed to be. I didn't realize how exhausting the process would be for the grandmother! I didn't do a lot of sleeping Monday night and tried to balance work and supporting my daughter. Last night, I pretty much passed out.