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  1. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    Okay Guys and Gals, buckle up, because Sylvaa is going to be doing a brain dump. Last challenge was pretty much a bust, what with trying to finish off my MBA and having a metric crapton of work to do (ahh, deadlines, how I will never miss you). So now I feel kind of .... lost? on where to go next. My MBA was a huge deal (spoiler with all kinds of feels): Now I'm at the point that I don't know what to do. Like, I've put forth so much time and energy to not be a statistic that now that I've made it, I'm floundering. I've truly had this unwavering purpose for half my life and now that it's kind of over with, I'm not sure what to do. I've also truly been struggling with loneliness, which has manifested as additional hermit-like behavior, both here and in my every day life. I mean, this is kind of one of those things that I usually struggle with, however it seems like it's been overly difficult recently: Finally, I'm getting no home support in terms of being healthier. Which probably wouldn't be so bad if I counteracted it with ... you know, friends. So this challenge is truly going to be about getting myself together and figuring out what is next for me.
  2. The Leaf’s Locus

    Welcome back! I noticed you had two posts up, so I deleted one before you started getting responses on both. Fingers crossed on the house situation!
  3. The Trading Post

    I just posted somewhere. Something Wicked This Way Comes is my current book. I read the first one in the "series" and enjoyed Bradbury's ramblings. Side note: is anyone else so tired of every flipping book becoming part of a "series"?
  4. [NeverThatBored] Now Give Me That Fire

    Glad to hear that she is doing better! If you need anything, you know where to find me!
  5. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    I am in a hotel - I don't have to clean anything. I feel like I had something to say in an update and now I totally forget. Let's see, we had a bit of drama because my daughter's boyfriend cheated on her. Now she is single, and teenage drama is ridiculous. My son is taking his SAT's on Saturday and I'm totally feeling old. At this point, he's decided to do cyber school for his senior year while my daughter is going to go back to the high school. We talked about how the problems that drove her to leave aren't going to go away, and she recognizes that she has to be the strong one. So we'll see how this pans out. My step-son has been invited to a Junior High soccer camp over the summer. We're toeing the line between wanting him to continue to play and not wanting to spend the money if he's not going to put any effort into it. Like, he goes to practice and he plays, but he does NOTHING else to continue to improve, even though he needs to (the coach called him "raw" - he plays goalie, he's not afraid of the ball or making saves, but he's got no game awareness). We are thinking that, after the current season is over, giving him tasks related to soccer that can earn him points. And he has to have so many points to go to the camp. More to follow on this. Yesterday, I ended up with only some onion rings (the batter) and some M&M's (peanut - don't judge) against my stomach in terms of food. I'm on the up swing, although not 100%. I could have done without the M&M's, but I was starving in the evening. I had a quinoa salad from Zoe's for lunch with salmon kebabs and didn't like it as much as I had hoped when I got it. I ate a pancake for breakfast and my stomach is already being super loud (it likes to announce when it's not feeling well).
  6. [Sylvaa] Loading Screen

    My daughter is now reading it. We are discussing the amount of times we cried through the book. But she is really enjoying reading it too. Also, did some updating to my above post.
  7. Oh look, I started a Battle Log! My goal here is not to replace a challenge thread, but to rather consolidate my goals into a single, manageable thread. PRs and other assorted goodies will be kept here also. Because why not aim for the stars. Sylvaa's Big Why: I'm not happy with myself. I enjoy doing physical things, however my body is not up to the task of actually completing those things I like to do. I want to be able to, with minimal training, be prepared for anything that comes my way. If a friend wants to do a 5K tomorrow, I want to be able to run it. I want to get through a Spartan Burpee free (maybe not counting the spear throw - let's not get too carried away). I want to have the confidence in my physical abilities I do not have in my self. I want to be vain. I want to have self confidence in my looks and appearance. Without any further ado, here is my 100%: Run like the wind (or at least a gust) 5K Race Time: 10K Race Time: Half Race Time: Marathon Race Time: Ultra Race Time: OCR's (aka - slogging through the mud) Spartan Sprint Spartan Super Spartan Beast Spartan Ultra Tough Mudder Triathlon (why not?) Sprint Half Full Ironman Bodyweight Exercises 25 perfect push-ups Hit a Handstand Finally do a pull up Balance in crow pose Pistol Squats (R&L) Lifting! Deadlift Squat Bench
  8. First of all - I found you! Secondly: I suspect you are talking about support at home, even so I want to remind you: No Ranger Stands Alone. I get this so much! It's a frustrating situation. I can't even get the kids to decide to do anything fitness-y with me. If you ever need an extra accountability partner, let me know.
  9. Ta-da!

  10. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    I do keep those around also. Unfortunately, this isn't only nausea Should probably spoiler for poop talk: Breakfast today was Eggs and Oatmeal (not together), lunch will probably be a salad. Dinner is totally up in the air, but might be another salad.
  11. The Doodlies Reconnect

    It's interesting how everyone's inspiration is a reflection of them.
  12. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    Thanks! Unfortunately, milk and cookies are on the "no eat" list, but I have some tea with cinnamon that I could use!
  13. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    Yay for OFFICIAL CHALLENGE START DATES!! So my weekend was kind of crappy (literally!). I have some unresolved stomach issues which result in occasional flare ups. This weekend was one of those times. Truly, the solution is to stick to unprocessed foods (which is the way to go anyway), but that isn't always fun. The good news is it was really easy to eat this weekend without processed foods (homemade burgers in lettuce wraps, pork bbq over chips, etc...). I've decided that, for the time being, I am giving myself three (count them three!) "freebies" per day. These would be products that have the potential to send my stomach into a downward spiral of miserableness. I also need to track how that food impacts my belly. If I start climbing towards a flare up, then I'll limit this further until such time as I can eat them without issue. Today so far, I had a Ham & Cheese Croissant (not a good choice, but I was in the car) and tortilla strips on my salad (no issues so far). Dinner was Chicken Kra Prow, which wasn't spicy (boo!) but didn't cause any issues either (yay!). Also, my husband is joining me in using a C25K program to get in the habit of running more. So I'm starting that this evening.
  14. Ta-da!

    This is an amazing challenge and I cannot wait to be surprised with what you accomplish! FWIW, I struggle to balance doing things and being active on here. It is super hard. FWIW, I've started not following any Adventurer's and only coming in the thread when I have the time available to truly review and read threads. It means my responses are more sporadic than they were, but also think that I've been giving more time and effort into the responses I do send. I'm interested to learn what works for you, because I am always up for good suggestions! So excited to see your Adventure Jar end up in a trip that sounds amazing! Happy (early!) Anniversary!
  15. Keto questions

    A couple of additional points to consider: Quoting this for extra impact. If it were me, I would start by stopping the IF and going back to whatever you were doing before. See if that puts you back on track. BMR or TDEE? They are not the same. All things equal, BMR needs to be the minimum you eat, not your calorie goal. There are two ways to use a Fitbit / MFP combo: Set your activity to sedentary and eat back your exercise calories until you get to your chosen deficit (i.e. 500, which is usually the goal with 1 lb of weight loss a week). Set your activity correctly (based on your individual activity level) and do not eat back exercise calories. Pick whichever works best for you. If 1850 has been working for you previously, I'd stay there, take out the IF, and reevaluate in a few weeks. If there still isn't any movement, I'd play around with the numbers to see what works. You may need to eat a bit more, you may need to eat a bit less, just don't get too frustrated through the process. Plateaus are totally normal, so while frustrating, don't let it get you off track. Also, FWIW, I am your height, weigh less, and still lose on around 1750, so you probably have some wiggle room for additional calories without worrying too much about eating too much. For your other questions: if you like eating keto and weren't having problems with it, I wouldn't change anything, particularly not with it being your first major plateau. Anything you would do to change your macros would potentially (most likely) impact your ketosis.
  16. The Book of Vries: Nesting

  17. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    This is probably the most reasonable thing to do. We are on waving terms with all of our neighbors, but that is about it. I got my diploma this week!
  18. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    My biggest struggle with this right now is balancing work and family. I live in South Central PA, but work in North Carolina (I travel down Monday mornings and come home Thursday night, then work from home every Friday). Which definitely limits the time I'm available to find ways to interact with people. Also, my work has me on different projects (the current one is set to end in July), so while it might be possible to find something on the road, it would only be temporary. This also means that I have limited time with the family. So it's been hard to balance taking time to do something on the weekend that would give me the opportunity to make friends versus spending time with my family. I've not made making friends a priority because the kids have made spending time with me a priority (if that makes sense). Like, as long as they want to be involved and around me, I'm going to make the priority reciprocating that, because I know at some point it'll stop or they won't be here. That being said, I understand that a lot of this is complaining about my circumstances without truly making an effort to balance. I have made some steps - I've joined Meetup and asked for membership into a women's hiking group (I do have limited options available in my area - most are singles groups). I've also started the process of registering to be a volunteer at a food bank in the area (provided this is a weekend activity). I joined a FB running group in my area, however I've discovered that they don't really set up any kind of meetings, it's more just a place to talk about the races they've done.
  19. The Trading Post

    Usually, I do Classical when working or studying (Amazon Music has a Classical for Focus playlist that is my primary source).
  20. Brogo: Stoicism. Let's try that now.

    This is so exciting! Yay!