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  1. Don't get me wrong, my MIL is super nice and would do anything for anyone. She's just feeling kind of left out recently with my parents being back in the area and the kids not wanting to be as involved with her as they had been when they were younger. Plot twist that I forgot on my initial weekly update: Does anyone have any good recommendations for induction cookware? I didn't pay attention well enough to the range I selected and it's induction.
  2. Week 3 Update: T-minus 19 days until the move. The house isn't quite finished yet (the plumbers still have tasks to complete that will take them a few days), but other than that, it's just cleaning. Everyone is super excited and it looks even better than I imagined. Update: my husband just talked to the builder and there are two days of work left before cleaning, but still. Apparently, we are waiting on our hot water tank, which had to be ordered from Washington state. Next big thing is prepping and cooking Thanksgiving. But Sylvaa, you may ask, why would you commit to hosting a large family gathering one week before you move into a new house? Well because, there would be too much drama associated with any other decision. See, my parents offered to host and would do a really good job with it. Except, then we would deal with my MIL being hurt because it wasn't at her house. Mind you, my parents house is definitely the better choice, but *sigh* parents. In reality, it's fine, since we wouldn't pack up our kitchen stuff that early anyway. Last week, I also went with my girls, my mother, and my MIL to a night at Board & Brush (my daughter works there and she gets a free sign to make every month). It was actually a nice evening with the girls and not something I'd normally do. The girls (all of them) are ready to go back and do it again. We've already figured out where the sign I made is going to go.
  3. Super late to the party but, I find that for me, larger group gatherings are easier than just a few people. With two people, you basically have to be "on" the entire time; listening and participating in the full conversation. With larger groups, people tend to mingle through, so it generally opens up the opportunity to zone out or sit quietly to recharge. Obviously, your miles may vary, but it might not be as awful as dinner.
  4. It's getting so close! We will find out soon enough. This weekend was SO BUSY. Saturday morning, we met my MIL at the new house (she wanted to go see what was new), then we ran to get dinner for the kids (snacks they would heat up themselves later), then met my parents to buy a washer and dryer for the new house. My parents got us them as a combined birthday / Christmas / Housewarming present. This left us just enough time to meet some additional friends (the majority of our D&D group) at the Sip & Stroll. It was a lot of fun (we always have fun) a lot of walking, and a nice way to just spend some time with friends. We then went to my parents to do a Halloween one-shot, which wasn't as fun as it could have been (the story was a bit one dimensional). Sunday, I woke up, went to run errands and grab groceries with my husband. Then I realized that there had been an issue with one of the grocery websites (we shop at two) and I hadn't actually put in my order! So we actually had to shop there. Luckily, it was a quick trip; our list was less than 15 items. After that, I grabbed the clothes and went to the laundromat (I explained above, but the rental washer needs a new belt and sounds like it is going to explode. So we are just going to let the owners deal with it when we move out and laundromat it for the next few weeks). I got back with enough time to make some brownies for dessert, then hang out with the baby before going over to my parents for our weekly dinner. I need a vacation from my weekend!
  5. I'm going to +1 this. While having a low body fat is necessary for visible abs, some people just don't have ideal genetics for them (what I mean by that is the body fat % you personally have to hit might be lower than other people, making it much harder for you to get them). What exercises are you doing? Abs are like any other muscle where they like increased resistance, high protein, and rest. It might be a good time to make sure your workout routine is supporting your goals properly.
  6. The view would have been worse without them moving. So it did a little bit (I guess?). We already call this house the salty house. Because of a façade incident.... Just more fuel to the fire.
  7. Unrelated story time: Story #1: The baby woke me up this morning by walking into my room and announcing, "it's good morning time" then crawling up next to me and asking for a mandarin. When I got out of bed, he promptly stole my spot, ate two mandarin oranges, then fell asleep. For three hours. Life is so rough. Story #2: As I mentioned, my parents are building next to us. Yesterday, excavation was supposed to start. However, the neighbors across the street stopped the work as they told the excavators my parents were actually on our property. This led to a flurry of activity (including a surveyor visit) to determine exactly where the property lines were. The neighbor was correct and my parents had to move their house over a bit, but it was kind of weird as we are uncertain HOW exactly the neighbors knew exactly where the property lines were (as we obviously did not). This led to my parents meeting their builder this morning to re-place their excavation stakes. Well, same neighbor walked over to complain about the placement of my parents house on their property because the spot my parents chose would ruin the views from the neighbors house. Please note that the neighbors bought their property first. They could have chosen the lot my parents ended up picking, or buying it in addition to their own to preserve the view. My parents picked the spot they did (even after the shifting due to property lines) because it made sense to build there (it requires less excavation and grading for the garage / driveway, which leads to a lower cost). The builder let my parents know they will still be blocking the view. But this is an amazing way to get to know your neighbors better.
  8. I am the same way with my cat. She is my baby. She is literally curled up with me while I type this out. I will be devastated when she goes, but I'm 100% not going to make her stick around in pain just because. I support you being able to be pragmatic about the whole situation and it says nothing about how much you care. Would you like me to drive up there and punch your brother in the face? Because I will! That showed up on my FB feed today. I feel like you can appreciate it. I wouldn't discount the skills you DO have. I mean, right now, you are 100% in a bad space because of *gestures wildly* but all of your skills not murdering your family will definitely pay off in any sort of work setting.
  9. The responsible answer is to freeze it, then use it in baked goods and / or milkshakes through the year. What we always did was make Halloween night a free for all (once the kids got a bit older - yours are probably too small for it still ) and just let them eat through a bunch of it. It was always a fun treat, because we don't keep candy in the house regularly. Although, thinking back on it, I think we never actually had that much Halloween candy.
  10. My advice would be to ask someone else to Google for you and give you answers. Would incognito mode work? For the record, spiders don't bother me at all and it looks like the answers aren't any different than any other bugs; vinegar, citrus, mint, cedar, and lavender. But honestly, I think you are going to have to burn it all down and start again.
  11. It's just as fun as it sounds. It's a fundraiser for our downtown area where local breweries / wineries / distilleries are partnered with a local shop and you walk around getting samples of the alcohol while in the different stores. A friend of ours lives in the area, so we park at his place, walk around, then go back to his place to hang out. This time, we might go back to my parent's house for the one-shot, but that is TBD based on alcohol consumption. Week 1 update: I did update on my tracking post, but figured I'd go into more detail here. Having to "report back" on my success made it easier to keep up with my work tomatoes. This was a super busy week because it was quarterly check-in and now I have people who report to me, which made it a lot easier to hit my goal. I didn't quite hit my home goals. My plan was to put two daily tasks on my weekdays and then have 5 tasks for the weekend. I'm pretty sure I actually hit this goal, but I didn't track well and forgot what I did or did not do. I'm struggling to focus on a weekly packing task. My husband and I both scheduled 10 days off of work for the move itself, plus we are planning on moving the beginning of December and we have rent paid through the end. So we don't really have any urgency on our side. I'm sure we'll probably regret it, but after packing and moving our house in less than a week to move into the rental, I'm appreciating the long time frame. As I said above, I think my Garmin is starting to die. I've had it for a while now and I'm pretty rough on it, so I'm not surprised. I don't remember getting the buzz that I hit my active minutes last week though, so I'm pretty sure even if I did, it doesn't count. I'm going to work on being better about tracking workouts regardless of whether the Garmin counts them. The first week, it went fairly well. By the time we got to Friday, we didn't have enough leftovers for the family, so the kids got to eat out (which was a pretty big treat for them). The only leftovers we had were from this pork chop dinner, which didn't turn out well anyway (so I'm not surprised that no one ate it). I'm not going to fault them because we decided as a family that was a no go (also, part of the issue was that when I ordered groceries, I asked for 6 pork chops and the shopper gave me 8, so technically, we had extra pork chops out of our control). I also had a really fun conversation yesterday with my parents about deer control strategies. A slight update for new people: my parents are building a house on the lot next to ours. Between our two properties, we have 5 acres of land (our property is 2.2 and my parents have 2.8). Our overall goal is to have large gardens and fruit trees. However, there is a significant deer population in the immediate area (while we are technically in a neighborhood, each lot is >1 acre, there is a nice size creek meandering through many of the properties, and while our property has zero tree cover, many lots have a lot of trees). So next year is going to be a "plant and see what the deer don't eat" year. We've been reading about strategies for keeping deer away from food, so it'll be a fun experiment to see what works. On a side note, we are also planning on planting a large amount of milkweed. You know, for the butterflies.
  12. I know there are recipe websites that you can do this with (I know I saw them when I was looking for meal planning resources), but for the life of me, I cannot give you any additional info at this time. (I just did a quick search and found Paprika, Recipe Keeper, and Recipe Box as potential ones to look at). Personally, I just use Pinterest to hold my recipes instead of bookmarks (because they are then all in one place), but that won't organize the way you want. How many recipes are you talking about here? I could throw something together for you in Google.
  13. So what else have I been up to recently? Last week, I was in Denver for work. We're only going every few months, so it's a super exciting and busy week. But I did get to hang out with an internet friend from World of Warcraft that I hadn't met in person until last week! It was really really fun. We've known each other since 2004 or so, which is crazy. This week is our quarterly check-in week at work. This is my first time being responsible for other people (since I know have people who report to me) and I'm pretty nervous about making sure all my people are on target. I also got chosen for a new program my company is doing, where I have a mentor for a 10 month program to develop myself. I have all kinds of training over the next two weeks. We are also getting the cabinets delivered and installed this week. Our bathroom cabinets are already in (which was a surprise, we thought they were all coming this week). This is super exciting because we had to order our appliances like two months ago (not knowing when they would be available) and they've been sitting at a warehouse waiting to be delivered for over a month! This weekend coming up is super busy. We have D&D on Friday, trick-or-treating on Saturday (since I live in an area that doesn't believe on doing so on a Sunday), and then dinner with my parents on Sunday. We are planning a Halloween themed meal, so I'm really looking forward to putting that together. The next weekend, we are doing a Sip and Stroll with a group of people, then doing a Halloween themed one-shot. My daughter got her surgery pre-authorized, so now that is scheduled. But it's not until July 2022, so we have plenty of time to prep for that. The baby is being Batman for Halloween. He's been practicing, so we are totally ready. I forgot how much fun it is to have a baby in the house, so it's exciting now that he's old enough to really enjoy holidays. We are also trying a new food waste strategy (since we waste a lot of food). We are only planning 6/7 days of food. One day is dedicated to leftovers. If we've eaten through all the leftovers, then we get to eat out instead. We may make exceptions if we end up with anything that is really bad, but TBD on that.
  14. So I can confidently say this was a game changer for me. Yeah, there are definitely times where donut-town is definitely a place we visit. But it's so much easier to get back on the healthy food train when that's your norm (also, you start to realize exactly how crappy physically those trips make you feel). Also, it's always seemed like less pressure to me. I don't derail a whole week just because I don't do "x, y, or z" by Tuesday. Also, yay to the running and the biking!
  15. Weekly Tracking: Week 1: 1 move task (packed up a box of things I won't need from my bedroom) 41 work tomatoes 11 house tomatoes ?? / 150 active minutes I just realized that I have to update the week before it rolls over because I 100% do not know how to get my past data off of Garmin. My watch is also starting to decline (and needing to be charged more often), so I don't know how often it actually tracks. I could have been more active this week though. Week 2: Does buying a washer and dryer count as a move task? Because that's what I did! (I also went through some papers, I need to do some shredding, but I haven't yet. I do have piles ready to go though!) 44 work tomatoes I'm getting a pass on house tomatoes 150 / 150 active minutes So the washer at the rental needs a new belt and I'm going to have to use the laundromat until my new washer and dryer get delivered to the new house (12/6). This put a slight speedbump on house tomatoes. It was a really busy weekend and having to spend time away taking care of clothes wasn't helpful. Week 3: Got a mini fridge returned, figured out our window treatment situation (curtains, not blinds). Organized some boxes and started moving the garage around to make it easier to get the boxes currently in there out. Oh, and bought a snowblower. 40 work tomatoes. I almost didn't finish all my tomatoes, but I saw I was one short and finished a task Friday night. 15 house tomatoes. Hitting my house tomato goal is much easier when the dog is going through her shed. I'm finding chunks of dog hair that need picked up. 150 / 150 active minutes. Week 4: Move task ended up being related to our range; the oven light stays on all the time, so we had to have a technician out to look at it. Originally, our builder said that the cleaners would be there that day to let the tech in, but he called me when he got there and they had just left. We aren't sure if they were done for the day or if they had an extended lunch, but our schedule got rearranged to be there for the call. It's still not fixed, but he ordered new circuit boards, which will hopefully solve the issue. 42 work tomatoes. 10 house tomatoes. I didn't quite hit all my goals because we moved some tasks around to the next week to be prepared for Thanksgiving. 150 / 150 active minutes. I might have committed to doing a yoga teacher training class, which recommends 6 months of regular yoga prior to beginning. It's for my mom, because she's struggling to find somewhere to take yoga. Week 5: No move tasks this week. Originally, we were hoping to be able to start doing some move activities this past weekend (my husband was going to install network equipment on Saturday while I brought over some boxes that are currently in the garage of the rental), however cleaning was still going on Saturday, so it did not happen. I did buy two rugs (for our living room and dining room) and a new standing desk for myself (my husband and I are both getting new desks and giving our old ones to the boys). I ended up having off Wednesday (my work gave everyone off as a bonus), so I only achieved 16 work tomatoes last week. It's fine, that's all that was reasonable. 15 house tomatoes. With all the getting ready for Thanksgiving, I did extra cleaning 120 / 150 active minutes. I missed yoga because I wasn't feeling well.
  16. It's been a hot minute since I've interacted on the boards with anything more than a like. I'm still struggling with the forum updates. I'll just leave it at that. The house is due to be finished the week of (American) Thanksgiving, so we are looking at moving the first week of December. This means that we have a lot of things to do in the mean time. We've already started compiling a list of things we need to purchase (like mounting brackets for tv's) and cleaning out odd corners. Most of our stuff is still boxed up (unless we use it regularly), but we definitely have random things to do to get ready (I have a huge pile of shredding to get through!). Goal is to complete one task weekly to prep for the move. Work has been busy - not so much like overwhelming, just lots of little things that keep piling up. I've rebooted my tomatoes. The goal is 8 tomatoes a day (meetings are included as a tomato). At least one tomato task has to be for each of my service lines. I've also started instituting tomato tasks for household chores / tasks. This is separate from above. Cleaning the bathroom is a household chore, not a move prep chore. Goal is to complete 40 work tomatoes (8 x 5 days a week) and 15 house tomatoes every week. I was doing really well on my running plan until I completed it. The next plan in the series includes adding in an additional run day (which gets me up to 5 / week). My mind has literally gone "screw this, I'm out" for no good reason. Now my average daily steps are significantly lower than they should be. I'm going to aim for 3 - 4 runs a week (at least a base run, and interval run, and a long run), but the least I need to do is hit my weekly minute goal (150 minutes). Also, one yoga day. Goal is to hit 150 active minutes plus one yoga day per week.
  17. I really want to laugh at this. I won't, because I know how crappy it's going to be for you, but still. My step-son is famous for leaving things in his pockets. I have a rule that I don't check pockets, so I've broken probably 5 pairs of headphones over the years (and washed a ridiculous number of chapsticks). I guess I should be thankful that I've never had a broken pen.
  18. 21 years. It's weird because I don't feel like I'm old enough for that many years to have passed.
  19. I fell into a pit. I'm working my way up. I've been running regularly and have been seeing some improvement in my performance. I've also been really good about not having my phone on me at the dinner table and taking the time to hang out with the family. However, we got some pretty crappy news about cost increases resulting from our house being built. Right now, it's still on track, but we have to bring a lot of extra money to our closing and getting that amount is going to be difficult. This has been really stressful for both myself and my husband. We have a plan to get as close as possible, but might have to get an additional loan so that we can move in. I also got promoted. I found out in July, but really kept it under wraps until September, when the promotion went into effect. I found out what my new salary would be earlier this week along with what my bonus is.
  20. The 16th and 17th. Maybe we can meet in the middle? I was thinking a hike and I know there are some good ones outside of Philly.
  21. When exactly are you planning on going back to CA? I took two days off work for no reason than I needed to burn through some vacation days. If you are still in the area, I think we should 100% do something fun.
  22. I 100% wish there was a hug react on this forum for you.
  23. I feel like this is the next, "name that appliance" game in Flea's thread. If he doesn't use Ranch, my life has been a lie (I'm guessing Hidden Valley specifically). Per reputable internet sources related to diabetes, it's not really the fact you have a spot on your skin, it's the fact that they are less likely to heal in diabetics (along with not taking care of feet issues properly). So monitoring the spot is the best course of action, along with leaving it alone. If it's still not healing in a few days, then it's appropriate to talk to a doctor about it. But, you also have to stop poking at it.
  24. That's a really good question - for me, I think it's the actual alcohol, not the social aspect. There was definitely extra socializing going on over the past week, but I'd say it was really only two days worth of socializing (Tu / Wed) and the anxiety is definitely higher than I've dealt with historically for two extra days of people. Secondly, I already got to be back to my routine by Thursday night, but the anxiety is still there (and I had social drinks Sat / Sun). There has definitely been more alcohol than I normally consume (in general, I would say I'm a 1 - 2 drinks a week person and I had multiple nights this week where I was at that level). Also, it's easier to eliminate the alcohol and see if that helps compared to the socializing. So worst case is I'm wrong and then I just need to figure out how to tell people I'm not hanging out with them anymore!
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