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  1. Aaah I'm here. Busy as hell. I've got a lot of really important things in my life fighting for priority - nothing drastic like a sick family member or anything, but I'm trying to find a different job (research, resume writing, etc), trying to finish a tax project thing (my friend has me organize/tabulate his year of receipts and I get paid), start a gift that has a deadline on it, finish my Christmas gifts, etc etc all on top of my shit job (which often runs into overtime). So I'm trying but haven't stuck to my goals as much as I'd like. I just bought a ratchet attachment to get to the nut on one of my bike pedals; a screw fell out but I can't get to the hole without taking off the reflector. Apparently, according to the internet and my local shop, this has never happened before. And on and on. I'm actually shirking work right now. Also, this whole forum system is a bit overwhelming. It's like the site is just a bit too big. But thanks for checking in y'all. I'm working on my checklist today.
  2. Thanks, fleaball! So update on my starts: -bit of a rough weekend, did not hit every goal on Friday and Saturday due to helping a friend move, but Sunday I hit all my goals. -right now I can only do one real pushup, but did 11 more on my knees as part of a circuit on Sunday. I'm doing sober January, so it's been really helpful to hit the end of the day and just do my work. Often I would say "oh I've already had a beer, I can't work out now." Now I don't have that to worry about.
  3. https://imgflip.com/i/g896c Gah. Maybe this will work.
  4. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/59415-dartoo-first-challenge-late-as-usual/?view=getnewpost So I read through Blaidd's intro post and posted my challenge (link above) in Adventurers. But now I'm hearing that I should start here in recruits? I feel a little like this right now...
  5. Ideally 3-4 times a week for riding. That will be building up once I get the bike up and running again.
  6. Thank you! It's hard to pin things down right now, my list of goals has many many offshoots (Like I didn't even mention weights/lifting yet). I already bike solo for enjoyment about 15 miles at a time (not as often as I should). My average speed is way lower than 18 though, it's usually about 11-12. My dad lives in Tulsa and also bikes, and suggested I enter one of the rides for the Tulsa Tough in June. When I looked into it I found some good training (day on, day off, distances, speeds to maintain etc.) that covers 10 weeks. I'd like to use that as my model for improving my speed and distance. First - I need to get my bike back in order. A screw fell out of the pedal and I need to make sure the tires are okay. Also I need to learn to change my tires Second - More consistent riding. I hate hate hate this cold but I have to get out in it and just freaking ride. Third - This is the scary one: Find group rides in my area that are intense enough to properly train in. I really prefer to ride alone, it's very meditative. But I really need to improve my group riding skills. There are casual rides around town but they're either very small or very short. I'll have to find the gung-ho bike bros and hang with them :/
  7. Motivation - feeling and looking better, really. Competing with myself to get better.
  8. Hi, I'm Dartoo and this is my first challenge. I found the site in November 2014 but my forum membership didn't go through right away (which is what I discovered when I tried to join the challenge on time!) But they got me in fine and fixed me up so here I am. I'm in okay shape I would say; I used to play roller derby and recently retired. Without the group motivation it can be difficult to keep a routine. I like riding my bike (but could definitely up my maintenance skills). I work at home so it's easy to sit around in my jammies all day... uhhh. Main Quest: Ride 50 miles at a time at an average speed of at least 18 mi/hr. Maybe fit in my 2009 jeans. My 6-week goals are in fun little increments of 5: - 5 glasses of water/day - 5 dog walks (of at least .5 miles each) - 5 REAL pushups by the end of the challenge - 5 minute dance party for every hour at work and this one doesn't fit the 5s, but getting in bed by 10:30 and up by 6:30. Life Quest: - practice my clarinet at least 30 minutes/day at least 5 days/week So... hi everybody! I need buddies, right? Hullo...
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