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  1. Week 2/3: Work was crazy last and most of this week. I have been exhausted and the grumps. -Bodyweight routine: went out the window middle of last week. I was too blasted tied to do much of anything aside from work and sleep. Gotten a couple of good runs in outside, then the weather turned wintry again. -I had my weekly Agents of Shield viewing with my besties, but that was mostly it. -I've had to work earlier this last week, so while I do get my one-a-day photos, they've been mostly sunsets out my back window. Usually, I send a "sunrise report" via Snapchat for my daily an
  2. Week 1: Makes more sense to post as weeks, rather than days, I'm thinking. -Bodyweight routine: making some okay progress towards doing a pull up. Going to add farmer's carries and rows to my gym routine (which consists only of sweet, sweet treadmill running currently) so I don't have to buy any weights or have to find a place to shove them in my hot mess of an apartment. -Journaling has been going well and I feel like it is a good way to take a breath and center before my day really starts. -Social time was a great success especially yesterday. A friend has people over at
  3. So I have a few active goals I'm working towards: 1) Bodyweight exercises or go for a run before breakfast 2) journal every week day with breakfast 3) do more social things with friends and make new connections 4) further my gardening and photography skills Battle log day 1. - Bodyweight routine? Check! - Journaling? Check! - Social goal? Rejoining my martial arts school next month to reconnect with friends (and hey, cross training) and writing this post, so check! - Gardening? Starting seeds this weekend, so also check! - Photography? Daily snap taken, check! Today is a good day and is off t
  4. 4/18-21 and 24-29 - 2 mile walk around the block or (occasionally!) to Starbucks. 4/22 - 2.38 miles in 35 minutes at the gym. 4/23 - 2.79 miles in 40 minutes, again on the treadmill. 4/30 - 2.78 miles in 40 minutes. The gym got all new treadmills! Some of the old ones would vibrate weirdly when you ran on them, but the new ones are smooth as buttah! I am super freakin' excited and I must do a happy dance. I did a bunch of walking days to give my shins a much needed break while still getting out there. It seems to have helped because they hurt a lot less when I ran on the treadmill for the pas
  5. Thanks Terinatum! I have a life goal, it's been a bit tough to quantify it for the 6 week challenge. Workouts for the rest of the week: 4/15 - 2.03 miles for 26:14, shins want to boycott this whole pavement thing 4/16 - 2.45 miles for 35 minutes, love my treadmill days. I've noticed a big difference in how much I feel I can achieve since I started running on the pavement even though my poor shins hate it! Going to try a grassy path next time I run the outside runs! 4/17 - 2-ish miles leisurely walking to Starbucks and back. Not the best thing for my fitness levels, but I didn't drive there and
  6. Allllrighty! Yesterday I went on a group run on our 2 mile route. We paced off of another member of the group who is working on his endurance. When we run outside, I use the app called "RunKeeper" to keep track of my distance and time. Ended up with a time of 34:19 (17:08 min/mile) which was a bit slow for me, but I felt really good because I wasn't really winded after our intervals of running.
  7. Since I sucked so bad at posting my last challenge, I obviously need to do this some more and get better at this, right? Yup. Main quest: I want to get down to 160 lbs by the end of June. To this end, a few friends and I have begun to train for a 1/2 marathon later this year. I also love the idea of the Walking to Mordor quest, so I'm adding up my distances for that as well I did okay with follow through last time and I am definitely more active than in January, so let's try some step 2! I need to run more to step up my 1/2 marathon training, keep cooking meals instead of lazy-ing out, and bur
  8. Herpy derpy reply. Moved this thread over here
  9. Herp derp, posted this in daily battle logs instead of the 6 week challenge thread!
  10. Welp, I suck at posting apparently and I've been struggling with some life things that put me in a bad place for a while. I'm in a better state now and I would like to finish this thread, even though it is very late. Week 5/6 check-in: Still rockin' the bonus quest. I didn't walk outside at all, so I've failed that quest (boo), but I've gone running at the gym at least twice each week (yay). Also completed the body weight circut quest and the life quest. Now that things are warming up, it will be a bit easier to motivate to go outside. I will open up a thread a bit later for new goals and tra
  11. Woah attack of life! Last week was my last week of classes before graduation and it was crazy! Thank you Companion for the post I'm keepin' on keepin' on. Week 3 check-in: Bonus quest was just the kick in the pants I needed to cut out my work-candy habit. I completed everything in my quests except my walks around the block. Brr! I'm so bad at walking outside in winter this year! Perhaps should have saved this particular quest for my next challenge, but I still have two more weeks to push through. I may just recycle it anyway, hehe. Week 4 check-in: Sweet! I managed to do everything in m
  12. I'll definitely have to poke my head in and say hi to the Scouts. Blaidd, thank for the advice and support! It really means a lot to me that anyone has posted anything on this thread. Week 2 check-in: I've been stretching daily before I go to bed to help my leggles and they're nearly back. Posterior tibialis is taking some extra "me" time, though. I only went to the gym once last week so I wouldn't break myself. Went on both of my walks, made all of my positivity chain links, and did my bodyweight circuit. I've gained 1.5lbs this week (pout), but I've also been eating a lot of candy/sweets
  13. Thanks for the support Aegle! I really like the quote in your signature, also. I'm trying to set myself up for success in the short term to help myself achieve more in the long term. Week 1 check-in: I was able to go to the gym both times, did one complete bodyweight circuit, and made a link for my positivity chain all 7 days last week. However, I was deterred from my walkies by the cold and only went once. I also minorly strained my right peroneus longus (and/or brevis) and left posterior tibialis (probably not the anterior, given where the pain is) on my second run day. I've been resting
  14. Greetings all! I finally decided to take the plunge and make an account for my first challenge! Where do I start without blathering on? Hm. Current job = crap; trade school = 95% done. Yey! I'm about 173 lbs of blobby shape. Two summers ago, when I got a gym membership and worked up to being able to run around nearly non-stop for several hours in my martial arts's grand melee, it was exhilarating. Juggling work/school/mental health last year didn't leave much room for running, so I'm back to square 1. With classes winding down, I have more time and mental fortitude to go running and doing the
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