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  1. Monday, March 1, 2016: - Aerobic/Danced for 30 minutes - Drank 40 oz water - No strength Training but danced with 5 lb weights My eating was horrible today. I don't know why, but lately I have been scarfing down food like there's no tomorrow. Not sure if it's emotional/depression eating or the PCOS/Insulin Resistance is keeping me from getting any energy. I have to get back onto the Paleo-ish diet. SUCK IT UP BUTTER CUP AND GET IT DONE.
  2. Okay, finished my first challenge last year - then had to have surgery and just dropped it for...well, a year. So here I am again, working on my second challenge, but first as a new-ish assassin in training. Not there yet, but going to be. SO here it goes: Quest 1: Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day Measurement: A = 30 minutes every day; B = 30 minutes 5-6 days; C = 30 minutes 3-4 days; D = 30 minutes 1-2 days; F = No exercise Reward: Not sure? Anybody have ideas for this? Quest 2: Strength Training at least 3 days a week Measurement: A = Arms, Legs, and Sit ups at least 3 days
  3. Sounds good to me - I think I may have tried to join one of those at one point, but I feel like I did something wrong bc it never went anywhere? I dunno lol - My gamer Facebook profile is here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010851248595 Anyone can feel free to add me there, as well. I should go to bed o.o....I think myfitnesspal code is sbdalbey? I have no clue about that one. BUT - I did dance for 30 minutes today. And I drank my water for today as well... WOOT for a good start on day one of the challenge!
  4. Monday, February 29th, 2016: Time to start a challenge. I logged in today and saw that today was the start day and figured - what the heck - it's time to get back into gear. I'm battling sickness, depression, and issues that are beyond my control, but I know that when I walk in the morning, I feel a whole heck of a lot better about myself. SO - My big thing is exercise. I need to get up and get moving again. And I need to work on my challenge for this 4 weeks. I sit and think about things I need to do all day but I don't do anything. I'm not sure why I can't get myself motivated an
  5. Hey everyone - I'm going to be honest. These last two months have been probably the worst I've experienced in a long time. There have been a long string of deaths, lots of drama and frustration at work, and personal emotional issues that have pretty much left me in a depressed funk. Complete opposite of what I normally am, so instead of looking depressed, I look more manic and psycho. In the midst of this, the only time I felt ready to take on the day was when I actually exercised in the morning. But I'm having a hard time getting back into that routine. Today starts a new challenge, an
  6. Sunday, January 24th, 2016 I'm not going to lie - I've taken a hard hit these past few months. Life seems to be going to hell in a hand basket pretty quick. On top of emotional pain and frustration, I got sick for a good 2 months, and then January hit. Worst month ever, it seems. Month my Dad died a few years ago, my aunt died this year, had to separate from a friend I didn't want to separate from. I have a tendency to overshare in my life when I'm online, mostly because I feel like I'm really just typing to myself and no one is reading. Alas, I'm and ENFP (look up MBTI if you don't k
  7. Rough patch - need to focus on a goal to power through.

    1. Calibre


      Just pick something that will either allow you to conquer what's causing the rough patch or go for something simple (water, exercise, etc)

  8. Welp, I officially fell off the Nerd Rebellion wagon, but I did manage to lose about 20 pounds. I got sick during November and December with Pneumonia WOOOOO (sucks as a choral director) BUT - I'm ready to get back on and work more. I don't know if you guys are still around, but I'll be contacting you if it's not too late . Looking forward to getting started again!
  9. I totally busted the end of the year like a true boss - got sick and just let things go to hell because I couldn't breathe from having pneumonia. BUT I'M BACK! I had lost about 25 pounds, but I've gained 5 back. So I'm back at it. I will join back up on the challenges at the end of January. I have a LONG way to go, but I want to be one of those success stories. Forty is looming in the distance and my goal is to take this last year of my 30's and get healthy. Here's to kicking it back into gear.
  10. Correction: I did better...

  11. Wow...I totally wasted that year...

  12. Okay! I've done it - I've cleared more time off of my schedule and I've made it possible to get to the gym and work out every day - or at least a time carved out to work out everyday. So this is for the next challenge that starts in two weeks and I'm researching for it now to be ready...I'll repost in that challenge thread. The next challenge is focused on making exercise a habitual part of me life again. Here's to shedding this weight! I want to look sexy in a cosplay costume!! Main Quest: Lose 10 pounds in 2 months Quest 1: Sleep 7 hours a night Measurement: A = 7 Hours every night
  13. Yes, I'm cheering for Kentucky!

  14. Okay peeps - I'm taking the plunge and asking for accountability. I'm hoping there is someone out there who is highly motivated and wants to help someone who is overweight finally shed the weight. I'm stubborn, and I like to do things independently, but the more excited I am about it (which is easy to do) the longer I'm going to stick to it, and a virtual buddy is exactly what I need to help me stay accountable. I can do this both ways, and am a great encourager - but I really need the help. Anyone willing to help me reach that ultimate goal of being a bad ass assassin, feel free to pm or
  15. sbdalbey

    L1 Juice Bar

    I feel like I am straggling in but I am still hanging in there. I didn't get to the mini challenges like I wanted to, and I wasn't entirely sure WHERE to post them. But will there be instructions in the end on how to apply our points or do we just know that we have them and add them? What am I going to do after the last day of this challenge? Go into surgery =/ It is minor, and it won't put me down but for a few days. What happens after this? Will there be a few days before the next challenge starts? Sorry, I'm sure all of these questions are somewhere on this site, but I've been so s
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