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  1. As much as I tell everyone else that self-care is important and we need to be kind to ourselves, I'm still not very good at doing it for myself. This week hit me with a couple days I had to be up at 3:30am; a covid booster shot that made me bone-deep exhausted for 24 hours; and the start of a project that's going to require more early-morning/ late-night work days and six-day work weeks for at least this month if not January as well. Since this is a short challenge anyway, and it's unlikely I'll have time to make or do anything noteworthy, it seems like a perfect time to dial down the expectations on stuff, and go for care this time. It also coincides with the shortest days of the year, and for someone who is solar powered, this is the perfect time to self-care. Goals: Move: Heart rate up 4 times a week, 5-minute core exercises on off days to keep healthy posture Read: Order/ check out at least 2 books for funsies, not for "ought to"s Food: make sure there's some (healthy-ish) treat or dessert in the house, so no temptations to eat crappy treats Decorate: put up christmas lights, because light makes me happy Offline: don't doom scroll or mindlessly browse I'm somewhat uncomfortable on the move goal, because I've been doing exercise 6 days a week for the last 5-6 years, and trimming it back feels lame. On the other hand, I know the value of deload weeks, I'm finishing a 12-week set of exercises this week, and, well, working out when exhausted and worn out helps no one. I also know that if I attach an award to getting extra days in, I'll try to power through on days I should be resting, so no extra reward. On the other hand, when I don't do core work, my posture sucks and my back starts spasming, so I'll get some quick core in to avoid falling into that trap. Reading, food, and decoration are really just to give me things to be mindfully happy and relaxed about. I have a bad tendency to go ascetic on myself and not notice until I'm grumpy. I'm going to try to fit some healthy pampering in. Trying to be offline more when I don't have a stated goal is something I've been trying lately and it's really helped me refocus on here and now rather than "something horrible is happening that you have no control over!!!" This ties in well with the book idea. Hopefully.
  2. Finding a balance between desired goals and realistic ones is difficult, no two ways about it. It helps sometimes to get an outside point of view, because we dismiss our own work way too easily. I've been working on that for years and still sometimes need my husband to gently remind me that I'm being overly critical.
  3. Haha, yup... I hear that. But it's a good goal to make, nonetheless. Boo to the food problem, eating healthfully without eating leftovers/ food prep is tough. Tweak those recipes to smaller production!
  4. Ugh, suuuuuuck. Good luck. Hopefully that was meant in a playful way, not a self-demeaning one. If it helps at all, you've inspired me to make this challenge one about self-care, because I know I struggle with that, too.
  5. Hopefully having the stress of the wedding/ cons off your plate helps that, too. Are you planning on a new Nightcrawler, or rocking your existing, awesome outfit(s)?
  6. Haha, short weeks are a blessing, for sure. And hey, you learned something about what you need to do to progress - sounds like a win to me!
  7. I feel like this is a very healthy attitude. You know that stress causes bad habits, so why add stress to THE most stressful part of the year? Save that for when you have headspace for it, and stick with what you've found works so far. Oh, no, that sucks! I did that once with a candle I put in the oven after I finished baking something else, to try to just soften the wax. Out of sight, out of mind, didn't think about it til the husband pre-heated the oven for something a few days later and wondered why the kitchen suddenly smelled like pine needles. -.- Glad it didn't explode or ruin the oven. /aghast. Those are ridiculous property taxes. The housing market right now is trash for being a buyer, too. Good luck, hopefully you stumble upon the perfect house at the right time!
  8. You looks (rightfully) proud of yourself in that picture! That is impressive, and hopefully the leg pains aren't horrible.
  9. Heck yeah! Glad you had a good challenge, and found epic things to do. Also good to hear your back is doing better; that can take forever to heal up.
  10. Nice, glad you found something to tide you over, and especially ones that let you sit comfortably. Is the pocket thing something you could take them off and sew new ones on?
  11. I mean, that's a pretty good aspiration in life.: lay around, enjoy the sun and the sand, and be happy? Sounds like a plan to me!
  12. Final: Jeans: done. Replacement project - Just kidding, nope. Be social at least 3 times a week: I think so. Practice Russian once a week: Oh, uh... no. Purge - go through the house and get rid o' unused stuffs: Nope. Quality - replace failing things with quality items: Yup - couple cosplay shirts. Pike press as part of handstand: Yes. Instead of doing anything physically productive this week, I went for self-care and dramatic, wall-covering link charts in an attempt to forestall my usual cycle of mood and disgruntlement that happens every now and then. It worked, and I am fairly well re-gruntled, but nothing really exciting to report. Overall, the challenge was a success. Sewing has resumed and my confidence in my skills is higher than at the start. I got several other things done and didn't disappear from the forums as badly as I have in the past. I'm still struggling to fit language practice back in, but that's ok; I'm going to keep at it, especially with winter and more reading time coming in.
  13. You have quite the gift for undercutting your own successes! You hit every single goal you made while attending grad school and raising a small child. Period. You don't need the qualifiers, "buts", and waffling: you did it. Congrats, I am proud of you.
  14. Amen to that. Well, if you want the pattern pieces for the 529s, just let me know. I'm happy to help a fellow jeans sufferer (i.e. all women, I think). Good luck!
  15. Now I'm intrigued, because I would say I have large hips and thighs with a narrower waist, but I love the 529 Curvy Bootcuts. My problem with jeans has always been that if they fit the thighs and butt, the waist is stupidly baggy. The 529s sat low enough that it didn't really make much of a gap. Where are you finding jeans with big thigh/butt areas and small waists? Tell me your secrets!
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