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  1. Glad you got to have a good time. Condolences to your bro-in-law. Hopefully the other relative is pulling through. Good call, I like this.
  2. Blurg, what a roller coaster ride. Sorry to hear about the bathroom, that's so frustrating when a seemingly simple fix suddenly becomes much, much bigger due to someone else's laziness. Best wishes going forward on the job hunt, hopefully you'll find a better fit for you soon. I remembered about the spacex launch about 5 minutes before it took off, and happened to be on the phone with my dad (also a huge nerd). He got logged in to the livestream at literally t-5 seconds, and we watched the first 20 minutes together. Very cool to see how things have changed with the new spaceship, and the reusable boosters! And of course, the zero-G indicator. Hope the week is off to a better start for you.
  3. Thanks? I think I mentioned it like once when I first started the outfit. Taboo is from a comic called Wildstorm, which was published back in the 90s. She was kind of a secondary character. If you google "wildstorm taboo", you'll cut through the billions of other things called Taboo that will muddle a search. Apparently, she and Backlash (the gentleman's cosplay) are the gentleman's favorite characters. The art he's been commissioning lately portrays her as the vampire symbiote, but like, having fun and being silly, too. I think it's a nice change from the 90s when everyone was all >( srs face. I highly recommend it, it's very forgiving as a material. A touch expensive, but has soooooooo many uses and you can re-use the scraps. One day!
  4. Wow, yup, that sucks on the insurance. Good luck with your list, and hopefully getting some answers. You should totally go for a sequined eyepatch and just rock that look!
  5. Oh hey, look who hasn't "checked in" on her goals in 2 weeks. Oops. Languages: Caught up on reviews and making forward progress again. Exercise: Skipped Memorial Day because I lost track of time, otherwise went well. Gardening: Nope. Crafting: Taboo goal done. Jeans.... are on the list. In my defense, I did get out the denim fabric yesterday and lay it on the cutting board. Then I realized I've been putting off making better-fitted covid masks for a while... then put away laundry... then read an entire book cover to cover because a) it was fascinating, and b) it wasn't messing about with jeans. I'm closing in on the point where I get tired of my own procrastination and just get to it, but I'm not quite there yet. The Taboo mask is done. I tied thin elastic around it and wore it for an hour, making lunch. No paint transference or slipping, so I just glued the elastic to the back and called it good. I did bonk the front horn into the cabinets a couple times, 'cause apparently I get my head really close to them while working, but everything survived the experience. I'm still vaguely on the fence about the horn. It's just..... kinda boring.... And the rounded base detracts from the pointiness of everything else, I feel? I'm not sure it'll even be visible, head-on, from more than conversation distance. I'd like to put on everything I've got so far and take some pictures this week, see how it all looks. I did poke around at making claws on Saturday, but decided against the style I'd done. I'm covered neck to toe in black and purple everywhere else, having pink lil fingers sticking out from under the Worbla seemed like it would look really stupid, and I didn't like the lack of flexibility/ staying-in-place-ness that this style conferred. So I ordered some wrist-length black opera gloves, and will be trying a style where I attach the Worbla to the gloves. My biggest concern is making it so that I can take them off/ put them on by myself, mostly for bathroom and nose-blowing reasons. I cannot imagine trying to do either of those with even 1" long claws on every finger. Nope.
  6. LOL at this. And yay for positive talk and lifestyle changes! Hopefully she also seems happier with life since making those changes? Very excited for your quasi-vacation and photo fun!
  7. I applaud your commitment to tying all that out. And yeah, probably good call. FWIW, and I don't know if this is true or not, but I was told by a PT that once you get old, your knees will just... sound horrible. As long as there's no pain, go for it. I tried doing my workout once without music and almost died from the noises my body makes. No working out for me sans distraction music. Hey, that's still office experience!
  8. What is it with wildly inappropriate marching band uniforms? My family moved to Virginia for the last years of high school for me, and the VA uniform was hot, scratchy wool..... with gauze sleeves. Not comfortable for summer OR winter. We've got super high tech fabrics and designs for athletes, but hey those kids marching in both snow and scorching sun? They'll be fine. /facepalm. Ignore the blue shirt and the fact that I'm kneeling because the gentleman couldn't get up from the couch... The shoulders are now attached! All that's left is to sew the arm bands tighter (and with elastic) and they're done! I was debating trying to make the transition from vest to shoulder plates a little nicer, but I think it looks fine.
  9. Ouch, this is a tough time to be becoming and Adult. Not impossible, but definitely tough. What did you do in a medical office? That's probably pretty good experience, and responsible office work is pretty transferable between industries. Eh, yes and no. A lot of restaurants here are doing outdoor seating only, and definitely keeping people distanced. I feel like that'd be good, especially if you eat and then relocate to another outdoor place to chat/ relax. Rehearsals feel like they're mandatorily in an enclosed space, with way more than 10 people, and you're specifically breathing deeply and blowing out air. Of the two, I'd be happier at an outdoor restaurant. Happy early birthday, and glad both your grandparents pulled through, even if it was misdiagnosed at the time.
  10. Concur. As someone who lived out of thrift stores, growing up, yes - the right person will find this and be OVER THE MOON at finding it. Even if it's just for a kids' dressup thing, that's still an amazing treasure to find. Ditto with the weird socks. I have so many fantastic memories of wearing wacky things from thrift stores and feeling fun when I was younger.
  11. This week took an unexpected side turn. Monday night, I had turned in at about 11:30 - a little late, but after 4 dys off, I wasn't keen on getting back to work. My phone rings a half an hour later, which is a) odd that my phone ring at all, and b) hella odd 'cause I have my phone set to DND between 10pm and 8am. Basically, unless you're a favorite contact, there will be no ring tone unless you call twice within I think 1 minute or something. But ring it did, scared me half to death, and when I answer it, it's my gentleman (whom I thought was in the basement, quietly computering) saying, "can you come down here right now???" Fffffffff.... that's not good. Throw on some clothes, shuffle down two flights of stairs, and find him holding his hand over, and trash bin under, a rather high-pressure leak in the expansion tank on the water heater. Grab a towel and a bucket, rubber band the towel in place, and grab pliers to shut the water off, because that valve hasn't been touched in probably a decade or so. We get it contained and cleaned up, and sorta go back to bed, though we're no longer really sleepy. On the plus side, if the gentleman hadn't been staying up late, we wouldn't have found it until the morning, and goodness knows what kind of mess and property loss that would have been. Landlady comes out Tuesday to replace the tank, but can't get the water heater started again. Plumber comes out Wednesday, also can't get it started (after we had an argument about him putting on a ****ing mask to get in my house, tyvm). Says the heater is 11 years old, probably due for replacement anyway, and being soaked didn't help it. Can have a heater here tomorrow, you'll have to go one more day with no hot water. Tuesday night, there was enough tepid water left over that I just had a chilly shower. Wednesday night, the water was so cold I got goosebumps just touching it. Fastest, most swear-y shower you have ever seen. Had traumatic flashbacks to high school marching band - Colorguard had spandex dresses, sheer stockings, and thin leather dance shoes, in New England, during football season. Oh, and holding metal flag poles. I'm reasonably sure that counts as child abuse, but hey, we looked good, eh? And once you learn to march with numb feet and twirl a flag you can't feel, not much in life is gonna stop you. Thankfully, the heater and the plumber showed up again today, and - I just checked - we have hot water again. I'm gonna let the gentleman have the first shower, since he hasn't showered in two days, but then I'm gonna burn a layer or two of grime off myself tonight. Oooooh, and wash my hair. And run the dishwasher. And wash the pots and pans we'd cooked hamburgers in. And do laundry. And then maybe take another shower. In other news, I took one freaking hour last night to hand-sew one side of the shoulder velcro onto the vest. I'll do the other one tonight, and might actually be able to call that done. Managed to not draw blood with the massive leather needle, but it was close a few times. Looking forward to the claws next; did a sketch of my hand that I'm pretty proud of, and a few concept drawings, but I'm going to have to go down and play with the materials I have before I decide on how to do those. Also ordered a bunch of stuff to upgrade my computer, both for work and because one of these days, I'm going to poke into 3D cad drawing programs to start working with 3D printing stuff. I can think of SEVERAL applications where that would be super useful for cosplay. I suspect that will be after Taboo is done, however. One layer of oddness at a time.
  12. Seconded. And I am slightly jealous of your kip-up from the ground. That's one of the things I learned the progression for in parkour class, but haven't had anywhere to practice it. Glad you're getting space and time to practice!
  13. The last challenge was surprisingly productive, even if not necessarily in the order I'd imagined. I made a lot of masks, got caught up on editing/ writing jobs, got married, upgraded my work from home situation with a new desk, and got back into cosplay making. I'm even getting a bit better, because the bracers for Taboo only took 8 hours. Not super fancy, but I like the new style, and they're pretty dang comfy, too: That's a lot of things out of the way, and it's time to figure out where I want to go from here. I am switching out one of my 4 hobbies again, since it's pretty nice outside still, and we're encouraged to stay home: Languages: Get back to daily practice for Fr/ Ru, look at ASL on weekends. Exercise: Push a little bit on weights M/W/F, maintain cardio Tu/Th/Su. Gardening: Finish cleaning up the back yard, add a small raised bed and plant low-maintenance bushes in it. Crafting: Jeans (take 2), and the headpiece for Taboo. Fairly self-explanatory. The first pair of jeans is somehow still stretching out width-wise, and shrinking length-wise, so I'm gonna try again, this time taking a pattern off my old jeans and raising the waist (and lengthening the hems a LOT). In deference to @Red1263, I will refrain from posting pictures and bad butt jokes. I will also start work on the headpiece for Taboo, which involves figuring out how to put my hair under a wig and attaching something to the front to hide the wig line. I've been waffling on cutting my hair or not for... okay, 20 years or so, but more recently, since I had to miss my spring equinox haircut and it's getting heavy. Dealing with the wig may solidify that decision.