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  1. Manarelle

    Spring Break! [Manarelle]

    I'm not terribly caught up in the whole wedding idea. I spent a lot of time when I was younger worrying about whether I was emotionally... correct? Capable? Whatever. It still occasionally arises as a curiosity thing, but I've decided I don't care. What makes me happy is how excited my gentleman is about it. I would like a pretty dress, but also being practical about it. Plus, without additional tailoring, a wedding dress you wear once... armor you can wear LOTS of times. So the challenge got off to a good start, had a very productive zero week/ weekend, then I hit a block. The car cleaning is scheduled for this coming weekend, and garden stuff is awaiting weather cooperation, so that's fine to be on hold for a moment. I started cleaning out the music/ iPod last night, but it's a lengthy task... I spent 40 minutes after Russian class deleting songs/ artists I've never listened to and didn't wow me on a 5-second listen, and I'm only barely into the Cs for artists, still have 9,279 songs to get through. (The trials of having an enthusiastic audiophile significant other with different music tastes than you.) But ok, that'll just take time and diligence. I think the hitch in the gitalong is the fabric sorting. When I moved to the East Coast, I got rid of a huge pile of "wouldn't this be cool!" fabric scraps and even entire rolls, and vowed that I would only get fabric for what I was making right then, and not get more until I finished the project I was working on. Needless to say, that hasn't quite happened. Some of it was practical - I got extra for a planned costume because the store I got it from was 3 hours away, and if I messed up, I didn't want to drive 3 hours again - but some of it was good intentions and no follow through. And I'm somewhat ashamed of that, and hesitant to face it by going through the fabric heap. I'll put time aside this weekend to just suck it up and do so, but still. Shame. On the up side, my burst of cleaning motivated the gentleman to do the same. I don't think he's aiming to clear off the walls or anything, but he's definitely talking about clearing away duplicates and stuff he hasn't touched in years, so here's hoping!
  2. Manarelle

    traaki gets some sun. Just a little.

    This is brilliant. I wish I had a patio, 'cause I would totally steal this. Looks like you're rocking this week so far. Ah, imposter syndrome... give it hell.
  3. Manarelle

    Insert Training Montage Here, Part 2 [Elennare]

    Boo for being sick, but good call on taking care of yourself so you can heal faster. Is the "no holds barred" scrimmage really just a free-for-all? That sounds rather dangerous...
  4. Manarelle

    Grandkai Gets into Habit: The Sequel

    Och, that transition is always rough; self-care is the way to go there. Hope today was/ is less tiring (although I think they say the second day after loss of sleep is worse).
  5. Manarelle

    Lose My Breath

    Talking it out often helps cement what you're feeling, no worries about saying more, here. I hear you on the "just" have to time manage better. Sounds easy, is super not. Baby steps.
  6. Manarelle


    1) Juggling on a string 2) Juggling regular 3) Juggling up close 4) Juggling the body I'm sensing a theme......
  7. Manarelle

    Lose My Breath

    Much to be said for keeping it simple. This referring to anything in specific? Following again, good challenge.
  8. Manarelle

    Insert Training Montage Here, Part 2 [Elennare]

    That kind of dedication is what makes you a valuable player. Hope you're feeling better and getting some decent sleep.
  9. Manarelle

    Anim puts the" Pro" in Procrastinate

    I'd bet serious money that if you asked her, she'd say it was perfect.
  10. Manarelle

    Anim puts the" Pro" in Procrastinate

    So much to respond to... I was wondering if you were ok, 'cause you've been quiet lately, glad to hear it was due to good things and craftiness. Love all the costumes (the charizard turned out really well and the hobby fairies is amazing). Hella congrats on the proposal! Definitely not a competition - part of why I did what I did was so I didn't have to be in that vulnerable position down on one knee, so props to you for opening up like that. Grats on the calorie counting and progress, too. Here's to workouts as fun adding to your achievements there, though I'm sure soccer will help, too. Dude, that sounds awesome. Not a prince, but I vote Captain Phoebus from Hunchback of Notre Dame. Or King Fergus. Or Li Shang. Or I should stop now because I'm sure you have plenty of your own ideas. :P Ah, that poor insulation. I would say think of it as a workout, but that would be counter to the "fun" idea. You've got this.
  11. Manarelle

    Akura's best assassin impression

    Ahhh, I gotcha. I know my math isn't the best, but I'm pretty sure I was coming up over 100% Haha, yup, welcome to all of gardening. SOunds like a pretty good weekend though.
  12. Manarelle

    Spring Break! [Manarelle]

    I feel like weeks will go by with no real progress, then everything hits at once. Finished the breastplate today, total of 46:10 if you don't count the failed first attempt, 57:50 if you do. Learned a lot, especially the importance of properly stretched Worbla so you don't see seams on the final piece (sigh), but I'm quite happy with the results. As noted above, I"ll be ostensibly taking a break from cosplay to do spring cleaning... we'll see how that goes.
  13. Manarelle

    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

    Nice sketches.
  14. Manarelle

    Blocky tries to stop his head from exploding

    Might be different in the southern hemisphere, but I think you underestimate students' ability to procrastinate and f**k up classes. Going into college as an adult is wildly different than going into college right out of high school and "omg I'm out of my parents' house party every night yeah" attitude. I suspect you will be a top student, just by dint of having self-control and being used to holding yourself to rigorous standards. Will you still be doing Russian through classes, do you think?
  15. Manarelle

    Grandkai Gets into Habit: The Sequel

    Sounds like you've replaced it with House Sorter, the new fun and exciting game of getting one's house in order. Now available in Actual Reality platforms. I remember seeing it in previous challenges but I don't recall what the 5-minute flow entails. Is that like Tai Chi or something totally different?