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  1. Recap: Exercise: weights on M/W/F, cardio Tu/Th/Su - Yes Languages: French during lunch on weekdays, Russian 2x per week - Mostly Cosplay: Complete the wing base for Valkyrie, start making feathers - Mostly Other: Workday movement: Do stretches, crunches, or jumping jacks every hour during work - Hit or miss Eyes: Focus outside, far away for at least 1 minute during lunch - Yes, and then some Writing/ Sketching: do one of these at least weekly - Yes Stay calm: Don't kill the cat - Mostly I was hoping to do a
  2. Good insight here, especially as the weather improves and tempts you to be outside and parkouring more.
  3. Sounds like you made some good progress this time around, congrats!
  4. Aw, sorry work is getting its last lumps in. Hopefully this week goes smoothly and the transition to the new job is relatively easy! The beach sounds like a great restorative activity - maybe more of that should be scheduled in the future when you're not working stupid hours. And under the circumstances, I think eating a bit off is acceptable. Hang in there, the end is near (and for once, it's a good thing!).
  5. I mean, theoretically, you'll have more time off work in the evenings, right? So all that stuff that got pushed back to 11pm can be done earlier? I totally hear you on it being a change and mornings suck, but hopefully it'll be an overall change for the more free time. You could lso randomly do a 90 days til _______ setup, so you're not rushing your goals? 90 days til July 4th would start early April, and give you a bit more planning time.
  6. Man, sorry I'm late to the party. One things to note on the DL - mobility is good and form is obviously highly ideal, but don't overthink it and lock your back out. I ran into a problem when I was working on dl form where I was SO FOCUSED on ankles and knees and hips and make sure the back chain is just so and don't let the knees go over the toes and where is your center of balance and keep it all just so... that I ended up locking up my lower back and jacking it up pretty badly. Not saying that you're doing that or even that you might do that, just be aware as you lower and freeze that you're
  7. I mean, I was going for gentle nudge, buuuuuuuut you do you. Looks like the workouts are going well. Are you feeling big and buff?
  8. So true. Glad you got an update! Hopefully the parents arriving this week went well and you're all settling in. That's a huge change (especially mid-pandemic).
  9. Poor kiddo. Hope he's feeling better. And as always, the pictures are beautiful! Looks like you got some sunshine in on a couple of days!
  10. Eeeeeeee! Congrats! I am so excited for you - you've been suffering at the current job for so long, and now you get this fantastic breath of fresh air! If it is at all in the budget, I highly recommend paying movers to load/ drive the truck. Well worth the money to save the physical pain.
  11. Are you feeling a bit recovered? 48 miles sounds beastly.
  12. Poke poke. How ya doing? Still WOO-y?
  13. Woo, making good progress though!
  14. Same answer to both - because you're an awesome person. Congrats on the improved run! Did the bicep curls feel like it hit different parts of the muscle, or different auxiliary muscles when sitting?
  15. Oh heck yeah. That predictability alone would make it worth it, I feel. And congrats on the home project successes!
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