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  1. Manarelle

    Recovery and down time [Manarelle]

    I think I was looking at the shape of the butt when researching butt wink, not the shape of the spine. Hey, if I'm going to get advice from people who clearly know what they're doing, you bet I'm going to take it - especially when what I was doing was equally clearly very wrong. Only way to get better is to try new things and practice... a lot. Surprisingly, once I realized the fallacies in my apprehension, they've been fairly easy to overcome. I wrote out a list of what my issues were and then recent examples of why they're... I won't say unfounded, because they stemmed from some legitimate situations in the past, but definitely no longer applicable. A close friend came at me with the below quote and it really hit home. I still have prep work to do for the presentation, but it's no longer a big mental burden. I've worked hard at work to get where I am, I've got this. Lol, fair, I can see that. I did find this site, which shows how it gets the tail to move. I'm sure I can replicate that without the motors, and just manually control it as needed. Also found this as inspiration for a base look, and the gentleman is enthusiastically on board with me joining him for the cosplay. Week 3: Languages - Yup. Exercise - Marked improvement, yay. Crafting - Nope, but that was planned. Learning - Presentation preparation. Saturday was a complete bust; had to drive 2.5 hours to a nowhere town to have a family birthday lunch, in 101° weather, at an excessively pretentious, overpriced restaurant. The food was ok, but not worth what we paid. Today promises to be another complete bust; hopefully we can finish the drywall at the gentleman's house and get that off his plate, but it's supposed to be 98° today, and the house in question doesn't have a/c. SO yeah, not the greatest of weekends, but unfortunately obligatory. The week was ok, if a bit up and down. Got languages and workouts done, the weekly revised to do list is done, and prep for the presentation is underway. This coming week will focus on continuing that prep, finishing at least the essay for the governance class (and maybe starting the final lesson), and if there's any remaining time, continuing on work pants.
  2. Manarelle

    Akura's Advanced Assassin Studies

    FWIW, I think your sprites are fine. The color looks good, and the gradients make them appear rounded/ 3D well. Might sound odd, but I love your slime pencil sketch, it looks adorable (which I realize is not the intended reaction, but still). Hope your stomach settles down soon, that overshadows everything one does when it acts up.
  3. Manarelle

    Elennare Makes It Count, Part 2

    You got this. Oh man, that sucks. Darn chicken. Yeah, that's a rough cycle. Hopefully you get both catch-up sleep and caught-up schedule this weekend. How's it looking for you?
  4. Manarelle

    RogueLibrarian stealths into vacation mode

    Beast. Looks like a cool setup, and glad you're getting opportunities to play while traveling.
  5. Manarelle

    Lightning cleans her mind palace

    Aw, your kitty is adorable. Grats on the food tracking milepost, and while lame workouts are annoying from a tracking pov, hey, you still did it. Nice work.
  6. Manarelle

    Amaya tackles the to-do

    Beautiful site, beautiful dancers. Glad it went well, chaos and all.
  7. Manarelle

    Recovery and down time [Manarelle]

    I definitely don't mind the character - I read all the comics with the two characters on our last vacation, and I have no problems repping her... also, there are zero cosplays when you search her on google, so... first. The hesitation is on how I would make it so a) I'm not wearing spandex, and b) I could complete by next April. I could do "spy chic" to counter the gentleman's tactical interpretations (a la Black Widow, movie style), but the tail presents a challenge I'm not sure how to address. I remember reading about @Anim07734's Nightcrawler tail escapades, and Taboo has more detail on the tail than Nightcrawler. If the almighty cosplayer extraordinaire had issues, I'm in trouble for sure. (sorry not sorry, I enjoy flattering people) Hey, glad someone else can use the info, and hopefully not suffer through the same mistakes I had. I've been practicing squat form with my hourly stretches at work, and was finally able to NOT fall over at the gym last night - I did 2 set of 8 with no weight, and 2 sets of goblet squats with 15# and suddenly understood what "activating your glutes" means. Wildly different muscles, but it was a good sore, not a "your back is not happy" sore. Progress for sure. Goals for this and next week have shifted a bit. A very important presentation for people who significantly outrank me was dropped in my lap, so I'm trading the Russian governance goal for "prep for the meeting and sort out the apprehension at rank disparity." I was raised military so I'm pretty conscious of rank, even in civilian situations. I've hit several self-confidence milestones at this job, but I think they've mostly been subconscious - it's time to sit down, make those a part of my conscious brain, and ditch the apprehension.
  8. Had to look that up because I used to live in Westminster and commute to Boulder. That's just nuts on such a major highway. Hope it settles down and can get fixed soon. That's super neat that you can volunteer to go scuba'ing and feed the fish. I did an intro to scuba class two years ago and while it's not my thing, it was neat to be in such a different world. And yeah, let's not have you passing out in a fish tank, please, no matter how big. Glad to hear the shoulder isn't a tear, although the -itis'es don't sound like much fun either. Good luck with the pt.
  9. Manarelle

    mom2sjm heads to Hotlanta

    Good luck on the trip, be safe, and have fun! G;ad you found some stuff you're happy about.
  10. Manarelle

    Super Assassin Bros 2

    There is still one pair of rings up at the gym, as well as two climbing ropes... Thank you.
  11. Manarelle

    Super Assassin Bros 2

    What would a dead hang progression be if I can do chin-ups? Is this to train grip (add weight) or arms (... idk, switch to pull-up hand positioning?)? Thank you. edit: please please please don't say one-hand hangs and we have to do both sides. )
  12. Manarelle

    Recovery and down time [Manarelle]

    Agreed... that will be a focus for a while, I'm thinking. You know, as I was typing that up, I remembered that this challenge was supposed to be downtime... Once again, I'm not doing so well at that. You guys called it, early on.
  13. Manarelle

    Raptron Repeats Herself

    Ew. Here I'm whining about low 90s, that sounds horrible. Busy, busy. Lots of opportunities for shenanigans, but a heightened need for relax time.
  14. Manarelle

    Lightning cleans her mind palace

    Sounds like week 2 was a pretty solid win. You're way over majority on all the goals and sounds like the healthy nails are becoming a habit. Here's to a similarly solid week 3; the brain dump does sound useful.
  15. Manarelle

    Snickie respawns!

    Have you tried rolling, foam or lacrosse ball versions? Sounds like a regular muscle cramp, though for uncommon reasons. Stretching is useful, but you can only get the range of movement - foam rolling involves pressure, like a massage, to help relax the muscle before/ after the cramp passes. What does the burnout entail? This might be a useful article on why willpower isn't the answer to making new habits, and some ideas to beat the "I don't wanna" problem. I know you said earlier you didn't want to consider the why on a blah day, but doesn't blah and burnout go hand in hand? Identifying why it happens is key to stopping it happening.