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  1. Ooooooh that's right, you have a wedding coming up! I presume that's gonna be next year, and you're planning on having at least a couple guests? (Hence the wedding centerpiece thing). Also dang, dude I feel busy with just one cosplay per year. I don't know how you find time to exist with multiples going on at once.
  2. Turtle cuteness! Also I am jealous of your spray paint rack... mine are all on a shelf and I haven't nearly that many colors. At the rate you're going, you can open your garage as a mini-hardware store. Maybe make it specifically for cosplayers who just needs scraps and odd bits of things. That's an interesting business idea. Anyway, what else are you (supposed to be) working on? Is it finally cooling off a bit for you?
  3. Wowza. Worth it though, your picture wall looks amazing, as do both of you.
  4. You are totally not alone. I quit ballet when I was young because I had an older dancer explain what moving to pointe meant for foot health and I noped right out of there. But yeah, if I were to have a pair now to play with? Would totally do so. You definitely have an advantage with the skate work, too! Good call on ordering instead of making... I can't imaging trying to hand paint or even print all those webs.
  5. Friday off! Since the pandemic thing means no traveling, I decided back in July to just take every other Friday off to burn vacation. For the most part, those Fridays have been catching up on around-the-house stuff and doing appointments at places that are only open during work hours. Today is the first off day that I did not have an appointment, and things are mostly caught up. Woke up late (for me - around 9ish), and decided to weed the backyard before it got out of hand. One thing led to another, and I got the back yard weeded and completely edged and swept, including the rain gutter and all the spots the lawn had overgrown the parking pad by several inches. I also got the front walk edged and swept, and started in on the sidewalk in front of the house before the battery died. It may that I'm a boring adult now, but it looks NICE out there, and next time will be more quick cleanup and less heavy work. I might actually get both yards looking good before winter hits, oooooooooh! I had to go in to work this week for REALLY stupid reasons, but I was able to snag two 30" printing paper tubes(we do large-scale plans at work), and I have some random lengths of 2x4 left over from a previous project, so I'm going to make a trick-or-treat delivery slide so we can safely and responsibly "hand" out candy this Halloween. I don't know how other people will be handling it, but I want to be ready, just in case, and it's a random silly project that makes me happy. Win-win. In other news, the gentleman sent me a partially-done sketch by one of his favorite authors that is a freaking incredible version of Valkyrie.... and news that he's been contracted to do an anniversary short story of the character. Don't get me wrong, I love the existing character for many reasons, and visually, her outfit is good for a comic, but for cosplay it's a little... simplistic? There's very little detail or design to draw the eye if you're not, well, superhero-shaped. Black boots, black leggings, black top, greaves with wraps, one bracer, a half-skirt, scalemail front, shoulders, headpiece, and wings. Lots of stuff to make, but all pretty simplistic and undetailed. If I didn't do the wings, I'd say I could probably get it done in a dedicated 4-5 months (that's it, Manarelle, spout hubris, see how the world reacts to that). The one the gentleman sent me, even only partially finished, has much more detail and texture to it, and I am heavily intrigued. I'm not saying characters should go all out and detail every single piece, like some people did with Lady Thor (cough, cough), but I've really come to believe that the little details in an outfit are what sells it. It's the difference between having a plain breastplate and a little bit of decoration added in places: one looks much more interesting and lived-in than the other. vs So anyway, I had the gentleman ask if the artist minded me using his version, and he was incredibly flattered and said not at all. Since that pretty much throws all of my current design sketches out the window, I'm just going to focus on making the wings to start with. By the time those are at a decent place, I should have enough of the new work - either through the released book or teaser sketches - to redo the design and start building out around the wings.
  6. That makes for a horrible day. Hope today is treating you better.
  7. 100% self care move here, and love that you got to do that. It's hard keeping up all the time; every now and then you just have to chill.
  8. Yeah, that feels like very person-specific advice. I put on a nice top with my house pants and fluffy socks when working from home, just because I want to, not because it makes me feel more productive. Shoes and outdoor pants are a no unless absolutely necessary. Here's to the no jury duty thing continuing.
  9. Keeping fingers crossed that it stays shiny and exciting after the new wears off.
  10. Seconded. Good writing. Man, I forgot about this too, and today would have been perfect for it.
  11. Bit belated, but Happy Bisexual Awareness Day to you, too. DId not know that was a thing... it snuck up on me like a good rogue.
  12. This week I learned that when you break a nail - particularly a toenail - well below the quick, the flesh below it doesn't actually stay where it's supposed to and let the nail grow back. Instead, like many other stupid body errors, it tries to expand into freedom, and the nail starts to grow INTO it. Tuesday's cardio was neither particularly fast nor long, but I did my best, then learned more about foot and nail care. In line with 2020, however, walking weirdly for a day threw my back out of whack, so last night's weight lifting was reduced a bit, too. Got me to thinking about the whole "lifting to get bigger/ stronger vs lifting forever to maintain health until I die" thing. I've been mostly focused on the first since I started lifting three years ago, and get super annoyed when I have to dial it back due to injury, or change it up after x weeks of the same things - usually right when I'm seeing progress. On the one hand, it's sort of depressing that it will be a neverending task; just keep doing it until you are physically unable to do so, never have an end/ point of succeeding. On the other hand, I can still do things at 40 that other people my age physically can't, and I'd like to me able to say that at 60, 80, and 100+, too. So I guess I'll add this to my list of things I need to be patient and calm about.
  13. WTF kind of crazy-ass system is that, that you have 1 hour to see if the rest of your day is screwed??? Most places I've lived and been called, you check it the night before to see if you have to show up the next day, so at least you have overnight to mentally (and physically) prepare. Jeez. Here's to you skipping all of that and not needing to go at all. Sounds like you're a doer of many things. Very impressive.
  14. You gave it more of a shot than I did. I barely made it halfway through the first book several times before giving up. Life is full of horrible people and unpleasant things, why would I want my escapism to be that? Woot, heck yes it is And now you don't have sink of dirty dishes to stress you out!
  15. I mean, I've heard of altitude sickness, but not it continuing after the fact. I'm somewhat curious how this dynamic would work in a very multi-generational family... like if the mom says x but HER mom says y...... is just everyone unhappy?