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  1. I mean, if those are things that are a challenge for you right now, then make 'em your goals. Hope the crazy starts to ebb at least.
  2. Yikes, this dropped off my radar hard. Wrap up: Exercise: Very happy with this. Cosplay/ Sewing: Got the shirt done, cosplay no. Language: Yes. Gaming: No. Gardening: Still winter. Read: Yes. Overall, I... got stuff done? Not what I was expecting, but still done. Life is fine, but I'm struggling with having achieved goals and trying to overhaul thinking and attitude on life. I'm going to step away from NF (and most of the internet) for a bit and see if I can settle all of that before setting more goals. Good luck to you in the meantime!
  3. Weeks 1 and 2: Exercise: Yup Cosplay/ Sewing: Yup (see below) Language: Yup Gaming: Yup Gardening: Definitely not spring weather yet. Read: Re-started Transmetropolitan, read 2 Asterix et Obelix comics in French for shiggles. Was a decent week. Some mildly interesting stuff happened, but nothing huge. After last week's Worbla letdown, I just wanted an even keel week. Got the urge to finish off a non-cosplay project: recreating a winter shirt style that I love, but that has always been a little too short in the sleeves and waist. One of the store-bought shirts finally got a stain, so I took it apart and cut out the pieces with slight modifications. I fortuitously had some pretty closely matching thread in my sewing box, so I spent 5 2/3 hours reverse engineering it, and I'm actually extremely happy with the results: The fabric is just knit stuff, so it was a little tricky to do in tight areas, but also means I can just order more from the local fabric store, no need to drive up to PA or take a risk on internet unknowns. I fully intend to make like 60 more and never have to go winter shirt shopping again. The best part is that if I throw a cardigan on over it so the sleeves are covered, it passes as a work shirt, too. Nice little win, even with a couple mistakes here and there.
  4. Hell yeah, congrats! And you seem to be in a good mental place on these goals, too, not resenting them or feeling stressed. Very glad you found things that work with you! Though you stopped my heart for a second with "dead bug," and my brain went "surely she's not casually referring to holding her dead child....????" Glad to hear that is not the case and you all get to have snow fun.
  5. I have no idea how I managed to miss your challenge, sorry. Late, but here! Glad to hear the husband's health blip ended quickly, though I'm sure that's slightly unsettling. Boo to false advertising on the coat color, but it does look nice even with the peach. What an odd choice for a winter jacket color tho. Early congrats on the house closing and move! I hope it turns out to be more fantastic than you remember. On the cookie/ sweets thing, it might be sugar withdrawal? That's a real thing for sure, but there is a turning point and then it gets easier. You're doing great!
  6. Oof! Seems a bit the nuclear option, but I'm glad you were able to snap out of school brain. Good that you're excited for the semester starting, too - hopefully that means you have at least one class that you're interested in?
  7. Yeah but then you caught it early on. That's impressive. How's the week going with the new outlook?
  8. Oh that looks fun! Simple to follow along but still quite the energy expender. How are the quads feeling after the run?
  9. Hey, better late than never, for sure. How did the weekend go? (Oh hey, and the rest of this week, since it's almost over - yeesh!). Unrelated, I love your avatar, that's the cutest roach I've ever seen.
  10. Welcome back! That is quite a rollercoaster on the life update. How's the new puppy fitting in? Helping you with the walking goal?
  11. Hey hey, how'd the week go for you? And I hear you on the sleep time... I can not get to bed earlier than 10:40, no matter what. Super annoying!
  12. Well uh.... glad to hear The Thing isn't kicking your butt! Even if it's not presenting a lot of symptoms, tho, give yourself rest time to bounce back from that and from just /waves hand. Life in general. Woot for the meds win though, and here's to water falling in line, too!
  13. I mean, that's a pretty reasonable thing to be occupying the brain. I know I got stuck in a "what's the point, we're all effed, so I'm just gonna doomscroll" loop a time or two since the pandemic began. Glad to hear you can work from home and hopefully avoid too many of the deniers.
  14. Much better, but for some reason both Achilles tendons tend to be tight and sore, and there's bump on the one tendon that isn't going away. Might have to hit up a doctor for that, but at least I have non-painful shoe options now. Weeks 1 and 2: Exercise: Doing well, making progress. Cosplay/ Sewing: [expletives] Language: Yup Gaming: Mostly. Gardening: Definitely not spring weather yet. Read: Finished reading Behind Putin's Curtain about traveling in Russia. Was interesting. Ordered another. This has not been a productive weekend, despite the extra day off. Rant: TL;DR - not as productive a weekend as I'd like, but overall, I'm okay. I'm still enjoying the 4-day workout. Language studies feel like they're on a sustainable level that's keeping my interest. Haven't gamed much, but I know it's there waiting for me. Ordered more books from the library this week, so I have that to look forward to, too. Here's to a better next week.
  15. Much to be said for consistency. Is there something else that's occupying your brain/ goal power right now?
  16. Mid-challenge check-in! How are things going? Any insight on the sleep cycle? Is this month going way too fast?
  17. Glad to hear you don't have The Thing. How'd the week go for you?
  18. That is a great "problem" to have! Hope the studying went well, and if it means you only have time to report one day a week, the fact that you're going for your goal is what matters!
  19. Is there an ultimate goal on this one, like "I'll be able to hold an iron cross for 10 seconds" or something? Ok, that's super extreme, but what's the motivation for you on the shoulders?
  20. Haha, thank you. I quit years ago, but still strongly associate myself with resto druid tree form. Much better than nothing. Looks like a decent week so far, nice work!
  21. How did it turn out? The husband insists that blood oranges taste different (which is hilarious because he can't differentiate apples), but I can't really distinguish them from regular ones much. Honestly, if I received this, I would want to use it as a decoration, not a washcloth, but definitely good present!
  22. Unexpected snow day today. After shoveling and cleaning up, I decided to get back to cosplay. My brain has been dragging it's feet (as it were) for no reason I can discern, so I overruled it and got to work on remaking the Thor boot armor: Don't have the connectors added yet, but it looks like it should work out. After three hours over a heat gun, though, I had to call it to cool off and hydrate. Relatedly, a MASSIVE thank you to @Anim07734 for suggesting shop scissors. I cut out all of those pieces in less than 5 minutes and zero hand pain. So many thank yous.
  23. Ssssssssooooooo whatcha making?
  24. Thank you! There was a lot of studying, both official and not, that is no longer needed. And probably a fair amount of worrying, too, that things wouldn't work out, but we won't talk about that. A lot of games on Steam come with a surprising number of languages. Most are too advanced for me, at the moment, but I figured Stardew was a good middle ground. And yeah, once I realized I was finding excuses to not log in and play, that's a sign. I'm reasonably fluent in French, moderately ok in Russian, and I've tinkered with (and largely forgotten) Irish, Japanese, German, and sign language.
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