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  1. Popping in to say you're looking good Sarah! Keep up the good work :3 Hope your knee is doing better so we can walk tomorrow!
  2. Ouch ouch! Sorry bout your fall Sarah. Hope it heals up quickly for you! Your goals look great for this challenge and you're rocking it so far! I'm going to take a break for this one, but I'll be back in the game next challenge.
  3. End of Challenge Report Ventus - (13/18) 72% Terra - (5/13) 38% Aqua - (3/6) 50% Aqua 2 - (16/16) 100% Mickey - (17/18) 94% STR +1.2 STA +1.4 DEX +1.9 CON +3.2 WIS +0.3 CHA +2.7 Oh this challenge was rough. But here I am at the end. My grades are not stellar but I made it, and that is pretty awesome in itself! Next challenge I'm going to have to go back to focusing on my eating habits again. Also will have to not overload myself with exercises. Since I managed get injured multiple times. I will be back next challenge with the Assassins hopefully starting on couch to 5k f
  4. Oh my gosh, I've had someone do that before. I am still without water. Thank goodness my ma lives so close by. I have been showering there. I'm sorry I didn't have any time to post yesterday. We were actually pretty busy! Not very much down time at all. But I do have my water totals, since all I had was bottled waters yesterday XD 5/25/2015 Water 83.6 ounces (7/7) 20 seconds of courage (3/3) Stood up for myself, and explained my reaction to something triggering. We have an understanding now. Week Six Stats Ventus - D (1/3) Terra - F (0/3) Aqua - A (7/7) Mickey - A (3/3) End o
  5. I hate that you had to go through that. *likes post as a show of solidarity, not as an approval of what doc said* I've had a few doctors like that and anymore I just stop going to them. I hope he was able to give you some direction with your pressing issue, the back pain and the obstruction you had. But still, what a jerk! Also @LadyShello, that is one of my favorite insults. Douchecanoe. It always confuses people.
  6. 5/22/15 Water: 72 ounces Tea: 16 ounces (5/7) 5/23/15 Water: 32 ounces Tea: 32 (still counting) (6/7) Working a midnight shift today! Not very exciting cause it means I have to do a turnaround tomorrow. Working til 6 am then have to be back at 2 pm. Could be worse. Social Time (2/3) Today is the first day I feel almost normal pain wise. Still have a twinge in my back if I turn my head the right way. Unfortunately it has been a stupid ridiculous day. Trying to sleep in so I can stay awake tonight I wake up to my neighbor legit stealing my water. Not just like grabbing a bucket full but l
  7. I did Ventus last night but not Terra. Had a sharp pain in my back after my walk and ended up cancelling going to Hollywood Studios today. Went to the doctor instead. I don't want to be injured anymore. Doc thinks its just a severe muscle spasm and I should be fine in a few days. *grumbles* I am super uncomfortable. water: 64 tea: 16 (3/7)
  8. Whoops, thought I had posted this yesterday! 5/18/2015 Water: 65.8 Tea: 32 (1/7) 5/19/2015 Water: 67.6 Tea: 32 (2/7) Self-care (1/3) This mostly involved making sure I ate a decent meal on a day when I just did not feel like eating. Also took some extra care with my face today. I need to make an appointment with the dermatologist. Ugh. 30 minute walk (1/3) Gonna do this after dinner. Gonna do it for sure. I'm hoping that by telling you guys I'm gonna do it tonight that it'll stick in my head that I'm gonna do it tonight. Heh heh. Tomorrow is also a Ventus day. I am taking my step mom to Ho
  9. Ok, so yesterday I was being a crybaby upset with myself, and needed self care more than I needed to go out in the dark and walk with my anxiety. So I stayed in. 5/17/2015 Water: 65.8 ounces Tea: 32 ounces (7/7) Urgent self-care required. (3/3) Grounding exercises and meditation, plus extra grooming to get out of a flashback. No worries, I'm doing fine today! Week Five Stats Ventus - C (2/3) Terra - C (2/3) Aqua - A (7/7) Mickey - A (3/3)
  10. Terra quest done! I'll do Ventus quest tomorrow. Sleepytimes now. (2/3)
  11. Spa-day with Ma (2/3) We went and got a mani/pedi since mom is going to the beach next weekend. I can't go :c but I can have purple tipped nails and be nice to myself for no reason every once in a while! ;3 Water: 64 ounces Tea: 48 Ounces (6/7) Lot of tea today. We went out to eat and had BBQ. Can't pass up tea with my noms! I'm not done drinking water. I might have another 16 ounces of it before I go home. (edit to add, I am drinking another 32 ounces, as reflected in my totals) I will do Terra or Ventus quest tonight. Depends on my anxiety levels. Might do both. Probably should.
  12. That would be awesome! Thanks Sarah. I think sometimes I feel silly about them because I spent so long being put down. I have a hard time believing myself, and believing in myself really. That's why I have to work on it! :3
  13. Oh no... I'm sorry taking your furbaby to the vet didn't go so well. I had hoped the car ride the day before would have gotten her at least a bit calmer about it. :c Maybe she'll do better next time. But yay for being perfectly healthy!
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