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  1. It's official. Work has gotten crazy. I am still managing to eat healthier and am losing weight but time to exercise has been nonexistent.
  2. Yeah... so it's Wednesday and this challenge started Monday but I guess better late than never so let's get started! A quick review? Sure! This is my second 6 week challenge. I did not meet my main goal of losing 5% of my bodyweight, which was about 15.8 pounds, for the first challenge but made good progress losing 10.8 pounds. I got like a C on my other three goals due to a nasty virus that totally derailed me in the 6th week. These were to eat healthier and log my points in weight watchers, ride the exercise bike or walk everyday, and do the beginner body weight workout 3 times a week
  3. Reckoning day... I spent week 6 and am continuing to fight a pretty nasty virus. I tracked my food on a couple of days but that's it. Finishing points were 89 out of a possible 120 so not great but not a total failure... My weight watchers weigh in day is tomorrow so I will see how much damage this virus has done but last week I was down 9 lbs (2.8%) which is a bit short of my 15 lb (5%) goal. Once I am healthy I plan to get back to it and be healthy heading in to the next challenge!
  4. Things are definitely in full swing at work! Week 4 was rough... late nights, two birthday partys, and the super bowl! Week 5 is off to a much better start! Thanks for all the words of encouragement!
  5. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and checking in with me! Week 3 Eat Healthy! So my mother-in-law is trying to kill me... she dropped off cookies twice this week AND a box of donuts! I stayed strong and avoided the donuts but the cookies got me a couple of times. The frustrating part is that I am logging my points in weight watchers and was still within my allowed points every day last week but stayed the same weight. Get Moving! No problem! 15 minutes on the exercise bike every day. I know walking would be a vast improvement so I am looking for a used treadmill. Get Strong!
  6. Hi starsapart! Thanks for checking in on me. It is time for the week 2 check in. Eat healthy! I am eating a lot less carbs and saying no to more carbs than I thought existed and am logging my points in weight watchers every day. The weight is not coming off fast but it is coming off. Wednesday is my official weigh in day but as of today I am down about 6 lbs since the start of the year. Get moving! This surprisingly has already become pretty much automatic. 15 minutes on the exercise bike in the basement every evening. I am looking at getting a treadmill since I feel like walking
  7. Week 2 challenge complete! Vicrandom and Dolf look out! I will be watching you... creepily.
  8. Your goals are pretty similar to mine as are your beginning stats! I played defensive line in college and used to be much stronger and would like to get that back... maybe not be as big as I was in college but slimmer and as strong would be nice.
  9. Good luck! A walk to Mordor sounds wonderful!
  10. One week check in! I met all of my goals for week 1... had a night of drinking thrown in there but kept it in moderation. On to week two!
  11. A fellow bean counter! Sweet! I checked out your profile and postings sir. Quite a journey! Good luck with the 30%! I did a lot of stretching yesterday and drank lots of water. I think I should be good to go this evening.
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