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  1. Thanks, I didn't really fall off the face of the earth. I think I just underestimated what a tough time of year this is for me, so I've had to scale back what I'm actually capable of getting done right now. I have no reasonable excuse, but I just think I need to try to make smaller, more manageable changes.My goals are still relevant, but the way my priorities have shifted, maybe I need to reframe them. I am still keeping them in mind, but I'm trying to tackle them piece by piece.
  2. Sounds like your making good progress. Good luck with your essay! What are you studying?
  3. Good luck with your trip to your mom's and the chores. You might have a good idea about using a storage facility with your next move. I used one for a few months when I had to downsize from a big 1 bedroom apartment to a tiny studio. I think I had to get rid of 2/3rds of my stuff in the matter of a month. So I kept some of it in a storage facility for about 3 months while I tried to figure out what to get rid of and what to keep. If you keep them too long, though, they're just a waste of money, and you're better off getting rid of the contents and buying new when you need it. Be careful of
  4. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! Yesterday was a struggle, but I got through my yoga and meditation. In some ways going for a walk is easier. I can just put my feet on autopilot and I don't have my brain going "I'm tired... this is boring... I just wanna check my phone...." etc. I tried one of the Yoga with Adriene videos and liked it a lot. She's easy to follow, and I like how she encourages you to do as much as you can do and offers different modifications. Today will probably be another walking day. This has been a tiring week. I think the worst of it was losing an hour of sleep
  5. I checked out Yoga with Adriene yesterday and really liked her! She like her relaxed attitude and how flexible her practice is. I do kind of wish she had the video length posted on her videos, though. How are things going with your goals?
  6. Sorry to hear about your husband's wonky military schedule. That sounds super frustrating to deal with. Good luck with your decluttering. When I have an area that gets too bad, I usually try to break it down to something like "put away all the loose items on the shelf" or "throw away 20 things." Looking at a whole room or house that's a mess is too overwhelming, but sometimes it's easier if you can work on it for 7 minutes.
  7. This week is going well so far. I got almost 10k steps yesterday. (I thought about walking around the house to get that last 500, but I decided a needed sleep more.) I don't think I will be walking much this afternoon, though, because the weather just looks awful. I'll put in my hour doing yoga and meditating. Honestly it has been a while since I had a long yoga session, and today looks like a good day to do it. Tonight is a good night to read, too, and hopefully clear out a book or two from the shelf. My husband works late on Tuesdays and won't be home until after 11, and I don't think ther
  8. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate but that you're accomplishing a lot. Keep at it! Also, your meal descriptions sound delicious!
  9. Cool, glad to hear it has basic amenities, at least. I visited England twice, years ago, and the houses I stayed with friends weren't all that old. The historical buildings I saw weren't actually being lived in, they were mostly museums or set up for display. But it's cool that some places that old are actually being lived in. I just figured out how to post a picture here today. Go to "My Content" then "Albums." You can create a new album and upload pictures there. Then you add the pic to your post with the "My Media" button.
  10. I like your goals. As simple as they are, they really feel essential to building good habits. What kind of meal plan do you have? I confess I've never had much luck with one, because looking at it makes me want to make changes, then if I'm changing everything, I feel like I'm missing the point. LOL How are things going with your meal plan? What does your family think about the meals?
  11. "15th century, grade 2 listed thatched cottage made of wattle and daub walls"??? That sounds incredibly cool but then I think how could you live in that??? Sorry, do I sound like a naive American? LOL Good luck with the insurance, I see how it could be a challenge. I'd love to see pics. Is it uncommon to live in a home that historical?
  12. I hope you had a great birthday! I find weekends to be tough to stick to a routine too. My work week is filled with obligations, and then I just want to take some time to be irresponsible. I confess that the intention you are working on really struck me through the heart. I don't feel "whole" for specific, personal reasons. Maybe I should reflect on this too. Does everyone feel this? Maybe... this might be the reason we try to fill ourselves up with things--food, shopping, relationships, etc. But it feels like everyone else is "whole" and we aren't, thinking about the thing we want and ever
  13. Thanks, deepdarkgreen! I don't know if the "hour" was super helpful this weekend, though it has been on days when I get home from work. I didn't meet my goal on Saturday, for no other reason than general laziness. I procrastinated until I had other obligations, and then it just didn't get done. Would it have been helpful to plan a day off in my goal structure? Oh, probably. But I'm trying to create a daily habit, and if it's going to be daily, I need to work out how that is going to happen. I guess I'll be thinking about this over the next few days. The upcoming weekend is a 3 day weekend fo
  14. I like your compliment challenge too. It's an important part of mindfulness to be grateful for those who are close to us. I've been trying to practice uncluttering lately too. I can't tell you how many things I've thrown out in the last few months that I thought, "I could have thrown this away 10 years ago!" or "I haven't used this since the 90's!" Good luck in your upcoming move.
  15. Day 3: Good! My activity hour was delayed by having to get in a phone call before 5pm, but I still got it in. I'm feeling better, more focused, even though part of me still wants to just sit on the couch at the end of a long day. My step count hasn't been very awesome so far: Day 1: 7163 Day 2: 6578 Day 3: 6586 Part of that is in the rotation of duties at work, so I'm stuck sitting on my butt in front of my PC all day. In May and June, I'll be walking around a lot more. Hoping the weather will be good enough after work to take a longer walk.
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