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  1. My back wasn't twitchy today, but I still went easy and only jumped back to 70kg squats. PB on OH Press! 42.5kg (92 lbs) - coming from injury, I can't believe I can do this! Failed on Deadlift 105kg (231 lbs) today (but hey, really pleased to be at 105!). I feel like it's my grip that is the problem. The skins really pinches. So I have questions: 1) Gloves? Yes or no? 2) Grip strengthening ideas? 3) Alternative hand grips? Love to hear thoughts...
  2. My back was a bit twitchy this morning, so I eased back on the squat - just did 60kg. But the most excellent news is I have two new PBs for Bench Press and the Bent Over Row: 60kg on both!
  3. Current stats: Weight 125.9kg Deadlift: 100kg Squat: 87.5kg Bench: 57.5kg Row: 55kg OH Press: 42.5kg
  4. Great to see your progress in weights! I think we're pretty much lifting identical weights at the moment. I just started my second six week challenge in Recruits, so you can see my progress over there.
  5. Hi All, My first Recruit 6 week challenge pulled up just short of completing when I injured myself in the final week - a small hernia, which was pretty painful I can tell you! Anyway, I've worked back from there to actually complete my original goals this week! 100kg Deadlift, Squat 80kg, 60kg bench press, 40kg OH press. I'm far more comfortable with those weights and far stronger than I was in Jan/Feb. I'm really, really happy about that. You have no idea. I'm 40 years old, and very very overweight. My plan two years ago was to get under 100kg (220 lbs) and to do that I needed to drop 40k
  6. I've been working back from injury early Feb but am back on track for PB on 5x5 Stronglifts: Deadlifts 100kg! Squat 87.5kg, Bench 57.5, Row 57.5, OH Press 42.5kg

  7. A final challenge wrap-up post - how'd I do? Goals:1) Continue 5x5 Stronglifts program I give myself a pass on this one. I did miss one whole week following my hernia, but it's better to safe than stupid and lift on a fresh injury! Also, I've returned to the gym regularly since (just with lighter weights and care around the effected area) - so I am taking that pass and running with it! 2) By 15 Feb, success will beBench 50kg (110 pounds) - Passed! I got to 55kg during the challenge window.Squat 80kg (176 pounds) - So close! I got to 77.5kg when I injured myself.Deadlift 100kg (220 pounds)
  8. PBs on 5x5 Stronglifts: Deadlift 95kg, Squat 77.5kg, Bench 55kg, Row 57.5kg, OH Press 37.5kg

    1. CrackerWatson


      I'm really enjoying SL, bit behind you though, I do enjoy the fact that every session at the moment is a PB :)

  9. Compared to the list of twelve or fourteen exercises my instructor keeps giving me when I ask them for a routine, only doing a few compound lifts does feel weird at first. When I was increasing my lifts during most of this challenge, I'd come in, do the 5x5 Stronglifts and be gone in 45 minutes feeling great. But anyway, it has been a while since I popped in - looks like you're doing great! Enjoy!
  10. Hey Manolito, I took last week off to recover and sleep and I'm back this week - albeit squatting 60kg lighter than I was just two weeks ago. I'm doing a combination of light 5x5 plus shoulder focussed dumbbell plus HIIT. The HIIT is on a stationary bike, I'm enjoying it. Man, I sweat! While I totally failed all my goals for the six week challenge, I'm still glad I did it. It's forced me to go and confront some ongoing physical aliments. I guess I was not acknowledging them and thought (or hoped) maybe I'd finished with physio with 2014 but it looks like some of 2015 will be doing more of
  11. Since I'll be dropping squats and (shortly) deadlifts from my routine until I've seen the Doctor, I think my new routine will be this: Bodyweight squats (while listening very carefully to my body) Bench press Rows (Inverted Monday, inverted underhand Wednesday, bent over barbell Friday) OH Press Barbell lying triceps extension (basically, lying on my back holding the barbell straight armed above my shoulders, then lowering it behind my head then back to starting position) 10 mins HIIT on bike Thoughts?
  12. Third tri-weekly update: Squats: 0/0/0/0/0 - just leaving this for the moment. I did try out some body weight squats, I might keep these in my routine. Overhead Press: 40kg 5/5/5/5/4 - SO CLOSE! Deadlift: 95kg: Hot damn, so close to my 100kg target. Once I hit it (hopefully next week) I'm going to leave off these too for a little while. While I don't get the pain (as you don't squat all the way down) I don't want to aggravate anything. I did follow through on my plan to do my first pull up, with bodyweight inverted rows: 8/8/8 - I set the bar at height setting 7 as an exploratory trial, i
  13. Specialist booked in for March 2. They estimate surgery to fix within one to two weeks, and four weeks no squats afterwards. Which means I'm free to start working towards something awesome: pull ups and chin ups! Will incorporate body weight pull ups, keep up on bench press, see what else helps. Bring on the next challenge!
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