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  1. How many of you have used strict meal plans? How about less restrictive but still used a guide? Have they worked for you?
  2. These are all great and super common struggles! I am curious what helps you overcome them?
  3. Throw away your scale! 7 notches on your belt? Success!
  4. What does everyone struggle with as their biggest obstacle to stay on track or to even start a fitness program?
  5. Challenge Groups! Find ones that have similar goals with a great LEADER! You don't want the blind leading the blind! I run groups all the time!
  6. Easy! I make healthier versions of whatever I'm craving. Sticking to a cleaner eating lifestyle means enjoying what you love and not restricting yourself. Example: Flatbread "Pizza" with Cauliflower Crust or Flatout Crust Shakeology Ice Cream, cookies or a shake alone is most definitely a tasty treat! Ezekial Bread coated Chicken Fingers and sweet potato "fries"
  7. I just had one of my favorite breakfasts this morning: Ezekial toast, 2 fried eggs, tomato slices and avocado with a pinch of salt I also make KILLER "pancakes" just by mixing together 2 scrambled eggs with 1/2 a roasted sweet potato (no skin) Mix them up, cook in the pan as you would regular pancakes! Yum Yum!
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