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  1. Good Day All, I have not had much interest in going online other than schoolwork recently and so it has reflected in my posts and support. Working late, college started up again and finishing projects With my friend took up some time but I am still dieting, strength training and loosing fat. My BBWW has not been part of my routine the past couple weeks so I get a big goose egg for points there. I have a terrible cold now, once it leaves, I'll start the BBWW again. I had great results the first time and It's been a couple weeks so I think it will do me good. The good thing about having a cold
  2. Thank you. I am enrolled in an online class and was working late so I've been busy. Thanks for replying. Finding the balance now that I've introduced some sugar back into my life. I was literally miserable without chocolate. Still loosing fat and still working out. I am going to save sweets for a special occasion like dinner etc. Other than that raw natural honey has worked with cinamon and almonds. Wishing you a great second half of the challenge.
  3. Hope your feeling better from the cold. Great job staying connected and at it. Sorry, I dont post more in response, maybe I should add that as a mini quest. Im like a caveman. lol. Wishing you a great time in Canada.
  4. I steep a bag of Bigelow Green and Lipton Premium Black in 8-10 oz and add 1 tsp of honey. I call it Kawi because it gets it name from the green and black commonly used in their line of power sports.
  5. Same weight, replacing fat with muscle. Working steady and hard t my fitness goals. Had 2 days with sugar. Yesterday I had 2-bite size snacks. 1-brownie square and 1- mini cupcake. Today a friend treated me to some Baskin Robbins. Holy cow, it was delightful but I am paying for it dearly. I feel like hell. Other than that, progress progress progress. Wishing everyone best of luck also.
  6. Ok, I've not started this challenge like I originally did. But, I'm kinda like young a Anakin when his podracer wouldn't get going. I however have no Sebulba to blame just been sleepy. I will however kill this one too. Tusken Raiders or not, I will build muscle and win! Starting this one out 175 lbs, stripped of sugar and junk, rested and revved up now. I got the baddest nerd support a person could ask for and someone in my corner like that voice in Rockys ear pushing me like no other. Tay, you're the best. Don't believe me just watch
  7. I am so proud of you. You are a warrior! A life warrior! You are an inspiration to me and countless others in this world and I know you will knock this one right out of the park. You killed last challenge and I look forward to seeing you grow this one as well. Thank you for getting me started on this thing You rock
  8. Introduction: Hey guys! New Ranger here, reporting for duty! I've reached my weight loss goal. Now I am going to work on building muscle, continue with the beginner body weight workout program, and bicycling. I also want to work on lowering my body fat percentage. Main Quest: Complete Phase 1 and 2 of a 4 Phase beginner body building work-out this challenge Quest 1: Do my body building routine and the Beginner Body Weight Workout every other day Quest 2: Bike 1/2 an hour once per week Quest 3: AVOID SUGAR and continue to eat Paleo (protein+veggies)! Also, look for foods with
  9. I for real don't get this. How do you get to level 2 ?
  10. Starting this routine for the next 6-week challenge. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/beginner-to-advanced-bodybuilder-in-12-weeks-phase-1.html I had some good results with this prior to my work injury. However, I have a fresh outlook on this thanks to Nerd Fitness. Looking forward to going at this again for fitness and health and not as a wannabe meat head.
  11. friends don't let friends eat ramen

  12. Having only 2-lbs left until I reach my Main Quest goal, I've begun thinking about the next 6-week challenge. Since I consider myself to be a Jack of all trades and I always wanted a lean, muscular body, I've decided to go Ranger-in-training. I am going to incorporate a muscle building circuit at my gym along with my BBWW routine. Which btw I have modified using bands and dumbells. I cannot do cross fit style lifting since I am injured and become out-of-commission very easily but stationary muscle building and body weight routines work well for me. Yep, this is the physique I am sho
  13. I'm not saying I never eat sweet stuff again but since I've been without sugar I don't want to go back. I feel like I was poisoning my body. when I go tSubway I asked them to dig out the excess bread. I changed all my morning sandwiches to open face, eliminating one slice of bread. and I fell in love with honey. I use a couple teaspoons every day and I feel great. none of this I could do without prayer. On my own power I stay fat and worthless. when I have an overwhelming desire to eat uncontrollably, I eat lots of protein and veggies and I tell myself I know if I wait about 20 minutes the hun
  14. Ok, posted a recipe somewhere. Pretty sure it's in the wrong place but I'll take the points anyway. Still killing it.
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