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  1. I take my protein seriously. Breakfast today: Five strips of uncured, no nitrate bacon Sixteen ounces grass fed beef (leftover New York strip) Three eggs Bell pepper Portobello mushroom Onion.
  2. I have to bandage my nipples AND wear a compression shirt for any distance over about four miles or I'm raw for a week
  3. I do it SO wrong. Long pants and a sweatshirt--either a hoodie with the hood up, or I wear a beanie-- every time. I don't do shorts, I don't do short sleeved shirts, If you could see my hair, it is too short to tease (much) and I sweat so much that I don't bother with Axe or anything else. I seriously dress like Rocky Balboa. No fingerless gloves, but otherwise, yeah. This is how I roll:
  4. Unless there is a volunteer to reward me with sex, food is the next best thing.* *for the humor impaired, this is a joke.
  5. I heard about this on the radio and was both surprised and not surprised. When I was at U of A, oh, like 25 years ago, Fayetteville was lesbian city, USA. I mean seriously, I remember being told the per capita lesbian population was higher than San Francisco. Whether that was true or not, I don't know, but my observations would have supported that. Fast forward ten years to me living in Ft. Smith, and I knew more openly gay men there than I have anywhere else I've ever been. I had four openly gay men (two of them a couple) working for me out of maybe 15 or so guys. On the other hand
  6. Holy allergies Batman!

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    2. shaar


      Ugghh, I know the allergies are coming here, too.......

    3. Nubbins McGee

      Nubbins McGee

      12 hours ago I was fine. Then I got a headache. Then my nose started running. Now I'm full blown miserable: Sneezing, watery eyes, nose all stuffed up... bleh.

    4. starsapart


      I am there with you..... plus scratchy throat.

  7. Just do a google image search for "bro" and then one for "bruh".
  8. I read these awhile back. Very interesting premise.
  9. Funny thing about the Army--and I would assume the other branches as well-- is how much it sticks with you. I've been out for longer than I was in, yet last night I had an incredibly vivid dream about being back in. There I was, a Staff Sergeant again, with my squad, getting ready to deploy. It was so vivid, I can tell you the bumper number of my truck in the dream. It was Bravo 12. B-12 was never even one of my trucks. I can even tell you that it was the same squad I had when I first took it over before people started ETSing, and PCSing, and I started replacing guys. All my ol
  10. BREAK BREAK BREAK Alight guys and gals--- Ways to tell if someone is flirting anytime, anywhere: If the person you are talking to is making lots of eye contact and is smiling, it's probably flirting. Unless you're at a job interview. Even then, it still might be.If the person says something like "I'm going to go get a glass of wine, would you like one too?" It's probably flirtingIf someone you don't know well offers you something in a way that's weirdly out of context-- for instance you say "Oh! You're reading that book! I want to read that book. How is it?" If, in response they offer
  11. Thank you both. She was very much my dog. I got her as a puppy and had her for over 15 1/2 years. It was a very rough day and though it gets easier, the fact that she's not just around and underfoot is very alien to me.
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