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  1. Well, I guess my anniversary kickstarted a couple days off the wagon with complete hecticness. :/ Now that that is over, let's start this for real, shall we?
  2. Go for it! Today's Workout: 100 punches 40 side kicks 40 turning kicks 40 Backfist + side kick 40 backfist + turning kick 40 jab + jab + side kick It's my anniversary today so I don't know how much guitar I'll get in.... I better get started now if I want to fit in 2 hours worth! Also meditated today.. been a while and I had trouble keeping focus. Next time, maybe not right after a workout? I'll have to try again tomorrow.
  3. Well, the challenge starts. Sadly, on a Sunday, which is my rest day - so not much to share in the way of exercise. Guitar: Pretty simple so far today - scales, chord practice, learning some new chords, and working through some JustinGuitar.com lessons. That's hour #1. Have some more guitaring to do later today but my fingers started to hurt, so a break is much good. Quite honestly not used to playing more than 30 minutes at a time or so, so I need to work on that and toughen up those fingers and hands!
  4. Have a follow from the Assassin side of things. Huge Pokemon fan as a kid here.... Blue, Yellow, Gold, Sapphire.. it was a huge part of my life for many years. Love the theme, and love your goals!
  5. You are still welcome to be an honorary Assassin. At least, as far as I am concerned. I'm a-ok with Rangers.... those nasty Scouts though....
  6. Tomorrow is the day, y'all! Everyone ready?
  7. I balance on all the things... I think it used to annoy my parents when I was a kid. The world is my gym.
  8. Thank you very much, y'all! Regarding the diastasis rectii; I don't think I have much of a separation at all any more but those muscles are still pretty weak. I've got a lot of work ahead to strengthen them up, and I'll definitely be focusing some exercises there to try to help it along. Looking forward to getting started, I've been getting some things put together on this end but all in all it's been a quiet week. Playing guitar, moving more than usual... pulling muscles because why not. I've discovered I have a bad habit of always tensing my shoulder muscles so lots of massaging of those and trying to remind myself to relax. It's going to be hard to jump right back into the swing of things but my youngest is 3, so it's much overdue.
  9. Have I said, I love the spreadsheet? Because I really do. I saved a copy for myself that I could keep using after this challenge is over (though I feel like this group is likely to keep going). Looking forward to Monday.
  10. Just barely Ravenclaw over Gryffindor this time. That was a pretty good test compared to some of the others I've seen.
  11. Hey, you got a good start - you posted this log early. Looking forward to following your progress.
  12. I love the pic, a good way to see your starting point too. Also looking forward to reading more of your experiences teaching (like your post above). That sounded like a tough situation, glad she didn't get injured but really, what can you do with that type of situation? Following.
  13. I think I may join you with the whole off the computer at 8 PM thing. Maybe 9 PM here.... but either way I spend way too much time procrastinating on the computer as well. Or just playing video games. Looking forward to seeing your progress, following.
  14. Well, then it's a win-win. DOOO IT!!!
  15. That's a lot of walking. Best of luck with your challenge!
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