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  1. Coping with final Weeks... Challenge Wrap Up This has been quite the crazy time...extremely stressful and annoying in SOOOO many ways! The irony being that my chosen theme title was eeriely appropriate!! In many ways I faltered in my abilities to cope, but in the end, I dealt with it all and did what needed to be done...and came out of it healthy and strong...both of us!! First of all, the so-called "medical professionals" around here haven't done their homework...the first Glucose Screen was poorly executed...turns out, they were supposed to give me
  2. Coping with final Weeks... Better late than never...that has sadly become my motto over the last few months..6 1/2 months, to be exact... Anyhoo...I successfully completed the last 4WC (YAY!), and now for a new one... I ended the last Challenge with the Glucose Screen...and during the break, the results were "abnormal"...so I had to do the 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test...it will probably come back "abnormal" as well...they have you drink 100 grams of pure glucose (sugar) within 5-10 minutes, then see how long it takes your body to process it. Fi
  3. Sorry, life totally blew up on me...kept up with my challenge and finished strong, but didn't have to the time to post updates...gonna work on that! LOL!
  4. Tuesday... Today was a recovery day...well, on the Home-front, anyway...The weather cleared (it had been cool and drippy all day yesterday), so I needed to open up the shed doors to let it air out. Hubby accidentally popped the drain plug in the bottom of the freezer when cleaning it, so some of the nasty food drippings tainted defrost water that was puddled in the bottom leaked out and into the shed. I worked on getting caught up on some of my NF posts, I worked on reorganizing the updated menu plan...to incorporate more Freezer Fodder meals since now I have only 3 months to stock the
  5. Monday... Today, Loki and Murphy decided to conspire against me... Hubby came in at about 0800 (2 hours later than he was supposed to get home from duty), and I had just woken up...feeling pretty lousy, I might add. He laid down for a nap while I did some catching up on NF updates and emails...when he got up, he was feeling pretty rough too. So we vegged out on the couch and started watching the Netflix show on How to Train Your Dragon (Race to the Edge, I think it was)...after lunch we weren't feeling any better (really tired and achy and my bump was crampy)...probably had over done i
  6. Thanks...sadly, Yakitori didn't happen...I'm about to post the "lazy adventure" that was our Memorial Day... I'm noticing that my schedule keeps blowing up, so I'm not getting as much "extra" activity as I would like...but at least I'm keeping up on my pedometer! I've also noticed a lot more aches, pains and discomfort...especially in my lower back/hips area and low abdomen/pelvic region, and frequent bouts of painful "pressure" in my bump...mostly around the middle and lower sections...I'm wondering if those are the "practice contractions" called Braxton Hicks... Any
  7. So how was your Week 3? Ready for the home stretch?
  8. ...YAY! Made it to Week 4... Sunday... Today, we got up kinda early...Hubby has the midnight to 0600 shift tonight, so we're going to the Raumen Museum early. We have several friends PCSing in June, but one couple we are particularly close to, so we are helping out with their "Bucket Lists"...the things they want to do before they leave as well as doing their favorite things "one more time..." For Laurel and Nate, the Raumen Museum is on that list...Laurel loves it, and Nate's never been... We left a little later than usual, but we still got there at a reasonable hour...pi
  9. Week 3 Wrap-Up Well, I got a bit behind this week with waaaay too many favors being asked of me...and me actually DOING them!! Anyhoo...I finally caught up on all my daily updates, so now, here's my Week 3 Wrap-Up... Quest 1: Healthy and Adequate Weight Gain... Still on track...but it is a little confusing since my Preggo weeks start/end half way through the Challenge week (Wednesdays)... So for now, most of the way through Week 27, I seem to be holding around 130.5. I've been better about eating more fiber, but downloads aren't regular...pre-preggo, I would do
  10. ...another catch up... Saturday... Today, we got up early...Hubby had to meet his travel group to the Kanto Special Olympics in Yokota by 0630...I still needed to double check Hyperdia to see when I needed to be at the train station. Turns out, I didn't need to head out until 0900...so I had time to enjoy some coffee, fiber cereal and do a catch up here on my NF updates! The travel to the Green Tea Farm and Factory, took quite a while...over an hour in train travel! I had time to grab some bento for my lunch (needed to bring lunch). The company provided us a shuttle from t
  11. ...one more day to catch up on... Friday... Technically, today started at the movie theater with the midnight showing of "X-Men: Apocalypse"...and the walk home at about 0230!! I went to bed shortly after getting home, and got to sleep in...a little bit. The plan for the rest of the day was for it to be a lazy busy day...our main focus for the was to clean the house...not a major "deep cleaning" but a Flylady's Home Blessing...I hadn't been on top of the housecleaning, not even the Flylady version, as much as I would have liked over the last few months...between the Preggo
  12. ...almost caught up, just a few more days to go... Thursday... Today was the final day of the "Week of Favors"...whew!! Got up early so I could bake cookies for Hubby's potluck lunch at work (another "last minute favor" for him...) and was ready when Chopper dropped off his paperwork. Took all the vehicle paperwork for both friends with me to Washi Class, along with the DVDs I checked out from the library and all my current Washi projects (the last class of the month is Lacquer Day...). Got all my finished projects lacquered in class, and finished another project...returned
  13. His went ok...he got cornered by what he called "Sea Lawyers"...Navy slang for a know-it-all...which derailed him because he had not actually done these things, I was always the one do to them. I had offered to sit in on his class so I could give him critique and pointers (I taught these very same classes once a month for over 2 years), but he didn't want me there, so unfortunately, I couldn't be much help to him cuz I didn't know what he did or didn't do... I am now...well, kinda starting this Friday...I had been on 4 week appointments, but my last one on May 20th, the
  14. Week 27 Wednesday... This has been the "Week of the Favor"...pretty much EVERYONE I know has asked for a favor...I've even gotten phone calls out of the blue from people I haven't heard from in over 6 months asking for favors!! My own hubby has even been piling on "extra" crap on me...knowing that my plate is already overflowing... So now, I've reached the point that the next person who says "Hey Cat, can you...?" is gonna get throttled... Relatively uneventful day...but hella busy! Hubby insisted that it get up with him at 0500 so that I could work on his
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