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  1. Thank you! Oh wow. You are right, you are already strong, so maybe you won't have to strengthen them. I first felt the sore muscles after a day's practice shooting with Brandt, where we were target practicing for nearly two hours. Lift, down, lift, up, hold for 15 shots, down, change mags 3x, hold up each time to shoot... I think about 250 bullets each later. Then the lightest weight can feel very heavy But I won't be surprised if you don't need it. The police let the gun range owners (where we do club shoots) know today that members are allowed to go practice, as long as they keep their distance, but we aren't allowed to attend a club shoot yet. So basically no more than 8 people at the range at a time. Would be great to shoot again. There's just something about shooting a couple holes in a target
  2. After another morning in town I'm really in two minds: I would prefer to go back to lock down, plain just to have less people around, but I know people need the shops and their businesses open. Anyway... Woke up at 5h30 this morning with our car alarm blaring! Luckily it was not an intruder, but the battery taking it's last breath (so to speak). Between age and the cold, it gave up the ghost. I had some errands to run too, but managed to convince Brandt to go to town with me, to swap the battery in (get a little cash back) when buying a new one. We dropped Rosy off first, exchanged/bought a new battery, went home, then I went back into town. By then my head was pounding again (a lot of smoke in the air last night caused sinus headache, which I went to bed with, and got up with). I didn't do any rope jumping or any exercise. The guys digging the trenches for the cables in front of the houses, almost blocked us in, but we managed to drive through with about 1 inch to spare on either side of the side mirrors (gates couldn't open properly) and tires (digging trenches right under our driveway). I took more downtime this afternoon. My head is still sore if I move it sharply, but not just in general, or from sinuses.
  3. If you are looking at a thread/placement of someone (news, etc.), then in the right top corner are those three ellipses ... You click on them, and in the drop down list is a "Quiet ... " for the person, the person he/she got the Fb thing from, etc. Saw it accidentally, now I use it when needed. If I'm really irritated especially someone who places a lot of false news or trying to create sensation instead of news, then I'll unfriend, or unfollow. But that is generally in the last resort for me. You posted somewhere (I think in a previous challenge) about leaving a tip for a take-away meal? I feel the same. Well here a tip is sort of compulsory at a restaurant, take-aways not always, but when they deliver, I prefer to leave a tip, because the delivery person normally uses their own petrol, they don't get money from the shop. And as a form of saying thank you. Now that we are in level 3 lock down, car guards are allowed to work again. We have them everywhere where there are parking spaces, to keep an eye on your vehicle for theft or break-in, while you are shopping, going to a business/doctors, etc. We always give them something because they are at least trying to work for some kind of income, and not just beg. Some are pensioners trying to increase their small government grant.
  4. I can't see the picture, only the numbers/name?
  5. For now, government has extended the "Emergency situation" for another month, as they say our country is still "under threat". And they are going to appeal the ruling of the high court on their policies being declared unconstitutional. Exactly! Here are a couple of the ridiculous policies (in spoiler), but the big one that we are very glad that had been stopped (for now) is that people go straight to quarantine camp if they test positive for Covid19, whether showing symptoms or not. And it has come to light that a lot of those 'positive' tests, were not, it was false positives. People never actually had Covid, it was normal flu or a cold, or sinus, or nothing. A false positive test result. The government doesn't want people to self isolate at home, they want them thrown in quarantine camps directly (what they threatened with their brigades at schools, and school children). This is one of the things that was overruled by the "unconstitutional ruling" by the high court. The Afriforum organisation is now laying charges against the government at the UN, because it seems that they are enforcing their ANC (communistic) policies on the country, while this lock down is going on. Trying to entrench their policies while people can't do anything about it, so to speak. At least Adam's riding coach has found a loophole, and she can start up with single tutor lessons from 18th June. Which is the one thing that makes me laugh: to see the various ingenious ways people are coming up with to 'circumvent' the policies (safely). They find a loophole, or make use of unclear terminology, and they can't be arrested or fined. On the riding, unfortunately the horse that Adam's been riding on (and I used to ride on) has been put down, due to a huge tumour Venus was an amazing horse. We've decided that when everything is open and on again, we are really going to cut down on how much I drive around. Unfortunately it will only come down with one afternoon at first (no swimming), but later Lego will finish (need to finish the course), and then only continue with horse riding and fencing. We've saved a lot of money on petrol, as I only used one tank in 3 months (since lock down), where I normally use one tank in just under one month of driving around to extra-murals and such. Normally about 550km-580km per month of traveling per tank (55Lt). Anyway... enough belly-aching. Brandt is set on moving as soon as possible. He is super frustrated. Come on NZ, open your borders, and give us a job! (if only it was that easy) Week 4: Summary so far (Friday lunch time) Bible Study: Not Sunday, but every other weekday morning so far. Rocco skipped the last two mornings, but then I had to tell him and Adam afterwards what the pastor said. Weigh In: A little down (+-400g?) will weigh again next week. Cleaning: All cleaning done. Sleep <21h45: Not Sunday, but all other nights in time, and Wednesday and Thursday nights I was in bed by 20h00. Exercise: Sunday: I think I did some jumping rope (30x) Monday: The workout divided between morning and lunchtime. And add what I had to show the boys and help them with. Tuesday: Jump rope (50x) Wednesday: My workout, and a little bit of help to the boys. Thursday: Jump rope (50x) Friday: Morning part of workout. Afternoon part still to come. I made the ropes shorter for the pull, and only use the material ropes. It is much better on our hands. My walking lunges are also not deep (all the way down), and now it works that glute muscle part right on the edge-sides and bottom of the major glute muscle. It had me walking funny yesterday, but is much better today. Shooting: No, didn't do it on Tuesday. Did watch a video on withdrawing from holster with winter jacket on, but that really is old news. Dog groomers are open, so I'm taking Rosy the Maltese on Saturday morning for a wash and winter cut. There are people from Telkom (government telecommunications company) digging trenches in the streets/sidewalks, laying fiber cables. We were thinking of upgrading the adsl when these "Covid specials" are done, but now we'll wait till we can get fiber. Which should be another month or two.
  6. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

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    That's a great drawing. Agree with Salinger, your determination is astounding. Hang in there.
  7. All you can do is place it in God's hands, and make sure that you can do your share. I really try not to worry and not get so worked up, but that is something I'll probably have to work on for the rest of my life. But I know, and am so, SO thankful, that we are kept safe daily by God's grace. Not our own. I like shooting in general. Not hunting. You have to concentrate, and the elation of getting a good hit, and seeing improvement over time. Be warned, if you have a rather hefty firearm (for your size), you'll have to think about strengthening your wrists and forearms.
  8. One of these days he might decide to curl around your neck. Ours are back at stealing our chairs when we get up off them. Makes for interesting "jack in the box" reactions if you only got half way up to reach something high, then want to sit down again. Me too - on Fb. I've clicked numerous times on the "quiet for 30days" option.
  9. Camouflage for colder, greyer climate? They are beautiful! That reminds me of the birds that frequent my m.i.l.'s bird feeder. She lives far away from us (10 hours' drive), in a colder more mountainous region. I just call the birds "brown jaloppies" because they are tiny brown, 'boring' birds. But they flock together, make a huge noise (for their size), and basically chase the other birds away. Except for the doves. They can only be chased by a predatory bird. Doves are cheeky. We sometimes in spring and early summer, get "glasogies" (glass eyes directly translated), and a tiny little sunbird (nectar feeder). Glasogie: Cape White-eye Greater double collard sunbird: but I've only seen it a handful of times in the twenty years I've lived here. You are definitely going to have to up your game. Otherwise how is your challenge going on?
  10. Woot Woot! On doing the Scary! And glad you had two others who you could keep with.
  11. I'm sorry your world is colliding with ours. Glad that your marches go peacefully (at times) though. Glad that your shops weren't looted and vandalised. Trust in God will give you health, finances and safety. Love in and trust in God, and all else will be added on to you. (not a direct quote). Welcome to my world? The police needs a couple minutes to get to places. There's no instant transport. For those first minutes (or little bit 10-15min maybe longer depending on the situation) you need to be able to defend yourself. Agree 100% I have big hands, long fingers. I have a CZ75B, and it is big and heavy. Brandt can shoot with it, but he doesn't like it, says it's too big for his hands. I love his Grand Power, but it was too expensive for me to buy one, as you can't get them second hand, have to import them brand new. There are a lot about guns that you can learn about in the meantime. I prefer one with an external hammer too. And I also agree with Tank on ammo, although Brandt loads ours because of the prize of ammo here. Agree 100% ... on horses and guns I like your collection. I've also fired some different kinds of firearms through the years, but never kept the casings. Woot! Woot! Hugs to you and hubby, EG. I'm sad to say that I know what you are going through, but glad that you are taking a pro-active approach to your safety. Your staff training will already help in some situations. I can just see this tiny spitfire of an EG bonking someone over the head with her staff, then knocking his feet out from under him. Although I only wish/pray for you, for peace and safety, and hope you don't have to defend yourself. ❤️
  12. Wow, that was a hectic day! Well done for managing it like a pro. I'm glad that the stretching exercises are already helping. Good luck on the new project. You can do it! **Hugs** for four year old you I've heard about the stuff going on in USA. I'm so sorry.
  13. *Hugs* to both of you. Glad this got done too, and you guys spent some time visiting as well, to relax a bit and get out together.
  14. I'm chuffed that a 7.7kg tire is too light. A double should give me a good workout. ------------------------------------- Changed things just a little bit, by adding the jumping rope workout not just on a Saturday, but on a Tuesday and Thursday as well. And made it 50x. That gives me a good start on cardio if I do it fast enough. Bible Study: Not Sunday, but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Weigh In: On Monday, down a little bit to 91.8kg. I am really hoping to reach 90kg by end of June. I've been stuck on 92kg for months now. Cleaning: Floors Sunday evening late; Dust/Polish Monday; Bins for refuse on Tuesday, as well as laundry. Sleep <21h45: Not Sunday, but definitely Monday and Tuesday nights. Will also tonight (Wednesday) because I'm tired! Exercise: Sunday: I think I did some jumping rope (30x) Monday: The workout divided between morning and lunchtime. And add what I had to show the boys and help them with. Tuesday: Jump rope (50x) Wednesday: My workout, and a little bit of help to the boys. The walking lunges kicked my behind - literally, because my glutes are making themselves known in bits of aching muscles. I'm doing them, and the rope pull fast enough that it actually works as a cardio exercise, and that drains me! I'm absolutely NOT cardio fit. Shooting: No, didn't do it on Tuesday. ------------------------------------- Yeah! Some group took our government Covid19 task force to the constitutional court (there are several cases pending, actually), and the whole level 4 (May month) and level 3 (June month) 'rules' or policies have been thrown out as unconstitutional. The government task force/group in charge has been given 14 days to change the rules and give scientific (or logical) reasons for why they made certain decisions/edicts, or else. I don't know what the or else will be. They are either going to get help from other parties and set up better rules, or they are going to throw everything out. As always... watch this space. ------------------------------------- A lady contacted me today. She wants to talk to me on Friday about the political, government and law side of home schooling, specifically from when I presented our province a couple years ago, together with other people from other provinces, at the government level meetings. I realised that I am not really hopeful about anything with regards to our government. I'm fully skeptical and cynical. Actually I've become very cynical about a lot of things in life, over the last couple years. I also managed to proof read another book from the Australian author. It was the last in a series she started nearly 7years ago! I openly admit that I cried through the last chapters. In part because of the story, as it unfolded, and part because this was a GREAT series! It was the one about the reptilian-like alien race that invaded Earth, and how small groups fought back. I might have mentioned it before. We're having a 'Facebook Party' on Thursday morning. Oh, that's tomorrow morning! Ok, that's it from me. I'm definitely having an early night. I'll pop in on your threads tomorrow.