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  1. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    Annyshay Settles In

    How's church and work going? Have you been able to get to that soap (or was it tea) shop? You mentioned that there was a nice shop you've discovered close to you? How's Dragon doing? His cousin, Stampy is angry with me because I had to take a tick off his ear. I got a very nasty hiss from him yesterday, but luckily catnip nips the bad mood in the butt
  2. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    Bouncer Stays Connected

    *hugs* Just get it done, then it is over (for now). Just pick yourself up, and get going on the things you can. I know how you feel, been there, and sometimes still am in the same position. As long as you can put one foot in front of the other and you can keep going on some things, you are winning parts of life.
  3. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    Fox visits Kaer Morhen

    Yikes 100 burpees are a lot! I'm currently trying to do 3x5 Tuesday to Friday mornings. It's a good whole body exercise especially if you do the push up too.
  4. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize Rydes into Spring

    That's interesting w.r.t. Alaska. Because of the cold, and long, long dark times/nights, that we aren't sure we'll cope there. Brandt did say though that he'd probably eat a lot more fish (he loves fish) if we were ever in a place such as Alaska. And I'll loose a lot of weight if the staple is fish! Thanks Tank! *hugs* We really appreciate the thoughts. Every now and again I look at job opportunities for him in that area, but alas, they also have strict rules that they have to prove they couldn't find someone with equal credentials in USA first, before hiring from outside the country. Which is totally understandable, but unfortunate for us. Thanks, EG. At least the dailies are getting done, and I'm doing the bathrooms on odd days, not necessarily on the day on the calendar. I just have to make time now and clean those open kitchen shelves. They need some work, but the rest is going on. What the author (Hale) says, is that in most cases, if your health/body condition wasn't too severe, you can come back afterwards and eat the food that you weren't able to, but you need to keep an eye on it, as those foods obviously caused the imbalance in the first instance, or made the situation worse. Like Rocco's situation: if it builds up in the body, and becomes too much, he'll start getting reactions again. In severe cases you have to use meds (either natural or chemical) to try and sort out the imbalance and get your body pH, bile, acids, etc. to a much more normal level, and oftentimes you can eat all foods again, but again, you have to be careful. He was apparently in a severe health condition, having ended up in hospital nearly dying from all the medications GPs, and other health practitioners had given him, when he'd decided to take things into his own hands. He has cut down on most starches (gluten or gluten free), and eats basically Paleo with a high fat content, as it keeps his body 'normal', or as close to as he can. That's what I figured w.r.t. BMI, because if you look at the calculations, you have to loose a hefty amount of weight for your BMI to come down. I'm not really interested in knowing my fat%, as I'll just measure it with my eyes and clothes. If it wasn't for the immigration health checks I would probably not be so worried about BMI at all, depending more on cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels as indicator of health. I'm not sure, but I would hope that they think and go further than just BMI calculations. We have very specific approved doctors we have to go to for the health assessments. Some people mentioned in the immigration group that they were asked to do some fitness and strength 'tests' in the dr's. rooms (running/walking on a treadmill, and picking up some kb's), but they were in a different province, and went to other approved drs. there. The ones we have to go to, are the same ones who does the health and fitness assessments for people wanting to work on boats. Which doesn't really tell me anything. I know that they have to do blood tests for cholesterol, sugar, and cancer numbers? There is also a chest x-ray to check for TB, a urine test, and then a 'general health' test/questionnaire. Rocco (10yrs) will only have the general test, and urine test. Adam (12-13yrs) will have everything except the blood tests, and Brandt and I as adults have to do everything. And of course everything is paid out of our own pockets. It is a beautiful country. We've looked at photos from all over, but the glacier is awe inspiring! Just shocking how much it has receded in 10-15yrs time. we are always otherwise down here. It is so beautiful at the moment with the bright, light green leaves and flowers coming out all over. The tree in front of our garden is golden yellow with blooms, you can almost not see the branches! I've seen a lot of people slow down in the street looking at the tree, even though there are lots of them around town. I realised that I don't always give all the information and if you don't have to deal with these things, it isn't always known just what everything entails, or what goes on around the world. We definitely didn't know what it would take to emigrate! You just hear, "oh they've gone over", or "we are going to go ahead". Then you read about all the people being granted asylum in countries, and we thought, it won't be so difficult, but... getting asylum are in some ways, much, much easier than just emigrating, but then you loose a lot of options/choices. Sorry for the information dump. Knowing that even though we've had some quiet times in the neighbourhood (w.r.t. crime), the country's statistics (even just our town's statistics) are climbing, that things are progressively getting worse...? Everything coming out, nothing being done about corrupt ex-presidents, about politicians openly enticing their followers to attack people different to them, how the government want to use pensions to pay for the theft of millions of rands from our electricity provider (them and their friends - proven, but nothing is done about it), how our education system is being broken up even further, the health system they want to change! We are two steps away from being a socialist/communist country Literally 8.7% of the country pay income tax, which is keeping millions of people alive, and trying to keep the country afloat, trying to keep the country going. I don't know how much longer this 'gravy train ride' for government top brass can continue. There just isn't any more gravy to skim! ---------------------------------------00--------------------------------------- Brandt's just had to apply for his fire arm renewal license. Although the courts told the police department and government over the last couple of years that they are not allowed to take civilians' fire arms away due to the high crime rates, and people having the (natural and constitutional) right to defend themselves, they are still trying their best not to approve licenses or renewals. But it has been proven that more fire arms and ammunition are stolen/lost from police property every year, than from civilians. Brandt's handed in his paperwork, so now we have to see whether he'll get his license renewed. It takes anything from 3-6months. His current license expires Feb.2020. I've managed to get Brandt appointments at the hip specialist, and an urologist, but they can only see him mid October. They also don't accept medical aid with the looming possible health system changes the government is trying to force through, as they aren't sure they'll be getting paid, so we have to pay everything cash. I'll probably have to go for a mammogram, as it is required (for emigration) for all woman over 45yrs. I'm only turning 45 in a couple weeks' time, so maybe... ah well... maybe I should just get it done. Then I'm in the clear for the next 5-7yrs. We still haven't heard back on those questions we asked the NZ agency last week Friday. An amazing job advert came through yesterday, with the company being on the approved list, they are specifically looking for people wanting to emigrate, willing to pay some of the moving costs, and the cut off date for applying is 8 Oct. My heart and emotions see-sawed a lot through out the day, but Brandt and I haven't talked about it yet. He just really doesn't want to discuss anything in the evenings after work. The oldest son of the lady who used to work for me, finally phoned yesterday. We've been trying to contact them for the last two weeks to settle things. She unfortunately died Wednesday evening. They (the children) now want her money. We're making arrangements to see them together with our neighbours, whom she also worked for. ---------------------------------------00--------------------------------------- Week 1 - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday: Bible/Quiet time - Tuesday and Thursday. Water/Herbal tea, fruit/veg water drinks - 1.5; 2; 1 bottles respectively. I need to drink more today as I feel thirsty. Go to bed - Around 22h00 except Tuesday was a little earlier I think. Food - No gluten! Also didn't have oats every day, sometimes just coffee with cream in the mornings, then brunch. Finances - Dailies on Tuesday. Have to do some again this afternoon, when I come back from town (and buying stuff). Clean house - Still need to clean those open kitchen shelves, and then vacuum again. Maybe this weekend. Burpees - Tuesday only. Pushup count - Total 65+10 (Tuesday only) = 75. Walking/Dancing - Walked slowly on Wednesday. Cramps became too much, so I stopped after +-5.7km. Government and private school are closing for a week break, from today. The only way that affects us, is that I don't have to drive the boys to extra-murals/sport next week! Yeah!
  5. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize Rydes into Spring

    Sorry, I'll answer your posts a.s.a.p. I've just suddenly been inundated with extra financial emails, proof reading, appointments and other phone calls I've had to make for Brandt. It's also that time of the month and there's more cramps and tiredness than usual. I'll try to catch up this afternoon. Everything is fine, just sore, tired, and moody.
  6. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    The Dadjoke Awakens: Tanktimus Becomes a Parent

    *hugs*, but don't feel alone on the nightly duties. As my husband was/is our breadwinner, I never woke him up during the night. Once he woke up he couldn't go back to sleep, and a bear has nothing on a grumpy man in the morning! He also couldn't take 'family leave' as he worked for himself, so no work, no pay. I struggled through the first 3 months with our first son, barely coping (even with copious amounts of advice from mil, and other friends). I wanted to take Adam to a chiro because he got stuck at birth, leading to emergency c-section - and he cried a lot, really a lot, and acted all colicky, but older people told me it wasn't colic. Hubby thought I was too taken up with these 'new fangled ideas' and just had to learn what to do. I called a chiro (a friend of ours) to discuss an article I'd read about babies, getting stuck, neck pains, etc. so he got hubby to agree to bring him in. That first visit immediately sorted out most of Adam's pain and discomfort, and hubby was so impressed with the decision 'he had made' about seeing the chiro . We are still friends with the chiro. Trusty chiro friend also suggested we put Adam in bed with us at night for me to feed him, and some other suggestions, which was the best advice ever! But Adam slept between hubby and myself. I was too scared that he'd fall off! We had this great padded square 'box' you put between the pillows, which kept baby from being squashed. We eventually bought an extra big king size bed after Rocco was born, because our Great DaneX still insisted on sleeping at my feet, on the bed, every single night. He was 'the oldest child', and he wasn't giving up his bed! (But that's a story for another time - as he wasn't supposed to live to see a full life, which was why we allowed him on the bed in the first place.) Another suggestion of Mr. Chiro was that I go grocery shopping ALONE on a Saturday morning, leaving Adam with hubby to look after, at home. So it came that hubby would do baby watching and nappy duty most weekends (whether I was at the shops or not), and I would have some much needed time off. We went on with that arrangement till well now, actually. Hubby hates shopping so it was a win-win.
  7. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    Bouncer Stays Connected

    I've got my trusty spreadsheet set up. First measurements were made. I only do such stuff on my computer now. It saves a lot of time, and cuts down on distraction. The only activity other than communication I do with my cellphone, is reading. But... I am considering adding that distance measuring app I used on my previous phone, for walking...
  8. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    Fox visits Kaer Morhen

    Those are good goals. Hello to Sister!
  9. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    Oh that is stunning! Here's hoping and pushing that you get that long run in this week.
  10. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize Rydes into Spring

    I think I'll restart the book because there is a tremendous amount of info that he gives under each section. Then when I've finished a chapter I'll sum it up here, as it will help me remember the info. From what I already got out of the book explains Rocco's reaction to gluten: too much causes him to break out with eczema, but I've noticed when he had the sweet treat Friday afternoon (bubble waffle with ice cream, marshmallows and chocolate sauce), it also gave him gas! And lots of "don't kill the friendlies" gas, please rather go over to the enemy camp now, as my husband would say. But he didn't get a rash/eczema from that instance, as I think (just my observation) the gluten count (build up in the body) in total was maybe too low? So there is something in what he's eaten, or the combination of what he ate that his stomach/intestines can't digest? Even more good news late yesterday afternoon was Verimark phoning to say my vacuum cleaner has been returned, fully fixed, motor replaced under guarantee! I don't have to pay for anything. BUT the guy also said that the rubber that is on the seal cannot be replaced on its own, I have to buy a new cover. The company won't replace the cover as I admitted that I had to put some pressure on it to get it to close (because the rubber was bent), but basically I damaged the rubber. The cover plate really isn't expensive, so I'm willing to replace it, although the rubber came out damaged. Brandt was grumbling about it, but I'll talk to the shop clerk this afternoon. Oh wow! you didn't look that tall in your photo! Now I don't feel so alone anymore with you and @LovelyBouncer in the tall category . I'm trying to look up emigration information on USA (that's our second choice), but it is difficult to get. They are very protective (?) of the information. About the only info I could find (w.r.t. health) so far is that when you've had your health check through an appointed health practitioner at a USA embassy near you, you are not allowed to open the sealed envelope with your health results at all! Doing so will void your application and you will have to start the process from scratch! But I really haven't done in depth search on it yet. But most of the countries would have similar requirements: health checks, money checks, relationship checks, and you first have to find a job there. Often it has to be an approved employer, otherwise the employer has to be willing to pay for your application to emigrate. Which I can't find the amount specified, but it is hinted at being costly. Taking pets over to the USA is by far the easiest, and least expensive (according to our vet and the list of treatments they were given). There are numerous 3rd world countries that are a lot easier to get into (Panama, Uruguay, other South American countries), some Caribbean Sea islands - St. Kitts, Antigua, Dominica, St. Lucia - but then they often come with a money investment that has to be made. The money investment is by far cheaper than for a 1st world country, but still pretty hefty for us. The danger with 3rd world countries are that they could very easily decide in a couple years' time that immigrants are now persona non grata (which is the case with other African countries), and at some point just don't renew your visas, or give you residency or citizenship. And they are just as dangerous now for some South Africans to go to, due to politics. There are requests for people to go to Russia as well. Russia specifically are asking and helping white farmers, especially those who have come under attack, or have lost their farms. They also want them to live in very specific areas of Russia, and of course they have to farm. Alaska is apparently willing to pay people $2000/month (or per year?) to live there? But those are very harsh conditions to have to cope with, and I'm not sure Brandt (or I) will be able to get a job there. I looked at Madagascar and at Mauritius, but Brandt wasn't happy with them; their basically like other African countries. The same with Lesotho (a country within our country) and Swaziland (now called eSwatini). They also don't want trouble with our government, so the future is unsure within those borders. There is a YouTube channel by an ex-pat South African who are investigating all the possible countries and opportunities available for South Africans to emigrate to. So I listen what he says, then discuss it with Brandt. If he's interested I try to find out a bit more information if possible. NZ is just our first choice, and seemingly the least affected of all countries open, at the moment. Probably because they are the furthest away from other continents. ----------00---------- Week 1 - Monday: Bible/Quiet time - Not really. Some deep breaths. Long prayer and thinking time Sunday. Water/Herbal tea, fruit/veg water drinks - 2 bottles+. Go to bed - Around 22h00. Food - Rest of weekend was good. Monday was good. Starting with an oats+fruit+biltong breakfast, then eggs and sausage+ carrots, cucumber or something in that line around 12h00/13h00 ish, then only eat again around dinner time (18h00-19h00). Finances - All up to date. Clean house - Up to date. Burpees - Nothing for Monday. Pushup count - Total 65. Walking/Dancing - Not yet. It was a nice warm day, but the swimming teacher was so hot in the pool, she got out to cool off in the shade before Adam and Rocco's lesson. I fetched Brandt at work to come and look at the boys practicing. Took him back to work afterwards, we stopped to buy some groceries, then went home. Today I need to fetch my vacuum cleaner after school, but before taking Rocco to fencing classes. We haven't heard anything back from the NZ agency yet, but another of our friends/colleagues in NZ (the one who was my boss, but also studied and worked with Brandt) gave us his contact information and said that we were more than welcome to add him to our references. Another hot, hot spring day!
  11. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize Rydes into Spring

    Nothing like some good sleep, praying and hard work to get the negative cobwebs (mostly) out of the head! I swept, washed, and polished almost all the wooden floors in the house. Only the boys' room and the back room wasn't done, because they were really clean enough. I swept the door areas and saw very little dust. No machine yet, so my lower back is a bit sore from all the bending. Washed the bathroom floors over the weekend, but did the kitchen, and stoep floors this morning too. The boys were kind enough to polish the wooden furniture, clean the computer tables/desks, and the bedrooms' wooden furniture. Two hours later and I'm having oats for breakfast (9h30). We're starting with school work just now. A little late, I know, but it goes quickly. Read some more from "Kick your fat in the nuts". I think I'll have to reread some of the chapters. I can't remember everything or details that well.
  12. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize Rydes into Spring

    There is such a lot of paperwork, that it feels both overwhelming and like a waste of time, at times. I'll try to get Brandt in at the specialist to see about his hip and x-rays. I actually wanted Brandt to do it a couple months ago, but he didn't want to. He wanted to wait... so now we've waited, and now he (again) says it's ok, we must do it. Then I need to get some blood work done for him and me both, to get updated numbers on cholesterol, sugar levels, and all of those. If our cholesterol is lower than 3-4yrs ago, we can actually pay a little less on life insurance premiums, so at least it will help with other things too. I've also always (even through high school) fallen in the heavier category, but it is hidden well due to how tall I am (for a woman). Although in recent years I've met plenty of women who are way taller than me. I'm actually really not comfortable in my body at the moment. Little things like bending my knee up to cut my toe nails (sorry for tmi), and some heart burn, and my shirts/tops not fitting around my arms are all things that are grating on me. I've picked up 12kg over the last 3yrs because of stress, stress-eating, and the like. Now I must just get myself together and focus on eating a bit better. I've done it before, so I can do it again. But it took me a whole year to loose 10kg before. I just need to start and keep it going. I guess it is just bothering me more at the moment because the health questionnaire part asked for BMI, and the report back was that if your BMI are 35 and above, it will count against you. You're not healthy enough -- leading to -- medical waiver or such tests. Thank you, it is very much appreciated. Glad to have you here. I hope there will be fun adventures! Week 0 - Friday: Bible/Quiet time - Quiet time. Too much thinking time isn't good. Water/Herbal tea, fruit/veg water drinks - Just 1 bottle. Go to bed - Very, very early to bed. Food - No gluten on Friday, but had a bacon filled, cheese topped croissant Saturday morning. Finances - All up to date. Clean house - Did daily chores only. Burpees - Standard 3x5 done. 4 full pushups again. Pushup count - Total incl. Friday: 65 Walking/Dancing - Danced on Thursday as I had to take Rocco to the local Arts Festival to support his fencing club. It was cold, misty, and rainy for most of Friday and Saturday. I took Rocco for the fencing at the festival, which is held every year on the grounds of one of the elite, exclusive, private colleges, in this area. The fencing coach had a couple learners from this college sign up for possible lessons, which might mean that their arch rival (another exclusive, private college) might also sign up for classes. I hope for her sake it works out. We helped the coach pack up, then Rocco and I looked around at some of the stalls on our way back to the car. I really, really like metal animal sculptures. Rocco likes paintings. We both loved the violin music that a boy were playing (home schooler whom we know, so we supported him with a donation). I bought Rocco and Adam each a sweet treat, and Brandt and myself a bacon filled, cheese covered croissant for breakfast Saturday morning. Saturday I slept in and just loafed through most of the day. This morning (Sunday) I slept in again, but eventually got up to start doing whatever has to be done around the house. Put the dogs' food together; make brunch; laundry, a bit of cleaning, help Brandt with servicing the cars where needed, normal daily chores... Otherwise basically also just loafing around and taking my time. Oh, I also finished proof reading the UK author's new book (almost 600 pages). Took me some part of Friday evening, and most of Saturday afternoon and evening. I also spent some time Friday trying to read up about emigrating to USA. We will need to have either family (we have no one in USA) or an employer to sponsor us. Meaning Brandt needs to find a job first (as usual), and this prospective employer needs to be willing to pay hefty fees to get us to USA. There are also health tests, etc. that need to be done later on, but I couldn't get any info on them. I'm just wondering whether they'll be easier to get through than NZ's, otherwise it wouldn't really be of any use. And a part of me started wondering whether we weren't put in South Africa so that we could fight for the country. For whatever good it might do.
  13. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    EG Pixie Ranger

    You guys are really spoiled for choice with regards to curricula in USA! As I learned English as 2nd language in school, we never had to 'dissect' sentences, but we definitely had to do that in Afrikaans! The boys are learning both languages on a 1st language basis, so they have to do this in both languages, and funny enough it is coinciding nicely with each other at the moment. When they forget what an adjective/verb/noun/etc. is, I tell them the Afrikaans term for it, and they can go on. Funny enough they remember some terms better in Afrikaans and other terms better in English. Just the sentence structures that throw them out. They tend to use English sentence structure for their Afrikaans sentences. They say English is easier than Afrikaans, except spelling!
  14. ElizeElvinFoxRyder

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize Rydes into Spring

    This is the first stanza of a children's spring song we sing here in South Africa, with English translation in brackets. I tried finding a YT video but alas... Dis heerlike lente, die winter is verby, (It's wonderful spring time, winter is past) weer vrolik die velde vir jou en vir my! (joyful are the fields again, for you and for me) Ryde the Spring Wave Blooms are opening up in an array of colours; grass shoots are pushing their little heads through the dark, nutritious soil; the warm sun is shining bright, and every now and again the soft swish of rain comes down to quench the thirsty soil. I'm just trying to keep my balance between stress, life, and continuing with a 'normal' routine. Not aspiring to reach any level of fitness, not training for anything, just keep moving. Oh, but I am trying to reach 100 (maybe aim at 150?) push ups at some point in time. I am going to try and learn line dancing with my youngest son, and I am going to try and loose a bit of weight. Again, nothing serious, just... cut down a bit on food, think seriously before I eat, weigh myself every Saturday and see how I do. The extra stress-causing-things going on in my life at the moment are... nr. 1 probably the current situation of our country (South Africa). nr. 2 our plans to try and emigrate (and all the preparations it entails). nr. 3 my mom, and the usual little foxes that happen in life to throw you a curve ball. NOTE: My birthday is going to be end of week 3/beginning of week 4 and I am going to have cake/chocolate or something in that line. Goals to focus on this challenge: (only going to check over week days - will continue over weekends, and try to stay in control over weekends, but only check weekdays for the challenge) Bible/Quiet time doing bible study with/without my boys and/or quiet time sometime during the day to gather my thoughts, praying, or just unwinding and relaxing (catching my breath). Water/Herbal tea, fruit/veg water drinks +-2 bottles (just under 2Lt) per day. Go to bed at the latest 21h30 (give or take 5min.). Food: keep gluten to one day a week only (Fishy Fridays), and try to cut down on how much I'm eating. Check weight every Saturday (report on Monday). Let's see if I can loose 1kg (2Lb) this challenge. I'm the heaviest that I've EVER been in my life. Finances: monthlies and dailies. Monthlies are up to date, but will need to be done by end of September again. Dailies are done +-3x/week, or as necessary. Clean house: I have a schedule for the month. Certain chores that I need to check on every day. My vacuum cleaner just burnt (basically brand new) and I'm back to using a broom. Will know whether they'll fix it within the next two weeks. Burpees at least 3x/week, which will include a pushup, which will count to my pushup challenge if they are full pushups. Pushup count: currently 39 Other exercises: Walking (Wednesdays for a long walk, and short, steep uphill on a Thursday) and Dancing (going to try and learn line dancing with my youngest son) on a Friday.