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  1. I was wondering how far from the border you (and I) would be. I think you are right that part of switching curr is what might be tiring me out, because my head is just off at night. From around 20h30-21h00 I can't think. My body isn't so much tired, but my head is definitely not in the game anymore. Thank you. It will at the shortest be another couple months before borders are open for normal emigration (at least from September), but we are not putting any hopes on moving before end of the year. Yes, ours is the opposite, although we've added insulation layers which are seriously helping. So we don't have to use heaters, but I've closed most windows, and by 6pm I close doors too, to stop that breeze coming through. They are behind schedule in laying the cables, although our area is nearly finished. We are looking at Metro Fibre (everything goes through the national telecoms company anyway - Telkom), at 25Mbps, uncapped which is the most cost effective. They do have capped and FUP options, but not implementing them at the moment, while they are trying to get more clients. FUP - Fair Usage Policy, where you are supposedly uncapped on data, but if you exceed a certain amount of data usage per month, they throttle your speed and data. They did that to a previous uncapped ADSL plan we had. You are literally paying these companies to throttle your speed and data to a certain amount. At the moment we are on 8Mbps adsl line, capped at 300Gb/month. It's double what we had in data, and more than double what we had in speed, but a serious boost, and we are saving in not renting dvds, etc. Between the boys and Brandt they are watching so many YouTube videos now on anything from old Afrikaans movies, to history channels, animals, etc. I don't know how they take everything in! It must be a man thing. --------------------------------------- Guys I am seriously having trouble connecting to NF! This is the first time this week that I could connect, and I still haven't received any email notifications about your threads. I don't have a problem connecting to Easy Peasy, or some other international sites, but I do have a problem receiving emails. Brandt has no issues. I've checked my email account, spam folders, etc. and there is nothing. Nothing is set up, nothing has been stopped. I'm not even getting emails through from Paypal! But Facebook for some or other reason has no problem connecting. Yesterday's emails only came through late last night. There were financial messages which were sent early morning so I could reply during the day, and the people could act through the day, but I only got it after 7pm last night! I don't know what is going on. So for now I'm just basically going to lay low w.r.t. NF. I'm going to change some of my emails over to my Gmail account and see whether that changes anything. Otherwise I'll probably have to look at my browser setup. Otherwise... Exercise fell a little out of the bus this week, as I had to rush into town to buy and do stuff for Brandt. He is taking part in his first race this weekend, with the built car. It is unofficial, called a practice race. He'll be towing the Celica there (about an hour normal drive away) with the Mazda. The boys and I are not going along, as they'll be in the fields and between sugar cane (although that's probably burned by now) and not where we can watch. The boys are doing well with the new school work, but it is a lot more work. The fencing coach won't be able to give fencing lessons until September, but she is trying to set something up via Zoom on a bi-weekly basis. Adam won't be continuing with horse riding, as the horse he rode had to be put down due to a tumour, and the other horses are too small (not high enough for his length/weight, they fall under the tall pony class). So that won't start again either. There are other riding schools, but we'll rather just wait and see what happens later the year. They might also join the trampoline group, if that place opens again. That is also a big if. I'll be trying to finish the varnish-work this weekend, and also have another book to proof read. I've done our tax year end financials, just have to send that to the accountant, but also still waiting for tax certificates (via email) from financial companies (don't even try land post, that isn't working at all). I have to finish other monthly financials, but it is basically up to date. Everything is going on, up to date. Even Corona is just moving along. Apparently our numbers for infections have risen quite a lot, but nothing is serious, or very few people are seriously ill. *shrug* I'm not keeping up with that at the moment. Oh and since Brandt started (and stopped, and changed his exercise plans multiple times and goes on with some mix weights, BW exercises, etc.) seriously training at the start of Corona, he has lost 10kg+ (March-June). Bible study: every morning Weighing: 91.7kg (didn't weigh this week) Cleaning (the house): floors, dusting, wiping, washing... all done. Fixing: Varnish other wood surfaces as needed - hopefully this weekend; Paint security gates properly; (Brandt needs to buy anti-rust paint, and he wants a specific brand, which he can't get at the moment) Paint garage door; (paint shortage ^^^) Replace window putty around glass, and repaint (August-ish); Sleep: Most nights were in bed before 21h00 (one night 21h38-ish when I switched off my light). Nightly visitors NOTHING! Whole neighbourhood is quiet. Neighbourhood watch started again on some nights. Exercise: Did most on Tuesday, then had to rush out. Did some jumping and tire pulling on Wednesday (3x30), and some jumping on Thursday, but nothing else. Some jumping again this morning (Friday). So that's it in a nutshell. I'll try to look in on your challenges, but no promises. I'm thinking of you though, and praying for you. Stay safe, enjoy yourselves, and don't be too naughty!
  2. FIX'ER UP This is a follow on from last time where I went to the Moon through House Flipper the game. Well, I'm back on Earth, but instead of fixing houses in the game, I'll be starting to fix things around our own place. Seeing that it is now winter and all, the season for fixing. So I'll be fixin' myself up, as well as fixin' the house up. Same formula with a little tweak here and there: Bible study every day Weighing/Measurements (preferably on a Sunday/Monday morning) Cleaning (the house): floors, dusting, wiping, washing... Fixing: I actually have June-July-August for this Clean windows; Wash curtains (I did a lot of curtains about end of last year, only had front rooms left to do); Fix dining room table (Brandt) - I have to sand and re-varnish, etc. Varnish front door frame, and other wood surfaces as needed; Paint security gates properly (I painted the rusty spots a month or so back); Paint garage door; Replace window putty around glass, and repaint (two weeks later after putty dried); Sleep: In bed by 21h45. Exercise: At least twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday, or as possible) Jump Rope 30x Walking Lunges (10x15m) Pushups 10x Tire Rope Pull 10x15m~ Russian Twist w. tire 10x Sit-Twist Stretch Tire weight is 7.7kg