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  1. Will just have to see. She hasn't really been giving the boys any attention other than greeting them, and when they insist on her listening to something they want to say. Adam told her this morning when greeting her that he and I had a rough night because he was coughing, and feeling very bad, getting sick, etc. She said, "mmm shame" then turned around to me all concerned, "are you alright, aren't you tired, shame you had such a difficult night." I just looked at her and said that yes I am tired, but Adam is the one who is sick, not me. I asked her to stay with Adam this afternoon when I take Rocco to concert practice. She was fine with it, but I think she is going to be upset when she finds out that mil wants to go with to see Rocco perform. On the other hand mil almost never see them "in action" because she lives so far away. Maybe she will faff when she sees how much attention mil gives the boys. I don't know. I really don't know what to expect. Yip - that's what I thought. Have to run. Might chat over the weekend, but it is going to be a busy one.
  2. UP, UP & AWAY! Adam and I have sinus. He has it bad, post nasal drip which I can't seem to stop from dripping, starting him to cough. Jongegezellen was good for my mom yesterday. She was like a hyper child afterwards, friendly and chatting and very touchy feely. I wasn't happy with the last part - again. Drew away when she tried to pinch my bum! Gave her a look. Really! My personal space is again almost non-existent. Very little sleep again last night. It is going to be a long day. Mil is coming early, she should be here around lunch time. Just after lunch I need to take Rocco to concert practice. He said he'll try it, but I wasn't sure what to do with Adam. Hopefully with mil being here, she and Adam can stay at home with my mom. Water - 30/35 points to pass: Thursday pass with mug of tea - 6 points UP Routine - 22/25 points to pass: Thursday awake on time, but so tired from Adam being sick and dogs barking outside, that I slept in for another 30min. No points obviously. - 2 point SLEEP Routine - 30/35 points to pass - Thursday went to bed on time. Third night in a row where I got very little sleep, but I was in bed on time and slept peacefully till around midnight. After that is anyone's guess. Manage to get Adam down and out from about 4h00. Slept till 5h30 instead of getting up at 5h00 this morning - 4 points Exercise/Activities - 15-20/25 points to pass - Thursday: OFF day. Friday also going to be a no go w.r.t. training because mil will arrive early - 3 points Rained through the night. The opportunistic thief who has been breaking into houses in the street up from us, was caught and fingerprinted yesterday. Looks like Brandt and mil will be cycling in the rain this weekend.
  3. So sorry to hear you caught a bug. Hope it flies off soon and leave you healthy and on the go again. Here to join in the fun and laughter that seem to surround you, and maybe learn a bit more about Yellowstone
  4. Sloth Don't Need No Stinkin' Challenge

    Here for all the Sloth-News
  5. UP, UP & AWAY! Updating points for 5 weeks, including Week 0. Water - 30/35 points to pass: Wednesday pass with mug of tea extra - 5 points UP Routine - 22/25 points to pass: Wednesday nope, fell asleep too late - 2 point SLEEP Routine - 30/35 points to pass - Wednesday nope. Read some on the new course, some other things and went to bed way, way too late. Adam had a sore throat and frontal winds during the night, was awake often - 3 points Exercise/Activities - 15-20/25 points to pass - Wednesday: mowed the front inside lawn during the afternoon - 3 points
  6. I deleted my original Dear Diary thoughts, as I decided its better to just keep to the minimum. It was one of those days again. Pills are a major issue in her life. Francoisana popped in for a favour late afternoon and that helped me to take more deep breaths and push my irritation away. Mowing the lawn at a fast clip also helped No makeover session tomorrow, maybe next week, BUT I'm having an hour or two "off" as my mom is going to the Jongegezellen group at church. Adam's birthday is in two weeks' time. We made him an offer a while ago of an outing, like going to the movies, coupled with an activity (like the beach, climbing wall, etc.) and maybe have a hamburger or "eating out" afterwards. He decided that was what he wanted to do. So we are checking to see which movies will be showing around that time. He and Rocco has only ever been to a movie theatre once, when I took them to see How to train your dragon 2. They are both very excited.
  7. (Annyshay) Book One: Ice

    Will pray for some wisdom, answers and peace so that you know what to do when the time comes. In the meantime, you have my full support! And Annyshay is in control! You are brave! I shiver just thinking of doing it.
  8. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    I second that. I started training to be able to help the boys and keep up with them. Now we motivate each other, and I'm still strong enough to pick up a 40kg boy when the need arises. I saw that too! Adam's birthday is 1 Nov. and he chose to rather go to the movies (only ever been once for How to train your dragons 2), with us, doing something there like wall climbing, or time on the beach, and then have a burger or something after the movies, or something in that line. Hope you and the friends enjoy the movie!
  9. The Adventures of Fonzico and Hyzer

    You did it! That is what counts. Love to see the surroundings and Puppers.
  10. What's Your Next Adventure, Chris-Tien?

    Great respawn. Glad you are having good weather and good luck with the foster service dog.
  11. Glad to have you back! We are just taking it one day at a time with her and will handle it as it comes. No need to be jealous of our season just yet... more days are cold and rainy than sunny, except today. Nice sunshine with a cool wind coming in. Thanks superdad! Yesterday afternoon was again difficult (wanting to touch and talk to me the whole time, I felt creeped out again, shying away), because I dropped her off at bible study and did NOT collect her on our way to sport. Actually I was in such a rush to get off our property before the lady dropped her off, that I left with my crocs on (the slipper ones ) but luckily my friends thought it was just ordinary big crocs. The boys commented on the way to sport that it felt better, more relaxed in the car without my mom there. Adam was glad that he could sit on the front seat again. Also dropped the dr's letter off at Padca. UP, UP & AWAY! Water - 25/28 points to pass: Tuesday pass with mug of tea extra - 3.5 points UP Routine - 18/20 points to pass: Tuesday pass, up just before 5am - coffee - morning stretches - bible study - other reading - 2 point SLEEP Routine - 23/28 points to pass - Tuesday pass. I was in bed in time, and lights off on time, BUT I couldn't immediately fall asleep because some issues that I had to discuss with Brandt (HS, laws, finances, etc.). We got up again and talked. Finally fell asleep a long time later and we both felt better. Sometimes you just need to hear that your other half has your back (he as much as I), even though you know it - 3 points Exercise/Activities - 12 to 16/20 points to pass - Tuesday: walked during Playball. My friend joined me, the other lady with the mom issues, and she talked, I listened, sometimes commented, but gave her the time and space to let it out. We walked around and around.... I had a look last night and we'd walked almost 2.5km! around the field - 2 points
  12. The Adventures of Fonzico and Hyzer

    Oh he is gorgeous. His lovely nature shines from his face! What beautiful photos.
  13. Jakkals kry ruggraat.

    Our sentiments exactly!
  14. Sloth Hammers in the Morning

    Glad there is a ray of light for every black cloud. Thinking of you.
  15. The Adventures of Fonzico and Hyzer

    Oh you have a beautiful smile and the look of adoration in Puppers' eyes!