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  1. No Frills: The Tanktimus Spring Challenge

    Oh, never heard of that! Interesting.
  2. JonFirestar, Race Season Begins!

    How are you doing, Jon? How's the sleeping and training going?
  3. No Frills: The Tanktimus Spring Challenge

    We poured all the water in, but waited five min. One stage, not two like yours. Will have to try it this way. Doesn't it get bitter after that much time? Then again, I never tasted any difference if I forgot about the coffee, though my husband complained a lot. Travel safely Tank! Hope you and Melissa have a great time.
  4. elizevdmerwe - Becoming a member of The League

    He was flabbergasted at just how quick I registered and paid but he seems excited, giving me all kinds of advice, talking weights and training. I also got a compliment while doing deadlifts this morning I think these kind of "dates" (at least exercising together some mornings) are more Brandt and my style, and not so much "date nights" or "date lunches" . We've tried those and sat with mouths full of teeth and could hardly get a word out. To each their own I guess. It was awesome to be able to put 2x2.5kg weight plates on the dumbbell for lunges, AND be able to add the right weights to the barbell for deadlifts later. A one-stop-get it done at the beginning, and no stop-start-stop-start through the exercises. This will also shave off some time, although very little. And Brandt could get his own dumbbells set up after my lunges. Eventually we'll get to a point where we can things neatly stacked on a rack, and have a workout rack, something like @Mr_Willes has, that Brandt can use for shoulders or squats with the bar, etc. I do realise though that I'm struggling to accept Brandt's strength training advice (I know I'm headstrong), as I have my own idea of how I want to progress and have been doing so well, improving a lot these last couple of months! That doesn't mean that I know everything and can't do with some advice/help though, but also doesn't mean I know nothing. I just struggle to accept it. He does have A LOT of experience strength training for triathlons, marathons, body building, etc. which worked for him. He looked at my book where I've marked off these beginning stages/phases and for a change gave me a chance to talk to him a little bit of how I plan to progress, and the time frame, and he seemed to approve of it. So we'll see how it goes. I've updated informally through narration, but how about a more formal summary? WEEK 1 - Up to Thursday Spiritual and Physical Health: Bible study: 3x (Wednesday was late morning, not early. Finished the sermon. Not counted.) Sleep: 3X before 21h45/21h30. Water: 5x of one bottle (750ml) or more per day. Exercise: Morning exercises: 2x (Wednesday was around lunch, but I did the strength exercises.) Afternoon exercises: Not yet. Fire arms and Style: (Almost) E.D.C: Not yet. Dry fire training: Not yet. Dress/Makeup: 3x dressed neatly, but no make up (new I was going to cry - tears and mascara don't go together). Finances/Stats: Not yet. Spiritual and Health are getting along. Exercises are picking up, but it's been raining almost every afternoon, and I am not as brave as @annyshay or @jonfirestar to walk/run out in the rain/cold. Firearms and style are a struggle. I just couldn't carry the f.a. outside to town this week, and haven't worn it at home either. I haven't practiced with it either, and Sunday is club shoot. I have tried to dress neatly when I had to go out, but no make up. Finances are just uuggghhh! at the moment. Been doing a lot of finance day-to-day stuff (check bank accounts, check with Brandt, pay stuff, buy stuff, send documents out), but none of the "update to spreadsheet" that this goal is about, stuff. Friday morning exercise: Joint circles: 5-10x each side (it's colder, need more warm up) High knees to elbow twist: 10x Bear crawls: 4x4m Front lunges (f) interchanged with diagonal lunges (d) each set: f10reps @ 5kg | d10reps | f10reps @ 5kg | d 10reps, so 2x10 @ 5kg dumbbell for the front lunges, and 2x10 diagonal lunges with no dumbbell. Stopped here to do kitchen chores. Deadlifts (shortly after kitchen chores): 1x10 @ 20kg | 2x10 @ 25kg - right where I left off in January. The last rep on 25kg sets were difficult. I had to focus a lot on form. Stretches: all of the usual and some extras for core and lower back. The deadlifts even got my front abs working this morning!
  5. Annyshay Rebuilds the Shire

    Also got my toes in the dirt/mud as it has been raining almost non-stop for three days again. @annyshay I had to fetch the dogs' toys outside this morning (hence barefoot walking in the mud) to get them to stop trying to sneak off with our dumbbell fasteners. Two of the old fasteners are hard rubber/plastic mix. You seem to already be on a good roll fixing the Shire
  6. Elastigirl/Shuri; Smiles, Strength and Sass

    Oh woot! woot! for being more supple? More strong? Glad Mr. I's walking goals are keeping you on your walking goal too. Or vice versa.
  7. Fonzico Battles On

    Does the mango flavouring maybe contain extra sugar? Sugar begets more sugar/carbs, or other foods that might be subconsciously linked as satisfying. How's your elbow doing? I see you've gone on to do more training so I guess it is manageable, but ...? LOL, I have this as an unofficial goal for the challenge. Work on my marriage, focusing attention on hubby We've previously tried things like date night, or date lunch, but it just doesn't work for us. We love exercising together most mornings, so that is working. The disc dyeing sounds interesting.
  8. Grinding the winter away

    Those are the key things: consistency and regularity, and then good training but upping the intensity. I'm at the same point as you, although mine is more focused on the strength. Then again, I'll be timed for the 7km, so I need to improve that time as well. Imho you seem to be on the right track
  9. Fonzico Battles On

    FIRST! Gotcha!
  10. elizevdmerwe - Becoming a member of The League

    We are! He is joining me for the next OCR! Woot! Woot! We don't really have a set up at home. We do have a corner where our weights and bar-/dumbbells are kept, then we pull them out to exercise early morning. Now we basically have double of each thing so we can train at the same time using the same stuff, or add more weights for those deadlifts. Brandt still wants to buy a bench a bit later as well as make a weight rack to stack the plates on, but space is minimum at the moment, so it will take careful planning. But it works for us, even though some people are horrified when they walk into our house and see we literally do not have a normal house set up with a lounge, dining room, etc. *shrug*. It is easier though in the sense that we can exercise when we want, how we want (ok, depending on what equipment we have), and we know we like working out together, even if we don't do the same thing. ----------------------------------------------------- I teased Brandt this afternoon when I messaged him to say the entries for Waterra OCR #2 has opened. I asked him whether he's going to join me. He was on the fence with a real answer and asked me to wait before entering myself until he got home. At home he checked rally dates and then surprised me by saying he thinks he needs to try at least one event. Apparently he and the guys at Mondi office discussed the OCR and the M.P. runs I've done so far today, and that made Brandt curious and interested to try the Waterra OCR with me. Previously he flatly refused to try saying if he wanted to crawl around in mud, he would have stayed in the army. So tonight before he could change his mind, I registered us and entered for the race on 2 June! All paid up as well, so now I really have no excuse not to jump in and get going! I'm really so excited to know Brandt and I will be in a team. And I'll have to give and help as good as I get/am helped. We both usually give it our all, and the same will go for training. Ooh, and just there I became a little bit scared *big eyes*. As I've mentioned before, the Hero in Training group is advertised as 5-7km, for people from 12+ yrs, with between 20-30 obstacles, but when I registered the details said 7km with 25-30 obstacles, but it is a fun event, not supposed to make you cry or bleed. They also separate the participants in two groups according to age: 12-24yrs, and 25+yrs. So! No more slacking. I'm not going to run in the rain, but now I really have to pull up my socks.
  11. Annyshay Rebuilds the Shire

    I remember this ... Got some catching up to do, but here to help build the Shire.
  12. Grinding the winter away

    I'm so sorry, I never saw your new challenge *blush*, but I'm here now.
  13. lucky fire dragon shifts shape part 3 SWIM

    25m! Got myself confused there. Sorry *blush* The gym/swimming pool I wanted to join last year/beginning this year has a 50m pool. Yip, not as much your hero, but I could swim long enough to help the kids if need be, or get myself out of trouble If they swim in Cape waters in August they are crazy! Those are cold ocean current waters in the middle of winter! If they swim on the east coast, here in KZN in August, it is still acceptable warm oceam current, so you only half freeze. I was thinking of looking at day rates for next swim season (Sept-March), then maybe just pay to swim one afternoon a week at the Seals pool, which is closest to us, but a private venue. They also have an indoor heated pool for during winter, but they don't heat it up out of swimming season, so bummer. That way I "book" one afternoon a week for the boys and I as our swimming exercise. We can practice swimming for a while and then just play around for a bit, if there aren't any other swimmers. They frown on "fooling around in the water". I'm so glad for them, and you! I'm really impressed with some of these poses/positions. That one where you support your back with your hands and cycle with your legs high in the air... the last time I did that one was in high school I haven't tried it since! Should maybe put it on my list That looks beautiful! Also did it as kid. My mom got her fingers all crossed and knotted, so I learned to do it with eyes closed and imagining what I was doing in my head. Lucky girl, her! Nice going mom! Now for the fish plat Oh wow on both counts. Glad you had help and he did his math by himself!
  14. Skywalker heeds Yoda: "Do or do not. There is no try."

    You can lead a horse to water, you can't make it drink. You can show them the way, talk to them and be an example, you cannot make them follow your example, or do as you say, necessarily. Some of them will continue to do as they please until they are in such peril that they may even loose their lives. For those ones prayer is the only thing that will help them. Sleep oh beautiful thing! If only it weren't so elusive at times. I struggled to go to bed on time for a while, but it seems to get better now. Just keep at it. I've set an alarm at 20h00 for the boys to finish up and go to bed, and for myself to finish up, kitchen chores, etc. and then another alarm at 21h00 for myself to tell me I have to finish up on the computer now, shower and go to bed. That helps. Hope you have some good nights' sleep for the rest of the week.
  15. elizevdmerwe - Becoming a member of The League

    I read a while ago about probably desalination programmes, but they had so much trouble with some of them. Then there were big systems put in place somewhere on the coast, and never used or maintained! I really hope the government can get their act together and get things done. South Africa has a lot of untapped talent, ideas and future possibilities. They must just be thought through, put in use and just get them off the ground! Hey, maybe another place we can - because of need, as you say - become leaders in the worldwide field As long as there are solutions. Thank you *hugs* I'm going to. I also got some new shinies! So I'm just as excited as you get with new shinies! And hope you have a blessed day as well Thank you! I'm so excited. Hubby can't wait to get back from work, so I'll be nice and let him have the first turn in using them