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  1. Xena gets sh*t done

    It's always difficult when you follow your morals, to make others understand that you feel very strongly about set things, but it doesn't mean you see everybody in the club (in this instance) in that light! It is like they can't separate the two. I'm glad G made you feel more certain about rejoining.

    Beautiful! Enjoy Denver and be careful! Good luck with your 100miler
  3. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    So what's your weights on deadlift now? Just curious
  4. Rhovaniel is back, and she's evolving...

    That is so amazing! I'm so proud of you and happy for you! I'll be honest and admit I'm a bit green about all the hiking you've done! I miss my hiking days like crazy. Glad though that you had such a great time and showed so much courage meeting strangers, walking and talking and ... wow! just wow!
  5. AThousandWords can save the world

    Woot! Woot! What an awesome way to start off! All the best for the next challenge.
  6. Chris-Tien, I'm gonna have to ask you to exit the donut.

    You have been very busy and a lot of learning took place. That is such a huge win! Good luck with your move and all that entails, and enjoy the dress buying
  7. Mediaguy99 Rangers into the Darkest Forest

    Here for 1.) "ooh I ran!", 2.) "ooh I lifted!", 3) "ooh I didn't eat all the sugar" and everything else in between. Seconded. We have hot and humid during spring and summer, and dry heat during autumn and winter. Hot is hot... although I'll rather go with dry which is maybe a tad less sticky than humid hot.
  8. elizevdmerwe - More Bush Adventures

  9. elizevdmerwe - More Bush Adventures

    [This is a fictional background story speckled through with some true places and experiences] More Bush Adventures Part 2 Ever seen the sun set over a herd of elephant shaking off the last of their dust bath? The sky is streaked with blood red, rusty orange, golden yellows, and lilac and blue. Slowly mixing to form a dirty orange, then deeper rust brown, and finally fades away to black. If you happen to look up at the night sky you’ll see Venus flickering. Outside city borders, you’ll soon be surrounded by an ink black night sprinkled liberally with pinpoints of stars in their thousands. Apparently you can see about 2000+ stars with your own eyes, more if you use a telescope. Here in the southern hemisphere the Southern Cross and Orion the Hunter are almost always on the scene. If you are lucky and you experience the settling of night in the heart of African bush, you might hear The King give his last roar of authority over his kingdom. Crickets and frogs come out to get the bush orchestra going, with the occasional high pitched squeaks of bats on the hunt, or even night jars looking for those same musicians as an early snack. Tonight I’m nursing a huge mug of coffee with cream. Just off the stoep in the fire pit, a fire is crackling in preparation for the braai. Guests to this piece of heartland almost always want a “tjoppie en wors” (lamb chop and sausage) on the grill, accompanied by traditional “krummelpap met sous” (crumbly maize porridge with tomato and onion sauce). A fire is always welcome in winter though. Tall tales abound around the crackle and pop of the wood.bv In the dark beyond the fence, I can hear the soft shuffling sounds of the new residents, two hippo that came down river, making their way out of their water hole to graze on the succulent grass along the river bank, right up close to the house and guest cottages. This piece of paradise is Little Miracles Rehabilitation Centre on the northern border of South Africa [fictitious park, but I’m basing it on the true and real Moholoholo Rehab centre in the Mpumalanga province and FreeMe KZN]. The Limpopo River meanders by a meagre 150m from the main house and is the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe [based on where my grandfather had his farm]. Unfortunately we often have uninvited visitors from across the border as well. Previously they “liberated” cattle, now they try to shoot game, seeing as these ones don’t truly run free, thus can’t escape. When you have to “run with the wild” so to speak, it is important to stay fit and strong, and keep up to date with the pesky finance side as well! Unfortunately there are even less enjoyable jobs like patrolling and security, for the protection of both animals and guests. And lastly, but very important for everything else to work, sleep. In the bush you need enough sleep. In the coming weeks I’ll share some of our adventures as we go out on day hikes and explore the surrounding bush. Welcome, and I hope you have a wonderful visit. --------------------------------------------- Week 0 will be my last prep week for Waterra. Week 1 of this challenge will be a down grade in activity before Brandt and I take part on 02 June. You are probably so sick and tired of hearing "Waterra"! Don't run! It's almost over! Just hang in there with me for another week+, please. Week 2-4 will be back to schedule. I'm shuffling strength training and walking around a bit. In order to help the boys to get fit and strong for hiking (rucking/backpacking/trail walking) I'm going to help them with strength and trail walking. This is what our schedule will look like. Exercises: Mondays: Strength training early morning for myself Tuesdays: OCR-circuit for the boys in the afternoons Wednesdays: Walking for myself Thursdays: Strength training early morning for myself Fridays: Trail walking for all three of us in a local park, nat.reserve, bot.gardens... (at least on those Fridays that we don't have nature club) PRIZE: Working off the weights we got 2 challenges ago Finances: This is a real struggle! I need to work on finances at least once a week! PRIZE: >>> To be determined Security: Dry fire training on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday early mornings Every day carry/Concealed carry at least 3x/week PRIZE: AIWB holster in the bag from last challenge. Still need to get it Sleep: I need to go to bed earlier. Aiming now for lights out by 21h30, give or take 5min. PRIZE: New pajamas of some kind or other
  10. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    Sorry I'm unimaginative when it comes to Arnie movies. I've enjoyed quite a couple of his comedy ones, but can't for the life of me remember names and story lines. *blush* Here to watch your antics though
  11. elizevdmerwe - Wonder Woman Teams Up

    I need a definite time that I do things, so I can schedule it in and try to stick to it, but I have to be sensible about all my other "jobs" too. Juggling everything is my main problem, but yes, I need that fluidity so that if something happens, I have some other time that I can squeeze a workout in. Thank you! As long as there was growth in some area, hey Truth! Not having had siblings in the house, I have no idea of the dynamics. Brandt isn't bothered as he was the oldest of three kids, and he says the boys are actually a lot calmer and better behaved during fights, than he remember him and his brother were! Yip, scheduling and juggling to keep all the balls in the air. And this coming challenge I have to start painting our bedroom walls. Luckily Eric will help one day a week, but I need at least two-three days. Then we need to move to the two front rooms which will be a nightmare with school stuff and computers. I'm still working that part out in my head.
  12. [Sloth] Total Control Racing!

    Lurking in the background. Checking out cycling info. No lycra curiosity, as I have a lycra-king of my own.
  13. Sloth is a MAMIL*

    Oh no! Poor child! That is a huge saving as parts can run up costs, and hourly labour to do the work. Glad you have a good bicycle again! Oops! Guess that was your sign that you need to be in the back grilling And he got out again! Hope your back is feeling better now.
  14. I Am Groot; Long term Goals Part 2

    Eish, totally forgot to update! I think between juggling my thread, electricity, and trying to stay up to date on everyone's thread, another thread is just one too much for me. So sorry to have dropped you guys. I have however made huge progress with my strength and fitness, and this week I'm tapering the training down a little bit, then next week maybe only walking and 1x strength before I do the Waterra 02 June. Then I want to start walking with the boys, and this time we'll stick to it so that we can go on a family hike together. Thanks for all the support! I really appreciate it.