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  1. Powering on to Curacao, Continues....

    That's a good buddy! Enjoy the rest of your birthday, well into the weekend. Be good!
  2. JonFirestar Crosses the Forsaken Lands

    There you go! Just do what you can each and every day. Don't worry about tomorrow. Just keep today in your head. Sending you *Wonder Hugs*.
  3. JonFirestar Crosses the Forsaken Lands

    Going to borrow some of your ideas and exercises if you don't mind.
  4. elizevdmerwe - Almost Wonder Woman & Her Big Cats

    Oh yes! That shiny thing! It actually made an appearance this morning! It stopped raining, was still overcast, but I just thought, tough I'm going walking. If it starts raining again, then I walk in the rain. And low and behold... it cleared! Got a good 2.9km in too Ah, ok! Yes, this explains it! Yes, I chose the overhead squat specifically for the shoulders and using the stabilizer muscles in the back. It should strengthen those shoulder muscles that hurt last week, when I did push ups. So I'll just do this a couple of times before I do the OH Squat. Should also start to strengthen back muscles which isn't strong enough to improve my reverse pull ups. I prefer to use the bar, as it is only 6.5kg, and it is easier to start with as you mentioned here. Yes, when I read his comments now I remembered what I read when looking for something specific for my shoulders. This should also improve some of the back muscles so that I can move on from those jump reverse pull ups, which I don't seem to be improving on. I realised that I try to do them all on arm strength, which just won't work. You need to be able to use back muscles. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.
  5. elizevdmerwe - Almost Wonder Woman & Her Big Cats

    I have before, but the overhead squad specifically focus on those shoulder muscles that seem to be weak, which I had the pain in. These will probably focus on them as well? I'll have to check.
  6. If you don't understand (because it is a visual method) then I'll draw you an example, or cards in a drawing programme and send you the file. I'm probably going to have to do it for the boys anyway.
  7. Sloth News

    I found you!
  8. Sloth: The Man with the Hammer

    But it wasn't updated in his signature. I'll go look, thanks.
  9. elizevdmerwe - Almost Wonder Woman & Her Big Cats

    Challenge Summary - Week 3 Already! MORNING ROUTINE: week days Up at 5h00/5h05 - 11 points/days to equal: Tuesday - yes! (12p) Bible Study - 20 points/days to equal: Tuesday - yes! (13p) Morning exercises: either routine 1 or 2 - 11 points/days to equal: Tuesday - yes! Routine2 again (7p) Q: Is it really that much harder to do a squat while holding a bar over your head? Or am I doing it wrong? I just can't go down as low, even though the bar is light. If I try I move my arms or my upper body forward. I first do a set of normal squats, and I can go almost parallel. EXERCISES: Tuesday - nope, house full of kids and raining outside - again. I'm considering walking in the rain... (4p) WATER: 35 points to equal/0.5p for each 500ml: Tuesday - yes 2x water, 1x tea (Tot. 18p) READING: Devotional: Tuesday - nope (5p) Eggshells: Tuesday - nope, too tired (4p) SLEEP: Lights out by 22h00- 23 points/days to equal: Tuesday - nope, missed it with 15min. (8p) Lights out before 21h45 then +1: Tuesday - nope (+4) I am probably going to regret this question, but what does the sun look like?
  10. Sloth: The Man with the Hammer

    Where are you, Sir?
  11. Jakkals kry spoed

    That is still very kind and thoughtful of you. Nicely done, Jakkals
  12. The Post-Op Op [Chris-Tien]

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time during your mini-vacation! We have something called the Santa Shoe Box here, where you have to buy specific things on a list and put in a shoe box. That box is then given to children in the rural areas where they struggle a lot. We haven't done it for the last three years as we opted to buy school stationery for the kids of the lady and man who worked for us. She had 6 grandchildren and he had 3 kids still in school. This year I totally missed the deadline on when the boxes should be in. Your hats and mittens would be so appreciated. That is a wonderful idea and great of you to help with the wrapping.
  13. I see the sum in my head and do it there, but yes it is also 6x8= 48, then add a 10 because it was 60. You can also try multiplication cards. On one side write the sum-'sentence' example "2x5=10", and on the other side he has to draw two groups, each with 5 things in them. Let him draw all the groups on the cards first, then he can start at the top and pack out those drawings physically, and write on a separate piece of paper what the sum-sentence should be, which is 2x5=10 from the example. Then you check on the other side of the card whether it is right. Because Adam is visual, he literally for these small sums see a picture of two groups with five things in his head, and then he counts in sequence 5, 10. So check whether your son knows his sequences of the numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 2, 4, 6, 8, 10... 5, 10, 15, 20... 10, 20, 30, 40... See, I can't help myself The programme we use also teach making groups of 10 and carry over. Otherwise it is literally each sum 3+4=7. In the video the teacher explains to the kids that certain numbers make it easy to get to 10, because every number wants to be a 10. So if you have 9+? then 9 takes 1 from that other number to be a 10, and the other number is then one less. Example 9+4=10+3, because the 9 took 1 from 4, 9 became 10, 4 became 3, so the answer is 10+3=13. 8 also wants to be a 10, so 8 takes 2 from the number to get to 10. So basically also to make groups of 10 and then add what is left.
  14. Because I Refuse to Quit: Tanktimus does a no Hype Challenge

    And we're literally south of you all.