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  1. Waving back just as enthusiastically. I've missed our chats! I need it to be fun and basic. If I'm struggling or pushing myself too much, I know I won't do it (at the moment), so quick fun it is. ---------00--------- Our electricity goes out for about 5 min. every 30min. or such. I think it's because of the storm brewing outside. Humidity is very high, wind is blowing ferociously (our stack of plastic chairs on the stoep were moved!) This is the case for the whole neighbourhood, so somewhere there might be a tree branch waving, causing shorts on electrical cables. Or cables haven't been braced and are touching each other causing short outages, or something in that line, I think. I've done the first 'machine clean' wash with the new washing machine. I kept checking it because it was so quiet! Ok, yes, yes, I'm like a kid with a new toy. So far so good with Bosch-Wash. I'm not going to do an actual clothes load because I'm too scared something happens due to the electricity going out the whole time.
  2. Thanks Mr. Willes. I've started a new challenge. Good luck with your studies. You've got snow and we've got high temps. I threatened to run through the garden sprayer today. Might actually do it tomorrow as they say it's going to be even warmer! At the moment there is a storm still brewing and the wind is interfering with the electricity. Our neighbourhood's electricity is going out every couple minutes. It is currently out (hopefully not longer than 5 min.), and this is the third time within an hour. Luckily our computers and internet is on UPS' and battery. The link to my challenge:
  3. I had this all typed out, then a storm blew in and I had to pull the internet cable out, lost everything I've typed, and now have to redo it. Storm is brewing, but no more thunder or lightning. Sshhh... I'm quietly slipping back in to the old stompin' grounds. This challenge I'll try to get back on the exercise wagon and I might do some Dear Diary-writing for stress relief. With that said, I have three 'types' of exercises: warm ups, metabolic, and outside. I'll start with exercising twice a week at least, grow that habit again, then slowly add in another day of exercises. Warm Ups: (for warm ups before metabolic, or on its own on in between days) 10x Reverse Lunges --> Reach --> Twist (this one is also good for sitting damage) 10x High Knees X Elbows 10x Walk Out Plank 30x Jumping Jacks (also known as Star Jumps) Metabolic with Dumbbells: (try for twice a week eventually - First three exercises is from this video) 10x Squat - Thrust - 4 Rows (almost like a burpee with a dumbbell for the row, and no pushups) 10x Squat - Overhead Press 10x Hand - Release - Pushups (this seems very easy, will probably double) 10x Wood Choppers (each side) I'm not sure what weight I'll use for the db's, but I want one set to tire me out so it will probably be more than 2x5kg. Maybe start on 5kg (in each hand) then increase systematically as I haven't done weight bearing weights exercises in a long while. Outside: (Once a week, either tires or walk in the street) 10x Walking Lunges @ ~12m a stretch 10x Tire Pull @ ~ 10kg (tire = 7kg + dumbbell inside) over 10-12m distance 10x Tire Flips @ ~ 20-25kg small, old tractor tire I had in the garden. It isn't heavy and I can manage 10 flips well enough. OR Walk 3x down then up the street in front of our house. Yes that steeeeep one. -- 00 -- << >> -- 00 -- Then the Dear Diary part... basically to catch up or just to vent a little when stress takes over. Today it will be to catch you up on what happened these last one, two months, just a quick-quick rundown: Those are the big things that come to mind. As you can see I don't have a theme, I don't have anything special or fancy or colourful... I just want to get by, get it done. Little fuss as possible. Take one day at a time and do my best with it. I'll love ya' and leave ya' with that. XXX
  4. Sshhh... this is secret... I'm quietly trying to come back, trying to get rangering again. Let's just call this my Week 0. It has been really crazy busy these last two weeks. In between I obviously had some good, quiet days, but most days went by so fast it made my head spin. I'll start my challenge next week. It really is easier to maintain some strength than to train and gain strength. Well, that's how it feels for me. I've divided my exercises in three sections: Some warmups for warmups on some days only, and warmups before HIIT exercises on other days. That's two sections already, then the third is an outside exercise day, which is either some tire exercises, or to just go for a short, fast walk. I'll be happy if I get at least two, hopefully three days marked off each week. Warm Ups: 10x Reverse Lunge --> Reach up --> Twist (helps when sitting too much too); 10x High Knees X Elbows; 10x Walk Out Plank; 30x Jumping Jacks. Metabolic with Dumbbells: (most from this video) 10x Squat - Thrust w 4x Rows; 10x Squat - OH Press; 10x Hand-Release Pushups; 10x Woodchoppers each side; Stretch. Outside: 10x Walking Lunges @ 12m each 10x Tire Pulls (~10kg) 10x Tire Flips (Old smallish tractor tire ~ 20-25kg - I'm not exactly sure how much it weighs, but it isn't that heavy) Stretch. OR Walk up and down the street in front of our house 3x (down hill 750m, then UP hill) And that is it! I'm not adding anything for Bible, or cleaning the house, or doing DIY work, or finances, or (insert whatever I used to add, which I did anyway). I'm doing what I get to when I get to it. I got so worked up because I had all these things to do on my list, that I couldn't get to it anymore. Couldn't do it. Stressed too much and dropped the ball on a lot of things. So now, just the essentials. --oo-- << >> --oo-- So what's happened? A lot of things. A quick run through: Dear Diary... --oo-- << >> --oo-- I've run so many times up and down our driveway this week (because of deliveries, scrap removal, etc.) and I've moved so much heavy stuff around that I actually don't feel guilty for not having exercised yet. I'll try to do something later in the week. Today was a hot, summer day at a body melting 37C, and tomorrow is expected to be 39C. So I'll maybe keep the exercises for the weekend, if I'm not helping B to pump the sludge out of our water tanks. Cheers for now!
  5. Sorry your message ended up in spam folder of gmail for some or other reason. I only found it now. October was a good, stressful, relaxing, busy, eventful, yet quiet at times month It was a bit of everything. I wanted to start the new challenge this week, but this turned out as one of those "on the run" weeks, and I'm only on Tuesday. I'll eventually get there. Hope you had a great October, and that your November will be even better!
  6. I'm going to be using this Battlelog to stay in touch with my awesome NF-friends. And to vent... like a Dear Diary... Because I might need to... Then also, I want to do all the things! But we're facing a big change in our lives and I'm not sure what I'll be able to manage. I'm Divergent Background: EXERCISE: I'll be happy doing 3 of the following each week, even if it is one activity more than once Dry Fire Drill Strength Training Walk Self Defense Gardening (not much left to do after Julius cleaned up so nicely - with it being winter and all, things are slow in this department) HEALTH: Already trying to do these every day. Water: 2x500ml - more is better. Food: Banting green list (2x exceptions/week). Just eat right. No pressure on how much, and just to get the budget cooperating with another mouth to feed. Morning Stretches while waiting for the coffee to brew (week days) not so easy in the winter cold. ME TIME: To help me keep sane Try for 15min absolute alone time (peace, quiet, no disturbances) 1x or 2x during the day, or as necessary. An hour with Brandt, just being together, talking, watching videos, or something. The boys and my mom, will have a strict shower/room/sleep time I go to bed: 21h30-22h00 TO DO's: Things to get done this month - just to check for myself. Finish April finances (started) Finish May finances Finish June finances Proof Reading Evening Bible study