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  1. What is it with our house and things happening around 2am? This morning Rocco woke me up. Yes just after 2am. He was nauseous and unhappy. It seems like he picked up the neighbour-kid's stomach bug. I've been treating him since then, and he is ok. Lost a lot of fluids both ways, but kept in toast with peanut butter and meds (fizzy in water with lots of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes - also helps with fever). We decided to take the day off from school work. He played a little bit of computer games, but otherwise slept. We'll see how he feels a little later tonight. Due to
  2. Sunday evening update: Loadshedding should be over at the moment, except when there is an emergency again. We are discussing getting two big deep-cycle batteries to run the computers on permanently, and then follow that up with a generator that can keep the electrical appliances running for a couple hours a day, for a week, for the future. Our neighbours are doing the same, so we are swapping information, brand names, etc. Exercise was not good this past week; only managed two inside mornings. Housework was good, maybe not everything done 100% on the days they were supposed to,
  3. This is how I solve a lot of my computer time: I work on the computer a lot, but play on it too, but I set alarms on my cellphone for things, like when to start school in the mornings, when to exercise (when I did it in the afternoons), etc. That really helped me to keep track. I also set the washing machine, tumble dryer, etc. that their alarms go off as soon as they finish a cycle.
  4. Woot! Woot! for so many wins. Hopefully you had a bit of a breather over the weekend and will have your mojo back for this coming week. You did good! Also proud of you.
  5. I know you have long hours at work at the moment, but still hope you get sufficient rest/sleep in when at home. Sounds like a good boss, who is willing to accommodate you as soon as is possible.
  6. I found similar grading system at some of the other online private schools or colleges, and of course HLA is registered as an online private school. Also when I searched grading, assessment, etc. I found numerous home school families and others mentioning that college tutors/teachers, like to give a grade for participation and not necessarily the (home) work done, especially when it comes to doing work at home with no/little assistance, projects (but these have other grading criteria too), and reading out loud (also with other criteria). This is what we use generally throughout South A
  7. Thank you everyone. Yes, I know she doesn't mean to, and in part it is my fault because I switched her meat to canned (in stages, but...), and she has a sensitive tummy. Missy is seeing the vet this afternoon. This will be the initial appointment to see where we stand with her, whether she is in a condition to operate to remove the growths (which seem to turn into abscesses every time). I gave her another dose of her inflammation meds as her legs were also struggling to stay upright and under her. And the heavy breathing... To be honest I have an idea what the main vet will suggest, because sh
  8. Me too. And your new name. Is this the same one you used to stable and ride? Glad to see you here.
  9. Ah cuteness and so ❤️ ! Stampy won't jump on the bed (except when I make it and he plays under the sheet that I try to get neat), because of the dogs. But I love the cuddles. I got a beheaded lizard (just the head) and a dead baby house snake, when cleaning floors at 2-4am again due to dog tummy issues (again). I forgot to mention that in my own thread.
  10. I think our dogs definitely plays a part in our not having had break-ins. Also because we actually react when they bark, almost every single time. Even when they bark at the neighbours, because we look whether it is actually them next to the fence (the little we can see through the foliage). It quieted down a bit the last two days. Now it's come out that a lot of police officers are sick due to Covid in our area (one detective died), and they have transport problems, so won't be able to patrol the neighbourhoods regularly. Things are a bit topsy-turvy, but we work from home people are try
  11. This ^^^ I understand how you feel, especially after this last month and last year, and... yeah... He is in control, even when things look out of control to us. *hugs* and prayers for peace and wisdom for you. Woot! Woot! We have a couple Bibles in the house: from an old Afrikaans one (which is almost not understandable - Afrikaans/Dutch language), to more recent versions. I tend to use one or two only, along with a more recent children's bible for when I do Bible study with the boys, but for my own Bible study I seem to be using online Bibles mostly. But it's nice to have
  12. This ^^^ And somehow I lost the post, but congrats on the PB when you went running! This for me too! Although now that we've started schooling again, I have no time in the mornings, and less time in the afternoons. "Luckily" we still have electricity outages when I can grab my phone and read on Kindle app. No one in our house has ever played any of these D&D or similar games. My boys love computer games, I like them too (but not as much as a book), and my hubby is stuck on racing or flying games. But I so understand how you feel when playing with your kids. We started
  13. Sorry I'm not popping in regularly at the moment. Thinking of you through the work struggle. Seems like Little Bit is enjoying creche?
  14. The report said no bad sectors, so we formatted the drive and restarted all the installations from scratch. But we forgot the bios setting so Windows could read that the hard drive is 4Tb... long story short, I basically did two Windows installations, two motherboard, etc. updates, and it is finally running again, and he is downloading his games at night (free data from isp between midnight and 6am). Wednesday was a looooonnnnggg, tiring night. Thursday was a long tiring day with the computers. Electricity-, internet-, water-problems, potholes that 'eat' tires for breakfast, and criminals...
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