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  1. Thanks Tank. It's been a long time coming. The dogs started eating again last night. We still look for her during the day; will take some time to get used to her not being there. My hand has an infection, but it isn't bad... burned-ached like crazy, but the dr.'s meds has now taken the heat and most of the ache away. Still a bit swollen up and I can't put pressure on it, or pick things up (use the hand muscles for heavy things). Today is Rocco's 12th birthday! We're only doing science/chemistry lesson today, then he and I are heading into town to buy cake and sweet things. Tomorrow the four of us are going to a paintball range to shoot at each other. That was his request for his birthday. Apparently it is going to be Adam and Brandt against Rocco and myself. We've only once played lasertag, and this will be the first time playing paintball. Wish us luck!
  2. Missy our old German Shepherd dog, died this morning just after 5am. Brandt took her to the vet to be cremated. She bit me last night when I tried to move her (she was in pain, but couldn't move and I wanted to help, but...), so I have a small puncture wound on my hand. Going to see the dr. later today for anti-biotics. XXX
  3. Thanks E.G. More of the same: Brandt caught the first signs of a re-infection (no.4-5?) early today. He got in on an emergency appointment at the urologist - they sent away for tests again, gave him anti-biotics again, and he told Brandt until the operation is done, this is going to be the norm. Brandt is arranging with his one client to take leave (they'll try to co-ordinate leave so that both are unavailable to work at the same time), from around the second last week in March (22nd - 31st). He got the anti-biotics, then drove down to south coast to marshal at a race there tomorrow. He didn't want to leave the manager in a lurch. He will be hours away from a doctor or hospital if he gets a fever or pain again. Hopefully he'll be able to set firm dates for the operation by end of next week, for late March. Otherwise things are getting back to normal. All the machines are working again - no more washing clothes in the tub either. Just internet is still up and down but hopefully we'll have fiber with another ISP before end of March. Neither the boys, nor I, did any other exercise, except Rocco went to fencing where, close to the end of the lesson, his pants tore! We all froze when we heard the sound, not sure what was going on. In short, we left early for home to save him some embarrassment. I am hoping to do my strength exercises tomorrow morning, as I totally overslept this morning. Here's hoping! Have a good weekend.
  4. Thank you EG. It's been a bit rough to say the least. I feel as if we are being tested on so many things emotionally and physically, but it is slowly getting better. The one machine after the other broke or gave in. We've had numerous power outages, ag you know, the usual unexpected things that happen in this thing called life. Then Brandt... March! Starting off a bit calmer, but a lot of things still has to happen. Anyway... the boys and I are trying to get back on track and I'm happy to say that we've walked Monday morning, and did our strength training this morning. I've tweaked my setup (as usual), so that I can fit it in the 30min. in the morning after doing the morning chores, but before the cleaning lady comes (on a Tuesday) and before we start with school work. This is what I did this morning: Jumping Jacks 20x Knee Highs X Elbow 20x each leg Walkout2Pushup 10x Deadlift 10x30kg Dumbbell rows 10x4kg (both hands at the same time) Dumbbell shoulder presses 10x4kg Dumbbell tricep 'skull' crushes 10x4kg Bicycle crunches 30x Stretches Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it.
  5. Brandt went to see the Urologist today (again). He wants B in the hospital yesterday, meaning asap, but it will be for a minimum of 8 days: 2 days on strong (intravenous?) antibiotics, then a CT scan on day 3, then the op (clean and scrape prostrate), then another 3-4 days in hospital after the operation. Brandt said he won't go this or next week, he has to think about it and sort things out first. He doesn't want to take days off, because no work no pay. I told him if it needs doing, it needs doing. He was prepared to withdraw money from long term savings for fixing/installing things here at home. We can wait with that till later, and he can use that money instead to cover him while he gets his health sorted. I got a very frosty look as answer, so I retreated. I know this is a rather sensitive issue, in more ways than one. I'll try to pop in to keep you posted, but got my head and hands a bit full at the moment. Please pray for Brandt. Thanks for being here for us.
  6. Hi guys, sorry again for not getting to the posts here. Last night was back to hospital again with Brandt. Again a UTI. He only got home around 2am this morning. I was also so busy with the other things I had to arrange during the day, the tumble dryer was delivered (haven't even washed, or dried clothes yet), homeschool work, you know the usual other stuff, that I didn't get to anything else. I collapsed on the bed and we slept till nearly 8am this morning. Then it was school, go buy him more meds, etc. etc. Now its 3pm and I'm falling asleep in front of my computer. Just wanted to let you guys know why I'm not looking in on you at the moment. I'll get there at some point. Love you lots. Me
  7. Yikes! I can believe the millions of new gun owners, but never would have thought you'd have a hard time with powder/ammo too. Brandt and I went shooting Monday afternoon, and the owner of the range told us that he is fully booked up for the rest of the month, to train and certify new gun owners. We didn't know it was that busy here too, with all the trouble we've been having from government's side. Same as you, I guess. There are also more gun shops opening up. Hi Shannon. So lovely to see you here. Hallo EG! Hugs and thanks for that invite. I haven't read through it properly yet, but will soon. Challenge-Wise: Exercises: None Fun: Some time spent with Zuzu Faith & Family: Some bible study early morning; laundry done (small bundles are more manageable at the moment); and all the finances. So much finances and things I had to arrange... These two days (Monday and Tuesday) were absolutely hectic. It took me close to 6-7hours of holding on, on the phone with our internet provider (on and off over roughly a week of days), +- R150 in airtime (cellphone time, not data), some more money spent on data holding on and finally getting help from said ISP there, before they sorted out our new ISP product. They said one thing, did another, and then all this ^^^ hassle and trouble to get them to keep to the actual product we've signed up for. Anyway that is sorted now, and although I was very, VERY frustrated, irritated and sometimes just plain angry with them, I did not once loose my patience. I couldn't just drop it, they would have ripped us for over a R1400 in the next two months! And their mistakes cost us in other fees (with the voice line company), among others. Their customer service is really bad - you just can't get a hold of anyone, except over Whatsapp, but their technical service is top-notch. You just have to get things signed up correctly, then all is usually set and smooth sailing. Just get past the initial set up... We've been with them for years, and Brandt didn't want to change at the moment, but after all the trouble I've had, he said when we have to sign up for fibre, we'll definitely switch. I might have 'threatened' to let him have "all the fun" signing up for fibre with this company. *whistling innocently, looking everywhere but here* Brandt and I went shooting at a local indoor range yesterday afternoon. Took around an hour and a half to finish off 200 rounds each. I had great fun, and again managed to save Princess Leia. Took out the Storm Trooper with my last 12 bullets at about 7m (yards). Yeah... I got some incredulous stares from Brandt and the range owner when I put this target up near the end of the shoot. Also enjoyed trying out Brandt's firearm. It is much lighter than my own, and I struggled a bit to adjust with grip, trigger, how tight to hold it, aim (the sight picture is different than my own)... but that is actually to be expected. I'll have to think hard whether I want to sell and change, or not. By the way... this shooting outing was our valentine's date. We both loved it, and had a great time. Brandt also found a pressure valve that seems to have been leaking for a while, and I had the plumber over today. Fixed! Now we know why the pump kept switching on. I also arranged for the gas people to come tomorrow to move our one gas water geyser to a better position. Might take a couple days. I also had the broken tumble dryer removed (Friday), spoke to the people w.r.t. the quote - not accepting, as we are rather looking at replacing with a new machine. The lady offered to keep the old machine to get rid of it for us - no charge. Also had an appointment with the dentist this afternoon for what I thought was a hole, but turned out to be nerve pain in one tooth, referring to another tooth; a misshapen (??? don't ask me how) filling on the latter tooth, and finally the dentist found the leaking filling on the first tooth. I have one new filling, one temporary filling (it is very close to the nerve; she wanted to give it time to calm down before putting a permanent filling in), and two more appointments - one for the boys and myself for cleaning (next week), and another in six weeks just for me for the permanent filling. Brandt doesn't want to go to the dentist at this time. And the cleaning lady came again today. She said she is very happy to work for us, and again did a great job. She is friendly with the kids and the pets, and remembered everything I told her last week! I also proof read a book over the weekend (did I mention this?), and received another yesterday to proof read this week. School work is up to date, finances are up to date, and I'm exhausted!
  8. Sorry, it's been a hectic two weeks. Here's my new challenge. I'll catch up soon as possible.
  9. I openly admit I got my title from a YT group whose Bible teachings I'm currently watching. Changed it a little bit, so as not to infringe on their name/title/rights... but this is what my challenge currently in real life comes down to: the good, the nice, the fun. Also... Rocco (my youngest son) is stuck on silly alliteration rhymes (eg. Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers...) and I guess it rubbed off FOR FAITH, FAMILY & FIREARMS Life threw us all kinds of loops this last two weeks, so I have to change my exercise schedule a bit. Still going to do my strength from last challenge, still going to try to walk (now with the boys), and still going to try to make time to play with Zuzu (better idea to get him to loose weight). Exercise: Strength - Wednesdays: Warmup: Jumping Jacks 30x Squat-Up-KneeXElbow touch 10x each side Walkout2HighPlank 3x Superset 1: do at least 2 sets, try for 3 Deadlift 10x30kg Dumbbell rows 10x5.25kg (both sides together) Jumping jacks 20x Superset 2: do at least 2 sets, try for 3 Bridge form - chest press 10x20kg Bicycle crunch 20x Finish off - Cool down: One legged deadlift 10x 5.25kg each leg Stretches Walking around the block - Mondays / Tuesdays / Fridays: Literally take the boys to walk around the block in between school work - once a day. Hopefully we'll get more than one day a week in, but aiming to start with at least once a week. Fun: Play with Zuzu - any day for at least 15min.: Zuzu is our sterilised Sausage X Big dog (vet thinks a Labrador), who is very muscular, but also overweight. I've been struggling to get him to loose weight via food changes, hoping that him playing with the other dogs, and the boys, would help, but alas... I'm also going to use this to get myself outside a bit more. He used to walk on a leash, but got such a fright when we took him walking shortly after adoption (two years ago), that I never tried again. Now he hates the leash. Spoke to the vet and she said to rather get him playing more in the garden with the other dogs and/or the boys, for now. Faith & Family: Bible study - listen every weekday morning (and some weekend days) to Bible lessons on YT. Washing/Laundry - wash and hang clothes to dry (dryer packed up) - iron if necessary. Finances - still getting into the routine of doing finances on new spreadsheets every Friday. Seems to be working, as I'm actually looking forward to it (I know! GASP! SHOCKING!) PERSONAL UPDATE: That's my intro to this challenge, hope to chat again soon. Have a good week.
  10. Electricity for the neighbourhood only came back on Thursday 6am! So some people were 42hrs without. I offered to help the neighbour to freeze meat, refridgerate food, charge cellphones, etc. but she declined. Francoisana phoned me... had a nice chat. The other lady on the Grannies' Friends Group (the one who was so angry about my suggesting Telegram) is moving out of town to be closer to her children. So of the original group it will only be Francoisana and myself who are left in town. Otherwise really not much to tell. I put my head down and worked, did school work, finances, etc. Brandt convinced me to get cleaning help for the house, once a week. The lady will come for the first time this coming Tuesday. I woke up with a bad cramp in my calf, running down into my foot, bending so far up that I nearly stood on my heal when I tried to get up. That is usually the only way I can get the muscle cramp to relax. I nearly cried, it was so sore. I think it is just too little water and electrolytes. Got back in bed for the short +- half hour till my alarm went off, tried to exercise but I could feel the cramp wanted to grab hold of my calf and foot again, and there was a burning sensation, so I stopped. Only managed the warmups. Jumping Jacks 30x Squat - Knee X Elbow 10x Walkout2HighPlank 3x As I said, finances also done. Most things are up to date. Our computer glasses came and so far so good. My eyes seem to take less strain, are less tired/sore at night. We did our first drawing lesson with chalk pastels today. It was quite enjoyable. Also did a science experiment where we (tried) to burn steel wool - the battery as 'lighter' failed for us, but the braai-lighter worked somewhat. Nice sparks and 'fire-worms'. The boys enjoyed the experiment more. This is my version of the "Italian landscape" we had to draw. It's a bit big, so it's in the spoiler. I don't have fixative spray yet, so if I take it out and put it back in the pocket a lot it smudges even more. Hoping to get the last of our art stuff tomorrow. Hope you have a good weekend.
  11. Firstly, way to go on the exercise! Secondly how are your clothes fitting? Any changes there, instead of just taking weight into consideration? Thirdly, nice going on the one muffin.
  12. Glad that you are now feeling much better after some sleep and relaxing with Sra. Tanque; and having had time with your parents.
  13. How are things going? How are you doing? Praying and sending you lots of hugs and support.
  14. Now that you're both aware of it, you could probably see where you could work something in, even if only a short hug. Agree with the touching as @KB Girl said ^^^. I also need touch, while B doesn't, but he'll give me a quick hug in the morning or try to touch my shoulder or back when either of us walks past the other. He likes me making him coffee, doing things like opening the gate, helping him to put the cover over the car, etc. So doing things for him. Hope you both get some much needed sleep. Hugs to Little Bit.
  15. A treat on your birthday should be ok. Just keep an eye on the portion size. And happy birthday! Hope it is a great, blessed year. You've been busy, and looks like you are handling things. The food looks delicious! and I see that steak peeking out at the top I concur on the garlic-goodness with mash. Yum!
  16. Nicely done on finishing the walls. I like painting, but it is hard work - all the prepping (sanding and washing the walls, ceiling beforehand), and one average bedroom takes me at least a whole weekend (Friday to Sunday). And yes I do end up with blotches and splotches too. Glad your ankle is better and you were able to go for a walk.
  17. 25hrs without electricity and Brandt not able to work (or play), had him rush out this morning to buy a generator. The municipality are finding faults everywhere, and apparently one big fault they are struggling to repair (had to break up a tar road for that one). Now we have this big, powerful generator running outside the house (by the car), and our main appliances, lights, computers (UPS' etc.) are working, but what a noise! I'll rather have it than not. More things on my To Do List, but that's how it goes. Our fibre termination point was installed yesterday, and the boys managed to do the school work not on computer. Life is sort of back to normal. We were very frustrated this morning (due to ^^^) so I took the boys for a walk around the block, and both are now keen to do this every Wednesday morning. Zuzu on the other hand has totally forgotten his leash-walking-how-to's, and I'll first have to retrain him (if he was ever properly trained before coming to us) before taking him out on a walk again. Although that once or twice we tried right in the beginning when we got him, went well. So maybe he just doesn't want to? It has been nearly 3 years. Challenge-wise: Exercise: Wednesday quick walk - done! This wasn't official (if I remember correctly), so it is nice to add an extra. Housework: Wiped down bathrooms and kitchen. Finances: Up to date. New things to finalise, organise, arrange, add in all the other words that mean to get something done.
  18. There are so many sites that are now catching light (a break) with Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp being unpopular (overplaying their hands). I looked at MeWe and it seems very easy to navigate. They get their money when you pay for extras - paying to use special emoji's, or voice chat options, etc. If you use the basic app there are no fees. From reviews I've read Gab also seems like a good, secure option, but I didn't look at it. I currently don't have anyone who want to join me on another group like Fb, so "shrug", I guess I don't have to have an account. I would however like to get a different option for YouTube, but currently a lot of the boys' school stuff is on videos on YouTube. When YT tried to block me from viewing certain other videos on Covid, on police helping people, on politics, etc. I sent a complaint. Now I see I only get a message saying they don't recommend me watching these videos as it could portray false information, etc. but I watch anyway (I'm assuming it changed over the whole board of watchers - with people complaining). I'll listen and make my own choice. For me this whole debacle is more about the censorship and some on the selling of data. If they ask a fee, we are happy to pay an annual donation, because they are companies, and have to make money. But don't portray yourself as one thing, then do the total opposite, or censor on a twisted or biased scale/scheme. Did exercise this morning so Tuesday done! Jumping Jacks 30x Squat --> Up Knee X Elbow touch 10x each leg Walkout2HighPlank 3x Weights Superset 1: only managed two sets not three, due to heavy deadlift weight. Didn't want to take weight plates off Brandt's dumbbells. Deadlift 10x30kg (this was a bit much but manageable for two sets) Standing Fwd dumbbell row 10x5.25kg Jumping Jacks 20x fast Weight Superset 2: two sets Bridge + barbell chest press 10x20kg (still a bit much but manageable for two sets) Bicycle crunch X Elbow touch 20x One legged deadlift (balance) 10x 5.25kg (this was difficult again on my right leg) Stretches I did all the washing on Sunday, so nothing to do today other than the usual food, schoolwork, admin, making beds, etc. Hope you have a good day and a great week.
  19. The one on Fb was in general and one for the homeschool group. I wrote a similar one on Whatsapp specifically for the Friends (grannies) group and got the bad reaction. Yip, people are very worked up over a lot of things. I didn't think that I was on social media groups that often, but I'm surprising myself with just how much I check my cellphone and computer during the day for messages or notifications. Almost everything used to come through Whatsapp (on cellphone), but now I've set things up on Telegram and Signal, and they are mainly on my computer. It is QUIET. At first it was disconcerting, now I'm kind of enjoying it. Brandt was really in a bad way. Now he is joking again, even exercised a little bit. He slept so much; even slept in over the weekend (until after 8h30!) I told him that he seemed run down, and playing games till midnight wasn't helping. His stress levels are high, frustrated with some of the one client's issues. He might start working from home permanently again. We did school work for nearly the whole day today! I don't know why it is taking us so long, but we were busy from 8h00-15h30-ish, covering only four subjects, with each subject taking at least an hour. We have breaks in between subjects, but it is only about 15min. Maybe one break of 30min. I need to keep my eye on this. The boys did enjoy the new chemistry lessons, and was not very impressed with me for not having steel wool in the kitchen. They wanted to try the experiment the lady did. Sorry boys but copper scourers doesn't work exactly like steel ones. Adam's cooking lessons are also coming along nicely. He now makes us brunch every Sunday. These last three Sundays were scrambled eggs (2x) and boiled eggs, respectively (I prepared the sausages to go with the eggs). No eggshells! He is also insisting on presenting the plates nicely (thank you Gordon Ramsey kitchen videos on YouTube). He seems very keen to learn more, and Rocco is happy to test 'anything'. I'm just keeping an eye on his heavy hand with the spices and flavourings. The garlic in the scrambled eggs could chase a vampire away! I did manage to gather my non-existent energy after school work, and vacuumed the floors. The boys dusted, even my room and the desks. Then I immediately started with supper after that, and Brandt arrived while the latter was cooking. As I'm sitting here I'm yawning so much... It's just after 21h00 and I think I'm going to hit the bed after finishing this up. Tomorrow I need to be up at 5h00 to exercise, and then around 8h30 the fiber people are supposed to come install our connection point. We still won't have live fiber, but it is the next step. Challenge: Monday - Everything is seemingly up to date, even the finances. Cleaning - Thanks to the boys everything was dusted, and I vacuumed the floors.
  20. This week was a bit hectic. Brandt worked from home Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and the usual Thursday and Friday. He was in pain for most of the first three days. Wednesday he saw the Urologist who almost scolded him for waiting so long before he went to the hospital. He was shocked at the severity of the infection. Brandt is now on his second course of antibiotics, and feeling almost like his old self (his words). Until about Thursday night Brandt and I hardly slept, because each time he turned I was awake, worrying, or waking up when he went to the loo. Thursday and Friday were the first nights we slept through. So because of little sleep and feeling a bit down in the dumps, I just didn't exercise or do anything other than the absolute necessary/minimum, even though I know I'd feel better if I exercised. I got out of the dumps by Friday, and did manage most of the finances. Just statements for the month, and some filing to do. Missy saw the vet and the latter is happy. We are keeping her on the anti-inflammatories for the rest of however long she'll be with us. If she needs more pain meds to manage a day, we'll take the next step. Rocco is fine. His old self. We are catching up nicely on school work. He'll start fencing again next week. I was scolded by some for "falling for this data and censoring nonsense, and wanting to stop Facebook and Whatsapp" from 'friends'. When I asked other friends whether they would be willing to join up on Telegram or Signal to chat/continue with our "Friends Forever" group, I was told in no uncertain terms (actually quite aggressively by the one lady) that their choice was to stay with Whatsapp, and I should respect their choice. I just pointed out that my invitation message very clearly said, "if they wanted to, it was their choice," then said goodbye to them and removed myself from the group. This was actually very hurtful, because it was the "oumas"/grannies group with whom I have been friends for a very long time (since before the boys were born, from church). Francoisana is part of that group, and admittedly the two other ladies have always been her friends. Francoisana hasn't said one word either there or in private to me, at all. So, yes, I'm hurting a bit. I've actually lost a lot of friends for wanting to change, which makes me wonder whether I was always just the good-weather friend/acquintance, when they needed a shoulder? Or is it a case of "finally, and good riddance?" Was also surprised for finding one or two other people (whom I didn't expect it from) who actually joined the homeschool group I created, and posted a link to. Also saw other friends who joined those message/chat groups, obviously for their own reasons, but they acknowledged me when I said "hello" or waved to them. So... here's to change and 'new beginnings'. Actually all this has done is to make me turn more to just a very, very few people, and wanting to withdraw from the rest of the world, or people out there. Have a good weekend. I'll catch up on your news tomorrow, now I have to tackle this neglected house.
  21. We were back home just before midnight. We're both exhausted still, didn't sleep well. I need to get his antibiotics and pain meds today (hospital pharmacy was closed and I was too tired to drive around to find a 24/7 pharmacy), and see whether the Urologist will see him. Yes, both doctors told Brandt how severe the situation could be, and then is/was. He told me in the car on the way back that he should probably have let me take him sooner. Oh well... that's water under the bridge. He'll work from home this whole week. EDIT: The edge of tropical storm Eloise hit the north-eastern parts of South Africa yesterday, and where m.i.l. is, it's flooding with lots of damage in the area. It hit us last night, so that was when it started to rain. Luckily not torrents, but hopefully enough to fill our water tanks.
  22. Thanks. ---------------------- Challenge-wise everything is up to date, except for washing and polishing/oiling the floors. Brandt came down with a fever during Saturday. I gave him medicine, long story short he dehydrated due to heat, exercising, sitting in that corner playing games, etc. etc. AND somehow got a urinary tract infection. I got the fever down somewhat by Saturday night; gave him Rehydrat, water, etc.; he refused to go to the hospital earlier today; which I can understand due to Covid, as well as everything you hear and read in the news, but eventually tonight around 18h30 I phoned the urologist he'd seen before (about two years ago), and he told Brandt to go to the hospital, or come see him tomorrow morning. I took Brandt to the hospital. It was quiet, no queues (not even on the Corona emergency side). They did the compulsory Covid testing while I waited in front, getting him admitted, then when they took him inside, I had to return to the car to wait. An hour and a half later he phoned me to say that he was getting a drip with fluids, anti-biotics and pain meds. It was quite a bad infection, and for some or other reason they also wanted to take x-rays. It was 21h00 by the time I got home. The boys had been home, with the neighbours keeping an eye on them. Brandt will phone me in an hour or two's time to fetch him as the doctor said he can definitely come home, they only keep life threatening emergencies (or Covid cases) in hospital. This is the first time since Adam's birth that we've been at that hospital, and it was quite a change. As much as I'm relieved that he is being treated, a part of me is also not quite angry, but something in that line because of his stubbornness. So much unneccessary pain for him, making his condition worse, and all round stress on me (and him). That's the main reason I'm sharing here now, to get rid of these pent up feelings. Thanks for listening. Hope the week ahead is way better and goes smoothly for you and us.
  23. Done it! Exercises that is. Think I'm going to increase deadlift to 25kg next week, because I did chest press at 20kg! My arms were a bit shaky, and I don't think I could have done a third set. I'm going to feel it in my shoulders tonight. Jumping Jacks 30x (misty wet outside, so no jump rope) Squat into Knee X Elbow touch 10x Walkout2High Plank 3x 3 sets of the following superset: Deadlifts 10x20kg (44lb) Standing fwd bend d.bell row 10x4kg (8.8lb) Jumping Jacks 20x 2 sets of the following superset: Bridge + barbell chest press 10x20kg (44lb) Bicycle crunch Knee X Elbow touch 20x each leg Basically One leg deadlift for balance and stretching 10x4kg each leg STRETCHES! Wow it feels so good! Do you think it's a bit overdone to call myself Deadlift Mama?!
  24. Thanks. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. I told myself I should be proud that I stuck the week out, and didn't give up like previous challenges, so yes, I'm proud that I did those two workouts, and moving on. This week I've only done that one on Tuesday morning and my hamstrings have been pulling and talking to me, reminding me I did something totally different. But that's about the only discomfort I have from that session. Tomorrow I'm hoping to do the second one for the week. Electricity was only off Monday and Tuesday, and have been stable again for the last two days. Next week they will be working on another sub-station, then ours will have to take up all the extra supply, so we're expecting it to be off most of the time they are working on the system. Rocco's tummy bug were two days and gone! I doctored him with Pegasus (and those vitamin drinks) from the moment he felt sick. Tuesday was not good. By late night the fever medicine had kept his fever from rising above 39C, but didn't actually let it drop, so I stood over him, praying that the fever is drawn out of him. Thanked the Lord, and went to bed. Woke up about an hour or two later for something (I think Brandt accidentally woke me because of something on the computer), measured Rocco's temp and it was down! As in around 37C (which is normal). He didn't sweat, he was calm and just said "Jesus did the job", turned around and slept again. And that was it. Next morning his tummy still rumbled and ran a bit, by midday it too stopped. By evening you didn't know he had been sick. Of course this meant we did school work again today Yeah, I'm a slave driver. We only did the science work and we'll slowly catch up on the other work. I have enough break days or "extra days" worked in for us to be able to catch up soon. Brandt spoke to the financial guy today. We actually have more saved than he thought, so he is now busy planning, calculating and other things that the two of them discussed (eco-friendly options which Brandt doesn't think is adequate). I'm leaving that to him. Oh, he also sent me a link to some computer glasses one of his colleagues uses at the office: Sophia Moda Computer Glasses There are different styles but all of them do the same thing: I complained that morning that my eyes were taking strain and I would probably have to replace my glasses, but this time get some or other computer anti-glare tint. Anyway... I ordered each of us a pair of these SM Computer glasses (to their liking), and we should receive them in about two weeks. I'll let you know at that time how it works. I might have to start wearing contacts again, as these are not prescription lenses. And that's all I've got. Hopefully I can update again tomorrow evening. Have a good one!
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