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  1. I fell off pretty hard, long ago. Life really hit me hard and my life ground to a halt. But, I didn't give up. I got help where I needed it, made the calls I needed to, asked around for help, and I'm back on the wagon and ready to restart. It's been so long, but you know what they say. "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now." I just need to figure out where to start.
  2. Hmm, you know what, you're right. Maybe I am trying to do too much too fast. I'll work on what I've been given by people and find what works for me in small ways first! Thanks!
  3. Oh? Thank you! I'll look into that! I do have a question, though. I can't really do rowing, my lungs won't let me swim. Some jogging feels like it'd be good, but too brisk of a jog hurts my shins a small amount. Do you suggest I wait until I talk to a doctor about this, or should I be okay with just jogging?
  4. Hey there. I'm someone who keeps respawning and is finally realizing what my problem is. I haven't been surrounding myself with people smarter and closer to where I want to be. So I feel like the first thing I should do is get myself a proper workout routine, and I'm here to ask you guys. I'm hoping to have leg day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday be strength training. I do have access to a gym of sorts with free weights, so I might incorporate that as well, but I don't want to rush into things blindly. I also have shins that feel incredibly weak, so I should do something about that as well. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  5. Man, I feel like I'm doing something wrong. A lot of things I'm doing just don't feel like they're working, and some problems I just don't know how to fix, and I keep slipping back, losing all my progress. I stopped coming here for a time, out of shame, but I bit the bullet and I'm back, hopefully to make some real lasting changes.
  6. I'm finally able to afford a martial arts class in my area, but now I don't know which place to learn from me is reputable or worth the time. I don't want to screw this up by choosing a wrong place to learn, so I gotta ask, how do I avoid a McDojo?
  7. After spending a lot of time getting past a job I hated, sever depression, and various other issues, I am finally ready to try again. And this time it's finally possible to add a martial arts school into my life finally. Here's hoping that it finally able to stick.
  8. Man...life has not been hard, and since I last left, I sorta just...fell apart. My depression hit an all-time low, and it got to a very very scary point. But after some discipline, it seems my depression has self-cannibalized or something. The net result is I'm now free and can truly get on the path to bettering myself.
  9. Belated thanks for all of your suggestions. I fell off the wagon and am going to try to get back on, keeping mind everything typed here. Thanks.
  10. Thank you. When I get out of here, I'll give some of that a try.
  11. I am a monk, but...I've found it hard to stay in the rebellion due to deteriorating health. And as I am typing this, I have been hospitalized due to severe asthma causing lung problems (To thre point where threy had completely locked up.. This was...something of an eyeopener for me. It was actually quite horrifying, and I don't want this to happen again. So I've come looking for help I've seen the health benefits of proper breathing, but I have no idea how to do so. And everywhere I look tells me to do them but not how to do them. Can the Rebellion help me out here with some good breathing exercises for when my lungs finally work once more?
  12. Very much so. But today's a new day. And hopefully the dice are kind.
  13. Shaky at best. I just so happened to be at a place where I was away from my computer and barely got access back proper, but on the plus side, new laptop charger.
  14. Muay Thai. And I'm not so much preparing, but an actual class isn't in the cards right at this moment. So all I can do is get myself fit before I take an actual class.
  15. Buddy here, preferably. And I don't do any yet. I'm more just prepping myself for when I do. Opportunities that work around my schedule are hard, but I'm still looking. Thanks for the links, Luciana.
  16. I'm tired of starting things and failing. So I know exactly where to start. This challenge will be about getting myself started out right. I will start out with two challenge, and start completely proper Challenge 1. Get an accountabilibuddy. I need to start out with getting someone I can really talk to here, and I have plenty of time before next challenge. But...um...I will need to talk about how to do that. Challenge 2. Check this board each day at around 9 at night, and comment at least once. Here's hoping to starting proper.
  17. Sorry for taking a while to come back, had to help take care of Great Grandmother. I seem to have noticed another REALLY BAD PROBLEM I have. Anxiety makes it hard to come back to things if I stop, but I've been keeping up on it.
  18. It won't be too long before I finally have a chance to actually pick up Muay Thai But for now I can only prepare my body with exercises. And I need to be more consistent. ...So I need an Accountability Partner. ... I'm not good at this kind of thing.
  19. My arm is back in business! ...ACtually, it has for a few days, but that's not the point. I've been working on my drawing and workout, and I feel great! Now I just need an accountabilibuddy...is that what they're called? I wonder what's the best way of going about getting one.
  20. Okay, I got news! After doing a few things, it seems I hurt my right shoulder. And I'm not sure what I should do about fixing it. It feels like...muscle pain in the joint. In any case, my routine is gonna be seriously gimped because of it. What should I do to make it feel better?
  21. Alright, today I gave the push ups a shot on my knees, then with my elbows wider, then both...and doing them both seems to be hurting my elbows a bit less than doing it normally...is there anything wrong with this?
  22. Man...what's really gonna kill me is the push ups. They aren't easy on my elbows. I think I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what.
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